I tested Veligo -, become an expert in used bikes!, Véligo, the bicycle that makes you want to buy a

Véligo, the bicycle that makes you want to buy a

Regarding its daily use, that is to say for an intramural Paris journey of 14 kilometers per day (5 days a week), this bike is practical and simple to use insofar as:

I tested Véligo for 3 months !

I put my second -hand bike to experience Véligo from Idf Mobility

Electric rental bike

They are turquoise and black, electric, and survey the streets of the Ile de France region since the last quarter of 2019. You have recognized them, these are the “Veligo”, the supply of electric bikes

long -term rental offered by the Ile de France region. Failing to tell you about a type of used bike, we will tell you about our experience with this rental bike. This small electric queen has experienced a craze after deconiating, more than 10,000 parts having been put into circulation since May 2020.

Concretely, why such an attraction for this bike ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this offer, reserved for the inhabitants of the Ile de France region ? Velook tested this “famous” Veligo and details you in this article, “plus” and “less”, after 3 months of use.

The bike concentrate ��

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Electric bike D

Véligo: its strengths

Even acquired via the second -hand market, the purchase of an electric bicycle represents a substantial sum, all the more when you start in the “Vélotaf” adventure where experience may not be convincing.

In this context, the Véligo offer therefore appears appropriate; Indeed, The commitment is limited Since the Véligo Rental service (https: // www.Veligo-Location. fr/) works with a rental system for a period of 6 months (minimum), renewable once for a period of 3 months. In terms of price,
This service is affordable And can be taken care of by the employer up to 50%, if the user performs his home journeys – work. He is billed between 20 euros (Reduced rate for seniors benefiting from the amethyst package, students under 26 years old, young people in professional integration, beneficiaries of the free transportation package or the Solidarity Transport reduction) and 40 euros per month. Being specified, that this is the base price including the rental of the bicycle with its anti -thefts (integrated + a chain), a inflation pump, a battery charger and the current maintenance carried out during a control visit. This price may be more important, if the user decides to subscribe to the options offered by the Veligo service: flight insurance or bicycle damage, an adult helmet, a child seat, a rear bag or even an additional battery charger.

Regarding its daily use, that is to say for an intramural Paris journey of 14 kilometers per day (5 days a week), this bike is practical and simple to use insofar as:

  • The saddle is comfortable, easy to adjust and its well thought out mechanism has been made to repel any thieves.
  • The front basket, integrated into the bicycle allows you to transport some personal belongings. It also has a tensioner, useful for securing your shopping bag and avoiding losses along the way ☹ .
  • The counter fixed on the left part of the handlebars is discreet and makes it possible to visualize the basic information: speed, speed level (from 0 to 3), level of use of the battery, and number of kilometers traveled from the bicycle delivery.
  • Compared to a small vintage queen from the eighties, the wheels are wide and allow you to survey the streets of the capital, not free from excavation, easily and without fear of puncture.
  • The front / rear lighting is integrated into the Véligo and lights automatically when the battery of it is activated.
  • A box dedicated to the reception of the smartphone and comprising a USB port has been affixed to the center of the handlebars (practical to follow its journey from your mobile).
  • Finally, the right position that can be on the bicycle (provided you adjust the saddle) which is not negligible for the back as part of a journey greater than 20 minutes.

Véligo: its axes of improvement

Overall, on a daily basis, this bike is pleasant to use but some negative points deserve to be underlined:

  • The weight: this bike weighs almost 25 kilos and is therefore not part of the lightest on the electric market; This weight is widely felt when you try to move your veligo and climb a few steps to store it in a bicycle room for example.
  • The absence of suspension: Véligo does not have suspension; which can be prejudicial in the long term for the body and more for people suffering from problems in the joints. In order to amortize the imperfections of the cycle paths and the excavations present on the roadways, the user must take care to anticipate them by simply avoiding excavation (when possible) or by facing them in “dancer” mode on the bike.
  • The integrated anti -theft: this accessory, however essential, has seized after 3 months of use. User unlucky, simple anomaly on a few bikes or manufacturing defect of the more generalized anti -theft ? The question is open, an intervention is being programmed with the Veligo Rental Service.

Electric bike D

You will understand, for all the arguments detailed above, our “Veligo” experience is conclusive and this service offered by the Ile de France region, can therefore only be an incentive to adopt the long-term electric bike for The daily journeys of Ile -de -France residents (when possible of course). It only remains to emphasize only in general, by bicycle (electric or not elsewhere) caution remains in order because, in Ile de France, despite the efforts made in recent months (with the implantation Coronapists in particular), many streets are still devoid of cycle paths and car conservatism still well anchored in mentalities.

If this subject has interested you, we recommend reading our file on Cargos Made in France bikes or our Map of Stores and Associations Depending on used bikes in Paris.

Véligo, the bicycle that makes you want to buy a

Residents of Ile-de-France can rent this electric assistance bike up to six consecutive months. After which many of them acquire a new one.

Posted on April 08, 2020 at 6:00 p.m

Reading time 2 min.

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Véligo electric bike

Oh the beautiful bike ! As it makes you want to go for a walk, hair in the wind, on roads and paths … Both robust and elegant, this electric assistance model has rather wide tires, hydraulic disc brakes and a framework in V, in which the removable battery is housed. The bicycle, called Dana, designed by the Dutch manufacturer Vandijck, has a turquoise blue of the most beautiful effect.

With a few details, it looks like a line for Véligo Rental, model deployed by Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM), the Transport Syndicate of the Paris region. The resemblance is not accidental. The Holland Bikes brand, which markets this model in France, offers it as an alternative to Véligo, whose rental period is limited to six months.

Moderate price and robustness

The Véligo Rental service, billed 40 euros per month, included, is aimed at all residents of Ile-de-France. So far, it’s a success. 7,338 subscriptions were recorded in mid-March, and the president of the region, Valérie Pécresse (various right), announced in January that the number of bikes for rental would be brought to 15,000 at the end of the year. Unlike self-service bicycle, such as Parisian Vélib ’, Véligo is preserved, and recharged, by its tenant, at home or in his workplace. 38 % of subscribers live in Paris, 44 % in small crown and 18 % in large crown.

Before the containment due to the fight against the COVVI-19, one could meet, in the streets of Paris or the neighboring departments, many blue bikes stamped IDFM. Most users, the majority of whom are between 26 and 40 years old, use it to go to work. Véligo has also been adopted by independent couriers, recognizable by the logo of a delivery brand which they display behind. The low price, and robustness, as well as electric assistance, explain this craze.

“Some of the people who test long-term rental or self-service bicycle end up buying their own bicycle”

Users are so delighted that they would be ready to acquire their bikes. But this is not how the authority in charge of transportation understands it. After a rental of six months, to which are added three additional months provided you request it, it must be made, in order to share it with other Ile -de -France residents. And the first users are invited to acquire their own bikes. In other words, Véligo works as a call product.

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To facilitate the transition from rental to purchase, the Region offers a bonus of 500 euros to any electric bicycle buyer, up to a limit of 50 % of the purchase price. The Holland Bikes dealer hopes to capture part of the customers, with its DANA model, sold at a price of 2,000 euros. “All these bicycle provision systems are effective, observes Pierre-Olivier Lamand, brand communication manager. Part of the people who test long-term rental or self-service bicycle end up buying their own bicycle. »»

This is also the opinion of Virgile Caillet, director general of the Union Sports et Cycles, the professional organization of the sector: ” Rental systems imagined by communities upset the private economy. But they give results, and we can only encourage them. »»