How to offer youtube videos without advertising and without suggestions – TICE 42, VITUBE: Watch youtube videos without ad

VITUBE: Watch youtube videos without advertising

Watch the video on YouTube by clicking on the following link: https: //

YouTube without advertising

Issue :

YouTube is a gigantic source of videos usable in class (in the legal framework of the educational exception) but they do not go alone ! Advertisements and suggestions “Recommended for you” pollute the screen and are not necessarily welcome ! THE Comments left by Internet users below videos are not always constructive.

Solution :

Digiplay is an online tool that allows sort and not Give access that essentially. It is one of the many tools made available to teachers by

The principle :

  • YOU copy the address (URL) of the video you want to use
  • You go to Digiplay
  • YOU paste the address in the field provided for this purpose
  • You possibly choose to cut the start and/or the end of the video indicating when it should start and/or stop.
  • You click on ” Generate »»
  • You then get a new link, a QRCode and an integration code (to be placed in an article in your blog for example).

For example, here is a video taken from the YouTube channel offered by the Rotonde. ::

If the software Vlc is installed on your computer, here is a procedure that will allow you in addition to saving the video on your hard drive:

1-Copy the address (URL) of a YouTube video and stick to open a network flow, via the media menu.

2- Launch reading of your video in VLC.

3- During reading (or in break), go to the Tools menu and open Codecs information (otherwise accessible via CTRL+J).

4- At the bottom of the Codec tab, you will see a location field that contains the address of the source file broadcast by YouTube.

5- Right click on this line and Select everything (Ctrl+a) then copy (Ctrl+C).

7- There right click on the video and ask to save it on your post.

VITUBE: Watch youtube videos without advertising

In this video, discover how to watch a YouTube video without being interrupted by advertisements every 5 minutes. The top, no ?

Watch the video on YouTube by clicking on the following link: https: //

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