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The Freebox Mini 4K in semi-retirement ��

15.99 € / month 34.99 € / month

Freebox Mini 4K: Offer and features of the Android TV box

The Internet Package Free Mini 4K is an ideal tripleplay offer for small budgets: take advantage of an internet, HD TV and telephony offer at a lower price, and multiple free options from € 14.99/month. Features, customer reviews, options or installation, discover in detail the Freebox Mini 4K of the Free Operator. Since the Freebox Crystal no longer exists, it is now the mini 4K the entry -level freebox.

Since Thursday, November 3, 2022, the Freebox Mini 4K is no longer sold on the Free website. It is replaced by the Freebox Revolution which is the cheapest offer from Free with a price the first year of € 19.99/month.

Price and services of the mini 4K offer, ideal for small budgets

The mini 4K offer is the Freebox offer Perfect for small budgets. It’s a tripleplay which allows you to benefit from the internet, television and fixed telephony. She is Available from € 14.99/month for 1 year then at € 34.99/month (1 year commitment and box rental included).

The mini 4K is available in Fiber or ADSL version, Depending on your eligibility. If you are not eligible for fiber and you opt for the ADSL version, you will benefit from a downward flow between 1mbit/s and 15mbit/s, and a speed up in general than 1mbit/s. However, Internet flows vary according to the length of your line.

In fiber version, The Mini 4K offers you flows Up to 10 times faster than ADSL/VDSL : up to 200 Mb/s in downward speed and 100 Mb/s in update flow => Test your flow to compare

The telephony offer is rather extensive. It includes them Unlimited calls to fixed In mainland France, towards the fixeds of 110 international destinations (DOM, Europe, North America, Africa, Oceania, Central America, South America, Asia) and to mobiles 12 destinations (including USA and Canada).

The TV offer with Android TV includes 220 TV channels as well as access to Freebox Replay and the VOD service (Netflix and Canal+ optional and without commitment).

2 telephony options are possible with the mini 4K: the France mobile option at € 2.99/month (unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland and DOM) and the Tunisia + Algeria option at € 2.99/month (also ( Unlimited calls to fixed in Tunisia and 5 hours of calls to fixed in Algeria.))

Freebox mini 4K test: features and characteristics

The mini 4K box is The most compact box of the operator Free: the case is only 15 cm wide, 11 cm deep and 3.4 cm thick.

On the technical side, the mini 4K is compatible with broadband internet: ADSL2+, VDSL2 and optical fiber. It has an A15 dual-core processor of 1.5 GHz, the WiFi 802.11 AC as well as 2GB of RAM and 8GB storage. It also incorporates HDMI connectors. To read multimedia content, the box is equipped with 3 USB 2 ports 2.0, two back and one on the front. A SD card reader is also installed on the facade of the box.

Mini 4K free characteristics

TV 4K version

The mini 4K box is a box Android TV with 4K compatibility at 60 images per second (3840 x 2160 pixels), for Very high definition images, clear and well contrasting on your TV. She joins Bluetooth 4.0 as well as direct control and the possibility of registering your favorite TV programs. You can also use the Freebox Replay to view your delayed programs. A voice control remote control is provided with the mini 4K box, which allows you to control your television remotely by the sound of your voice.

The mini 4K now in wifi 5

Previously configured with WiFi 4 technology, the Freebox Mini 4K Now includes WiFi 5 (802.11 AC). An important evolution since the WiFi connection is much faster In wifi 5 (802.11 AC): an update that allows this freebox to manage MU-MIMO flow aggregations and frequency bands 2.4 and 5 GHz. The mini 4K is now able to reach transfer speeds wireless of the order of 1.7 gbit/s.


15.99 € / month 34.99 € / month

Watch Netflix on your 4K Freebox

When it was launched, the mini 4K did not include Netflix on its interface. Since the end of 2019, mini 4K customers can now Find the Netflix application directly on the interface of their screen. If you already have a Netflix account, just enter the identifiers directly on your TV. If you do not have a Netflix account, you can create one directly on the application via your freebox. Choose the package that suits you and validate your subscription. Billing will be managed by Free.

If you have a Freebox Mini 4K, but you have not yet had access to Netflix on your interface, just make an update (update 3.1.11) of your box. To do this, turn off and turn on your freebox.

The Free TV Bouquet of the Mini 4K

It includes Freebox TV and Android TV thanks to his TV decoder. The offer allows you to enjoy more than 220 TV channels including 100 in HD, from the VOD Free catalog and the Replay function with more than 50 TV channels To see and review on your screen. The Freebox TV also has a parental control function. Netflix and Canal+ are optional on the mini 4K offer. With The Freebox mobile application, You can even watch your favorite TV programs directly on your phone or tablet.

If you wish you can subscribe to the Multi TV option for € 4.99 more per month.

Installation of the mini 4K: user manual

You have just received your mini 4K box ? The installation of the box is simple, in a few minutes You can enjoy broadband navigation and all offers from the Freebox Mini 4K. here are the different steps To install your freebox:

  • Connect your freebox to the wall telephone socket : Take the RJ11 black cable and the filter, connect the RJ11 square connector to the DSL port placed on the back of the modem/router and plug in the modem socket on the telephone socket.
  • Connect the freebox to the mural electrical outlet : connect the round tip to the 12V port of the box and connect the mains power supply cable to the mural mural.
  • Let the Freebox settle down: Once the time is displayed on your box, it is operational. You can then move to the installation of your Freebox Mini Player so that you can enjoy all the Box TV services.

All the explanations for the installation and use of your Freebox can be found in the instructions for use Supplied with the box.

If you do not have T -picking in your accommodation, but only a RJ45 network intake, the free supplier has provided an adapter that is provided in your pack.

The equipment provided with the mini 4K

THE Equipment provided With the box are as follows:

  • An RJ11 cable
  • An RJ45 Ethernet cable
  • An RJ adapter 45 wall grip
  • An HDMI cable
  • an ethernet cable
  • a freelance adapter
  • User manual

You also have the Freebox Player Mini (the TV decoder) included in your offer, which will be connected directly to your TV. Thanks to him, you will be able to access all the multimedia services included in your offer: Internet, game console, access to film catalogs, VOD, SD card reader, etc. The Freebox Player Mini is provided with A kit comprising:

  • A sector block and its electrical outlet
  • An RJ11 cable and its filter (DSL)
  • An Ethernet cable (RJ45)
  • a freelance adapter
  • an RJ45 wallpaper adapter
  • an installation instructions.

Customer reviews: the mini 4K at the coast

The Freebox Mini 4K is rather appreciated by users. Customers emphasize its mini price for a Good quality tripleplay offere. Customers who have opted for a fiber offer are Rather satisfied with the Internet connection, that they find it quick. There housing size is also a strong point for free customers just like the service panel offered by the Mini 4K. Finally, they also appreciate TV offer that they find complete, as well as the 4K technology To enjoy superb images.

Customers who have opted for a ADSL/VDSL offer come to tarnish the table since some are not not satisfied with the flow Internet of the Mini 4K in ADSL, and finds it too slow. Some also regret The absence of a hard drive On the mini 4K, unlike the Freebox Revolution, and the absence of Netflix which was not directly included when the box is launched unlike the Freebox Pop and Delta offers. Since the end of 2019, Netflix has now been accessible from the Freebox Mini 4K interface, which should delight fans of the video streaming platform.


15.99 € / month 34.99 € / month

The Freebox Mini 4K in semi-retirement ��

Will the Freebox Mini 4K spend winter ? Nothing is less sure. The access provider discreetly withdrawn from its offers the box and its Android TV decoder, launched in 2015, and which had already temporarily disappeared in 2020 before returning. The device is not visible anywhere on the Free website, while the eligibility test no longer offers it.

This time, there is every need to think that it is retirement, or rather semi-retirement: as it notes Freebox universe, It is always possible to subscribe to “the historic free offer” which offers the mini 4K for € 29.99 per month (or the revolution at € 39.99). You have to go through this link, but you really have to want it !

Last September, Xavier Niel had hinted that a new box could be released next year. The latest innovation in the Free catalog dates back to 2020 with the Freebox Pop whose decoder also works on Android TV.

A new Freebox could arrive in 2023

A new Freebox could arrive in 2023

Update – Oops, stocks have quickly melted, the Freebox Mini 4K is apparently no longer available at all !