Meltdown Lyon – After the seat, the energy drink and the gaming pack … There is only one thing missing: the computer! Well here it is, all beautiful, brand new, a magnificent alienware X51 to win for this last day of Giveaway. To participate: Like the post and the Meltdown Lyon page – Identify a friend (e) in the comment Thank you all for celebrating with us this birthday week! Draw tomorrow afternoon among all the bars meltdown, gl hf! | Facebook,

Sid nguyen for me! Obviously! : D
But they win the 2 people norrally ^^


没有 照片 描述。

Guillaume Baron I could finally play with you at Overwatch: p

Too huge!! But hey eh as usual we’re not going to win ^^ Mattis

Go yannis, we believe it. Like that, I could play in something other than minecraft quality on overwatxh x ‘)

Thomas Lillo to be able to stream and go up the level of the French scene Kappa

Dimitri, to celebrate the return to interner in our box it would not be bad ? : p

Maximilien Bergamin now that you’re major you can go back to bars

Quentin noguier you will bring me luck I am sure: D

I make a wishes and hope very hard that my love Loïc Degroote will have the chance ♥ ️

Yara Mao Yayy yeah worried you ! You too need it more than me haha

Fred Oun I nEED for AIDS and world hunger

Rémy Baron Kevin Gambus I show you what knows “having pussy” ?

I’m really best to win it right now eh Olivier Mazet

Sid nguyen for me! Obviously! : D
But they win the 2 people norrally ^^

Yo Khalil Hamadi It was a long time since I was post to have a pc lel