Here is the most reliable car of 2022 |, the most reliable cars in 2022 – the price of the fat

The most reliable cars in 2022

And if you are not ready to jump for an entirely electric model, know that the Niro is also available in hybrid and plug -in versions.

Here is the most reliable car of 2022

Number of consumers often await the results of surveys on the most reliable cars on the market. This is particularly useful for people who envisage a purchase. Well, the British organization of defense of consumers which has just made its ranking. It was the Nissan Qashqai that was proclaimed the most reliable car of 2022.

Alain de Jong

Alain De Jong | Posted on Jan 31. 2023 |

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THE results organisation Which lead to a major change : for the first time in a long time, it is not Neither a toyota nor a lexus which win the title of “most reliable car of the year”. That said, the Japanese honor is except, because it is once again a car from the Empire of the Rising Sun since it is the Nissan Qashqai who was elected this year, which therefore says quite long on the vehicle quality of this brand.

To determine this result, Which led the50 survey.000 customers having bought a new car in 2022 as well as with several experts sector. The answers led to the conclusion that it was the Nissan Qashqai which guaranteed the better reliability. It should be noted that the status of the Qashqai is particular in Great Britain, because this SUV is the the most sold passenger car in the country. THE results can therefore be considered as reliable.

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This type of survey is always interesting and generally gives a good indication of the reliability of a model and/or a brand. THE Specific results for the Belgium are however not not known, Even if, of course, this could also be useful for consumers in our country.

Nissan Qashqai

Opt for a longer warranty

Because the automobile represents a substantial investment, It is always important to remember how the reliability and service must be considered when purchasing. One of the advice to be given is Good to choose your brand or model also according to the guarantee granted.

Thus, in Belgium, you can normally count on a 2 year warranty and/or 100.000 km, But which is sometimes more generous in certain brands, provided often to carry out the interviews in an official or approved garage. At the house of Toyota, For example, the guarantee extends to 10 years or 200.000 km. As we can see: this cover therefore deserves to dwell on it during the purchase, especially at the time when individuals intend to keep their automobile longer and longer.

What will be your next vehicle ?

The most reliable cars in 2022

The most reliable cars in 2022

You shop a new vehicle but do not know which one to choose? The many brands and models available on the market make the choice more difficult.

We have drawn up a list of the most reliable cars that you will find in dealerships; It will only remain to determine which best will meet your needs and your budget !

Toyota Rav4

Seen the most popular in Quebec, the Toyota Rav4 – just like the entire Toyota range ! – offers legendary reliability and fully deserves its place in our list !

Thus, the RAV4 offers one of the strongest mechanics in the industry, not to mention that it also offers remarkable energy efficiency. In addition, the RAV is also available in hybrid and hybrid version, also offering reliability to any test as well as a power which can reach 302 horsepower !

If you are looking for a spacious, versatile SUV

Three -quarter before Toyota Rav4 2022

Mazda CX-9

Need a vehicle with 3 rows of seats ? The Mazda CX-9 is not only the most refined model in its category, but it also stands out for its manufacturing quality, its reliability as well as for its unlimited mileage guarantees !

If you are looking for an exceptional value for money that has proven itself for many years, the CX-9 is a perfect candidate !

lateral view of the Mazda CX-9 2022

Subaru Crosstrek

In terms of off -road skills, the Subaru Crosstrek sits at the top of the category, and the quality of its materials and its electronic components makes it a model that will not let you fall soon !

In addition, in addition to offering large 4 × 4 capacities, this model, halfway between a car and a SUV, is a family vehicle par excellence because of its versatile and spacious cabin as well as for its more price that reasonable.

Come see it closer and you will also see that it has many qualities and that it fully deserves its place in our list of the most reliable cars !

Subaru Crosstrek 2022 lateral view rolling on a road

Toyota Highlander

Very popular intermediate seen, the Toyota Highlander has all the assets in hand to offer you complete satisfaction for many years, as the elderly models that we still come across regularly on the roads !

Being able to accommodate 7 or 8 occupants depending on the model, the Highlander offers, like the RAV4, a hybrid declination of the most efficient.

If you are looking for an intermediate SUV offering formidable energy efficiency, great versatility and legendary reliability, you cannot be mistaken with a Toyota Highlander !

Three -quarter -front view of the Toyota Highlander 2022

Honda Insight

Unknown, the Honda Insight, however, fully deserves your attention ! Honda model exclusively hybrid, the insight stands out not only by its exceptional reliability, but also its refined passenger compartment and its interesting performance.

Unfortunately, the insight was not renewed in the Honda catalog in 2022; So this is your chance to get hold of one of the last remaining 2021 copies !

Mazda MX-5

On our roads for over 30 years, the Mazda MX-5-formerly known as Mazda Miata-is the embodied reliability ! Biplace car offered at an affordable price and combining lightness and sporty driving, it offers an efficient engine of 181 horsepower while remaining little fuel gourmet.

Such longevity in the automotive world means, among other things, that this car is among the most reliable models in the industry ! 099

MX-5 2022 lateral view before the Mazda MX-5

Toyota Prius and Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius has been the benchmark for hybrid cars since its launch in 1997 ! Its exceptional fuel consumption – largely below 5.0 l/100 km – its exemplary road behavior as well as its great reliability signed Toyota make it a remarkable car at all levels.

Having added to the Toyota family more recently, the Prius Prime is the rechargeable hybrid version of the Prius. With a formidable energy efficiency, it can offer a total autonomy of 1035 liters with a single full of fuel as well as an autonomy of around forty kilometers in 100 % electric mode.

Front and back view of La Toyota Prius and Prius Prime 2022

Kia Niro EV

KIA models have proven themselves in terms of reliability, and the Kia Niro EV is no exception to this rule ! Offering an autonomy of almost 400 kilometers, the Niro EV will also seduce you with its many on -board technologies and its driving pleasure.

And if you are not ready to jump for an entirely electric model, know that the Niro is also available in hybrid and plug -in versions.

You want to know more about the vehicles mentioned mentioned ? Go to one of the Brand Prix branches in Quebec !