How to take the most beautiful photos of your dog., 31 photo ideas to do with your dog (it also works for Instagram)

31 photo ideas to do with your dog (it also works for Instagram)

Another idea of ​​dog photography is to wait until the dog yawns and capture expressions on his face.

How to take the most beautiful photos of your dog

On vacation, my phone never leaves me. I take pictures and especially my dog. Musher at the beach, Musher on the port, Musher with her life jacket, Musher and her friends … In short, I take a picture of it all the time and from every angle to keep a maximum of memories of everything we share together. Except that very often the photos are not terrible. It’s blurred, there is a trash in the decor, the brightness is too weak ..

In this article, I gathered all the Tips and tips whether I read or learned by dint of taking pictures with Musher to help you Make your dog’s best photo. Some time ago I interviewed Julien Pignol, professional photographer passionate about dogs. During the interview, he gave me some of his secret photo secrets. Rest assured, there is no need to be a pro for take a picture, Just prepare the photo shoot a bit.

The brightness, the key to a nice photo

You don’t need a professional camera to take your dog during the holidays. Your smartphone or digital will do the trick provided you know their limits. I have an iPhone, it makes beautiful photos when there is a beautiful light on the other hand when it is darker in very bad weather or at the beginning of the evening, the photos are rather poor. I know so if I want beautiful photos to share with you on Emmenetonchien’s Facebook for example, I avoid these moments there ! A beautiful brightness for not very powerful devices is essential.

Luminosity side, also pay attention to the backlight. Better a light coming on one side than from behind or facing the animal. From the front, the dog may close his eyes because it will be dazzled. I have already tested photos with sun with Musher, I let you judge the result.

Decor and framing

Your dog may be the most beautiful dog in the world, if you take a picture of it on a vacant lot on a gray sky day, there is a safe bet that the photo will be missed. The decor is indeed an essential element of the photo. Place your dog in a nice place with beautiful brightness and the photo will already be 50% successful.

Take advantage of spring to have your dog put in the middle of a pretty flowery meadow for example (watch out for ticks, however).

If you have accessories on hand to add a few colored touches to the photo, it may be a good idea. A bright colored balloon, a parasol, a ambientonchian … your dog must be comfortable with the accessory chosen to be able to take a nice photo. If he is afraid, your dog’s expression will be felt. He will be tense.. And may even be leaking the framework.

Set up to the animal. If you are standing, it will seem a little crushed in the photo … it will not highlight it at all. Up to it, you can better capture your gaze and expressions. Let him be himself, this is where you will capture beautiful very natural photos. I often finish my wet knees see more because the most photos I took from Musher are when I was lying in front of her ! Make a nice photo is not limited to “CLIC CLAC KODAK is in the box !». You have to wet the jersey !

I take my dog ​​with me in all my adventures: hike, paddle, canoe … so I take photos in all circumstances. So I had to find suitable equipment. I opted for the selfie pole, a tripod with a remote control trigger, a submersible pocket to protect my phone from the water but which allows me to use it and especially to take photos and of course, the top of Top: a gopro. I opted for the GoPro Hero7 which has a video stabilizer. As much the first accessories are not very expensive as much the GoPro, I grant you, it is an investment … But I am super happy and I make magnificent photos with, in salt water as soft … it follows me everywhere.

The photo shoot, a moment of complicity

As a rule, dogs do not like the photos. They don’t like being too closely observed. Very often, they look away, yawn or lick their lips when we click to take the photo. These are appeasement signals. The situation stresses and in canine language, these signals mean “I am not comfortable, I don’t like what you want to do or even I don’t understand what’s going on, reassure me. Or worse: stop right away, otherwise I will defend myself.»»

To get an “interested or smiling” look of your dog, promise him a treat or his ball to look in your direction and be less tense. The photo shoot must be fast and pleasant for him. It’s a moment of complicity to share together. Musher does not generally drool but if I promise her her favorite candy, I capture drop drops in the photos ! You can also put your dog action. Send her his favorite ball in the frame and click when he arrives. I often use burst mode to take lots of photos. And then, I spend a few long minutes to sort the failed photos ..

If your dog prefers to have fun, don’t insist ! The photo will be failed anyway because his expression will not be beautiful if he is forced to do something that he does not want to do. Your model must be comfortable and motivated. And it must remain a great moment of complicity between you. The more demanding and impatient you, the more it will do the opposite of what you want. As I often say: the game, the game, the game ! There is only one real ! Your dog can do wonders if he has fun with you.

The dog's vacation shop, canine equipment, canine equipment

Before you get The Photo, you will surely have to take several dozen … To capture the perfect moment when your doggie will make its most beautiful smile, you have to know how to be patient and put it at ease so that it has fun.

One last piece of advice: the selfie pole may also be a great idea to be able to take a picture of you both and share the shot with the hashtag #emmenetonchien or the hashtag #wouafementbien ! As I told you previously, I invested in this tool a few months ago. She never leaves my backpack. It’s super practical.

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31 photo ideas to do with your dog (it also works for Instagram)

1/4 of the French would have at least one dog. Which would make it the favorite animal of the French … after the cat.

If you have a dog you probably like it as much (or even more) as a human. Which is perfectly understandable. A dog loves you with unconditional love, he is always happy when you come back, he is always there for you. What humanoid makes it as much ?

The (real) guide for

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And when you love a living being you like to have memories of him. We take a picture ! We immortalize it !

You probably already have thousands of photos of your pet. Most are common enough to be honest ..

For some time, you have been looking for a little more original or serious ideas. Especially since you have another faithful companion: your camera. And you would like to use it for your dog.

So today we will see together 31 photos of photos to do with your dog !

Go forward Guingamp !

Video version here:

2- The rainbow

Who said that you needed expensive accessories to photograph their dog ? You can just use a CD and get colorful reflections.

Put yourself near a window. Take a disc, and move the disc under the light until you see colorful scratches on your dog.

You can also help yourself with a flashlight that will be more easily adjustable than sunlight.

3-Detail in macro

If you are as a fan of macro as your dog this idea will please you. What is the most beautiful characteristic of your dog ? Take a macro lens and take a detailed photo.

Whatever the element you want to emphasize: pretty pointed ears, a damp nose or sparkling eyes … These photos will necessarily be captivating.

4-Chien wet

This is a very simple idea that allows you to create striking photos. All you need is water and soap !

Unlike cats, dogs tend to love water (but not all !)). The next time you wash your animal, take your camera and try a test.

5-Current in the water

If you have a dog who loves water and is ready to do anything to bathe, now is the time to take out your camera.

These shots are super captivating and will remind you how curious and adventurous your dog is.

It will take a short time short enough to freeze all this: between 1/60 s and 1/160 s. And be careful with your equipment, a telephoto lens will allow you to stay at a good distance.

6-The treats

Dogs love to eat and receive treats. And that’s good. Because you will probably have given a few to attract the attention of your pet during your photo shoot.

The idea here is to launch a cookie and see if the animal jumps or is waiting for the right time to catch the treat.

In any case it will make an interesting photo: you will see the movements of the dog and its concentrated or hungry expression.


Spread peanut butter on your dog’s muzzle or any other without danger for him that he likes to lick.

Then wait for him to get his tongue to lick. This allows you to take a wacky but cute photo of your dog who opens his mouth and pulls the tongue.

8-Entrain to sleep

It’s not just a good idea for newborns ! It’s just as adorable when it comes to dogs !

And it’s especially a great photo idea for puppies. When they are so young, it is easier to capture them in a state of relaxation. And as puppies often sleep, you can easily place them in soft beds, fabrics or any other soft material that even accentuates the soothing atmosphere of the photo.

If you post a photo of this kind you can be sure that you will harvest “aaaaaaaaaw too cute ! »In comment.


Another idea of ​​dog photography is to wait until the dog yawns and capture expressions on his face.

Although it requires a little patience and responsiveness, it can give a funny photo.

10-Dating and disguise

To add a little varieties to the different ideas on this list you can add a few pieces of fabric on your dog. Like clothes, small accessories like glasses or a hat.

Costumes can also help break certain stereotypes or contrast with certain dogs. By giving certain breeds a more sympathetic air. Like for example a pit bull with frogs, a rottweiler wearing a party hat, or even a Huskie with large funky sunglasses.

You can also try to apply themes of the moment: disguise your animal as Santa Claus Entan and surround it with treats and Christmas toys. You can also dress the dog with a Halloween superhero costume.

11- Shake

It’s automatic in dogs. If they are wet, they shake ! I myself have already tried to do the same after my shower and take a picture. I must admit that the result was rather … disappointing.

With a dog the rendering is much better ! We see the hairs that swing, the droplets that fuse on all sides, the expression of the dog.

It will take a short time short enough to freeze this moment: between 1/160 s and 1/60 S should be a good starting point.

12-Soap bubbles

Your pet will certainly appreciate this theme ! Filling the frame of soap bubbles that add colors and dynamics to the photo is a great idea of ​​a photo for your dog.

When your dog starts to run after the bubbles or try to bite them: the effect is hilarious ! You will certainly take many fun and memorable photos of your faithful friend.

13-on the car window

I am ready to bet that your dog’s favorite hobby by car is to pass his head through the window. Wind lips !

You will need a pilot for this photo ! With your dog sitting safe on the back seat, open the window and take some photos with the wind that passes through your dog’s ears.

14-The dog underwater

The dog is a terrestrial animal but it is adaptable !

This idea requires a lot of equipment, such as a cage to protect your camera. But with this idea it is sure that you will stand out !

These are the kinds of photos that we rarely see ! Whether dogs plunge to get their toys or simply swim, their aquatic actions create fantastic photos.

15-Fait a classic portrait

I’m talking about lots of more or less original ideas from the start, and if we came back to the basics ? And if we made a classic but effective photo ?

  1. Take a standard lens like a 50 mm or a telephoto lens
  2. Position yourself so that the light strikes your dog aside (to bring out its texture)
  3. Take up your dog’s eyes up.
  4. Make sure you have a background simple.
  5. Set your device to the opening priority and choose an opening between F/4 and F/9 To blur the background.
  6. You will be raised so aims at a time of exposure of 1/60 s minimum (longer you may have bougé vagueness)
  7. Choose a Low ISO value like 100, 200 or 400 if necessary
  8. Do it Development on the nearest eyes or eye
  9. Put yourself in portrait orientation if your dog is in front of you. If it is 3/4 or even more side put yourself in landscape orientation
  10. In landscape you can put your dog on 2 points of strength on the right or left. In portrait: make your head enter the first third and do not leave too much space above.
  11. Put yourself in burst mode if necessary (but beware of sorting behind)

16-a tight plan of his head

It is often wrong that we must add as much information as possible in our framework. To photograph a lot of things. But it’s wrong.

Very often in pictures: less it’s better. And a simple technique to simplify a photo is to frame. Frame tight.

As with humans you can cut the forehead a little, but avoid cutting the sides, unless you make a really tight plan.

Make a good point on the eyes. Your photo will give a feeling of privacy and will have a lot of impact.


A diving view will tend to enlarge your dog’s eyes. It will give him a very cute or even a little cartoone look. Or guilty !

Use a treat if necessary to encourage your dog to look at the goal.


As with humanoids, not all dogs are equal to jump. But we must admit that some master this discipline perfectly and it can be impressive to look at.

A jump photo is still working. It’s simple. Effective. With a point of interest. In addition to that certain photos can be funny with facial expressions.

Use treats or a toy to make it rise in the air, and start taking photos.


If you photograph your dog aside during the jump:

-If he jumps from left to right, leave room on the right

-If he jumps from right to left, leave from room to left

You can even have fun doing a little panoramic.

19-with glasses

It’s a pretty popular but always funny photo. Here, I have nothing more to say !

20-In studio mode

For something a little more classy and sober you can take your dog in studio mode. The most important will be:

  • The bottom: it must be united. The black background works very well for animals. But white and colorful bottoms can be just as effective.
  • Light: Don’t take your head. A simple diffused light will suffice. You can try to rebellate or something similar with your dog.

21-Distortion of the Grand Angle

Technical reminder

All objectives have a distortion formula that is its own. And all the objectives distort your subject if you are positioned within 3 m.

Using a high-angle lens by getting closer to (very) near your dog, less than 3 m, can create quite funny photos. This effect works well with animals in general and dogs do not cut it.

You can also take it by diving, or put yourself at the level of his eyes, or from the muzzle.

22-chew in the grass

Originally, the dog is a wild animal and therefore lived in communion with nature. Taking some pictures of your canine in nature is therefore another good idea.

For the best erect dogs you can even capture it lying on your back in the grass like this:

23-A touch of sweetness with a flower

You may be single and every year for Valentine’s Day, no one offers you a flower. But luckily you have your dog who is faithful to you and loves you with an unconditional love (almost blind).

So why not take a photo of your faithful companion holding a little flower in his mouth ? It’s touching, and you will have the impression that someone offers you something for once.

24-The classic stick or the classic Baballe

It is an undoubtedly banal action that your dog does: he tends to bring back everything you throw to him. But perhaps usually taken in the heat of the action you do not think of taking pictures of him at that time. Misconception !

  1. Plan a telephoto lens
  2. Set on a fairly short exposure time like 1/60 s or 1/160 s.
  3. Launch the stick or the ball far enough (just to have time to turn around).
  4. And put yourself in burst mode.

You just have to machine gun your dog who brings you his favorite all proud.


You may have taught your dog a difficult or unique turn. It asked you for a lot of investment in time and energy elsewhere ! And we are not going to hide it you are very proud of it !

Or … maybe your dog has specific behaviors that are clean. As for example to raise an ear when someone approaches too much near the front door.

In short your dog is unique by its actions ! Photograph it all and know the whole world !


If your dog is used to playing with a comrade in the park. Or if you have several dogs. Or a mother and her puppy. This is an opportunity to have this inseparable pair set together.


We often see in the decoration magazines of the hanging plants. It’s very feng shui isn’t it ? Well you can also hang your dog … if it is quite small and quiet !

I admit that it is not necessarily easy to make but rather original.

28-sur a chair

Dog vote spends so much time with you that he imitates you. He has increasingly human behaviors (you sometimes even think that he is talking to you but no one believes you).

Maybe even he dreams of sitting with you at the table on a chair (or maybe he’s already doing it ?)).

Today is an opportunity to realize your dream. Assee it on a chair and take a picture of it. He will undoubtedly be very proud of this new status.

29-Prêt to go out !

The favorite moment of your dog’s day is probably when you go for a walk together. It may even happen days when it will be so impatient that he will encourage you by bringing you his leash !

It’s funny and cute at the same time, so it’s a good opportunity to take a nice photo.

30 you work but not him

“” What a dog’s life !“”

The expression was undoubtedly appropriate at one time but nowadays most dogs have a rather peaceful and quiet life. And all that thanks to his human who trips all day !

When you work on your job on your job from your home (long live the “progress” of teleworking), your faithful companion may come down wisely next to you and … fall asleep serenely.

We will say that he somehow encourages you ..

In short, another opportunity for photo.

31-In the bag

In addition to working hard to assure him a good life, sometimes you sometimes wear your dog on you. Maybe in a hiking bag, a handbag or a dedicated bag. This is a banal situation for you but yet it is not something that we see every day !

To photograph too ..


We arrive at the end of this article on 31 photos of photos to do with your dog !

I hope you will find some interesting ideas to do with your faithful life of life.

I leave you here to your canine photos and I see you soon on the world’s internets !

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