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How to import Outlook contacts to Gmail

All these methods are safe and secure and provide you with direct access to manage your account Gmail as if you had entered manually and clicked on the link.

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All of these Ways Are Safe and Secure and Give You Direct Access to your Gmail Account in the Same Way As If you manually Entered www Gmail Com Email and click on the link.

All these methods are safe and secure and provide you with direct access to manage your account Gmail as if you had entered manually and clicked on the link.

How to import outlook contacts to Gmail ?

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Importing or transferring your contacts to your phone is simple. You can export them from Outlook to a file .CSV, then import them into Gmail. Once your contacts are charged in Gmail, simply synchronize Gmail with your phone.

Importing Microsoft Outlook contacts to the phone via Gmail

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, access contacts.
  2. In the menu File, select Import and export.
  3. Select Exportto a file then click on Following.
  4. Select Values ​​separated by commas (Windows), then click on Following.
  5. Select Contacts, then click on Following.
  6. Select Replace duplicates with exported elements.
  7. Click on Browse.
  8. Click on Desk, Then create a name for the file.
  9. Click on OK.
  10. Click on To end.
  11. On your computer, go to www
  12. Connect to your Gmail account.
  13. Click on Contacts.
  14. Click on Import.
  15. Find and import the file .CSV you have recorded on your desktop.
    Your contacts are then downloaded.

Note: the synchronization procedure for messaging program contacts with your phone is essentially similar. The main objective is to export contacts to a file .CSV. If you encounter problems during the export procedure, please select thehelp, Then search for the term export Or CSV.

Place contacts on the phone using Google Sync

  1. On the home screen (Home) of your phone, press theHome icon (Home).
  2. Press on Settings (Settings)
  3. Press accounts (accounts).
  4. Scroll the list of accounts, then select your Google account in other accounts (other accounts).
  5. Select Synchronize contacts (sync contacts).
    1. Note: you can also select Synchronize the Agenda (Sync Calendar) and synchronize Gmail (Sync Gmail) if you also want to perform these synchronizations.
      Once the synchronization is completed, your contacts are placed on your phone.