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The Game Optimizer menu of the OLED65C1 LG TV allows you to quickly intervene on essential settings to optimize the gaming experience.

LG OLED65C1 65 “4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) OLED SMART TV

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Price and product information

The best price for LG OLED65C1 65 “4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) OLED SMART TV is currently € 1,892.07 . Ledenicheur compares the promotions and offers of 2 merchants, online and local shops.

Publication year

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LG OLED C1 // Source: LG

On the OLED TV segment, the products designed by LG are part of the references for an obvious reason: at present, the Korean manufacturer is the only slabs supplier for all the other actors. Which means that he masters the technology from A to Z and continues to improve it, each year, in small touches. In 2021, the C1 model was a little brighter and will delight video game enthusiasts with its high -flying performance. In addition, this reference is available in multiple sizes to adapt to a maximum of fairs: 48, 55, 65, 77 and 83 inches.

LG OLED65C1 at the best price

€ 1,749 On Fnac Marketplace

€ 2,300 On Amazon Marketplace

Our verdict on the LG OLED65C1

We liked

  • Rightness
  • Four HDMI 2 ports.1
  • Mycanal, finally

We liked it less

  • OLED evolves slowly
  • Unlined remote control
  • Webos a little less good than competition

LG OLED65C1: the characteristics

Screen size 65 inches
Screen definition 3840 x 2160 pixels
Type of slab Oled
Hdr HDR10, Dolby Vision
Operating system LG webos
Release date 04/12/2021
HDMI ports 4


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Free removal in store

3x or 4x at no cost by CB

Satisfied or refunded

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Discover his replacement: LG OLED65C3
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  • 4 HDMI 2 entries.1 (4k/120fps)
  • Optimized for video games
  • HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ
  • Google Assistant, Alexa and Thinq
  • Apple Airplay 2
  • Smart TV Webos (Ethernet/WiFi)
  • Audio 40 Watts (2.2 channels)



The large LG OLED65C1 TV has an ultra high definition 4K OLED slab of 65 “(164 cm) diagonal. Among the new features adopted by this large OLED LG TV Vintage 2021 which succeeds the LG OLED65CX, we find the LG α9 Gen4 AI Video processor 4K which detects the type of viewed (sport, film, cartoons. ) to adopt the most appropriate image settings. The FilmMaker Mode (Director Mode) is also there with a most faithful cinema rendering as possible to the director’s intentions without intervention by the viewer’s intervention. The Dolby Atmos compatible audio section with a 40 -watt power can now use Bluetooth connectivity to use 2 Bluetooth speakers to wirelessly diffuse the background channels.

LG OLED65C1: Situation

The lines of the LG OLED65C1 TV allow it to be easily integrated into all interiors, regardless of the decoration.

Compatible with all HDR technologies of the moment (HDR-10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ, HGIG), the new OLED LG slab also benefits from dynamic color management with HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro technology. It is also compatible with 4k High Frame 4k Frame video content up to 120 images per second to make the most of video games on PC and on new generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X). Players will also appreciate the management of G-Sync/Freesync and VRR functions (variable refresh rate) as well as allm mode (low automatic latency) mode. Finally, in addition to being Apple Airplay 2 compatible and joining the LG Thinq AI Maison Virtual Assistant, this large OLED LG 2021 TV adopts Alexa and Google Assistant and can therefore be checked vocally via its directly integrated microphone.

LG OLED65C1: the image

OLED screen

The LG OLED65C1 TV is an ultra high definition 4K model of 164 cm diagonal which operates a OLED technology slab. This does not use a backlight system like LED and Qled televisions since its pixels are self-emissive: they thus each produce their own light. As each pixel can be turned on or off individually, the large LG OLED65C1 TV is able to produce images with real blacks and striking contrasts.

LG OLED65C1: Ultra Luminance

The LG OLED65C1 TV adopts an OLED panel offering perfect blacks. In combination with ultra luminance pro technology, it is able to display very contrasting images.

α9 Gen4 Ai Processor 4K

Video processing of the LG OLED65C1 TV is entrusted to the Video processor α9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K. Doped with artificial intelligence, it is he who ensures UHD 4K upscaling (AI Upscaling), which improves the image according to the content (AI picture) and the ambient light (Ai Brightness), ensures the mapping of Colors in real time (HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro) and adapts the image mode according to the content (Auto Genre Selection and Scene Detection). Thanks to the work of the video processor α9 Gen4 ai Processor 4K, the image is richer, more precise and more realistic.

Dolby Vision IQ

The LG OLED65C1 TV slab benefits from an extended color space (Billion Rich Color) which allows it to display more than a billion nuances. The depth of blacks and high luminance also guarantee the management of HDR video content, with images at the very wide dynamic range. The large OLED LG OLED65C1 TV is compatible with HDR10, HLG, HGIG and Dolby Vision IQ standards. This evolution of the Dolby Vision adjusts the brightness, color and contrast of the screen as a function of the type of content viewed and the room lighting conditions.

LG OLED65C1: HDR10, HLG, HGIG and Dolby Vision IQ compatible

The OLED LG OLED65C1 TV is compatible with HDR10, HLG, HGIG and Dolby Vision IQ standards.

The large LG OLED65C1 TV also ensures standard images UPSCALING to extend the dynamic range. Whatever the TV program or the film watched, the dark scenes remain readable, the light scenes are brilliant and nuanced, the images are surprisingly realism.

Filmmaker Mode

The LG OLED65C1 TV is compatible with FilmMaker mode which guarantees spectators that they can enjoy the films with an image such that the director and his technical team wanted it. This mode automatizes the images of the TV images which are suitable for each film labeled Filmmaker Mode. It is therefore no longer necessary to immerse yourself in the tv setting menus to adjust the image. When a filmmaker mode certified Mode is viewed, the LG OLED65C1 TV analyzes metadata concerning the optimal image adjustment and automatically changes in filmmaker mode with the images adjustments recommended by the director for the film in question. The images seen by viewers in this mode are then faithful to the images calibrated by the filmmakers in the Mastering studios.

LG OLED65C1: Filmmaker Mode compatible

The LG OLED65C1 TV is compatible Filmmaker Mode: the film certified with this label are broadcast in optimal conditions to offer cinematographic experience faithful to the director’s vision.

Thought for players

LG has among HGIG members, HDR Gaming Interest Group, an association that brings together the main players in the video game industry (video game console manufacturers and video game developers) as well as several TV manufacturers and including ‘Objective is to improve the integration and exploitation of HDR standards and content in the world of video games.

LG OLED65C1: NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible

The LG OLED65C1 TV is compatible with VRR NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FREESYNC technology. It is perfect for new generation consoles, including Xbox Series X.

The LG OLED65C1 TV is particularly suitable for video games on PC as on consoles thanks to its ability to display images with a variable cooling rate (VRR). This OLED LG TV is notably compatible with VRR G-SYNC (NVIDIA) and FREESYNC (AMD) technologies. So ended the image tears when the TV is perfectly synchronized with the graphical processor of the console or the pc graphics card. And like the HDMI sockets of the LG OLED65C1 are at the HDMI 2 standard.1, you therefore play with perfect image fluidity up to 4K 120 fps without jerk or tearing. In addition, this OLED LG TV offers Allm (Auto LOW LETENCY MODE – Low automatic latency mode) mode that switches the TV in game mode directly as soon as it detects a compatible flow. Finally, the Game Optimizer menu gives you access very quickly to all the settings of the essential TV for gaming: image according to the type of game, sound, audio output.


The Game Optimizer menu of the OLED65C1 LG TV allows you to quickly intervene on essential settings to optimize the gaming experience.

LG OLED65C1: sound

Audio section 2.2 channels

The audio section of the large LG OLED65C1 TV has a 2 speaker system 2.2 channels made up of two main stereo speakers and two speakers dedicated to low frequencies. These speakers are powered by an amplification totaling 40 W of power, including 20 W for the bass.

LG OLED65C1: Detail view of the foot

The specific form of the LG OLED65C1 TV acts as a guide to direct sound waves to spectators.

Dolby Atmos

The Dolby Atmos format is virtually decoded and spatialized, the large LG OLED65C1 TV offering an OLED Surround Surround mode capable of virtually creating a three -dimensional sound scene. Listening to the helmet is also possible, with a wired or in Bluetooth helmet (APT-X compatible).

Bluetooth Audio

Like the vast majority of 4K market TVs on the market, the LG OLED65C1 can be associated with a Bluetooth helmet or a pair of Bluetooth speakers that will broadcast the sound of the program watched. This large OLED LG 2021 TV, however, offers new use of this Bluetooth connectivity which can also be used to connect two Bluetooth speakers responsible for broadcasting the surround effects of films and TV series. What easily enjoy a real spatialized sound, wireless.

LG OLED65C1: Bluetooth Surround Speaker

It is possible to connect two Bluetooth speakers to the LG OLED65C1 TV to wirelessly to broadcast the surround effects.

LG OLED65C1: Connected TV


The LG OLED65C1 TV is a connected TV (we also talk about Smart TV). In addition to broadcasting TNT channels and videos of the devices that are connected to it, it thus offers many multimedia functions. Adopting the Smart TV Webos software interface with a Quad Core processor, this large OLED LG TV connects to the Internet to offer many entertainment and content. He thus has an internet browser, an audio player (Music Player) and a photo display (gallery mode).

LG OLED65C1: SMART TV with webos interface

The LG OLED65C1 TV adopts the webos interface which gives access to many services once the TV has been connected to the local network and to the Internet.

Miracast compatible, it can display wirelessly on its screen the image of a smartphone or a compatible tablet and can be checked from a smartphone application. Its home menu can be personalized to display favorite channels and applications, which can be downloaded from the LG Content Store (online application catalog).

Voice control

The large LG OLED65C1 TV has a microphone for voice recognition and voice control. This can go through one of the three integrated assistants: LG Thinq, Google Assistant or Alexa. Control of this OLED LG TV can of course take place from the remote control LG Magic Remote which also serves as a universal remote control. It is compatible with many audio-video devices of many brands.

Alert sport

Thanks to the alert sport function of the LG OLED65C1 TV, you can follow your favorite teams while watching another program. The television can indeed discreetly display, in overprinting on the image being broadcast, the scoring of the match.


The LG OLED65C1 TV has the alert sport function that allows you to follow the performance of your favorite sports team even when you look at another program.

LG Thinq artificial intelligence

The large LG OLED65C1 TV has artificial intelligence technology LG THINQ AI which equips many brand products (audio-video as an electro-household)).

It is therefore compatible with other LG products incorporating LG Thinq ia technology (washing machine, refrigerators, connected speaker. ), as well as with “intelligent” products of big brands (Bosch, Microsoft, Intel, Somfy, TP Vision, Legrand. ) to be a real home automation control center. Better yet, the system is able to gradually learn and integrate the habits of the members of the home to offer an adapted response according to the user, the time or the situation (this is called the deep learning )).

Media Player

The large LG OLED65C1 TV also adopts multimedia functions and can thus browse and read audio and video files shared on the local network. Navigation is facilitated by the possibility of connecting keyboard and mouse to its USB ports. These can also accommodate a USB key or an external hard drive for playback (audio-video) but also for recording TV programs and even direct control (Timeshift function of direct break to resume the broadcast with a few minutes of lag)).

LG OLED65C1: connection

HDMI, USB, Canal Ready/Fransat

Except for the mini-jack headphone output, the LG OLED65C1 TV connection focused solely on digital links. It thus has four HDMI 2 inputs.1 (HDCP2.2) including an arc compatible (Audio Return Channel), three USB ports and an optical digital audio output. The TV reception provided by TNT, cable and satellite tunes benefits from two antennas (tnt cable/sat) and a port Ci+ 1.4 Certified Fransat and Canal Ready. Connection to the home box can be done via an ethernet cable or WiFi and Bluetooth version 5 connectivity is compatible with APT-X.

Rear connectors in the LG OLED65C1 TV

The LG OLED65C1 TV has 4 HDMI 2 entries.1 (4k/120fps) including an ARC/EARC compatible. It also has 3 USB ports for playing audio and video files and for recording TV programs.

LG OLED65C1: In summary

The large LG OLED65C1 TV has a powerful LG α9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K image processor. It thus offers the best image quality possible not only for all 4K HDR content which benefit from reinforced contrast and brightness but also with standard quality content which are upscalred in 4K and HDR resolution and HDR resolution. Its effective audio section is compatible with Dolby Atmos and allows you to use Bluetooth speakers as wireless surround speakers. Finally its Smart TV functions are accessible to the voice and its customizable webos interface is very easy to understand.

LG OLED65C1: Situation

The LG OLED65C1 is one of the best televisions of its generation, both for gaming and for home cinema.

The large LG OLED65C1 television also benefits from extensive integration of artificial intelligence, applied both to image processing and home management and vocal assistance (Google Assistant and Alexa). Once again, LG offers with the large LG OLED65C1 TV a large high -performance and very successful TV, ideal for enjoying the image quality offered by OLED technology.

Category: OLED 4K UHD
Screen size in inches (cm): 65 “(164 cm)
Definition: 3840 x 2160 (4k UHD)
Refreshment rate (refresh spleen): 100 Hz
Screen technology: OLED
Light management: self-emissive pixels
Video processor: α9 Gen4 Ai Processor 4K
AI Upscaling: AI Upscaling
AI Picture (Improvement of the image according to the content): AI Picture Pro
Ai Brightness (image adjustment as a function of ambient light)
Auto genre selection/scene Detection: (SDR/HDR/Dolby HDR)
Color accuracy: True Color Acccracy Pro
Black depth: absolute black
Billion Rich Color
Ultra Luminance: Ultra Luminance Pro
Filmmaker Mode
HDR: Cinema HDR
HDR10 compatibility
HDR HLG compatibility
HDR Dolby Vision IQ compatibility
Upscaller HDR
Dynamic Tone Mapping: HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro

Video game features (gaming)
VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)
Allm (Auto Low Latency Mode)
4K HFR (120 IPS): HDMI, USB & RF
Game Optimizer

Design picture on metal
Frame: 4 Cinema Screen
Foot type: Alpine slim foot
Gallery Stand

Smart TV
Smart TV platform: Webos 6.0
Smart TV processor: Quad
Artificial intelligence :
– LG Thinq
– Google Integrated Assistant / Works with
– Integrated Amazon Alexa / Works with
– Magic Explorer / Next Picks
– Homekit compatibility
– Home Dashboard
– Apple AirPlay2 compatibility
– Miracast compatibility
– Web browser
– 360 VR
– Quick Access (remote control shortcut)
– Music Player
– Gallery mode
– Smartphone application
– LG Channels
– Alert sport
– LG Content Store (Application Catalog)
– Natural language recognition
– Universal remote controller
– Multi-view (PIP)

Network File Browser
Simplink compatibility (HDMI CEC)
Keyboard/mouse compatibility/USB controller
Recording via external HDD
Timeshift (direct control)
Simplified hotel mode

Surround mode: OLED SURROUND
Audio power (WF: Basses box): 40 W (10 W + 10 W / WF: 20 W)
Speaker system: 2.2 channels
Bluetooth speaker and helmet compatible
Virtual audio conversion: 5.1.2
LG Sound Sync Wireless (wireless audio connection)
Bluetooth Audio Playback
Bluetooth surround (possibility to use Bluetooth speakers to wirelessly diffuse surround effects)
Automatic audio settings
Its simultaneous TV/headphones (via optical outlet or headphone jack)
Dolby Atmos decoder
Auto adjustment of sound
Ai Sound Pro
Voice amplification: Clear Voice Pro

Tuner DVB-T2/C/S2

Supported formats
Audio: AC4, AC3 (Dolby Digital), EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, WMA, APT-X (see Manuel)
Videos: VC-1 Advanced Profile (Except WMVA); VC-1 simple and hand profiles; XVID (Exception 3 Warp-Point GMC), H.264/AVC, Motion JPEG, HEVC, VP8, VP9, ​​MPEG-1-2-4
HEVC compatibility: 4K@120p, 10 bits
VP9 compatibility: 4K@60p, 10 bits

Parental locking
Electronic Programs Guide (EPG)
Teletext (2000 / pages)

HDMI entries: 1 (rear) / 3 (side)
HDMI standard: HDMI 2.1
Arc (Audio Return Channel): HDMI 2
ARC standard: EARC
USB port: 2 (rear) / 1 (side)
Port CI+: 1.4
Antenna socket: 2 (rear, RF/Sat)
Optical digital audio output
3.5 mm headphone / jack outlet
Bluetooth (V5.0): Audio and Hid compatible (keyboard, mouse, controller)
Ethernet RJ45 port (LAN)
Wifi (802.11ac)
Wisa Speakers compatibility

Accessories included
Remote control (Magic Remote)
VESA compatible 300×200

Energy data
Consumption in standby mode: 0.5 W
Consumption /1000h SDR En Marche: 126 kWh /1000h
Consumption /1000h HDR En Marche: 222 kWh /1000h
Power supply: AC 100 ~ 240V 50-60Hz mains voltage
SDR mode energy class (from A to G): G
HDR mode energy class (from A to G): G
Quantity of mercury: 0 mg
Lead presence: yes

TV weight without foot: 24 kg
TV weight with foot: 32.6 kg
TV weight in cardboard: 41.2 kg
TV dimensions without foot (LXLXH): 1449 / 46.9 / 830 mm
TV dimensions with foot (lxlxh): 1449/251/862 mm
Cardboard dimensions (LXLXH): 1677/207/950 mm