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Rio Bouygues: How to get the Rio Bouygues code

Whether in the case of a change in internet subscription or mobile package, the time limit to carry out portability cannot exceed 3 working days. Whether for a fixed or mobile line, the interruption of service on the day of portability cannot exceed 4 hours.

How to get your Rio Bouygues code ?

You hesitate to change operator for fear of not being able to keep your bouygues phone number ? Good news, you can keep your current number thanks to the Rio Bouygues code associated with your line. Where to find this number Rio Bouygues ? How to use it ? Find all the essential information about the Rio Bouygues in this article.

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  • The essential
  • If you want to change operator, you can Keep the fixed or mobile line number assigned by Bouygues by communicating the Rio number of the line concerned to your new operator.
  • You have the possibility of obtaining the Rio Bouygues in several ways and, in particular by phone, by calling the 3179.
  • It is not useful to terminate your subscription Bouygues if you want to change operator while keeping your phone number: The termination will be done automatically.

What is Rio Bouygues ?

Like all mobile and fixed lines in France, the lines managed by Bouygues must have a 12 -character code called Operator identity statement (Rio). THE Rio Bouygues are all built on the same model. They start with the operator’s identifier, 03, followed by the following elements:

  • 1 character to identify the customer nature and their subscription (mobile or fixed, particular or professional).
  • 6 characters corresponding to Customer contract number.
  • 3 characters forming a security code.

The objective of the Rio code is to Facilitate operator change procedures and of number portability. Indeed, it makes possible the preservation of the telephone number during a change of operator. To change operator, simply transmit the Rio Bouygues number From line to new operator during subscription procedures.

Thanks to this Rio code, your new operator quickly reaches all the information on the line and can implement the portability of the number.

Rio Bouygues: When asked ?

As explained before, the Rio code has been set up to Simplify portability procedures between operators And allow users to keep their mobile or fixed line numbers. So, as a Bouygues customer, you need the Rio Bouygues code of your line when you want Change operator while keeping your phone number.

Please note, you don’t need to take the procedures to Get the Rio Bouygues If you want to change operator Without keeping your Bouygues phone number Or if you want Refit your Bouygues subscription without subscribing to new offer At another operator.

In the first case, your new operator will automatically assign you a new number. In the second, you just have to follow the procedures for terminating your Bouygues offer so that your line is deactivated and your subscription ends.

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Get Rio Bouygues: how to do ?

Rio Fixed Bouygues: How to get the Rio Bouygues number from a fixed line ?

Whatever your operator, the first thing to do if you want Get the RIO of a fixed line consists in checking theEligibility of your line to portability. Indeed, you may not be able to keep your phone number if the latter is A so -called geographical number.


THE numbers starting with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05 are said geographic Because they are attached to a Elementary numbering area (ZNE), that is to say to one of the following regions: Île-de-France (01), North-West (02), North East (03), South-East (04) or South-West (05). If your number starts in this way, Portability can only take place within the same region.

If, for example, you live in the northeast region and want to move to the Southwest, you will not be able to keep your beginner number by 03. A number starting with 05 will then be assigned to you. There Portability of a fixed line can only take place in 2 cases: when you have a geographic number and Stay in the same zne or when your Number of your line is non-geographic And Start with 09. In this case, Portability can take place anywhere in mainland France Because your line is not subject to the rules of the ZNE.

When you are guaranteed that your portability request is viable, all you have to do is recover the Rio Fixed Bouygues of your line. To do this you can call, of your choice:

  • THE number common to all operators, THE 3179. The call must be made only from the line concerned by the portability request.
  • THE Number reserved in Bouygues, which allows you to obtain your Bouygues fixed line rio From any other line: the 0 800 943 943.

Rio Bouygues Mobile Number: How to get the Rio Bouygues Code ?

If you want to find the Rio Mobile Bouygues Associated with your Bouygues laptop line, you can also call the 3179.

Indeed, this number works as well for Get the Rio of a fixed line than that of a mobile line. Here again, you must call from the mobile line concerned by the Rio Bouygues request and not from another line. THE Rio Bouygues Mobile number You are then sent to you by text message.

If you are abroad and want to recover your Rio Bouygues number, you cannot use the 3179. Indeed, this issue is exclusively reserved for a Use in France. Nevertheless, do not panic, a number allows you to recover your Rio Bouygues Mobile from abroad. It’s about +33 6 60 61 46 14. Unlike 3179, the call is not free but billed at the cost of a call to France.

Why should we use the 3179 only from the line concerned by the portability request ? If you call it 3179 from another line, The Rio code received by SMS will be that associated with the line of the call. You will therefore not have the right Rio code to continue the portability procedures on your line.

Summary of methods to find the Rio Bouygues

Find below the different numbers that can allow you to find the Rio Bouygues Depending on your situation.

How to get your Rio Bouygues by phone ?

Bouygues fixed line Bouygues mobile line
From the line concerned 3179 3179
From another line 0 800 943 943
From abroad +33 6 60 61 46 14

You cannot recover your Rio code by phone ? No problem, it is also possible toGet the Rio Bouygues number online. You must then go to your Bouygues customer area and follow these different steps:

  1. Click on “My offer and my options“”.
  2. Go to the section “Get the detail and change“”.
  3. Select “I no longer need the line“”.
  4. Finally, choose the insert “Get my rio“”.

How to get the Rio Bouygues from the customer area application ? Just connect to the Bouygues mobile application and select the line concerned from the “My lines” section. Then you have to click on “I no longer need the line” then “get my rio”.

How to use your Rio Bouygues number when it has been recovered ?

Once you have Recovered the Rio Bouygues, You only have one thing to do: the transmit to your new operator during internet or mobile package subscription procedures.


Whatever the mode chosen for Subscribe your new offer (online, by phone or in store), be careful to Communicate your Rio Bouygues to your interlocutor or to follow the online subscription steps allowing to make a number storage.

Once the subscription is completed, your operator takes over and takes care of opening your new mobile or fixed line While keeping your old Bouygues issue. He also takes care of Remove your Bouygues line.

This last point is extremely important: it is No need to terminate your Bouygues offer yourself If you want to keep your number thanks to Rio Bouygues Telecom code. Indeed, you risk lose your number And it would then be Impossible for your new operator to carry out portability.

When your new operator takes care of portability procedures, Termination takes place automatically And you are alerted by Bouygues to take into account the termination request. He also informs you of the date on which portability will be effective.

Be careful, if you Decide to change operator before the end of your commitment period At Bouygues, it may be that Termination Fee You are applied to you. To find out more about the Calculation of termination fees and their amounts, We invite you to read our article on the change of operator before the end of the commitment period.

Can we keep your number by becoming a bouygues client ?

If, in the opposite case, you want Subscribe a Bouygues mobile or fixed subscription, It is quite possible to Keep your old number.

In the same way, you must then:

  1. Recover it RIO number of your line, at 3179 for example.
  2. Choosing the Bouygues offer that interests you from the Mobile Sensation offers (with commitment), B & YOU plans (without commitment) and Bbox offers.
  3. Transmit the RIO code of your old line in Bouygues At the time of the new subscription. If you subscribe online, check the box “I want to keep my current mobile number“”.
  4. Wait in Bouygues to make the portability of your old number, then activate your new line and sound your old subscription.

The porting period is 3 working days minimum. You are warned by SMS and Email of the progress of procedures and a temporary number The time is allocated that portability is effective.

Frequent questions

When to ask for your code Rio Bouygues ?

As with other operators, the Rio Bouygues code is necessary if you want to change operator while keeping your number. This Rio code will be requested when subscribing to the new operator.

How to recover your Rio Bouygues by phone ?

To recover your Rio Bouygues code, simply dial 3179 from the line concerned (fixed or mobile). By calling for this issue, the date of end of commitment of the mobile contract will be also specified.

How to get the Rio Bouygues online ?

Rio Bouygues can also be obtained through the operator’s customer area. Once connected, go to the “My offer and my options” section, “get the detail and change”, “I no longer need the line” then finally “get my rio” (this approach is also possible From the customer area application).

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Rio Bouygues: How to get the Rio Bouygues code ?

What is the Rio code and how to get it from a Bouygues Telecom line ? The RIO number allows you to keep your fixed or mobile line number when changing operator. Find all the steps on this page to obtain your RIO BOUYGUES Fixed or mobile online or by phone.

  • The essential
  • The Rio code is a unique number that consists of 12 characters and makes it possible to identify its fixed or mobile line. THE Rio number is essential to keep your number During a change of operator (portability)
  • To get his Rio Bouygues, just compose the 3179 From the line concerned or Connect to the customer area To obtain the Fixed Rio Bouygues.
  • The maximum delay to carry out the portability of the number is Three working days Once the Rio code is entered. Disabling the line on the day of change must not exceed four hours According to Arcep.

What is the Rio Bouygues code ?

Perplexed man

THE Rio number (Operator identity statement) is a unique identifier attributed to each fixed and mobile phone line. Sometimes also called Rio code, the Rio Bouygues is similar to the Rio numbers of other operators and takes the form ofan alphanumeric code of 12 characters.

The structure of Rio has been decided by ARCEP (Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts) and is thus built “OO Q RRRRR CCC”:

  • The first two characters “OO” identify the donor operator who differ depending on whether it is a fixed or mobile line.
  • The third character also identifies the operator holding the line.
  • The following field composed of 6 characters indicates the telephone line concerned.
  • The last field, made up of 3 characters, is a verification code which makes it possible to control the consistency between the number of the line and the first 9 characters of the Rio code.

The RIO number allows you to keep your fixed or mobile telephone line number when changing operator. In the case of a change of operator without this Rio code, The new operator automatically attributes a new phone number When opening the line.

Obtain the Rio code and send it to the new operator thus makes it possible not to communicate his new number to all his contacts. This approach to keep your line number is also called number portability.

Rio Bouygues: When to make your request ?

As we mentioned previously, Get your Rio Bouygues is imperative to keep your phone number during a change of operator.

This Rio number is then to be communicated to the new operator when subscribing, whether during a move or simply because an internet offer or a mobile plan with another operator suits you better. Be careful however, to perform the number portability, It is imperative to Do not terminate his offer with his former operator.

Indeed, just contact the new operator and provide him with Rio Bouygues Fixed where the Rio Bouygues Mobile To keep your number. It is the new operator who will take care of contacting Bouygues and carry out the termination with it.

Is your smartphone unlocked ? Before making a change of mobile operator, it is important to verify that your laptop is well unlocked. This approach makes it possible to release your smartphone so that it accepts the SIM cards of all operators.

How to get the Rio code ?

Get the Rio number is a simplified approach since a unique and free number has been set up. By calling the 3179 From the fixed or mobile line concerned, an information vocal server available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day Give access to the following information:

  • The name of the line holder.
  • The Rio code of 12 characters.
  • The start and end of the contract of the contract if the line concerned is still in the commitment period.

This information is communicated orally by the vocal server and one Summary SMS With all this information is also sent.

Be careful however, if the Internet or Mobile contract is still subject to a duration of engagement, the former operator will then apply Termination costs on the last bill.

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Rio Bouygues: What are the deadlines for transferring the line ?


The number portability procedure was harmonized by ARCEP in terms of its approach but also in terms of time vis-à-vis all operators, Bouygues understood.

Whether in the case of a change in internet subscription or mobile package, the time limit to carry out portability cannot exceed 3 working days. Whether for a fixed or mobile line, the interruption of service on the day of portability cannot exceed 4 hours.

For a Rio Mobile, The day of activation of SMS and emails are sent to indicate the steps to follow and when the new SIM card can be used.

Rio Bouygues Telecom: the different ways of obtaining its Rio code

As with all other operators, the Rio Bouygues Telecom can be obtained by calling the 3179. What to do, however, in the event of a loss of phone ? How find the Rio Bouygues From abroad if the laptop does not work ? We have gathered these different cases in this part and we thus disclose the different ways of obtaining the Rio code from Bouygues.

How to get your Rio Bouygues by phone ?

The 3179 also works with Bouygues and, from its fixed line or its mobile, it is possible toGet Rio Bouygues. There was previously a dedicated number for Bouygues Telecom on 658 but it is no longer dependent.

For those who would no longer be in possession of their smartphone or traveling abroad, Bouygues, however, has alternative numbers:

  1. It is thus possible to compose the 0800 943 943 free from any phone line to get your Rio Bouygues Telecom code.
  2. From abroad, it is also always possible to contact Bouygues customer service at +33 660 614 614 (Price of a call to variable France according to the operator used).

Bouygues advisers can thus communicate Rio Bouygues number to the line holder. Before calling, it is better to bring an invoice to have the maximum information on your line and be able to identify yourself as a holder with Bouygues Telecom.

How to get your Rio Bouygues without phone ?

In addition to being able to obtain your Rio Bouygues by phone with the common number 3179 and the alternative numbers, it is also possible to obtain this information for the Rio Fixed Bouygues By connecting to the Bouygues Customer area.

Once connected to the operator’s customer area, just follow these steps to Know your Rio Bouygues ::

  1. In the “my offer and my options” section, you must select “get the detail and change”.
  2. It is necessary to click on “I no longer need the line” and then “get my rio”.

Once the new operator has obtained your RIO and activated the subscription, Bouygues will then contact SMS and Email To confirm the termination, The potential costs and the process to be followed to return the Bbox Bouygues equipment.

How to get your Rio code to reach Bouygues ?

Bouygues customer service

To request the portability of your number with another supplier in order to change operator for Bouygues, simply dial 3179 from the fixed or mobile line concerned.

When subscribing online of a sensation or b & you mobile plan, then select the option “I want to keep my current mobile number” And enter the Rio number. Bouygues then takes care of termination with the former operator and the transfer and activation of the line.

Mobile number portability is automatically carried out within a period of 3 working days and once the activation has been completed, SMS and Email are sent as a confirmation. During this period, A provisional number is assigned Pending the validation of the line transfer.