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Activate Office for Mac

Ulysses is one of the most popular writing applications in recent years. Small notes to whole manuscripts, its environment without distraction simply allows you to get things done. The application has integrated Markdown support as well as grammar verification tools and style. When you have finished, simply export your results in PDF format or publish them directly on WordPress or Medium.

How to get Microsoft Word for free on Mac

Since the 1980s, Microsoft Word has dominated all writing software in the world. If you receive a CV, a document, a report or a service note today, there is a good chance that the file will be in the format .doc or .docx. It is the mode of corporate communication de facto accepted internationally.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft Word is not free. As part of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Word would cost households $ 6.99 per month ($ 9.99 for an entire family) or $ 12.50 per month per professional user. You can also simply buy an autonomous version of Microsoft Word for $ 139.99. But if you just need to modify a document from time to time or use basic formatting features, you prefer to spend nothing.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Word for Mac ? Is there a free automatic version for Mac ? Let’s answer these questions and others about how you can get a free equivalent to Microsoft Word for Mac and also study better alternatives.

Alternative to MS Word on Mac

Collabio Spaces is the best application to replace Microsoft Word. Write and co-edit your offline documents.

Can I download Microsoft Word for free on Mac ?

When someone sends you a file .Docx and that you have not installed Microsoft Word for Mac, what are you doing ? You can, of course, open the file with Quick Look or Preview, but the style can be deactivated and you will not be able to change it.

If you decide to look for something like “Free download of Microsoft Word” online, you will come across dozens of YouTube tutorials and written guides explaining how to get free Microsoft Word by downloading a trial version and using a hailed application for Get the license key. Not only is it illegal, but you are also likely to download all kinds of malicious software on your mac.

Fortunately, there are several other ways to get Microsoft Word for free.

Use MS Word online

Microsoft Word for Mac is it free ? No. Microsoft word online is it free ? Yes ! It is not very well known, but you can use Word on the web at no cost. All you need is a free Microsoft account. The problem is that the online version of MS Word is not as advanced as its office counterpart, but it is still sufficient for basic work on documents and to write your own text.

Here’s how to get Microsoft Word online for free:

  1. Visit MS Word’s online page
  2. Click on “Register for free”
  3. Create your account
  4. Choose to start a new document or slide an existing document directly on the web application

Get a free Microsoft Office 365 trial trial

If you have an upcoming complex project that requires more features not available in MS Word online, you can access everything Microsoft Word has to offer by subscribing to a free Microsoft Word trial via Microsoft Office 365. You will have a month to finish your project and you can use all MS Office 365 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, etc.

Here’s how to register for the free Microsoft Word trial:

  1. Visit the Microsoft 365 page
  2. Click on “Try for free for a month”
  3. Log in with your free Microsoft account or save a new
  4. Get your free download from Microsoft Word

Try free alternatives to Microsoft Word

If you need to use Microsoft Word for an extended period and a one -month trial will not be enough, you can try to replace it with another free application similar fully compatible with Microsoft Word.

More than 10 writing tools in a single application

Improve your writing skills with Setapp, a productivity service that gives you access to many writing and editing applications.

Google Docs, as part of G Suite, has improved considerably over the years and now supports personalized styles, tables, integrated images, etc. Although it is an online application, it seems native and can both edit and export files .Docx while retaining all the intact shaping. Also discover Notepad ++ for Mac M1.

LibreOffice (also known as OpenOffice) is another series of text publishing applications available for everyone. Its alternative to Microsoft Word is called LibreOffice Writer, which has many compatibility with computer-assisted publication solutions of its paid competitor and is also entirely compatible with this.

Use Microsoft Word with the iPad

A tip surprisingly less known to get a full version of Microsoft Word for free is to load it on your iPad. Yes, the iPad version of Microsoft Word costs nothing and, with the release of iPad supporting Bluetooth keyboards, it is just as efficient as its macOS counterpart.

Adopt mac thirds mac applications

Although the domination of Microsoft Word is always apparent, this is not the best application for all the word processing work that we must do today. With the release of the Mac App Store, we attended a great proliferation of niche text publishers, journals, computer -assisted publication tools, etc., each solution being the best to solve a specific problem.

Discover some of the best applications to work with words today.

Collabio Spaces is a text editor with unique ad hoc collaboration features. This application goes beyond the creation and formatting of text (although you can do it too, of course). Collabio transforms your device into a server and transmits your document to other people. All you have to do is share a password with your partners and start co-edit in real time, without downloading your document on the Cloud.

Collabio Space application

Ulysses is one of the most popular writing applications in recent years. Small notes to whole manuscripts, its environment without distraction simply allows you to get things done. The application has integrated Markdown support as well as grammar verification tools and style. When you have finished, simply export your results in PDF format or publish them directly on WordPress or Medium.

Markdown Ulysses Mac writing

Focused is another application for writing purists who do everything to help you focus on the words you enter on the keyboard. The application supports a beautiful typography, various themes adapted to different times of the day as well as ambient soundtracks to allow you to immerse yourself completely in your environment.

Application D

MARSEDIT allows you to use your complete offline blogging configuration. You can edit HTML, enriched text or raw text to write and design blog articles with images, infographics and videos without internet connection. Then charge your new blog post in accordance with your schedule when you are online again. As Marsedit records everything as you progress on your Mac, you will never lose data because of Wi-Fi problems.

Marsdit Mac blog edition

Ulysses allows you to undertake even the most complex writing projects possible: research documents, manuals, novels, scenarios, etc. The application supports a variety of formats, plans at several levels, models, tables, graphics, latex, documents management of documents and edition of quotes. Instead of trying to adapt Microsoft Word to your needs, let Ulysses adapt to you.

Mac manuscripts to modify Create Writing papers

Diarly allows you to think freely. The application encourages your daily practice of journalization and makes it easy and beautiful writing habit. You can organize your notes, add lists, calendar events, synchronize data between devices, etc. Diarly also takes your safety seriously, encrypting all the entrances on the fly.

Daiarly Mac Daily Journal

So, Microsoft Word for Mac is it free ? Not quite. But you can get a large part of the same features of MS Word online, register for the free trial version of Microsoft Word, take a look at Google Docs or Libreoffice Writer, or use Microsoft Word for free on iPad. Better yet, try a multitude of more specialized applications. Take notes in Ulysses, focus on your writing in Focused, finish your blog article in Marsdit, create the work of your life in Manuscripts and hold a newspaper with Diarly.

Better still, Collabio Spaces, Ulysses, Focused, Marsedit, Manuscripts and Diarly are available for free with a seven -day Setapi trial, a platform with more than 200 exceptional applications for your Mac. Try them all today and discover the latest and greater prowess of Mac engineering for free.

Activate Office for Mac

This article provides detailed instructions on how to activate Office for Mac. If you encounter errors or problems when installing and activating automatic on your Mac, see what to do if you cannot install or activate Office for Mac.

Before you start activation, if not already done, you must use and install Office PC or Mac.


Step 1

In the upper menu bar, select Finder > applications and scroll down to the up to you.

Open an Office Application, by Microsoft Word, Then in the new zone that opens, select Handling.

Start Word 2016 activation for Mac


2nd step

In the screen is active, Select Connect.

Noticed : If you have not been invited to you>, open an empty file and go to file >New from the model> Connect.

Select Connect to activate Office for Mac


Step 3

Enter the Microsoft 365 associated email address for Mac and click on the next.

Noticed : It can be there, by email, that you have used for your Microsoft or Microsoft 365 company account assigned to you by your business or school.

Enter the Associated Office mail address


Step 4

Enter the associated password at the email address you have entered, then click On connect.

Noticed : Depending on your mail supplier, the appearance of this screen may vary.

Pass your password


Step 5

The system checks if you have a valid license, then activate the product.

Important : If you have several licenses, follow the steps described in the Activate section with several licenses.

Please wait during Office for Mac Tent to activate


Step 6

You have finished ! Click on Start using Word To use the application.

Advice : To simplify the start of Office applications, you can add them to the dock.

Use Word 2016 for Mac

Current questions

I can’t act and I need help.

  • To solve current problems, see what to do if you cannot install or activate Office for Mac.
  • Consult corrections or bypassing solutions for problems related to recent automatic installation or activation to obtain help and updates on emerging problems.
  • Contact Microsoft support.

How to get activated with several licenses ?

By Microsoft 365 for Mac, you can have up to 25 licenses associated with the same Microsoft account: a single license for a SUB -Subscription SMICROFT 365 and several single -use installations of Microsoft 365 for Mac Family and Students or Small Business and Small Business.

If you have several Mac licenses associated with the same Microsoft account, it is better to start with a SUBSCRIBULTMOSOFT 365, as you can install it on all your devices and be connected to Office on five devices at the same time. On the other hand, a single -use license cannot be deactivated. If you do not have a SUBSCROSOFT 365 subscription, start by using the license at the top of the list and go to the list.

It is not possible to follow the unique licenses already allocated, so we recommend that you draw up the list of activated licenses and the apparatus concerned. If you no longer know what licenses have been used, you need to go through an elimination process to identify those you have already used.

Choose the 2016 Office license type for Mac

  • Choose the license to use. (We strongly recommend that you choose the license license if you have one.))
  • Once the license has been validated, the product is activated and you can click on Start using Word To open and start using Microsoft 365 for Mac.