How to oppose your credit card? Procedures by banks, opposition bank card: numbers in France and abroad

Opposition on bank card: the numbers to know

Generally, opposing your bank card is free in the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use. However and according to your bank, the opposition of a credit card can result in certain costs which will be invoiced to you the following month:

What to do in the event of loss of your bank card ?

As a bank account holder, certain situations involve reacting quickly ! This is the case when your card is lost or stolen, or when you are the victim of fraud on your means of payment. In the event of incidents on your bank card, what is the procedure to follow ? Are there deadlines to make opposition on your bank card ? Should we send a bank card opposition letter ? Follow the guide, we explain what to do in the event of loss or theft of your bank card !

How to oppose your bank card ?

Step 1- whether you oppose telephone or online, the opposition center your card will ask you to enter the 16 -digit bank card number, as well as its expiration date. If you do not know them by heart or you have not noted them, contact your bank branch directly which can provide you with this information. You will then be communicated to you a reference or a recording number that you will have to keep. Also note the date and time of your call, in the event of any subsequent observation.

  • By telephone : all banks have set up a service entirely dedicated to oppositions. You will find the number of the latter on your general conditions, online or in our comparison table.
  • On the Internet, Often from your secure customer area. Not all traditional banks offer this ease, but this is generally the case for online banks. If you are abroad, prefer this means, less expensive than a telephone communication being more important than a web connection.

Stage 2 – If the card has been stolen and/or used for fraudulent purchases, You must file a complaint. Indeed, a declaration of theft is to be made to a police station of police or gendarmerie. Copying the minutes or the complaint receipt will be requested by your banking organization. If you are abroad, contact your embassy or consulate.

Stage 3 – Finally, the opposition made by phone must be immediately confirmed to your bank by a letter sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt: you declare the loss or theft of your card. If it is a flight, you will have to reach the receipt or copy of the minutes made to the police or gendarmerie services.

If the sending of this letter is not always compulsory, it will give you any responsibility linked to the use of your card and will avoid any potential dispute. Do not hesitate to use the type of opposition confirmation model that we provide you !

CB opposition letter

What are the deadlines for the opposition of a bank card ?

You must oppose as quickly as possible, Because you only have 48 hours in general. Indeed, most banking contracts provide for this period (which is the minimum period of time). Be careful, if you delay in opposition, your bank can accuse you of negligence, which will delete or reduce the compensation provided by your body.

The opposition on your card takes effect at the time of your request By phone or online: the credit card will be instantly made unusable and you will no longer be considered responsible for the sums taken.

If you are the victim of bank fraud, note that you have a 70 -day declaration period (from the date of editing of your account statement) to request the refund of operations carried out against your will. No operation will be reimbursed if it is noted later.

In the event of loss or theft of card, you will have to request a renewal of your credit card. This is an opportunity to look at the various bank card offers again and, who knows how to change the establishment ! Our comparator gives you a clear and concise preview of the best offers on the market. In addition, in the event of a change of establishment, banking experts will take care of all the steps for you.

Reasure me illustration

The best banking offer according to your needs and budget

How to make a card opposition according to your bank ?

Contact for opposition CB 7 days a week + 24 hours a day Bank card opposition fees Annual price loss or flight insurance CB
09 69 39 92 91 € 12.60 24 €
BanquePopular Bank 01 77 86 24 24 8 € € 28.80
DEPARGNE CASE 09 69 36 39 39 € 9.30 € 18.30
3639 (choice 2) 13 € 23 €
BNP Paribas 08 20 82 00 02 (0.12 € / min) € 12.60 € 26.50
mutual credit 03 88 40 10 00 + online € 12.50 26 €
09 69 39 77 77 (€ 0.35 / min) 16 € 30 €
09 69 32 03 10 (different for higher CB) € 18.50 € 34.80
01 43 63 15 15 + online € 12.60 € 26.50

Namely: Bank card opposition costs correspond to the bank card renewal rate. The price indicated corresponds to a conventional bank card (Infinite, Gold or World Elite types, for example, may be more expensive).

What is the number to oppose bank card ?

  • As we have seen, the simplest way To oppose the phone is to directly attach the service of your bank dedicated to oppositions. It can always be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is also the least expensive means, since in the majority of banking organizations, the call is free.
  • You can also call 08 92 70 57 05. This interbank vocal server is common to all banks. It is also accessible 24/7 from France and the overseas departments (DOM). This opposition center will put you in communication with the center linked to your card (whatever its type or whether it is national or international, for example). By going through this server, the service is payable: € 0.34 / Call + Call price. From abroad, this opposition center can be reached at +33 4 42 60 53 03.
  • Finally, you can also contact 118 400. The Bank Card 118400 opposition service has been set up by the ARCEP (Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts). The purpose of this platform is, again, to put yourself directly in touch with your bank’s services in order that your opposition request is processed. You too can reach them 24/7, but opposition Bank card 118400 is more expensive: € 2.99 / Call + € 2.99 / min.

Only a few establishments are not linked to these opposition interbank centers. If this situation requires you to search and use the telephone number provided by your bank, the advantage is that communication will often be cheaper than by going through their services.

In which cases do you have to make a bank card opposition ?

There are only 3 situations where the holder of a card must imperatively oppose his card and this as soon as possible:

  1. In the event of loss of the credit card.
  2. In the event of theft of the bank card.
  3. In the event of fraudulent use of the credit card (Internet purchases that you have not made following the use of your CB numbers or thanks to a copy of the magnetic track of the card, for example.

Can we oppose a payment by bank card ? Be careful, opposing your credit card is not a trivial act. You cannot in any case cancel the overall use of your CB because of a conflict with a merchant about a payment, for example. Likewise, opposing your bank card for a direct debit you wish to cancel is not eligible: you will have to refuse or not see a simple bank direct debit or payment by card, contact your bank advisor who you will transmit the procedure to follow.

What opposition costs bank card ?

Generally, opposing your bank card is free in the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use. However and according to your bank, the opposition of a credit card can result in certain costs which will be invoiced to you the following month:

  • If you went through a platform or an opposition center or if the number of the opposition service of your bank is paying, then you will be liable for these sums.
  • The price of renewal of the bank card (that is to say the manufacture of the new card, the provision of a new secret code and the sending of these by mail). It is often included between € 8 and € 22 €.
  • Finally, some organizations may apply costs called opposition or file, often between € 7 and 20 €. In the event of theft of your credit card, transmit the minutes given by the police to be exempt from these costs !

All these amounts and their existence must be indicated under the general conditions of your banking contract, in the “Services rate” chapter.

What refund on your bank card after opposition ?

Refund on operations carried out before your opposition request:

  • If your secret code has been used: There is a franchise of € 50, that is to say a sum that will remain at your expense. The rest will be reimbursed. In other words, your bank will have to credit all the fraudulent operations to your account as soon as the amount exceeds the ceiling of € 50.
  • If your secret code has not been used: The reimbursement of the bank is full, whatever the sums fraudulently spent, even if your card has been counterfeit or diverted.

On the other hand, your responsibility can be engaged in certain cases. This means that your bank is not required to reimburse you if it proves:

  • That you have shown a serious fault or negligence (if you have communicated your bank information or if you have noted your confidential code on your card for example).
  • That you tried to defraud, By making for example a false declaration of loss or theft of your card in order to make you compensate spending in a dishonest way.

Refund on operations carried out after your opposition declaration:
All the fraudulent operations carried out with your CB after the recording of the opposition is taken care of by your banking organization.

What to do in case of loss of bank card ?

The procedure in the event of loss of your bank card is relatively simple:

  1. You must oppose your bank card, As soon as possible, online or by phone (as we saw above, either directly from the specialized service of your bank, or through a center or an opposition platform). Keep the recording number which will be given to you carefully and note the date and time of your call to avoid any dispute.
  1. You must confirm your opposition approach By sending a registered mail with receipt to your banker. Among some organizations, this is an obligation. Do not hesitate to use our standard letter, it is free and easily modifiable.

The conditions for reimbursement by the bank in the event of loss of the bank card are similar to those for a credit card flight: They depend on whether or not use your secret code and the amount debited. As with a card flight, no refund will be made from your bank in the event of fault, negligence or fraud on your part. Know that in these last cases, it is up to the bank to prove its statements.

If the loss of your card is due to a fault coming from an agent or a bank advisor, your bank must reimburse you in full.

How to cancel a bank card opposition ?

Once your opposition is recorded, That is to say when you have been communicated to you a benchmark or an opposition recording number, your lost, stolen or diverted card becomes unusable. Indeed, no expenses, bank transfers or withdrawals cannot be made by means of this card. This approach is irreversible and therefore cancels the date of validity of the credit card. In other words, it is impossible to remove a bank card opposition, therefore to request the cancellation of the opposition.

If you find your card after having believed it lost Or if an honest citizen makes you your stolen card, you will no longer be able to use it. In this case, you must return it to your lending establishment, which will destroy it in agency. If you try to put it into service by inserting it into an automatic distributor, it will be kept by the machine and then sent for destruction to your bank company.

Do not forget to reprogram your payments by bank card if some of your transactions have been agreed in several deadlines not yet set. Indeed, after an opposition, no payment order can be maintained or provided via the bank card concerned.

Bank card opposition: and after ? Our 3 tips

  1. Order a new bank card: Depending on the banks, either a new bank card will be automatically reissued, or you will have to order it yourself. You will also receive a new confidential code. Do not wait and take the lead by contacting your advisor to make sure you receive your new CB as soon as possible !
  2. Advantages and troubleshooting in certain organizations : Some banks, often online, moreover, provide their customers with a provisional card or offer cash breakdown. These solutions will allow you to calmly wait for the program and send your new bank card.
  3. Possible registration in the Banque de France file : Depending on the amount debited on your account, we advise you to pay attention to the fact that these movements made without your knowledge have not led to your registration in the Banque de France database. If this is unfortunately the case, call on the legal service of your bank in order to start the right procedures, or, if you have one, contact your legal protection insurance.

Opposition on bank card: the numbers to know

Multi -Home

Bank by bank, find below the list of All call numbers to oppose the flight or loss of your bank card / credit card.

After your call, the opposition on your bank card will be immediate. Then think about:

  • Deposit A complaint at the police station or the gendarmerie.
  • Confirm the opposition by registered letter to your bank by attaching the complaint certificate.

If you cannot reach your bank with one of the above numbers, you can contact the Opposition interbank service At 0 892 705 705 (0.34 € TTC/min). This also allows you to oppose 24 hours a day And 7J/7 Following the loss or theft of your bank card.

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