Internet offers for students 2022 – Money Expert FR, Back to school 2022: Internet packages without commitment to students

Back to school 2022: Internet packages without obligation for students

If you are not eligible for fiber, with the ADSL, you have very high speed internet up to 25mb/, same service with regard to the phone only with the fiber and the TV as an option.

Student Internet offer 2022

Internet box with good service and reasonable price.

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Being a student, a term that implies many things …: independence, access to its first subscriptions including electricity, water and often the internet. Your purchase and choice criteria are different, that’s why suppliers offer “special” internet boxes for you, students.

In Money Expert, we will unravel you the best offers so that your Internet box is definitely not the reason to choose to eat noodles every night !

In this guide:

  • Dual Play offer: Save without TV
  • Triple play box: Internet + fixed telephony + TV
  • And without commitment ..
  • Conclusion

Dual Play offer: Save without TV

Bouygues Telecom, one of the four largest internet access providers (FAI), launches the Bbox Fit Fiber.

This offer offers a speed up to 400 Mbit/s for download and 400 Mbit/s in sending. For the telephone party, you will have unlimited calls to fixed in France and more than 110 countries. With one year of engagement, this box is 15.99 euros for 12 months, to go to 30.99 euros/month.

Bouygues offers at the same price also the same box but with ADSL.

Offers that are on sale ! Do not let these good prices spend.

Triple play box: Internet + fixed telephony + TV

If you want to include television in your package to keep up to date with the latest news, never miss a new episode and watch the latest films and documentaries, consult these triple play offers:


The Free operator offers you the Freebox Revolution-Fiber with an upward speed up to 600 Mb/s and a descending speed up to 1GB/s shared and 1 GB/s per equipment. Regarding fixed telephony, take advantage of the unlimited calls to the fixed and the mobiles of France + the fixeds of more than 110 destinations. For the TV part, you will have more than 280 TV channels included and 250 GB hard drive. Its price is 19.99 euros per month for 1 year, to increase to 44.99. A price not to be missed !


The historic operator, Orange, offers you its Fiber Livebox. On promo at € 19.99 and a 12 -month commitment.

What are the services offered ? Television included with 50 channels, with bouquets included or optional. Regarding fixed telephony, you will have unlimited calls to fixed and mobile. For connection speed, you have a symmetrical connection of 400 Mb/s.

As an alternative internet access provider, Coriolis Telecom, also has its fiber box and ADSL has 19.99 euros per month, with a one -year commitment.

With fiber, you will have a very high speed fiber internet up to 1gb/s. On the phone: calls for the meter or unlimited calls to the fixes in France +75 destinations and for the optional TV part. All this by 19.99 the first 6 months, then € 30.99/month.

If you are not eligible for fiber, with the ADSL, you have very high speed internet up to 25mb/, same service with regard to the phone only with the fiber and the TV as an option.

And without commitment ..

Student life does not necessarily allow you to engage for a year. But there are inexpensive non-binding boxes, offered by Red and Sosh, respectively the low-cost brands of SFR and Orange.

The Sosh box – Fiber /ADSL

You can make the choice to offer ADSL or fiber, depending on your eligibility, at a single price: € 19.99 per month for a year, then 29.99 euros. The offer being without commitment, nothing prevents you from terminating after a year to choose another cheaper subscription.

Livebox 4 included with 300 Mb/s of ascending flow and 300 Mb/s of downward flow, unlimited calls to fixed and to 100 countries and TV included (72 channels).

For its part, Red by SFR offers its ADSL (Internet + fixed telephony + TV experience), without commitment, for € 17 per month, with 1 month offered. The fiber will be more expensive: 23 euros per month, but also with 1 month offered.


Deals are infinite in the French market. To choose between so many offers, the important thing is to know what you want, taking into account the services offered by each supplier, as well as their prices. Visit our internet box comparator to find the one that suits you the most.

Reminder : You can also turn to free options: the WiFi of the FAC or the Library, or even the corner bar, but know that your connection will not be secure.


Save money. It’s easier than ever.

We are money expert, experts in your finances. We compare the markets throughout France to find you the best prices, whatever happens.

Back to school 2022: Internet packages without obligation for students

You are looking for a good plan to install the internet in your student accommodation ? Today we invite you to discover the three best offers on the market to equip you with a non -binding box. Between the Sosh orange box, the Red Box or the Freebox Pop, you will enjoy a maximum of service at a low price while remaining free to move your movements. All the details in the rest of this article:

The Sosh of Orange box: the most economical non -commitment box of the moment

On promotion until September 26, 8 a.m., the Orange Sosh box is the most economical of the three offers. There Sosh box is actually available at a mini price of € 14.99/month For 12 months, after which you will go back to the standard price of 19.99 € in ADSL or € 29.99/month in fiber.

Sosh promo

If this internet subscription without obligation interests you, you will benefit:

  • Very high speed fiber on the orange network Up to 300mbits/s for download and 300mbits/s in sending (available in ADSL in non -covered areas not fiber)
  • A telephone line with unlimited calls towards the fixed to metropolitan France, DOMs and more than 100 international destinations
  • A box with the Smart wi-fi.
  • Orange TV app (offered on request) with a selection of channels included on mobile, tablet and PC/Mac … but not on your television
  • TV decoder option (€ 5/month) with access to a wide selection of channels on your television, mobile, tablet and PC.

Another asset, the BOx Sosh is offered without commissioning costs. However, you will need to provide 50 € for termination fees.

Red Box without commitment from Red by SFR !

Another internet package without an interesting commitment on the market, the Red Box. THE SFR low cost supplier allows you to enjoy a low -cost box offer while remaining free. The Red Box High Speed ​​is offered at only € 17 per month, box rental included. There optical fiber is displayed at 23 € per month with a speed up to 1 GB/s for download and 700 MB/s in dispatch or the Very high speed With a flow rate up to 1 Gb/s for download and 100 Mb/s in sending. Whatever the technology used, Red invoice activation fees of € 39 and € 49 for termination fees.

Red Box Fiber

.By opting for the Red Box, you will have:

  • An internet connection with a Flow rate of up to 1gbs for download
  • A fixed line with unlimited for your calls to fixed and mobiles in Metropolitan France and the Dom, as well as towards fixed from more than 100 countries
  • TV access with 35 channels Watching on smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac or on TV thanks to the Connect decoder (€ 29 for purchase)
  • An SFR cloud storage space from 10 GB

Freebox Pop: Free Internet offer from Free

Finally, Free also offers a Internet box without commitment to promotion for one year. It is indeed the Freebox Pop marketed at the sensational rate of € 29.99/month, then at € 39.99/month after 12 months.

Freebox Pop

By opting for this promo box, you will have:

  • an internet connection up to 5gbit/s in downward speed and 700mbits/s in pruned speed.
  • A telephony line with unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France, DOM and certain international destinations, as well as to the fixeds of more than 110 destinations
  • TV access with more than 220 TV channels
  • Canal + series offered for 1 year
  • The Free Ligue 1 Uber Eats service

Activation and termination costs have identical amounts and amount to € 49.