IWork: 3 iPad and iPhone apps to replace Word, Excel and PowerPoint, install and configure Office on an iPhone or iPad – Microsoft support

Install and configure Office on an iPhone or iPad

You will be able to create, modify, display and print free documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

IWork: 3 iPad and iPhone apps to replace Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Pages, Keynote and Numbers are 3 applications that respectively create documents, presentations and calculation sheets.

To understand their usefulness, we can compare them to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

There are several applications of the same kind, but keep in mind that they were created by Apple for Apple. They were therefore specially designed to operate with brand devices, which ensures maximum efficiency.

The 3 applications detail $ 9.99 each and are compatible with iCloud so it is possible to revise documents from any iOS synchronized to the cloud.

In addition, no need to worry about having recorded the last versions well since the recording is done automatically each time.

Pages application for word processing

The pages application allows the production of 16 types of documents such as a letter, a curriculum vitae, an invitation, a report and a leaflet.

Like other word processing tools, pages allows in particular to lay down documents, choose from different writing policies and detect poor spelling words.

Because a text is always more attractive with images, we have a small tool to touch up the photos before inserting them into the text. In addition, to make writing more pleasant, the “smart zoom” tool enlarges the text while we type with the touch keyboard. Smart Zoom is offered only on iPhone and iPod given the smallest size of their screen.

To be even more comfortable when writing, it is possible to use a wireless keyboard thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Pages application

The Keynote application for presentations

Keynote is the application of iWork which allows you to create presentation documents.

Whether to sell a product to a potential customer or to present a new project at work, creating a presentation document to support your speech is always a great idea. Keynote is perfect for doing it, in addition to being easy to use.

When you use the application in writing mode, you can select a canvas from those already created or simply go nine. Colors, fonts, the background. Everything can be personalized to create an original presentation.

We then add to each slide a text accompanied by photos, videos and graphics that can also be modified as desired. To add a touch of originality to the presentation, Keynote offers, among other things, “Magic Move”. This tool allows you to create small animations to, for example, put the emphasis on an image by spinning it. Keynote also offers several types of transitions to help capture public attention. Even during slide changes!

Keynote Application

To make the presentation even more professional, you can use the Keynote Remote application (sold separately from Keynote). This allows you to transform the iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control that scrolls the slides. Keynote Remote allows you to control a Keynote presentation which is on an iPad, Mac, iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Numbers application for calculations

The Numbers application is an excellent tool for a budget, under training or to create any other document involving figures! The app allows you to create calculation sheets with tables, diagrams, graphics and photos and has been designed to make users only one with mathematics!

There are therefore several models on which it only remains to enter the figures in the appropriate boxes. As the formulas are already integrated, the calculations are done as if by magic. It is also possible to modify the colors, fonts, dimensions, paintings and much more! We also adapted the keyboard of the application to facilitate the input of figures.

In all, Numbers offers 250 functions!

One of them gives the possibility of linking a table to a form to accelerate the entry of a large number of data. As data is added to the form in question, they integrate into the table! Interesting for those who have to work with thousands of data!

NUMBERS application


There is no concern to have compatibility with Microsoft documents since pages, Keynote and Numbers applications allow you to open Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents.

In addition, the documents created from applications are exportable to formats in the Microsoft suite as in PDF.

Obviously, the iWork suite for iPad is compatible with the suite for Mac!

COMPATIBILITY: iOS 5.1 or more recent

LANGUAGE: Available in French

9.$ 99 each

Install and configure Office on an iPhone or iPad

Excel for Microsoft 365 Word for Microsoft 365 Outlook for Microsoft 365 PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 OneNote for Microsoft 365 Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac Word for Microsoft 365 for Mac Outlook for Microsoft 365 for Mac PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 5 for Mac Excel for the web OneNote for the Excel 2021 Word 2021 Outlook 2021 PowerPoint 2021 Office 2021 OneNote 2021 Excel 2021 for Mac Word 2021 for Mac Outlook 2021 for Mac PowerPoint 2021 for Mac OneNote 2021 for Mac Office 2021 for Mac Excel 2019 Word 2019 PowerPoint 2019 Office 2019 Excel 2019 for Mac Word 2019 for Mac Outlook 2019 for Mac PowerPoint 2019 for Mac OneNote 2019 for Mac Office 2019 for Mac Excel 2016 Word 2016 Outlook 2016 PowerPoint 2016 Onenote 2016 Office 2016 Excel 2016 for Mac Word 2016 for Mac Outlook 2016 For Mac PowerPoint 2016For Mac OneNote 2016 for Mac Office 2016 for Mac PowerPoint for Mac Microsoft 365 for Individuals Office for Office 365 Small Business Microsoft 365 Admin Office 365 Managed by 21Vianet Office 365 Managed by 21Vianet – Administrator Small Enterprise Office 365 Managed by 21Vianet – Administrator – Administrator – Outlook for Mac 2011 Application Office for iOS Outlook Web App Skype Entreprise for iPad Plus. Less

There are two ways to get an office on your iPhone:

Press the button below to install the new Office Application for iOS which combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a single application, which introduces new features centered on mobile devices to display, modify and share files without having to switch between several applications. Learn more

Press from your mobile device to download the Office Application

You can also press one of the buttons below to install individual office applications on your iPhone or iPad.

Press your mobile device to download Word

Press your mobile device to download Excel

Press your mobile device to download PowerPoint

Press your mobile device to download OneNote

Advice : You use a MacBook or a Mac ? Install the office office version.

You can use our Mobile Office Applications to work anywhere. Simply connect with a free Microsoft account or a Microsoft 365 professional account. With an eligible Microsoft 365 subscription, you will also have access to premium features.

Configure individual office applications on iPhone or iPad

Image of a gray line

STEP 1 :

On your iPhone or iPad, open any Autonomous Office Mobile Application (for example, Excel).

Connect with your Microsoft or Professional or School Account Microsoft 365, then press Following.

Noticed : If you use Office 365 managed by 21vianet, log into the account associated with your Microsoft 365 managed by the 21Vianet subscription.

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create a free.

Image of a gray line


If you have connected with a Microsoft account associated with Office 2016 or Office 2019, you can get the possibility of upgrading to Microsoft 365.

You can buy a plan or press on May be later If you want to use mobile applications without subscription.

Note that you have access to Premium features if you use a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Image of a gray line

Step 3:

When you are invited to help us improve your mobile office experience, press Yes to accept or No to refuse.

Press On activate notifications To activate alerts, or press Not Now To define your preferences later.

Image of a gray line

Step 4:

Once connected, your account is automatically added to the Active application, as well as to all other Office applications installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Image of a gray line

Step 5:

To add another account or a cloud service, such as OneDrive or Dropbox, press Open > Add a location.

If you use OneNote on your iPhone or iPad, press your profile image in the upper left corner, then press Accounts storage.

Image of a gray line

Step 6:

Choose the cloud service you want to add.

Enter the email address and password to connect to your favorite service.

How to install Microsoft 365 for free on iPhone and iPad ?

Mathilde Vicente

Is it possible to take advantage of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on an iPad or iPhone ? The answer is yes.

When Microsoft has unveiled its Office applications compatible with Mac and iOS devices for the first time, these were quite limited. Indeed, the iPad version offered Microsoft 365 subscribers some basic editing functions while on the iPhone, it was only possible to access reading alone.

Since then, iOS or iPados users have been authorized to modify all of their Microsoft documents via their Apple smartphone and tablet, without necessarily having to subscribe to the Office Subsequent.

In this article, we show you how to download Microsoft 365 applications for free, install them and use them on your iPad or iPhone.

Download Microsoft Office for free to iPad and iPhone

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook applications can be downloaded for free from your iPad, and iPhone, via the App Store, only on the conditions they operate under iOS 12 at least. To do this, you must create a Microsoft identifier and connect with your email address and password.

  • Download Word from the App Store
  • Download Excel
  • Download PowerPoint
  • Download Outlook

You will be able to create, modify, display and print free documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Otherwise, it is also possible to register for Microsoft 365 Family to enjoy a free trial month, before being billed 99 €/year or 10 €/month, in case you have not canceled your time subscription.

This formula gives you access to AI -based applications, 1 TB of OneDrive storage per person, not to mention all the connected features that it has to offer.

If you are a student, then go through Microsoft Education.

Why subscribe to Microsoft 365 ?

As mentioned above, with Microsoft 365, you take advantage of premium versions of Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), including advanced modifications and formatting of graphics, Tables and Images.

In addition, you can enjoy 1 TB of online storage via OneDrive, against 5 GB without subscription. You also benefit from 60 minutes of Skype call offered each month and storage on OneDrive for 5 users.

As a reminder, the price of an annual personal package to Microsoft 365 costs € 69/year or € 7/month.


With Word on iOS, you have creation and publishing tools to make all the changes you want to copies.

On the iPhone, Word suffered from the limits imposed by the size of its screen, which is why Microsoft offered some improvements to the interface to make it easier to handle.

There is in particular the “Quick Access” option, used to resize the text, to erase unnecessary elements and to reach all the tools on the keyboard.

To access files saved on your OneDrive, Dropbox or Microsoft SharePoint files, then you must have a paid account.

With a free oneedrive account, you only can store and access your documents.


With Excel, you can get into the creation, modification, backup and printing of tables and files, then save them on Dropbox if you wish.

Once connected to your account, you will have access to a list of files in which save and open your calculation sheets. By paying, you take advantage of exclusive features.

Power point

With PowerPoint, you can add or improve animations, videos and crop images from your iOS. Like other applications, storage of files on Dropbox is an alternative to ONEDRIVE from Microsoft. If you have a subscription to Office 365, then say hello to more features.

Use Microsoft Office on iPad Pro

Formerly the applications of the Office Pack were reserved for iPads under 10.1 inch, as the more imposing versions were considered as devices intended for professionals exclusively.

Since then, things have evolved and Microsoft 365 has become a universal application, now available on Apple large models tablets.

As a reminder, if you use Word, Excel and Powerppoint for professional or commercial purposes, then you must pay for Microsoft Office, whatever the device used.

Synchronization options with Microsoft Office

OneDrive, Microsoft’s Cloud, is automatically integrated into the Office Pack for iOS and iPados. Thus, all your documents created on one of the Office applications will be accessible from your iPad or iPhone, in the same format.

Please note, to be able to work on your files, be sure to have saved them and downloaded to your device beforehand. If you are offline, then do not hesitate to create new documents and save them, without having to go through Drive.

iWork, the Apple alternative to Microsoft 365

As owner of an apple device, it is still important to know that Apple offers its own alternative: iWork. This office suite allows you to create and save files, calculation sheets and presentations, compatible with Microsoft Office Applications.

In details, it consists of:

  • Pages for word processing
  • Numbers for spreadsheets, graphics and paintings
  • Keynote to make your presentations

Even more interesting, iWork is a native software of the brand, so it is integrated into your device.

In conclusion, unless you are forced to work on the Office Pack, you will not have its utility since IWork fulfills similar functions.

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