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This possibility greatly facilitates collaboration on projects or the finalization of documents before their publication in more visible spaces of office 365, such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams sites. This sharing can also be done from Office Applications, without having to navigate to another interface, which results in an even more transparent collaborative experience.

OneDrive Prices

Microsoft OneDrive is data storage For companies and professionals. Let us discover the customer reviews, the presentation and the price of this software package referenced by our SaaS software comparison In the IT services categories – IT infrastructure and networks – Server storage.

➤ Microsoft OneDrive software is notably recommended for purchasing, administrative, and communication trades – RP.

➤ This software package is commonly used by public administration, craftsman and association – NGO, as well as by companies in the service or tertiary activity sectors.

➤ The price of Microsoft OneDrive is 1.99 euros per user and per month (this software has a free trial version). Discover all the reviews on Microsoft OneDrive as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Presentation of Microsoft OneDrive

Do more or whether you are

Access your files or you are and whatever the device you use with Microsoft OneDrive. Share and collaborate with your loved ones or your colleagues.

OneDrive is preinstalled on Windows 10 and works optimally on all your devices. Access your files and photos and share them on PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Collaborate with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote on your desktop computer, your mobile device and the web.

Offer your employees all the advantages of OneDrive for their professional files with tool support in order to allow the IT department to protect important business data.

”With OneDrive Company, my data is stored in a unique and highly secure location,” says Petrak. “Management is now a real breeze for my team and I know that my colleagues can collaborate in real time, whatever the place they work. “” “

Store your files in a secure place and share them with your employees. Each user benefits from 1 TB of storage.

Synchronize your files on several devices and access it from any place, even offline.

Launch a simple search to find in seconds the files you need. Or use Office Delve to discover new appropriate content.

OneDrive (formerly Skydrive, Windows Live Skydrive and Windows Live Folders) is cloud storage, a file hosting service that allows users to synchronize files and access it later from a web or D browser or D ‘a mobile device. Users can share files publicly or with their contacts. Publicly shared files do not require Microsoft account to access it. It is part of the suite of online services formerly known as Windows Live.

OneDrive is a cloud content management solution that provides organizations with a platform to collaborate, share and store documents. This system allows synchronization between platforms and prevents data loss.

Advantages of Microsoft OneDrive

Here is the list of the main advantages of this software package:

– duplication of data
– File sharing
– Data restoration
– Business management
– Document sharing
– Sharing files
– Sharing notes
– Teamwork
– Content management
-Accessibility 24-7

Microsoft OneDrive features

Here is the list of the main features & characteristics of this software:

Integrations & API

Microsoft OneDrive offers APIS to integrate other IT applications such as IFTTT, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics. These integrations allow for example to connect to a database, to exchange data, or even to synchronize files between several computer programs via an extension, a plugin, or an API (Application Programming Interface / Programming interface).

According to our information, the Microsoft OneDrive software can connect to more than 11 software platforms to facilitate data exchanges between applications, improve your workflow, and gain productivity.

– Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Exchange – Microsoft Office 365
– Microsoft OneDrive – Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft SharePoint
– Zapier – CRM

Compatibility & Configuration

Software in SaaS mode, Microsoft OneDrive is therefore compatible with most business information systems as well as most operating systems (OS) like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux because it is accessible from a browser Web (Chrome, Firefox …). This software is also accessible remotely (office, home, on the move, etc.) from many mobile devices such as a tablet or an iPhone (iOS platform) or Android platform, and undoubtedly has a mobile application available on the Play Store / App Store. To use it, it is important to have a correct internet connection as well as an up to date browser.

Other features

Microsoft OneDrive is adapted to the needs of companies: public administration software, craft software, association software – NGOs, self -entrepreneur software, ETI software ..

This application is recommended for professions: purchasing software, administrative software, communication software – RP, accounting software, IT software – DSI ..

This cloud software is used in the sectors: general software ..

Price of Microsoft OneDrive

THE Microsoft OneDrive price is € 1.99 per month and by user but this price is likely to evolve because different options are offered by the publisher of this SaaS software in order to meet the needs of its users: number of licenses, additional functions, add-ons ..

Here are the different prices of Microsoft OneDrive (Pricing / Packages):

– Free trial: 0 € (limited in time / in features)
– Standard: € 1.99 / month / user
– Pro: € 69.99 / month / user
– Business : –
– Premium: –

Most IT publishers offer either a free trial version with all the activated features, but which will then be limited in time (on average 15 to 30 days), or a broken freemium version (certain features are inactive) to encourage you to buy it.

The professional software publisher often offers promo codes as well as discounts on pricing depending on the number of licenses purchased. Annual subscriptions also make it possible to save in relation to monthly subscriptions because they are generally 10% to 30% cheaper.

Microsoft OneDrive reviews

Microsoft OneDrive: the opinion of the software comparator

Here is Our opinion on Microsoft OneDrive : This is excellent data storage to discover: it is one of the 3000 software most used in a company.

Microsoft OneDrive Customers & Users

Online reviews on Microsoft OneDrive software are quite numerous. Microsoft OneDrive is on average rated 4.5 /5 by its users and customers on the various online comparators and social networks (several thousand customer reviews tabled): customers are therefore very satisfied.

Do not hesitate to give your User reviews on Microsoft OneDrive On our Cloud software comparator ! Evaluate its features, customer support, ease of use, software interface and ergonomics (…) and give a note on its quality / price ratio if you use it regularly at the office. Our professional software comparison collects user recommendations as well as customer comments in order to share them with the community and compare data storage. This criticism is not a purchasing advice or a recommendation. Our opinion is based either on a software test or on assessments and user estimates. We invite you to give your point of view (explanation) and make suggestions for competing solutions.

According to different sources, this software package has a market share of around 14.00%: this means that around 14.00% of data storage users have chosen Microsoft OneDrive.

Customer references

Microsoft OneDrive is SaaS software used by tens of thousands of users and companies in France and worldwide. His references are companies like Ru3ch Interactive, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, American Express, Wildmoka, Mindrover, Cognizant, Beehive, Aerow, Desireinfoweb, Adobe, Accenture, American Academy of Ophthalmology Inc, Southern Regional Education Board, Eventlink , Edgewood College (…) who use it in their Technical / Tech Stack stack (code frameworks, computer languages, databases, APIs, etc.).

According to available data, this software is mainly used by companies in the computer software sectors (18%), and technologies and information services (7%), etc. These are TPE and SMEs (- 50 employees : 20%), ETI (41%) and large companies (+ 1000 employees: 38%) who make CA on average – $ 50 million (39%), CA between $ 50 million and $ 1 billion (19 %), or that + $ 1 billion (34%). Finally, this software is commonly used in the United Kingdom (9%) and Canada (5%) countries.

Interface & Demo

The interface of this software is translated into French and wants to be ergonomic, responsive and customizable in order to improve the productivity of the teams and to strengthen collaboration within your company (VSE, SMEs, etc.).

This online software is relatively easy to install (configuration, configuration, personalization, etc.) and should not require an integrator. This software is available in several languages: English ..

Here is a demonstration video of Microsoft OneDrive



OneDrive Entreprise (ODFB) is Microsoft’s response at the request of personal storage spaces in the cloud. It has already been several decades that Microsoft works, in one form or another, on this hosted storage model, and most of the functionalities of OneDrive, which were at the time very early on their time, are today the norm In terms of cloud storage and collaborative spaces.

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What is onedrive 1 What is oneedrive 3

OneDrive Entreprise is a separate “OneDrive” solution because it has many more derived features of those offered by the automatic versions 365 for companies. The version of “OneDrive” which is available via a personal license or a “family” license 365 has many capacities, but does not offer the same degree of organizational control in terms of safety environment, automation and integration.

If you wish to have these features for your personal files (some people use it a lot: it is very appreciable to automate the monitoring of its bank accounts or its housework schedule), you can simply buy an Office 365 license For companies, often for a few euros more than the family license, depending on the options you choose.

The features available via OneDrive Entreprise make it an ideal collaboration tool for professional users, a fortiori when they are integrated into other Office 365 applications.

Personal storage in the cloud to facilitate collaboration between employees

The real force of OneDrive Entreprise is that it offers employees a space to store files and work on documents accessible all over the world. Users can create documents within their OneDrive space, or download documents and files by having a multitude of tools to organize their personal content.

One of the main advantages of OneDrive Entreprise is that it allows users to easily interact with MS Office files. Professionals who use OneDrive Entreprise benefit from all the features of PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other Office 365 applications that interact with it, in all transparency and via different channels.

File sharing and security management

OneDrive Entreprise allows users to share information safely and control the safety levels with direct access or via links to modify or consult files. They can also do this at the level of files in OneDrive, to allow access to a set of files or folders stored in the reader.

This possibility greatly facilitates collaboration on projects or the finalization of documents before their publication in more visible spaces of office 365, such as SharePoint or Microsoft Teams sites. This sharing can also be done from Office Applications, without having to navigate to another interface, which results in an even more transparent collaborative experience.

Entities responsible for Office 365 management can determine if information can be shared outside, and the authorizations and properties of files stored in OneDrive Entreprise can also be managed. With certain licenses, companies can obtain reports and manage security according to the presence or absence of sensitive content in user documents.

What is onedrive 2

OneDrive has an application for mobile devices

OneDrive Company can be installed on Android or Apple mobile devices or on a laptop and synchronized with them, and its use could not be simpler. Certain licenses allow organizational controls: devices can thus access the information of OneDrive Entreprise, and IP addresses and users of the domain can connect to their ONEDRIVE ENTREPRISE accounts.

OneDrive Company fits into Microsoft Teams, Exchange Email and SharePoint

The personal “cat” spaces of Microsoft Teams, which allow permanent conversations by chat with one or more users, use OneDrive Enterprise to allow these users to share files. When you download a file on Teams, it actually downloads in OneDrive Entreprise and is automatically shared with other users who participate in your cat.

Likewise, if you download a document sent as an e-mail attachment, this document can be downloaded from your OneDrive and shared via an e-mail link to avoid creating Document Documents.

It is also possible to move or copy documents in several office locations 365 from the OneDrive Entreprise interface. This function is particularly useful when you share files with SharePoint, Teams or Groups sites distributed throughout the company.

Versioning and management of backups and baskets

Microsoft was one of the first companies to offer “versioning” functions of documents, which allow users to go back and restore previous versions of their Office documents stored in SharePoint, Office 365 or OneDrive Entreprise. Users can return by default to the last 500 versions of a document, which allows them to “go back in time” to recover any personal document for 90 days, or even more.

Microsoft allows users of One Drive for Business to benefit from a 30 -day backup of their data, using the versioning functionality to bring all the files stored in the reader at a given moment given.

The versioning does not allow the user to restore the documents that have been deleted, but the basket function allows the documents “deleted” by the user to be restored as they were at a time T for a period of reaching 90 days.

What is oneedrive 3

File synchronization

The OneDrive Business Application for Mac and PC allows you to synchronize files on a user’s computer. You can get a copy on your computer for offline publishing and a copy in the cloud for increased availability and easy access when traveling. Recently, Microsoft has added a new feature: a PC can synchronize files stored in OneDrive Entreprise with the user’s office without copying the files, allowing a live synchronized creation experience in the cloud from the device ‘User, without having to worry about the synchronization of files. The OneDrive Entreprise application also allows the synchronization of documents stored in SharePoint sites, which makes it an even more powerful tool for collaboration in the company.

Whether on your own computer or from the Cloud application accessible via the browser, you can modify files in the cloud from Office 365 applications on Mac or PC.


This live publishing function can be used simultaneously by several users. You can see the changes made by a user when working together on documents.

OneDrive packages and prices

The pricing of OneDrive is established according to the needs of the company and its users. OneDrive packages exist in a personal version or in a business version, in order to best meet the expectations of each.

Individual packages

  • OneDrive Basic: This package is offered for free to users. It offers a storage space of 5 GB and is limited to a single user.
  • OneDrive 50 GB: This package costs 2 euros per month, but offers 10 times more storage space. It is also limited to a single user.
  • OneDrive Office 365 Staff: This package costs 7 euros per month and offers users 1 TB of storage space. It is also limited to a single user.
  • OneDrive Office 365 Family: This is the only package that allows up to 5 users maximum and offers 5 TB of storage at a cost of 10 euros per month.

ONEDRIVE Business packages

  • OneDrive Entreprise Plan 1: The company has 1 TB of storage per user for € 50.40 per year.
  • OneDrive Entreprise Plan 2: For an annual cost of 100.80 euros per person, companies may include an unlimited number of users and have unlimited storage capacity.
  • OneDrive Business Premium: For an annual cost of € 126 per person, the company benefits from 1 TB of storage and many additional features (intranet SharePoint, personalized mail addresses, accommodation of unlimited HD videoconference meetings, possibility to include up to 300 users, etc.) To find out more: https: //

OneDrive is regularly enriched with new features ..

New features are regularly added, and these features are more and more complex and efficient. The audio transcription has been added to OneDrive Entreprise this year, as well as the possibility of looking for text in the image files hosted in OneDrive. Other integrations to apps such as Microsoft Teams and connections to third -party apps such as Google Drive, Box and Dropbox make it a powerful and versatile solution for collaboration between the different services of the company, today and in the years to come.

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