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You can make an appointment online to avoid a long wait on site, then go to the closest orange store at your appointment time. Again, take your customer number for easier.

How to terminate a fixed telephone line at Orange ?

You always have a RTC fixed line but you want to take out a livebox offer with a telephone service included ? You must cut your fixed RTC orange line or that of a loved one who no longer has the utility (retirement, for example) ? Here is how to terminate a fixed telephone line at Orange, what are the possible costs that apply and what are the advantages of subscribing an internet + telephony offer.

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  • The essential
  • To terminate its Orange telephone line, just compose the 3900, with its customer number and to be guided by Orange.
  • A ORANGE FIXED RTC Subscription is without a duration commitment, you can therefore terminate at any time at nochy.
  • By subscribing to an orange livebox offer, you benefit from a full telephony service, For a more attractive price. So you no longer need your RTC line.

❌ How to terminate a fixed telephone line at Orange ?


Customer service call

If you no longer use your fixed RTC Orange line, you can terminate it by contacting an advisor through customer service. To do this, simply compose the 3900.

Orange customer service is available from Monday to Saturday, and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. During your call, you must have to carry your hand client number so that the advisor can identify you easily and quickly. This number is registered on your invoices or on your customer area.

Good to know you can also modify your Orange landline number at any time, by simple call to customer service. Please note, this approach is paying.

On the other hand, it is not Not possible to terminate your Orange fixed line by Internet.

How to terminate a fixed telephone line at Orange by mail ?

If you prefer to proceed in writing, you can send a letter to Orange customer service to terminate your telephone line.

In your mail, you can mention the reason why you wish to terminate your Orange fixed subscription: a death, a move, or in the event of subscription of a triple play internet offer which already includes a fixed telephone service by Voip for example.

Here is the address to send your termination letter ::

Orange Internet customer service
TSA 10018
59878 Lille Cedex 9

Do not forget to mention your name, first name, postal address, but also your customer number.

Need to terminate a fixed line following a retirement home departure ? If possible, the holder of the fixed contract can terminate remotely or in a store before departure in retirement home. Otherwise, you can take care of it thanks to the proxy. For this, the person can either contact customer service to 3900, either go to the store, or do it from your customer area (Contract management> Configuration of proxies> Give new proxy)).

Terminate an orange fixed line in store

You finally have the possibility of An termination of your Subscription Light Phone Orange By going to one of the orange shops near you.

You can make an appointment online to avoid a long wait on site, then go to the closest orange store at your appointment time. Again, take your customer number for easier.

Here is the procedure to make an appointment online:

  1. Go to the Orange website.
  2. Click on the titled tab Our shops.
  3. Enter the name of your city to find the nearest Orange store.
  4. Below Make an appointment in store, click on the box Particular.
  5. Click on the box again Make an appointment.
  6. Select the pattern of your visit.
  7. Choose a date and a schedule for your Orange appointment.
  8. Click again on Continue Then let yourself be guided.

You will simply have to mention your contact details then you will receive a confirmation of your appointment by email.

�� What are the costs in the event of termination of a RTC orange line ?

The Orange Fixed Line Subscription is without engagement, You therefore have no termination costs to pay in the event of termination. Removing your telephone line requires an average period of 7 days .

Orange being gradually ending the RTC network, the owners should soon no longer need to terminate their fixed telephone subscription. Indeed, Orange wishes to go entirely to the phone lines by Voip, that is to say by internet. The start of the procedure began in 2021 and should be effective in the entire territory by 2023.

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⚡ RTC line or VoIP service by Internet: what differences ?


A RTC subscription is a single telephone package, which uses copper cables to access the public network telephone switch. It is an old technique, which consists in making calls on the conventional telephone network.

Conversely, the telephony service offered within a Livebox subscription uses a more recent technique, called telephony by VOIP . This is a Internet vocal communication service, which therefore uses computer networks.

When you make a call in VoIP, through your Internet offer, you therefore use your Internet connection and not the public network via copper cables. The main advantage of the VoIP telephony service is financial. You can indeed call many destinations for free, and even internationally.

If you subscribe an Orange livebox offer, which contains a very complete telephony service, it is therefore not necessary to keep your RTC Orange telephone line. It is also recommended to terminate your RTC fixed orange line, so as not to pay an orange fixed line while you already benefit from a fixed phone service included.

By going from a fixed line orange RTC to an orange fixed line by VoIP, you must also change the fixed phone. Indeed, classic phones are not always compatible with the new VoIP lines. You can go to the Orange site, section Internet Then Equipment, Then Fixed phones In order to choose a new.

�� How to terminate its fixed orange line and keep the internet ?

If you want Remove your fixed orange line and keep the internet, Just subscribe a livebox offer or change your current offer including a RTC fixed subscription.

Indeed, in the case of a Livebox Orange subscription, you do not need to keep your RTC telephone line with the operator, since all Livebox Orange subscriptions are triple play, That is to say, they include:

  • An internet service, offering between 500 Mbit/s and 2 Gbit/s in fiber.
  • A TV service with 140 TV channels.
  • A VoIP telephony service, with Unlimited calls to fixed or towards fixed and mobiles depending on the livebox offer chosen. You also benefit from unlimited calls around 110 international destinations.

This very complete type of offer is more profitable than RTC fixed line subscription, which costs at least € 19.96/month, with invoicing to consumption, and which does not include an internet service.

Fixed telephony packages (my optimal services, my optimal internet or second home subscription) are also more expensive, going from € 26.99/month to € 51.99/month Depending on the proposed call time.

In the event of subscription of a livebox offer from Orange, the operator will take care of your Internet line opening, which will result in the termination of your old fixed line.

Here is the price of Livebox Orange offers and the services offered in detail.

Terminate your package

To make your termination request you can:

  • Make the request from your Orange and me customer area by clicking on the my profile tab then terminate my line (you will need to create your customer area beforehand if you have not already done so);
  • Go to the nearest Orange agency and make your termination request.

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