How much does a Nissan Leaf cost?, Nissan Leaf (old): price, autonomy and technical sheet

Nissan Leaf (old)

The Leaf models have some of the characteristics of the 2020 version, as well as the award-winning electric motor of the Leaf. Optionally, you can opt for an additional pack that will optimize driving aid such as:

How much does a Nissan Leaf cost ?

The Nissan Leaf is an attractive vehicle thanks to its low starting price, the richness of its technological and safety characteristics, and its energetic driving experience. In this guide, Bymycar reveals the cost of this electric Nissan according to the versions.

What is the price of the electric nissan leaf 2022 ?

The Nissan Leaf has a basic price of € 30,000, making it one of the new nissan electric vehicles the cheapest on the market. The price rises to € 38,000 for the Leaf SV more long range. Nissan positioned the Leaf as its entry -level electric vehicle.

What a new Nissan Leaf to buy in France ?

Thanks to the Nissan Leaf innovative electric motor system, the Japanese manufacturer has won numerous prizes, including the Green Car Vision 2010. This may surprise, but used models can be a good deal. There are several used options available at your Nissan Bymycar dealer with low mileage and the same characteristics as the last Leaf. All for up to 25 % less than the original Nissan price.

Below, some pricing depending on the year.

Nissan Leaf Hybrid 2021: New price

A Leaf 2021 will cost you around € 35,000. Regarding special features, it has Apple Carplay and Android Auto for the integration of smartphones, as well as an auxiliary audio input and Bluetooth connectivity for additional integration options.

On occasion, you can acquire it at € 25,000 at the entrance.

Used Nissan Leaf Electric: 2018 to 2020

The Leaf models have some of the characteristics of the 2020 version, as well as the award-winning electric motor of the Leaf. Optionally, you can opt for an additional pack that will optimize driving aid such as:

  • Emergency braking;
  • The propilot system;
  • Etc.

New Nissan Leaf car: versions 2016 to 2018

Models between 2016 and 2018 also have used certified availability at Bymycar, which allows you to run safely. When you buy one of these models, you mainly buy a vehicle in very good condition, while enjoying a reduced cost. Nissan 2017 electric models are also good deals with their options and features.

They are offered at Bymycar from € 20,000.

Nissan leaf finish acenta: price

For € 30,000, the ACENTA finish allows you to get the Nissan safety shield including:

  • The lane exit warning;
  • An emergency braking system;
  • Intelligent cruise control;
  • The rear transverse traffic alert;
  • Assistance with high traffic lights;
  • Etc.

Nissan Leaf Avis :: N-connecta

For € 33,000, in addition to the ACENTA garnishes, you have on the N-connecta finish:

  • Intelligent panoramic vision monitor;
  • Detection of moving objects and front and rear parking sensors;
  • Automatic air conditioning;
  • Heated rear and front seats;
  • 17 -inch alloy rims;
  • Etc.

Nissan Leaf Prix TTC Tekna

For € 36,000, in addition to the N-connecta garnishes, you have on the Tekna finish:

  • Propilot (driving assistance system);
  • Bose premium audio system with 7 speakers;
  • LED headlights and LED fog lights;
  • Electronic parking brake;
  • Etc.

Sale price: Nissan Leaf E+ N Connecta

From € 37,000, you have garnishes from the Connecta finish with some additional options.

Nissan Leaf E+ Tekna

From € 39,000, you access the TEKNA finish garnishes with some additional options.

What is the autonomy of the electric nissan leaf ?

The Standard Nissan Leaf EV has a 40 -kilowattheure battery capacity offering an estimated autonomy at 240 km. The plus of the electric model receives a 62 -kilowattheure battery, which gives the Leaf an autonomy of up to 385 km, depending on the finish version.

Where is the Nissan Leaf made ?

Since the start of British production of the Nissan Leaf in 2013, more than 175,000 copies have been manufactured in Sunderland.

Dimensions and weight of the Leaf electric nissan

The dimensions of this electric nissan are:

  • Length: 4.49 m;
  • Width: 2.03 m;
  • Shopping: 2,700 m.

The empty weight of the Leaf is 1,545 kg.

Nissan Leaf (old)

Nissan Leaf (old)

Configure your Nissan Leaf vehicle (old) or request a free trial.

The Nissan Leaf is the best -selling electric car in the world. It has conquered many users thanks to its atypical design, its 5 real places and its great versatility.

New Nissan Leaf 2018

Radically different from the previous model, the new Nissan Leaf has been marketed since early 2018.


The Nissan Leaf is the manufacturer’s first electric car. It has been marketed in France since September 2011 and a new version, with a hundred improvements, has been offered since 2013.

Since early 2016, the Nissan Leaf will have new improvements with the arrival of the new 30 kWh battery pack allowing to bring its autonomy to 250 km NEDC.

Nissan Leaf Prize


The Nissan Leaf is marketed under 3 different formulas:

– Purchase of the car and the battery: from 22,990 euros
– Purchase of the car and rental of the battery: from 17,090 euros + 79 euros/month
– Long -term rental 37 months: 169 euros/month + first rent increased by 3,779 euros

On these prices, the ecological bonus of € 6,300 for the purchase of an electric car is already deducted.

The Nissan Leaf is guaranteed for 5 years for specific components for electric vehicles as well as for battery capacity, compared to 3 years for all other standard components. The manufacturer announces that the car is very economical for use and maintenance, promising savings of 800 to 1000 euros per year in comparison with a diesel car.

Nissan Leaf 2017 prices

The 2017 version of the Nissan Leaf will only offer the 30 kWh model. Attention, chademo connector and accelerated charger 6.Optional 6 kW on the Visia finish.

Battery rental

If you opt for the battery rental, find below the amounts of the monthly rental of the Nissan Leaf batteries. The cost of the subscription depends on the duration of engagement and the annual mileage made.

12,500 km/year 15,000 km/year 17,500 km/year 20,000 km/year 25,000 km/year
12 months 99 € 106 € 114 € 122 € 142 €
24 months 89 € 96 € 104 € 112 € 132 €
32 months 79 € 86 € 94 € 102 € 122 €

Nissan Leaf options 2017

The Nissan Leaf mobility pack

Nissan Leaf mobility pack

All Nissan Leaf customers are entitled to the “mobility pack” proposed by the manufacturer whose objective is to facilitate long-distance journeys through exclusive conditions for the rental of a car or the trip to self-train.

Each Nissan Leaf client is offered a valid Nissan/Hertz card for 3 years. It is credited with 12,000 points exchangeable for up to 4 weeks of free rental on all thermal vehicles available at Hertz. This card also gives the right to:

– 2 car seats offered for any rental
– an additional conductor offered
– The young driver offered
– an upgrade
– priority access to Hertz counters

Nissan also offers, in partnership with the SNCF, special conditions on autotrain journeys. Each customer thus benefits from an offering autotrant journey as well as 30% reduction on the following journeys. A quick charging station has been installed at Bercy station, allowing to arrive at your destination with the loaded vehicle.

To find out more about the Mobility Pack:

Zeroemission ChargePass


The Nissan Zero Emission PASS POWERED by KIWHI PASS was developed by the French company KIWHI PASS Solution, a subsidiary of the EGIS group. This system allows owners of electric vehicles to easily access, everywhere in France, the recharging infrastructure with a single card.

This badge also makes it possible to access the first rapid charging network in France, as well as to all the other charging stations referenced by Kiwhi. In the case, where the recharging is paid this badge also allows you to adjust the recharging.

It can be secured 24 hours a day to your online account accessible via the Internet or via the Kiwhi smartphone application. The Zero Emission ChargePass is given free of charge to all the owners of a 100% electric Nissan vehicle when delivery of the vehicle or on request from their dealer.

Leaf motorization

The 100% electric motorization of the Nissan Leaf gives it a power of 109 hp (80 kW) and beautiful accelerations, knowing that on an electric car the whole torque is available instantly.

The Nissan Leaf is extremely silent, so much so that an external sound system has been set up to warn the visually impaired and the low -speed pedestrians.

Nissan Leaf battery & autonomy

Nissan Leaf batteries

Leaf batteries, located under the floor.

The Nissan Leaf batteries are in the floor of the car, which has the advantage of lowering its gravity center as much as possible for better handling. The battery block weighs approximately 250kg. Nissan claims that the Leaf is 99%recyclable, without however communicating on how the batteries will be recycled.

In terms of autonomy, the LEAF displays an autonomy of 199 km at the NEDC cycle but allows to roll around 150 km on average. It depends a lot on many parameters, remember to read our file on this subject.

New 30 kWh battery

Designed to complete the current 24 kWh, the 30 kWh battery will be available on the two highest finishing levels (ACENTA & TEKNA) and will increase the autonomy by 25 %, or 250 km NEDC.

Leaf 30 kWh deliveries are expected to start in January 2016.

Nissan Leaf recharging

Taken on a Nissan Leaf

The battery charger is in the trunk, while the charging hatch is at the front of the vehicle, with two types of socket:

– A standard type 1 socket on which the charger supplied with the car is plugged in. The latter allows to recharge on a conventional domestic outlet in about 8 hours, without the need for a wallbox.

– A Rapid Chademo charging plug: it allows you to recharge 80% of the battery in 30 minutes on one of the numerous fast charging stations installed by Nissan. To view the charging stations near you, see the ChargeMap

Interior of the Nissan Leaf


IT on -board in the Leaf has been designed to interface particularly with smartphones.

The interior of the Nissan Leaf, whose interfacing with the new generations of smartphones has been particularly careful. It is possible to listen to the music present on your phone, to call in free hand, to access contacts, etc.

The very complete dashboard allows you to display the charging stations that are nearby, and the radius in which you can move depending on the remaining autonomy.

Leaf gives pride of place to smartphones since it is possible to program your car remotely, through an application. You can adjust the load time, the temperature of the car before looking for it, etc.

Leaf design


The Nissan Leaf has a rather atypical design. Pretty high, it was designed for a global market, it must therefore appeal to the greatest number. The Leaf however seeks to stand out with an original style, which will allow it to be distinguished quickly as a “clean” vehicle, a little like the atypical line of the Toyota Prius.

The handling


The batteries of the Nissan Leaf being located under the floor, the electric car therefore benefits from a lowered center of gravity, which gives it good handling. A very precise torque control, made possible by the electric motorization, allows them to be more precise in the turns.

The structure of the car with the integration of batteries allows Nissan to announce a more rigid 40% chassis.


The Leaf is provided with crash impact sensors, which deactivate the tension in the event of a shock in order to eliminate any risk of electrocution. The car was tested in different configurations: very cold, large warm, high pressure, flooded road, crash,…

Nissan Leaf test

From the original model to the Nissan Leaf 30 kWh, Automobile-Propre was able to test the different versions of the Leaf. Find our publications in connection below:

  • Test: 1 week in Nissan Leaf 30 kWh (April 2016)
  • Nissan Leaf 30 kWh test: Ascension of the Turini pass (January 2016)
  • Nissan Leaf 2013 test (April 2013)
  • Nissan Leaf test first version (October 2010)

Nissan Leaf technical sheet

Nissan Leaf 24 kWh Nissan Leaf 30 kWh
Body 5 doors
Seating places 5
Engine power 80 kW – 109 hp
Maximum torque 254 nm
Exert 0-100 km/h 11.5 s
Speed 144 km/h
Tax CV 3 CV
Battery Lithium 24 kWh Lithium 30 kWh
NEDC autonomy 199 km 250 km
Number of modules 48
Number of cells 192
On -board charger 6.6 kW
Rapid load Chademo 50 kW
Cable supplied 6 meters domestic socket
Ptac 1945 kg 1970 kg
Payload 395 kg
Length 4445 mm
Overall width 1770 mm
Width with retro -bears 1967 mm
Wheelbase 2700 mm
Height 1550 mm
Ground clearance 156 mm 160 mm
Tractable weight 0 0
Mass eligible on gallery 0 0
Chest volume 370 (standard) / 355 Tekna
Cx 0.29 (16 inches) / 0.28 (17 inches)
Turning radius 10.4 – 10.8 m

Videos of the Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf 30 kWh: when European customers talk about it

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