How to get your Rio Free code?, Change your internet box and keep its fixed number with the Rio code

Change internet boxes while keeping the same landline number with the Rio code

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How to get your Rio Free code ?

You have decided to terminate your Free offer to become a box or mobile customer at another operator ? Do you know that it is possible to keep your old Free phone number when changing ? Discover without further delay how to recover the Rio Free code associated with your line in order to start the portability procedures of the number.

  • The essential
  • Inasmuch as Free Mobile or Fixed Customer, you have the possibility of Keep your line number When you change operator.
  • THE 3179 is the number common to all operators to recover the Rio code line.
  • Another issue, dedicated to Free, the 0 805 92 3179, Allows you to obtain the RIO of your fixed line by calling from another line.
  • He is No need to terminate your free subscription If you want to keep your number: the termination will be automatically.

How to define a Rio Free code ?

What is the rio ?

THE Operator identity statement, also called Rio code, is a code of 12 characters, including the combination is unique and which allowsIdentify a mobile or fixed telephone line. In France, operators have the obligation to award a Rio number to the lines they manage. This code consists of 4 elements, assembled as follows:

  1. L’operator, Composed of 2 figures: 01 for Orange and Sosh, 02 for SFR, 03 for Bouygues, 04 for free.
  2. L’customer’s nature identifier (1 character): mobile or fixed, particular or professional.
  3. L’Customer contract identifier, Composed of 6 characters.
  4. A control code 3 characters.

Thus, whatever your operator, your line has a combination of figures generated on this model, which will be useful to you the day you will want to change operator while keeping your phone number.

Indeed, the Rio number allows‘clearly and easily identify your telephone line as well as the number associated with it. In fact, when you change operator, communicate the Rio code from your line to your new operator allows it toAccess line information (including the telephone number assigned by the former operator) and implement the portability of your number.

The RIO number must be transmitted when you subscribe to your new mobile phone plan Or fixed (at a box change)). The line should not have been terminated beforehand, Otherwise the message “You cannot do portability from a free mobile rio“risk of appearing.

You want to compare the different box / mobile offers available ?

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You want to compare freebox and mobile offers available ?

What is the Rio Free number ?

As explained above, in France each mobile or fixed line has a Rio combination to simplify the procedures of change of operator. In accordance with this obligation, All the lines emitted and managed by Free are associated with a Rio number. If you want to change operator while keeping your free line number, you will first need to Recover the RIO from your free line, then, do not forget to communicate to your new operator.

Keeping your line number is not an obligation. You can very well Change operator without asking for the portage of your free number. Your new operator you will automatically attribute a new number.

Rio free code: how to get it ?

Rio Free Mobile or Rio Fixed Free, same steps ?

The steps to obtain your Rio Free Mobile or fixed are the same, with the exception of a step, which only concerns fixed free subscribers. Indeed, if you want to keep your free line number, you must first check that Your line number can benefit from portability. In France, the Dits geographic fixed lines, That is to say, attached to an elementary numbering zone (ZNE), cannot always benefit from portability. Your number is said to be geographic if it starts with the 2 digits associated with one of the following regions:


  • 01 for the region Ile-de-France.
  • 02 for the region North West.
  • 03 for the region Northeast.
  • 04 for the region South East.
  • 05 for the region South West.

If your phone number starts in this way, the number of the number can only be done if you stay in the same ZNE when you change the operator.

However, your number may be non -geographic And Start with 09. If this is the case, the portability of the line can take place in All of mainland France.

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09 71 07 88 21 Free Jechange Service

Call 3179 to get your Rio Free number by phone

There are two numbers to recover a Rio Free Code By phone: the 3179 and the 0 805 92 3179.

  • THE 3179 is a number Common to all operators. It has been set up to facilitate portability procedures between operators. So, whatever your operator, you can get the RIO number of your telephone line by calling 3179 Since the line concerned by the portability request. If you call from a fixed line, the code will be sent to you by a voice server. If you call from a mobile, the Rio Free number will be sent by sms.
  • THE 0 805 92 3179 is reserved only for free. It has been set up to allow people who cannot call from their fixed line of Recover the Rio number from their line from another telephone line.
  • There is no point in contacting the customer servicefree At 3244 or to 1044 To recover your Rio free number.
How to recover my Rio Free code by phone ?

Number When it is necessary to use it ?
3179 You want to get your Rio free mobile or fixed number calling Since the line concerned by the portability request.
0 805 92 3179 You want to get your Rio Fixed Line calling From another line than that concerned by the demand for portability.

Can we get your Rio Free number online ?

It is no longer possible to Recover your Rio Fixed Code or your Rio Free Mobile number without phone. If you are unable to telephone from the line concerned by portability, you will not be able to obtain the Rio Free number.

Previously, you could have its Rio Free number on the Internet, since theFree subscriber area. It was enough for you to go to theCustomer Area Using your identifiers and go to personal informations.

Should I be canceled with Free after obtaining his Rio code ?

torn contract

You don’t know if it is necessary to terminate your free subscription ? You feared continuing to be billed if you do not do the termination process yourself ? Do not panic, it is No need to terminate your free subscription When you want to keep your line number. On the contrary, if you resilled the subscription yourself by thinking of doing well, You risk losing your number.

To prevent this from happening, let your new operator make ! Indeed, once your subscription is validated, it is responsible for:

  • Put your line in service.
  • Keep your line number.
  • Terminate your subscription to free : However, an SMS will be sent to you on the part of Free to attest to the proper reception of the termination request and tell you the date of portability of the number.

To put it simply, all you have to do is wait for portability to be effective to continue to take advantage of your number with your new mobile or box package.

Do I need Immerse my mobile free ? If you bought your mobile at Free, good news, you can continue to use it with your new SIM card without having to unlock it. Indeed, All free mobiles are sold by, That is to say that they work with the SIM cards of all operators and not only with the SIM Free Mobile cards.

How to become a free customer while retaining their old number ?

You want to take out a box offer with mobile package ?

Free Jechange Service

You want to take out a Freebox offer with mobile package ?

If you are not a free customer but want to become it by keeping the line number awarded by your former operator, the process is the same. Indeed, you must:

  1. Recover your Rio number with your former operator by phone or online.
  2. Subscribe the fixed or mobile free subscription of your choice online, by phone at 09 71 07 88 21, or in store.
  3. To transmit The line number and the associated Rio code to Free when subscribing to the offer.
  4. Wait for portability to be effective to take advantage of your new Free subscription with your old line number.

Free warns you by Sms of the date to which the portability will take effect. You may receive your Free SIM card Before the Portage of the number Do not be effective: in this case, you can only call from your mobile but not yet receive a call. Indeed, until the number transfer date, calls will not arrive on your free SIM but on that of your former operator.

Frequent questions

Why recover your Rio Free code ?

THE Rio Free Code is essential if you want Change fixed or mobile contract And keep your number. This Rio number you will be requested during the subscription with the new supplier chosen.

How to get your free rio by phone ?

THE Rio free number can be obtained by calling the 3179 From the mobile or fixed line concerned. The vocal server of 3179 is common to all operators and accessible 7J/7 And 24 hours a day.

What if I can’t do portability from a free mobile rio ?

To perform it portability of your phone number, two conditions must be validated for the portability of your phone number. Your old subscription should not not have been terminated beforehand to be sure that your number either still active At the time of the portability request. In addition, the Rio number used must have been Freshly recovered At 3179, from the line that you wish to carry.

Can we get the Rio number from the customer area ?

It is now No longer possible to know your Rio Free code from your personal space. It was previously possible to obtain it from the section “My personal information“Customer area.

Ask for a free reminder by an orange advisor:

Service reserved for new subscriptions. Already customer ? Please contact 3900.

By clicking on “validate”, you agree to be recalled by an orange advisor. Your number will be used only for this recall request and will not be sent to third parties.

Ask for a free reminder by an orange advisor:

Service reserved for new subscriptions. Already customer ? Please contact 3900.

An orange advisor will remind you of within 48 hours

By clicking on “validate”, you agree to be recalled by an orange advisor. Your number will be used only for this recall request and will not be sent to third parties.

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Change internet boxes while keeping the same landline number with the Rio code

Get Rio Fixed

When a consumer wants to change the internet box or move, it is possible for him to keep their fixed line number. To do this, we must find the Rio code which corresponds to this line, and communicate it to the new internet access provider. This code was implemented on October 1, 2015, and therefore greatly facilitated the procedure to keep a fixed telephone number. It is very simple to obtain the RIO code from its fixed line in order to carry out the portability of your phone number.

For this, the most intuitive method is as follows:

  • Call 3179 from the landline line;
  • Note the communicated number, unless it is sent by SMS, e-mail or mail;
  • Fill in the Rio code when subscribing to the new Internet access provider.

Everything to get your Rio Fixed Code

To keep your fixed phone number, you must find your Rio Fixed code.

Although this method seems simple to put in place, questions can however arise. First, what is the Rio code, and what does this follow-up of characters mean ? In addition, can we get the Rio code from its fixed line without a fixed phone ? Finally, What are the advantages of using the Rio code, and how to use it concretely ?

On this help page, Mapetitebox will try to answer all of these questions, as well as other questions that may arise when you want to keep your fixed line number.

What is the RIO code fixes, and what is its use ?

The Rio Fixed Code, for Operator identity statement, is a code that consists of a suite of 12 digits and letters. It generally contains information concerning a fixed phone line, which will be detailed afterwards. During a change of internet service provider, the Rio code serves, for the new operator, to identify the line to be transferred so that the consumer can keep their fixed telephone number.Under these conditions, it is fashionable to wonder how to use the Rio code, and what are the advantages associated with its use.

How to use the RIO number of your fixed line to keep your phone number ?

It is rather simple to use your Rio code, when you want Change internet service provider while keeping its landline number. The first step is obviously to select a new internet box offer. For this, Mapetitebox offers a comparison of the best internet subscriptions on promo.

Once the new offer has been chosen, you must then ask its new operator the portability of its fixed phone number. This is when the Rio number will be requested by the Internet access provider. It is therefore rather simple to carry out this approach, especially since the arcep has now set a 40 -day period.

Thanks to this rule of the telecoms gendarme, the internet service provider whose line has been terminated cannot reassign the telephone number concerned for 40 days. This protects the customer, who has a additional time if he forgets to request portability.

Portability Fixed number

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Portability of the fixed phone number: the advantages of the Rio code

The first advantage of using the Rio code is obviously to be able to keep your fixed phone number. For individuals, this is more comfort: there is no point in communicating your new phone number to the whole of your directory. For companies, the interest is much more important. An untimely number change can actually have heavy consequences for professionals.

In addition to this, the portability of the number of its fixed line makes it possible to greatly simplify the procedure of termination of its former operator. When the new Internet service provider obtains the RIO code, it can actually automatically trigger the termination of the line, which avoids many steps for the customer.

The impossibility of keeping your fixed phone number

There are special cases in which it is not possible to carry out the portability of your fixed phone number. This concerns in particular the geographic numbers, which start with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. In this case, these numbers are only portable within the limits of the elementary numbering area. Regarding non-geographic numbers, which start with 09, portability can generally always be carried out.

How to get your Rio code ?

There are different ways ofObtain the RIO code from its fixed line. The first technique, explained at the start of the page, is to call 3179. However, this can be done only from a fixed line phone. This is a free phone number, which operates 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. In this case, it is a vocal synthesis that takes care of stating the Rio number associated with the fixed line.

Two other solutions are also possible:

  • If the customer has informed an additional email address in his file, he will receive the RIO fixes on this address;
  • If he has informed a mobile phone number, he will also receive it by SMS.

Find your Fixed Rio code without a fixed phone

Although it is very easy to get your fixed Rio code by calling from the line concerned, not all consumers have a fixed phone. If this scenario presents itself, do not panic: there are many Other ways of obtaining your Rio Fixed Code.

Get your Rio code without a fixed phone

There are different ways to obtain your Rio code without a fixed phone.

Below, a list of the different ways of requesting its fixed Rio number without going through your fixed phone.

  • Contact the customer service of its current operator by phone, via an e-mail, by the online contact form or directly by post. Generally, all this information can be easily found on the website of the Internet access provider, in the contact section.
  • For some access providers, the Fixed Rio code can be found directly from the customer area.
  • It is also possible to go to the store to request your fixed Rio code. Advisors will generally be able to guide customers in this approach.
  • Finally, there is the possibility of requesting the procedure to follow directly from its new operator.

Internet box for students

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Operators’ numbers to request your Rio code

There is finally a last way to find your Rio Fixed Code. This is the possibility ofcall his operator with a phone that is not connected to his fixed line (cell phone or other fixed line). To do this, each internet access provider has their own phone number, in addition to 3179.

  • Find its Rio Fixed Code at SFR and Red by SFR.

For customers having an SFR or Red by SFR Internet box, you must deal with 0 800 97 3179 in order to obtain its fixed Rio code, if the 3179 is not available.

  • Which alternative number to compose to obtain its RIO Fixed Bouygues Telecom code ?

From any mobile or fixed phone, call 0 800 943 943 to find your RIO Fixed number, at Bouygues Telecom. Otherwise, this information can be found from its BBOX customer account, in the “My Person Info” section, then in “My identifiers”.

  • The alternative phone number to call to get your Rio Fixed Orange or Sosh code.

On the side of Orange and Sosh, you must call the Green number 0 800 00 3179 in order to get your Rio Fixed Code. With these operators, it is also possible to obtain the code at 3179 from the line concerned, or from the Orange or Sosh customer area.

  • Which alternative number calls to obtain your free mobile rio code code ?

In the event of a fixed operator change from a free line, it is necessary to compose 0 805 92 1379. It will then be enough to compose your fixed phone number to be communicated the famous Rio number.

  • The alternative number of mobile post to obtain the Rio Fixed Code.

The internet service provider La Poste Mobile does not currently provide a telephone number other than the 3179 to obtain its fixed Rio code. However, there remains the possibility of calling customer service on 0970 808 660.

That means the characters composing the Rio Fixed Code ?

If the Rio code may seem indecipherable, it is quite simple to dissect it, and to understand what it is exactly. This issue is thus made up of a total of 12 characters, separated into 4 parts.

RIO code significance

The figures that make up the Rio Fixed code each have a meaning.

The first consists of the first two figures, which are used to identify the Internet access provider. Then comes a letter, which aims to determine the quality of the customer. The following 6 figures actually represent the Customer contract number, that we can partially find on the invoices. Finally, the last three figures form a control code, which is used to ensure that the Rio number is correct.

Advice from mySmallBox

In the event of a change or moving of its internet box, Mapetitebox greatly advises consumer to bring their Rio code, and to communicate it when subscribing to the new offer.

This obviously allows you to keep your fixed phone number, but above all to greatly facilitate the termination procedure. It is indeed the new operator who will take care of the process, which is rather comfortable for consumers.