FREE breakdowns and problems in real time: internet and network, free failures and network problems reported today

Free breakdowns and network problems today


As mentioned above, the problem can be either general or local. When a network failure appears, The phone of the Free Mobile subscriber can be the cause of the problem. Before panicking and calling for free mobile customer service, some actions are to be done to avoid wasting time.

Freerative breakdowns and problems in real time: Internet and network

Free failures

Since arriving on the telecommunications market in 2011, the operator Free has often been considered an operator low-cost, not offering quality services. The brand image of the company was then very negative, and these are not the many disruptions engendered by his arrival on the market who will change consumers’ opinion with regard to the Iliad operator.

However, things have changed considerably since and Free Mobile now offers quality service, like its main competitors. However, A free subscriber is never immune to a breakdown of his freebox or a poor quality 4G network. However, each breakdown responds to a very specific problem. Monpetitforfait returns to the various cases of figures that can cause a breakdown or a dysfunction and also the means to adjust them.

A freebox or free mobile subscriber can mainly meet a breakdown on ::

  • the services available thanks to its Freebox, the Internet, its fixed telephony or television;
  • Its Free Mobile network, preventing it from using communications from its package or mobile data.

Free problems and breakdowns

In the past 24 hours

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No internet, phone, TV for about 1 week ��
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Once again no television this morning of other people are concerned in this sector ?

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Hello since 08/01/2023 more connection to the IMAP server of Free on all my PCs (Outlook 2019) “The connection to the incoming server (IMAP) has been deleted”, and on my my Tel and my Android tablet (Bluemail) “Connection error” Free after-sales service contacts me from time to time to invariably ask me to re-register my problem but still no return to date.

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What failures can occur with free ?

Free Mobile is the last of the four main operators to have arrived on the telecommunications market. The Iliad operator was once confined to the Internet Access providers market. If many breakdowns could occur on the Free Mobile network, These are now rarer.

However, this only means the Free Mobile network is free from all breakdowns or dysfunctions, like the network of its competitors. MonpetitForfait therefore offers his guide to identify and solve the different breakdowns and other network problems that may arise.

Fields on the Free network

Free subscribers may have to meet several types of breakdowns.

A Freebox breakdown can occur at any time. However, it is essential to differentiate different types of problems that can occur on the fiber or ADSL network of a free internet box offer. It is necessary to have this in mind since the procedure will be very different depending on the type of failure encountered by the freebox.

In general, two very distinct types of breakdowns are to be differentiated.

  • The overall breakdown is noted on the entire fiber or ADSL network of free.
  • The local breakdown that does not concern the whole network, but a single freebox, his own.

Indeed, if in the first case, it is sometimes necessary to wait, the second case is very different. A personal breakdown can be resolved by performing certain very specific actions. In both cases, one of the first reflexes to adopt is to contact your Freebox customer service to find out which breakdown it is.

More access to the Internet from its Freebox: What to do to pay the breakdown ?

One of the most common breakdowns that can occur on its Freebox remains the impossibility of connecting to the Internet. Sometimes the Wi-Fi network issued by its Freebox can simply no longer be available.

In this kind of case, there are several simple solutions to solve the problem. If the latter do not work, asking for free assistance remains the last alternative.

Here are the main causes that can lead to a loss of Internet connection ::

  • The Freebox does not have an IP address, since the DHCP protocol does not help. Without IP address, it is impossible to connect to the Fiber or ADSL network of Free.
  • a significant loss, even an absence of flow, can also be caused by The location of the Freebox. If the latter is not high or in a closet for example;
  • The disappearance of the WiFi network of its freebox can also be caused by an excessive distance from its freebox
  • A faulty DNS protocol: The configuration of a computer must necessarily be in line with its freebox. In this case the problem usually comes from the device used.

Advice from myLittlePackage

In case of emergency, The Freewifi network is permanently present and responds to the need.

Dysfunction of its free TV decoder: the different problems

Sometimes the Internet connection is not the concern. The connection, Wi-Fi like Ethernet may not encounter any problem. However, television and access to the various TV bouquets, chains and other replays may no longer work, thus displaying an error code on its freebox.

Effectively, The Freebox Wi-Fi network and access to TV channels are dissociated, One can therefore work while the other no longer responds. This is particularly the case if the flow of the Freebox is insufficient. In addition, a simple unpaid connection can also cause a total stop in the operation of its freebox.

Here is a list of the main problems that can arise and prevent access to your television ::

  • A Error code Can sometimes be displayed when, for example, the Freebox TV cannot read a recording or is not updated;
  • The Freebox cannot be updated when it restarts and remains blocked on the home screen;
  • there Synchronization between freebox and freebox server do not operate, thus blocking the Freebox subscriber on the home screen;
  • Too many flows are emitted by the Freebox at the same time, this can in particular happen when the flow used in wifi is too substantial;
  • A defective or poorly connected cable can also cause Loss of connection to the Freebox TV.

Testing the flow of your very high flow box

Read also check the flow of your freebox ?

Free failure: fixed telephony no longer works, what to do ?

Internet offers triple play of Free generally contain access to the Internet, the Freebox TV and the fixed telephony. Like the first two services, fixed telephony can also suffer from breakdowns. Some Freebox unfortunately do not have a indicator To indicate the smooth running of the fixed telephony. On the other hand, consulting the options and the condition of its freebox makes it possible to see a failure at this level.

What are the signs of a dysfunction of his free fixed telephony ?

  1. Inaudible calls, sizzles or other parasitic noises.
  2. An absence of tone meaning that the call does not start towards the recipient.

What are the causes of a dysfunction of his Fixed Free telephony ?

  1. An unpaid connection.
  2. A faulty landline, in this case The breakdown does not come from the freebox.

Fixed phone and electrical outlet

In the absence of a tone, it is strongly advised to unplug and reconnect your landline phone. Electric saturation can actually prevent a landline from working properly.

How to solve a breakdown on its freebox ?

First of all, it is interesting to know if the free breakdown is local or occurs on a larger scale. To do this, go to a Down Detector Freebox makes it possible to identify if another free failure has taken place or if only its freebox is concerned. In the event that this breakdown concerns only one freebox, his, certain actions are to be carried out in priority.

What to do when its Internet connection is faulty ?

  1. Restart your computer or smartphone to check if the failure comes from there or freebox.
  2. In case of dysfunctional wifi, the first reflex is to connect your computer to the Freebox using an Ethernet cable to check if only WiFi is faulty.
  3. Restarting or resetting your freebox if restarting it has no impact. To reset your freebox, just just Stay pressing the button usually located at the back of its freebox.
  4. Disconnect, then completely reconnect his freebox.

What actions to carry out in the event of failure of your free telephone line ?

  1. Once again, restarting your freebox can be an effective solution.
  2. Make sure its freebox is trendy and in doubt, disconnect and then reconnect your freebox.
  3. Disconnect and reconnect your landline phone.
  4. Consult Free Customer Service in the event of a last resort.

The actions to be done to repair your Freebox TV are very simple, here are some examples ::

  1. Restart, or even reset your boxes immediately after having noticed the breakdown.
  2. Make sure the Freebox TV option is enabled in the settings of its Internet box.
  3. Disconnect and reconnect your internet freebox.
  4. Check that his television is on the right source.

How to have free TVs on computer

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Breakdowns and other free mobile networks

Free Mobile is the last of the four main operators to have put on the telecommunications market its mobile phone offers. However, The subsidiary of Iliad has long been criticized for its poor quality network. In addition, the price of free mobile packages have hardly helped see the operator’s offers. Nevertheless, for a few years, the Free Mobile network has greatly improved, even if Xavier Niel’s operator remains slightly late compared to the other three operators present for much longer.

If breakdowns can occur on a freebox, Free Mobile subscribers can also encounter networking problems. Sometimes these problems and other dysfunctions can concern the entire free mobile network. However, this is not always the case. The phone in question may be the main cause of the problem. There-here, consult the page Down Detector of Free Mobile allows you to learn more and greatly accelerate the resolution of the problem.

How to identify a problem on your Free Mobile Package ?

A Free Mobile failure can in particular cause a total or partial loss of the mobile network coverage, but also the impossibility of sending SMS, MMS and other calls. A free mobile subscriber will generally quickly realize the problem concerning one of the services made available by the operator of Xavier Niel.

Free mobile breakdown

A general breakdown can lead to a total loss of the operator’s mobile network.

Among the various problems that may arise, it is mainly necessary to raise ::

  • loss of flow, even an absence of a 4G network;
  • SMS and MMS that no longer send themselves;
  • the absence of a tone when a call is issued or the impossibility of sending a call.

Smartphone or faulty SIM card: how to know quickly ?

Trying to put the SIM card of its Free Mobile package in another phone is a reflex to take. This allows in particular to realize if the Free Mobile network is the cause of dysfunction or if it is the phone.

What to do to try to solve a breakdown of your free mobile network ?

As mentioned above, the problem can be either general or local. When a network failure appears, The phone of the Free Mobile subscriber can be the cause of the problem. Before panicking and calling for free mobile customer service, some actions are to be done to avoid wasting time.

When a free subscriber meets a network failure, he must first ::

  1. restart your phone;
  2. Reset your network settings;
  3. If restarting your phone or resetting your settings don’t change anything, It is necessary to remove and put your free mobile SIM card ;
  4. Reset your SIM card by contacting Free Mobile customer service;
  5. Contact your free mobile customer service or go to your free mobile customer area.

Advice from myLittlePackage

In the event of a general breakdown, free mobile customer service can quickly be saturated. Going to the operator’s website in the FAQ section sometimes allows you to find the solution without wasting hours on the phone.

What to do when a free mobile breakdown occurs ?

When the user’s smartphone is not in question, it is that The problem comes directly from the free mobile network. In these kinds of situations, restarting your smartphone will do nothing. The best option is then to contact free mobile customer service.

Be careful however, this does not mean that the problem will be solved instantly. If customer service is helpless, the only solution is unfortunately to wait until the breakdown passes and the operator’s network returns to normal.

If a free mobile breakdown occurs without the smartphone or the SIM card being involved, it is necessary ::

  • to consult a Down Detector Free Mobile to ensure that the network meets many disturbances;
  • to contact your free mobile customer service to find out if and when the problem will be solved;
  • to simply wait for the network to be restored.

How to find a free center?

Also read where to find the different free center ?

When and how to contact Free Mobile Customer Service ?

Free Mobile Customer Service always responds to help Freebox and Free Mobile subscribers to resolve a breakdown or possibly inform subscribers about the disturbances encountered by Free Mobile if the latter cannot be resolved immediately.

It is possible to contact customer service by several means, among which ::

  • The telephone call at 3244: Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m
  • By letter ;
  • directly on the Internet by consulting the Free Mobile Questions Fair.
  • By downloading the face to free app available on Android or the App Store.

Change operator and keep your phone number

An dissatisfied customer of his free mobile plan may want to change plans. However, to be able to keep your number it is necessary to recover your Rio Free Mobile number. Some operators even offer a reduction in the event of portability of the phone number.

The tools available to help subscribers to solve a free failure

The Free Mobile operator generally anticipates breakdowns and calls received by its customer service. In the event of a local or even national breakdown, calling free mobile customer service is not necessarily a wise choice. E

Ffertly, if a problem arises on a large scale, the majority of freenautes may throw themselves on their phone to immediately call customer service. A reflex, which is quite natural, however, the Iliad operator provides tools in order to obtain answers, without going through customer service.

Among these diagnostic tools, we must in particular count on ::

  • THE Down Detector of free mobile as mentioned above;
  • The Face to Free Application Accessible on Android or the App Store;
  • The operator’s customer service also remains a safe bet;
  • Consult the Free Mobile website directly, the latter regularly updates in the event of a problem.

Advice from myLittlePackage

If the different tools highlighted above do not detect a network problem, it is very possible that latency or The problem encountered by the free mobile subscriber are just short durations.

Zoom on service Down Detector and free mobile incident

Knowing the state of the Free Mobile network in real time is an unknown tip, but very effective. It allows, first of all, not to lose its calm and to understand quickly if the network is in question, or if it is something else.

There are mainly two services to use to find out quickly and reliably the state of the Free Mobile network:

  1. The service Down Detector of free mobile available on this page.
  2. which allows you to follow the state of the operator’s network almost in real time and by department.

Local breakdown, general breakdown: what difference ?

In the event of a local breakdown, it is imperative to quickly contact the after-sales service in order to know if it is possible to solve the problem yourself, or at least demand the arrival of a technician. However, in the event of a general breakdown, there are no other solutions than to wait.

Resolve Free breakdowns: what is the procedure to follow ?

Once the problem has been noted and the nature of the free breakdown identified, it is natural to initiate the actions or start the procedures to solve the problem. In addition, once the free failure has been resolved, the equipment can be more or less damaged, it is then possible to require a refund, or at least repair.

Here are usually the most common questions regarding the procedure to be followed up following the discovery of a free mobile breakdown on one of its devices:

  • How to ask for the intervention of a technician ? Will this service be billed to me and in how long will it take place ?
  • Is it possible to replace my freebox if the latter turns out to be defective ?
  • My free mobile SIM card no longer works. How to replace it ?
  • Can I terminate my free or freebox package without paying costs following a failure of which I am not the cause ?

Request the intervention of a free mobile technician: costs and deadlines

When it comes to a local breakdown and it is impossible to solve the problem for yourself, the only solution remains to rely on a convenience store dispatched by Free Mobile. This operation is free since the subscriber is not responsible for the breakdown met.

Otherwise, Intervention costs are applied according to the failure encountered. Only free mobile customer service can choose to send a technician if a physical intervention is imperative.

Contact Free Mobile Customer Service

In the event of a persistent problem, it remains possible to contact free customer service.

To answer the main questions, it is important to note that in the event of a free breakdown ::

  • There are no guaranteed deadlines for a free technician to intervene and settle the dysfunction. The latter comes as soon as possible;
  • In the event of defective devices, no costs are requested from the customer if the failure is not due to the subscriber;
  • Interventions are only done from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.;
  • In the event of unavailability or unexpected, canceling your appointment at least 8 hours before is imperative;
  • An appointment scheduled within 8 hours of the request cannot be canceled.

To read also how to terminate an internet box by free ?

How to replace my defective freebox and it can be billed ?

When a freebox decoder works badly, it is necessary to change it. However, like the arrival of a technician, only free customer service is able to decide if a replacement is necessary after the breakdown has been identified.

If a change of free internet box is priced € 49 to the free subscriber due to commissioning costs, No billing is required if his freebox breaks down. Finally, to replace your freebox, it is necessary to pass, once again, by customer service.

Freebox change costs can be caused by ::

  1. a malfunction due to the negligence of the Freebox subscriber;
  2. the end of the guaranteed period of certain accessories .
  3. The loss of accessories initially delivered in the Freebox TV.

Be absent without canceling beforehand

Not being present during the passage of a Free technician is harmful. Indeed, in the absence of a Freebox subscriber during the appointment, € 49 will be invoiced to him.

Request a new SIM card to Free Mobile: What steps to take ?

If the SIM card of a Free Mobile subscriber breaks down, it is necessary to order a new one with the Iliad operator. To do this, simply go to your free mobile customer area to order a new SIM card. The latter will be delivered within a few days by post. In addition, the latter is billed € 10 to the free mobile subscriber, whatever the reason that could cause the change of the free mobile SIM card. Finally, it is necessary to activate your free mobile SIM card once it is received.

Some free mobile subscribers cannot do without a mobile phone number, even for a period of only days only. Many users are unaware that it is very simple to obtain a free mobile SIM card being subscribed. Go to a free center or find one of the many free mobile terminals Allows you to get a new SIM card in just a few minutes. These interactive terminals are accessible everywhere in France.

Free mobile terminals

Also read where to find the different free mobile terminals ?

Terminate free of charge following a defaulting free service, is it possible ?

If a freebox meeting a breakdown, turns out to be an internet offer without a non -time, the subscriber will not have any additional costs to pay. On the other hand, Termination fees of € 49 apply due to closing the fixed line. However, it is possible to terminate without additional costs if the Internet service provider is unable to provide services. This is one of the many legitimate reasons for termination like an incarceration or an unemployment period caused by a dismissal.

This is particularly the case if the free internet box of a subscriber breaks down, which turns out to be a legitimate reason for termination. It is however necessary that this dysfunction is not due to the negligence of the Freebox subscriber as mentioned above. If this is the case, the Freebox subscriber can be implicated and must therefore Refund the damage caused to rented equipment. Obviously is the same if equipment initially delivered, such as a plug-in or an ethernet cable, are not returned.

And 4G Freebox in all of this ?

A poorly operating freebox 4G does not mean that the operator’s fiber network is faulty. Indeed, these internet offers operate thanks to the surrounding 4G network. A 4G internet box that is unhappy simply means that the network around is not powerful enough.

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Free breakdowns and network problems today

In the last 24 hours, Free recorded 207 mobile breakdowns and 1826 Internet breakdowns on its fixed network throughout the territory.

Report a free failure

Find the breakdowns around you


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Bouygues Special series Bbox Fiber

Free mobile and fixed breakdowns

207 breakdowns

on the mobile network

1826 breakdowns

on the fixed network

Number of free breakdowns over the last 15 days

Follow the number of mobile and fixed free breakdowns over the last 15 days.

Distribution of free breakdowns over the last 15 days

Find the distribution of free failures reported today in France by type (mobile or fixed).

2,2792 Fixed and Mobile Free and Mobile breakdowns have been reported in France for the past 15 days: 19% of them affect the mobile network of Free (or 4,386 mobile breakdowns) and 81% concern the fixed network of Free (18406). These breakdowns are often linked to free incidents found on fiber, ADSL, 4G/5G and voice (calls and SMS) networks of the operator.

Free mobile network problems

Number of free mobile breakdowns over the last 15 days

Follow the number of free mobile breakdowns over the last 15 days.

Free offers sufficient mobile coverage near you ?

Network failures are not the only reasons that may explain a low connection speed. It is indeed possible that the network failures you meet from your phone will be due to a 4G and 5G coverage which is not good enough from free in your locality. To check it, go to the 4G and 5G free coverage card.

Map of France Widget

What is the free mobile coverage in your city ?

Identify the operator and the ideal offer from our comparator

In case you encounter connection problems on your smartphone, it may come from the mobile coverage of your free operator. By choosing another Internet access provider, such as SFR or Free, you will surely get better mobile coverage at your address. We recommend that you sort the mobile offers of our online comparator to discover the one that best suits your needs.

Lyca Mobile 5G 80 GB
The 120 GB mobile post
Free Mobile 120 GB series

Does the Free Mobile Mobile Network meet breakdowns today ?

Internet, calls, SMS, you have trouble connecting today to the free mobile network. To check if one or more breakdowns were reported by Free near you, we have set up this page devoted to mobile breakthroughs. Upon entering your address, you will know whether or not Free Mobile breakdowns have been reported around.

What to do in the event of a free mobile network failure ?

When you encounter network problems at Free Mobile, you have no choice but to wait, while the operator’s technical team intervenes to solve the problem. Depending on the causes of the breakdown, the waiting time may be more or less long. We invite you to contact Free Mobile Customer Service for more information.

No free breakdown, but still no mobile network, why ?

Defective SIM card, bad mobile coverage, unpaid invoices, mobile phone configuration problem, many elements can explain a free mobile connection problem, or even a total absence of network signal at free. To solve this problem, we invite you to read our guide dedicated to mobile connection problems.

Free Mobile Customer, you want to change operator ?

Free Mobile does not offer you full satisfaction: it happens more or less frequently that you have mobile connection problems. Or, you have the feeling that your mobile connection is very low. You want to change your mobile operator. To identify the most efficient operator, take a mobile network test. Just enter your address and then launch the search. You will discover the classification of mobile operators, from the most efficient (SMS, Calls, 4G and 5G) at least efficient at your address.

In the event of a mobile network failure, Free provides compensation to its customers ?

Article L121-20-3 of the Consumer Code informs that “operators have an obligation of result and will then have to compensate for their subscribers for the damage that the failure caused them”. In the event of a mobile network failure at Free, you may be entitled to compensation. But the amount undoubtedly depends on the situation. To find out more, we invite you to contact the mobile customer service of Free.

Give our free debit test and boost your flow in the event of a breakdown

Your connection speed network seems to be altered to the point of causing serious slowdowns when using your smartphone ? Make a free mobile flow test and check the performance of your mobile network. On this occasion, you will also discover several tips to enjoy a better speed.

60.43 Mb/s Download
10.27 Mb/s upload
Free mobile flow in France in 2022
And you, what is your flow ? Do the Free Mobile Debit test. Debit

Free ADSL and fiber incidents

Number of fiber and ADSL Free breakdowns over the last 15 days

Follow the evolution of the number of fiber and adsl free breakdowns recorded in the past 15 days.

Distribution of fiber and ADSL Free breakdowns over the last 15 days

Free fixed breakdowns can concern fiber breakdowns or adsl breakdowns. Find below the distribution of fixed breakdowns in progress at Free.

Free does it cover your locality in fiber ?

It is possible that the free fiber coverage is not enough for you to make the most of your Freebox Fiber offer. To find out, simply go to the page dedicated to the free fiber cover. By entering the name of your locality (municipality, department or region), you will access a lot of information relating to your fiber eligibility at free.

Map of France Widget

What is the free fiber cover in your city ?

What are the fiber offers available at home ?

Do you know if you can benefit from fiber performance in your accommodation ? To do this, take our fiber eligibility test . You will also have access to the list of boxes free boxes available at your address. You will only have to opt for the one that best meets your needs.

Fiber -eligible housing rate
Are you eligible for fiber ?

A free breakdown she was reported ?

If your Freebox is currently experiencing free connection problems, there is a very good chance for a free breakdown to be near you near you. In order to make sure, disconnect and reconnect your freebox. It is also important to turn off and restart your internet box. If the problem still persists, check if a free incident has been reported near your home by simply entering your postal address from our fault tool. You can then view the details of the Freebox breakdown in question. No free breakdown was reported near your home when you are currently having a free network problem ? Do not wait and report the free incident yourself near you by clicking on the “Report a breakdown” button above this page. You will be of service to all those who today encounter a free network problem.

How to solve a freebox TV problem ?

A Freebox TV problem can be linked to a simple dysfunction. We advise you first to check that all the sockets connecting your freebox to your television are well connected. Do not hesitate to restart your freebox. If the free network problem persists, a free breakdown is surely underway near you. Go through our online breakdown tools to check it. If this is the case, you have no choice but to wait until the operator solves the Internet Free problem. A little patience, soon your free breakdown will only be a distant memory and you can enjoy all the advantages of the Free Internet network.

What to do in case of a freebox fiber breakdown ?

Your Freebox encounters connection problems on the operator’s fiber network ? A free incident may be the cause. We advise you to consult our Free breakdown tool, which is obviously free, to find out if a free internet failure has been reported near you. Know that the operator makes every effort to solve free network problems. If the free fiber failure is exterior, do not hesitate to contact the operator’s customer service (3244) to have more information.

Free network breakdowns are frequent ? Change internet operator

You regularly encounter free connection problems and it can no longer last. It’s now time to change operator to enjoy a good fixed internet network at home. To benefit from the best fiber or ADSL network at home and avoid any risk of a free connection problem, we invite you to carry out a free eligibility test. You will know all the internet offers eligible for your address and you can choose the operator you really need at your address.

Give a free speed test to subscribe to the best offer

Breakdowns do not always explain a bad internet connection. Sometimes it can simply be the internet speed offered by your operator. The free flow test allows you to measure the actual speed of your internet connection, in ADSL and/ or fiber. Use this test to learn more about your Download, Upload debit as well as your ping.