Internet offers for professionals, Internet pro: comparison of offers, boxes, subscriptions

Internet Pro: comparison of offers, boxes, subscriptions


SFR Connect Fiber allows you to benefit from very high speed of 10 to 100 Mbps, a recovery guarantee within 4 hours, in dedicated fiber and symmetrical flow, from € 300.

Internet offers for professionals

Four operators (Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Free and SFR) offer targeted internet packages for professionals. These packages generally include the same services as offers for individuals (Internet + fixed telephony) and add certain options adapted to professionals.


Depending on the eligibility of your line, the three Orange, Bouygues and SFR operators will be able to offer you offers in ADSL, VDSL or fiber optic. Free is distinguished because the Freebox Pro is only available in fiber optics. If your professional premises are in an unblemmed area, the Bouygues offers (Bbox Pro and Bbox Pro+) are at the same price and the SFR Pro offers will require an additional cost of € 5/month.

Orange (Open Internet Pro) is therefore the most suitable for lines located in unblemmed ADSL areas. The latter not being affected by these areas, so it does not apply more costs.

In fiber optics, all operators offer a very fast flow, until 2Gbit/s For Orange, until 1gbit/s For SFR, 2Gbit/s For Bouygues and 7gbit/s for free.

Fixed telephony

Pro telephony: Reduce your invoice Discover an innovative professional telephony solution at € 9/month HT per number, with ONOFF Business ✓ Without commitment

Telephone lines

The four operators offer a second line in their professional packages. THE Bbox Pro and Bbox Pro offers+ De Bouygues Telecom include two fixed telephone lines by internet. The same for SFR Business offers, which offer up to 2 fixed lines by internet. Free also offers two lines of fixed phones with the Freebox Pro and the possibility of adding VoIP lines (fixed by Internet) for € 9.99 by line.

Finally, the Historical Orange operator offers a fixed telephone line by Internet, in Internet offers pro fiber balance and intense, and two fixed lines by internet, only in optimal pro fiber balance and optimal pro fiber fiber offers. The addition of this second line nevertheless increases the price of each offers.

Calls to fixed and mobile

If Orange is not to its advantage on the number of telephone lines, it nevertheless arises as a leader with regard to calls to fixed and mobiles, whether in France or abroad. Indeed, the historic operator offers in its Intense pro Internet package The possibility of calling on the fixed and mobiles of a hundred countries in addition to France and the DOM.

Free is not to be outdone by including unlimited calls on fixed and mobiles in France but also unlimited calls to the mobiles of the French overseas departments, China, Canada and the United States (and to fixes of more than 100 destinations around the world). There Bbox Pro Includes unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France and to fixes of more than 110 countries as well as unlimited calls to the mobiles of the DOM (excluding Mayotte), United States, Canada, China, Singapore and South Korea (the Bbox Pro+ also includes unlimited calls to European mobiles).

THE SFR PRO offers Also include unlimited calls to the fixed and the mobiles of France and the French overseas departments as well as the unlimited calls to the fixeds of more than 100 destinations.

Pro options

All operators offer to add a number of options to their package. Thus, each FAI offers optional television except free. Bouygues is the only operator not to charge for the rental of the decoder, where SFR and Orange request 5 €/month. On the other hand, to access this option, all operators request a security deposit.

The options for professionals are, with a few exceptions, the same at each operator. The most interesting is the possibility of benefiting from the internet on mobility. Indeed, operators offer in its offers, access to a 3G/4G key with a certain volume of the Internet included.

Which internet offer to choose for a professional ?

Lots of things, we find in the offers of Orange, Bouygues, Free and SFR, the same options and services. However, each operator is distinguished in one way or another.

So Orange stands out thanks to its three formulas, especially in the case of an international focused company thanks to the large number of unlimited destinations on fixed and mobile phones. In addition, the historic operator is not subject to unbundling, his offers are more interesting in the unwelcoming areas.

Free always apart remains one of the cheapest offers with two fixed phone lines all the same. The Télécom troubleshooting does not stop there and also includes the Free 5G 150GB package in its offer and the possibility of subscribing up to 10 additional packages For € 9.99/month excl By additional mobile line.

SFR is distinguished thanks to its business pack which includes business telephony, telephone standard, fixed telephony and internet.

Finally, Bouygues and SFR, in their professional fiber optic offers, offer a connection speed that can reach 2Gbit/s and 1 Gbit/s respectively, which is very practical in the case of exchange of large files. It is nevertheless necessary to be eligible for FTTH optical fiber to benefit from this offer.

Internet pro Equilibre: is no longer available for subscription
Intense pro Internet: from 50 € HT/month
Optimal pro Equilibre: from 70 € HT/month
Optimal intense pro: from 80 € HT/month

In the end, with a few exceptions, all operators offer the same services in their internet offers for professionals. With offers from € 24.99 excl. Tax/month, Bouygues Telecom is the cheapest operator. Conversely, Orange is the most expensive with a professional offer at 50 € HT/month. Nevertheless, the professional offers of SFR become more expensive than those of Orange if they are in guaranteed symmetrical speed.

Free, in addition to offering the best fiber flow and its Free Pro 5G 150GB mobile package in the Freebox Pro offer, also holds the only professional internet offer.

Premium offers for professionals

Bouygues Telecom also offers the Internet in very high speed, in fiber dedicated ftto (Fiber to the Office), which allows continuity of service, guaranteed and symmetrical flows, and many services (Internet, VPN, Voices, etc.)). This offer, whose speed of flow is between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps, is available from € 370/month HT. The connection is followed by a single Bouygues project manager, and the fiber posed is not shared with other customers.

SFR Connect Fiber allows you to benefit from very high speed of 10 to 100 Mbps, a recovery guarantee within 4 hours, in dedicated fiber and symmetrical flow, from € 300.

Offers for pros outside major cities

If you are in white zone or in small villages, you may use the internet by satellite, often not being eligible for fiber. You can discover the offers that suit you in our article on the best internet offers in the countryside.

Updated on 14/10/2022

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Internet Pro: comparison of offers, boxes, subscriptions

Companies have various needs for internet access. Fiber, adsl, box, mobile, ascending speed, descendant … so many elements to take into account to make your choice. It is therefore important for professionals to have a clear vision of the telecommunications market in order to be able to choose the most appropriate offer.

  1. Small pros box
  2. Mobile internet small pros
  3. Large companies box
  4. Mobile Internet large companies

Telecom Reduction Invoice

Compare pro telecoms offers

Find a tailor-made telecom offer by asking for a free quote from one of our specialized advisers. It is possible to be recalled for free.

What is the best pro Internet box offer for small professionals ?

VoIP, an essential VoIP technology means Voice Over Internet Protocol and includes all ways to transfer voice via the Internet. It is a technology widely exploited by telecommunications players such as Skype or WhatsApp. The main advantages, compared to analog telephony, are mobility, but also the low cost of communication. Only fixed posts require the installation of an adapter to use VoIP.

Orange Pro Box

Orange pro is the operator who presents the most Internet packages for small professionals : he offers six. The possibilities vary around one or two lines Voip, d ’unlimited calls or not and of course the choice of pro fiber orADSL.

Orange economic formulas for pros

  • The basic offer allows access to ADSL or a VoIP line;
  • The Pro Balance offer is 40 euros per month HT (36 euros HT if the offer is subscribed online).

The complete orange formula for pros

To meet all the needs of a professional, the formula Optimal pro intense fiber Give access to fiber and two VoIP lines. The price is 80 euros HT per month (70 euros HT per month by taking advantage of the excluded web offer).


SFR adapts to the size of the companies by offering SFR Pro for SMEs and VSEs.

Two box choices are possible: ADSL access and access via fiber. Each option allows pro Internet access and unlimited calls to fixed positions and mobiles in France and some other destinations.

The ADSL SFR Pro box offer does not have a descriptive page on the site. It is therefore preferable to consult an advisor to subscribe to it. She is 40 euros per month including tax.

Bouygues pro box

Bouygues Télécom Entreprise allows professionals to subscribe to the most suitable offer by offering an ADSL offer as well as a fiber offer.

Debit is the main difference between these two formulas. Indeed, Bouygues Telecom Allows in both cases to make unlimited calls to fixed and mobile in France, to have access to a professional customer service as well as a Microsoft Office 365 small businesses pack.

The ADSL package is 27.49 euros excluding tax per month while the fiber package is 33.33 euros excluding tax per month.

It is good to specify that an all -inclusive box designed for small businesses also exists: the Bbox Entreprise.

Summary of Pro Internet offers for small professionals

  • Fiber with a flow rate up to 1gb/s descending (and up to 500mb/s up);
  • Airbox Comfort Pro: to take over in the event of a cut.
  • Fiber with a flow rate up to 1gb/s descending (and up to 400mb/s rising);
  • 100 GB cloud storage.
  • Broadband fiber up to 20 Mb/s or very high speed up to 1Gb;
  • 4G Internet access with 2 GB per month.
  • 1 VoIP line;
  • Unlimited calls to fixed positions in mainland France and 100 destinations;
  • Unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France and 100 destinations.
  • 1 VoIP line;
  • Unlimited calls to fixed positions in mainland France and 100 destinations;
  • Unlimited calls to mobiles in France, DOM, United States and Canada.
  • 2 VoIP line;
  • Unlimited calls to fixed positions in mainland France and 110 destinations;
  • Unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France, DOM, USA, Canada and China.
  • TV bouquet up to 200 free options
  • Microsoft Office 365 small businesses;
  • Norton Safety Pack.
  • The installation of the Livebox Pro on the date of your choice;
  • The 8h service guaranteed for fixed and the Internet;
  • The 8h service guaranteed for the fixed and the Internet
  • Customer service dedicated to professionals;
  • Intervention in less than 8 hours in the event of a problem.
  • Customer service dedicated to professionals;
  • Intervention in less than 8 hours in the event of a problem.

Internet Pro: mobile internet packages for small pros

As part of a professional activity, being mobile is a real asset. The operators therefore offer mobile internet plans separate from so -called classic telephony offers with a data envelope. These packages only include internet access outside the office.

Orange Pro Package

Again, Orange is the supplier that has the most choice. There are eight packages that revolve around the quantity of datas and Terms of commitment. The prices vary between 13 euros (without commitment, depending on the consumption between 1 and 150 GB) and 130 euros (without commitment, 150 GB).

SFR PRO Package

At SFR Pro, it is not possible to subscribe to a package that only offers mobile internet. Only two telephony packages offering a comfortable quantity of data are possible: one for 60 GB (35 euros) and the other for 100 GB of data (at 50 euros).

On the other hand, SFR Business offers 4 different offers varying between simple access to 1GB (19 euros) to unlimited access (99 euros). These services are rather offered to large companies.

Bouygues Télécom Pro package

Bouygues offers two formulas to take advantage of internet access with mobility for diametrically opposite needs: 1 GB for 19.90 euros and 60 GB for 59.90 euros.

It is nevertheless possible to subscribe to a mobile phone package with a greater choice of data. The prices increase sharply if the customer wants to change the number or if he is not a customer for a box.

Summary of Internet Pro Packages for Small Professionals

  • Best 4G mobile network coverage in Orange
  • Efficient 4G
  • Priority Internet;
  • Up to 10 connected WiFi equipment .

Want to compare ? The pro telecommunications market is very diverse. Thus, there are as many major telecoms players for individuals such as SFR Pro, Orange Pro, Bouygues Télécom or even free actors like Celeste, Keyyo Communications or Brittany Telecom.

Internet Pro: which box subscription to choose for a large company ?

For the choice of internet access, companies (especially large) need safety, speed and reliability.

FTTO or FTTH: how to choose your pro connection in general, an individual shares the same connection with your neighbors although the fiber optics is installed even in his home. This is called the Ftth (Fiber to the home or fiber to the home). For a company, on the other hand, it is more prudent to use an exclusive fiber at your office: the Ftto (Fiber to the Office). The main advantages are: better security, better responsiveness in the event of a cut and a symmetrical flow.

Orange business box

Orange Business has many services adapted to the various trades for large companies. On the other hand, the telephony and D’Internet access offered are the same for any business size.

Their offers are 8 depending on the choice of ADSL or fiber, the number of lines in Voip or the possibility of making unlimited calls or not. Note that these offers do not allow the use of a symmetrical flow.

Prices vary between 40 and 80 euros HT per month.

Symmetrical flow, an asset for companies using the Internet in symmetrical flow means that the ability to send files and data (rising data) is the same as that to receive them (descending data). It is a service mainly offered to professionals. In particular, it allows better quality of exchanges via videoconferences or via VoIP.

SFR Business box

Fiber solutions at SFR allow access to optical fiber as well as many services for companies with less than 20 employees it is 70 euros per month (FTTH or FTTB).

FTTB, a complex technology, the FTTB (Fiber to the Bulding) is similar to the FTTH. The main difference is due to the installation of cables and not of fibers between the homes and a box placed inside the building or the neighborhood.

Box Bouygues Telecom Entreprises

To be able to meet the requirements of all business sizes, Bouygues Telecom offers the Fiber business. It allows access to fiber optics and has many services from 39 euros per month.

Summary of Pro Internet offers for large companies

It is good to note that a call to an advisor is necessary in most cases. The needs being important but different from one activity to another, suppliers thus encourage tailor-made formulas.

  • 2 VoIP lines
  • Unlimited calls to fixed positions in mainland France and 100 destinations;
  • Unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France and 100 destinations.
  • 1 unlimited telephone line compatible fax.
  • Adapted according to the subscribed solution.
  • 2 VoIP lines
  • Airbox Comfort Pro to stay connected constantly;
  • The installation of the Livebox Pro according to the date chosen by the customer;
  • The 8 -hour service guaranteed for problems related to the fixed and the Internet;
  • A team of experts available.
  • Possibility to secure the invited wifi for its visitors;
  • Dedicated fixed IP address;
  • Possibility of connecting the WiFi router directly to several posts.
  • Guaranteed of recovery time (GTR) in the event of a problem;
  • Router equipped with the latest WiFi AC standard.

Internet Pro: which mobile internet offer to choose for large companies ?

Orange business package

Despite a wide range of services to help large companies according to each sector of activity, the supplier does not offer packages specific to large groups.

The offers are the same as those mentioned above: there are eight that vary depending on the quantity of data or the duration of customer’s commitment.

It takes between 13 euros (for a modular consumption package) and 130 euros (without commitment, 150 GB).

SFR Business package

SFR offers 4 solutions for large companies between 1 GB of data to unlimited access. It takes between 9 and 99 euros per month for these packages.

Bouygues Télécom business package

Bouygues Télécom allows access to 3 mobile internet offers which provide between 15 and 50 GB of data.

For companies with larger needs, they have a 4G router offer from 200 GB of Data to unlimited access through a “Backup” option. The prices offered are between 75 to 119 euros per month.

Summary of mobile internet plans for large companies

  • Thanks to comfort speed: priority mobile internet access
  • Orange TV;
  • Airbox or flybox case (connection sharing up to 30 computers).
  • Efficient 4G.
  • Optimal and secure access guaranteed to your information system.

Why choose SFR Business for pros

The advantages of fiber offers, mobile plans and smartphones for pros

An advisor
dedicated commercial

continuity of service

mobile and box

Proximity to
SFR stores

Offers dedicated to companies

Flow rate up to 2 Gb/s
2 WiFi 6 networks: private / guest
Integrated firewall
1 fixed IP address

For 12 months then 50 € HT/month

Unlimited SMS / MMS calls, 5GB packages at 80GB, or unlimited data, 5G included / optional

With the Eco 5GB package
12 -month commitment

See all packages

Wide range of smartphones
Professional accessories: helmet, airpods, vehicle kit.

with the 5GB 24 -month commitment package (2)

See all phones

  • Standard telephone hosted in the cloud
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile
  • Webex collaborative work tools
  • Professional IP equipment and phones

12 -month commitment

home phone

learn more

Current promotions, reserved for pros

With the 80GB 5G package (2)
24 -month commitment

Samsung Z Flip 5

I take advantage

Das head: 0.601 W/kg
DAS Member: 2.34 W/KG
Das head: 0.601 W/kg
DAS Member: 2.34 W/KG

With the 5GB 5G package (2)
24 -month commitment

iPhone 14 Pro

See all iPhone

Das head: 0.98 W/kg
DAS Member: 2.98 W/KG
Das head: 0.98 W/kg
DAS Member: 2.98 W/KG

Good pros deals of the moment

Promotion business creators

Business creators, SFR Business you Free offer offer free subscription on your internet access or your cumulative mobile packages with other good deals

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Mobile & smartphones packages, Internet subscriptions

With your business fiber offer, benefit from a flow rate up to 2GBS and unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles. After testing your fiber eligibility, discover our fiber offers and the features of our Pros internet fiber boxes, with WiFi 6, or IT security: with the Internet Security option, you benefit from protection for all your equipment Connected to your box against malicious websites, phishing or cybercriminals for 5 € HT/month.
Whether you are looking for a mobile plan adapted to your uses or a 5G package with 10 times more flow, you will necessarily find the mobile subscription that suits you. Special discounts save you up to € 5 excl. Tax per month and per mobile line if you take a box at SFR Business.

SFR offers you the latest phones for your package: unconditional iPhone fans will be won over with the iPhone 14 among the latest-born brand, the iPhone 14 Plus with a 6.7-inch larger screen, L ‘iPhone 14 pro and its 48MP main sensor, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max with its 6.7 -inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen, 28% brighter than the previous generation.
You can always take advantage of the previous range for sale at SFR with the iPhone 13. Other Apple smartphones, less recent but no less efficient, such as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are always available at a very attractive price.

Among the best Android smartphones, discover all the new features of the Samsung brand. The Samsung S23 allows you to take breathtaking photos day and night. The S23 Plus is equipped with a chip offering incomparable performances and finally, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra which is the most complete smartphone in the Galaxy range, thanks to its 200 MP wide angle sensor, as well as its powerful chip but less energy -consuming. The anterior range is always available at SFR with the Samsung Galaxy S22, with its triple photo sensor block in 4K quality. Other models from the Korean brand are worth seeing: the superb foldable phones Galaxy Z Fold5 and the Z Flip5. For smaller budgets, SFR recommends the Samsung A54 or the A14, which will appeal to their excellent value for money.
Also find the new Xiaomi 13, and its premium version the Xiaomi 12T, but also the Xiaomi 12t Pro and the Redmi 12 Lite. The Xiaomi brand also offers a range of ultra -efficient smartphone with the Redmi Note 12 and the Redmi Note 12 5G which is the compatible version with 5G. In the same series, also find the Redmi Note 12 Pro version with a main objective of 200 MP ! You can also opt for the latest outings of the Crosscall brand, with for example the Crosscall Core-Z5.
4G/5G mobile networks and fiber network Being a SFR customer is to benefit from excellent mobile network coverage covering almost 99% of the population in 4G / 4G+, and the 5G network whose SFR continues the deployment in several major cities in France in 2022 (see also: Does 5G ?)).
Business communications and collaborative work tools Take advantage of a unique business communication solution, with unified business package. With Cisco Webex, telephony and collaboration in one and the same offer, you have an exceptional collaboration experience, compatible Microsoft, Google, Slack and Plus, on site or on telework, with the latest Cisco Webex innovations.
Your telephone standard is accessible from any terminal and on all fixed and mobile networks and includes all essential features such as waiting music, call referral, call transfer, interactive interactive vocal server. 100% Plug and Play, replace your old telephone standard with a turnkey turnover solution, compatible with any Internet access.
With PBU, calls to fixed and mobiles are unlimited in the package, from 20 euros / month / line.
Unified Business Pack is a complete solution: standard telephone, packages, telephone equipment (landline, audio and video equipment for meeting rooms, software helmet), collaboration tools (instant messaging, videoconferencing, shared workspace), Microsoft compatible Office 365 or Google Suite. PBU is natively secure thanks to native end -to -end encryption.

Our good deals of the moment You are looking for high -performance telecommunications and internet solutions for your business ? Do not search anymore ! SFR Business presents its 4 offers from the moment that will propel your business to new heights.

The speed and reliability of fiber are at hand with our 10 € HT discount for 12 months on the Internet Connect Access Fiber offer. Navigate, download and share at dazzling speed, while benefiting from a stable and secure connection. Give your business the means to remain competitive in a connected world.

Make one stone two shots taking advantage of our € 5 HT discount per month and per mobile line for the group purchase of a box and a minimum mobile line. Combine the power of our convergent solutions while saving substantially. Stay connected wherever you are, while mastering your expenses.

You are thinking of changing operator for better connectivity ? Do not let the termination costs you brake. With our reimbursement offer on your termination costs, we offer you a refund of € 100 excl. Tax of these costs for any subscription to Connect Access or Connect Plus on the SFR Business online store, allowing you a fluid transition without financial concerns. Opt for performance without hassles, with SFR Business by your side.

You are creating your business ? We are by your side to accompany you in your flight. Our special business creator promotion offers unrivaled advantages, so that your first steps are synonymous with. Start with one step ahead of 3 months of subscription offered for any subscription to Connect Access 12 months, Connect plus 12 months or a mobile phone package on the SFR Business online store.

Learn more to see less

Legal Notice (1) Promotional offer online store: subscription at 40 € HT/month for first 12 months then 50 € HT the following 12 months. Access to the service to the service at 50 € HT (excluding service installation costs: refer to the Special Conditions Voice & Data of SFR Business). Offer valid only for new customers of the Connect Access offer and for a period of 12 months subscribing between 05/09/2023 and 12/31/2023 included, and valid only during the first order.

Internet access to the maximum of flow possible on the socket, depending on technical eligibility and the geographic area: – in FTTH: up to 2gbit/s descending and 500Mbit/s Amount – in FTTB: up to 1gbit/s descending and 200MBIT/s Amount – in ADSL: up to 20 Mbit/s descending and 1 Mbit/s Amount; In VDSL: up to 90 Mbit/s descending and 30 Mbit/s Amount

WiFi 6: standard available for Connect Access on FTTH Access, subject to eligibility. Fixed calls included: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for metropolitan fixed numbers starting with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, intended for metropolitan mobile numbers and for fixes of the Europe and North America areas such as that defined in the “Communications tariff conditions” Box Business.

Intervention guarantee: intervention time guarantee from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., included. Visual Non -contractual Internet box.

(2) Europe = European Union, DOM, Switzerland, Andorra, United Kingdom. 5G option, submitted to 12 -month -old engagement.

5G network, being deployed, valid subject to coverage with compatible 5G offer and terminal. Network 5G 3.5 GHz or 2100 MHz available according to the municipalities of covered agglomerations. Cover details on https: // assistance.SFR.FR/Mobile-et-Tablette/Reseau-SFR/COVER-REASEAU-SFR.html. 5G with different performance depending on the frequencies used, maximum theoretical downhill flow (association of 4G and 5G frequencies in covered areas) of 2 GB/s in 3.5GHz frequency band and 995 Mb/s in frequency band 2100 MHz.

(3) Absolute fixed fixed price: unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France, dom and 57 international destinations including Europe (absolute package)

Collaboration option: from € 5/month/line, without obligation

(4) The DAS (specific absorption flow) of mobile phones quantifies the maximum exposure level of the user to electromagnetic waves, for use to oreille. French regulations require that the DAS does not exceed 4 W/kg