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List of Internet suppliers and mobile operators

Youprice is a whole new player on the French mobile package market: he offers non -binding subscriptions, whose prices adapt according to your consumption

Fixed and mobile operators

In application of the electronic post and communications code, the establishment and exploitation of networks open to the public and the provision of electronic communications services to the public are free.

Indeed, ordinance n ° 2021-650 of May 26, 2021 transposing the Directive (EU) 2018/1972 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 11, 2018 came into force on May 28, 2021, and notably modified the ‘Article L. 33-1 of the Post and Electronic Communications Code by deleting the obligation to declare prior to the establishment of an activity as an electronic communications operator. The exercise of this activity no longer requires a declaration to the arcep, but remains conditioned on compliance with the obligations attached to this status.

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ARCEP is launching a public consultation on setting the regulatory rate of capital remuneration for fixed activities regulated from 2024.

List of Internet suppliers and mobile operators

Thomas Véron

Afone Mobile is a MVNO that offers mobile offers for individuals and professionals on the SFR network.

Based in the Grand Est, Agateria is a very high speed internet service provider. Its catalog of offers is made up of packages for individuals and professionals.

Alice, the low cost of free today disappeared

Alice was a low cost internet access provider. The operator Alice offered a triple play (fixed telephony, television and internet) offer in ADSL without obligation, the AliceBox.

Alsatis, fiber and wimax in white zone

Alsatis offers several broadband internet offers thanks to WiFi and Wimax type radio waves, for people in white zone (without network coverage).

Auchan Telecom: the characteristics of Auchan Mobile plans

Blocker’s license operated by El Telecom, Auchan Mobile offers mobile packages with or without commitment available on the Internet and in Auchan stores.

In 2011, Bouygues Telecom launched B & You, his Low-Cost brand, now missing. B & You now designates the range of non -binding mobile packages of Bouygues Telecom.

Bazile Telecom: mobile plans for seniors

Specialist in phones and mobile packages adapted to seniors, Bazile Telecom takes care to simplify the daily life of the elderly.

Bigblu (ex-European), European leader in satellite Internet

Bigblu (ex-European) is the European leader in satellite Internet. The operator uses Eutelsat satellites to offer high speed offers in the white area throughout France.

Blu, thanks to its mobile application, offers a completely free package based on a virtual currency and a reward system. You transform credits into call !

Bouygues’ Télécom subsidiary is doing well on the telecoms market thanks to the quality of its 4G, 4G+ mobile networks, and now 5G, and its innovative equipment, such as the Bbox Ultym, 4G box or 5G box.

Thanks to the SFR mobile network, the mobile budget brand markets low cost mobile subscriptions and without commitment only on the internet.

Telecom budget, the MVNO which opens up to energy

Telecom budget holds many brands that market internet and/or mobile subscriptions, among them, mobile budget, budget club, serenity club and minutes.

Mobile buzz: ethnic mvno now disappeared

Formerly mobile phone operator known as ethnic, mobile buzz disappeared in 2015. The former operator subscribers are oriented towards SFR offers.

CIC Mobile packages: low prices for CIC customers

Affiliated to Bouygues Telecom, CIC Mobile belongs to the CIC group. The MVNO offers mobile subscriptions with advantages for bank customers.

CTEXCELBIZ, the MVNO intended for the Chinese community

CTEXCELBIZ is a virtual mobile network operator offering prices specially dedicated to the Chinese community. The operator uses the orange network.

Mobile crossroads: Orange brand license now missing

Carrefour Mobile was a brand license associated with Orange. Disappeared in France, the operator still offers mobile offers and prepaid cards in some European countries.

Casino Mobile, former brand license from the Casino group

Today disappeared, Casino Mobile is the first brand license to have been operated by a MVNO. It previously offered prepaid cards on the SFR network.

Cdiscount Mobile: mobile plans from € 2

Cdiscount Mobile is the latest addition to the Mvno Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution. Since November 2016, it has been offering mobile plans from € 2 by relying on the Bouygues network.

Budget club: the MVNO Budget MVO Family oriented

Brand owned by the MVNO Budget Telecom, Club Budget offers mobile subscriptions and Internet offers for families.

Serenity club: mobile offers for seniors

Nubvenient of Telecom Budget, Club Serenity markets phones and mobile packages adapted to seniors. The brand operates the SFR mobile network.

COFIDIS Mobile, brand license from EI Telecom

Coming from the COFIDIS financial group, Cofidis Mobile was one of Ei Telecom’s brand licenses. Cofidis subscribers benefit from advantages on their COFIDIS Mobile package.

Green connection, satellite fai bought by Europasat

Green connection was an internet service provider by satellite intended for white areas. The operator was bought by Europasat and disappeared in 2016.

Coriolis is a MVNO using the SFR network. Many mobile packages and 3 Internet subscriptions are offered by the operator.

Corsica GSM is the first Corsican and independent operator. It offers mobile packages and ADSL/fiber or 4G internet box offers as well as multimedia subscriptions for individuals as well as for pros.

Crédit Mutuel Mobile: a large catalog of mobile plans!

Brand owned by Bouygues Telecom Business – Distribution, Crédit Mutuel Mobile is the telecom activity of the Crédit Mutuel group. The brand offers mobile packages with advantages for Crédit Mutuel customers.

EI Telecom, in a position of strength on the MNVO market

EI Telecom is a Full MVNO group which brings together several brands well known to the general public. These brands are NRJ Mobile, Crédit Mutuel Mobile, CIC Mobile, Auchan Mobile and Cofidis Mobile.

Eutelsat takes care of the management of satellite fleet in order to allow internet access, even outside the land networks areas. Eutelsat notably provides Europasat.

FDN association: non -profit internet access provider

FDN (French Data Network) is a non -profit association. It offers internet access offers by ADSL but also VPNs and low -speed internet access in RTC.

Last of the 4 network operators, Free has become a key player in the sector thanks to daring strategic choices, especially in the mobile telephony market.

IDHD, from satellite to connected house

IDHD formerly offered high-speed internet access by satellite in white areas and gray areas, but is focused today on hi-tech and home automation products.

Today disappeared, Joe Mobile was a MVNO which offered low cost and non -commitment mobile offers, including a fully customizable. Joe Mobile was online online and.

K-Net offers in more than 20 French departments very high speed by fiber, both for individuals and for professionals.

Kiwi is an internet access provider allowing several departments to benefit from fiber optics despite the absence of traditional operators.

La Poste Mobile is a MVNO whose shareholding is shared between La Poste and SFR. It uses the SFR network to offer mobile and internet offers at the top and very high speed.

Lefrenchmobile: MVNO dedicated to travelers in the European Union

Belonging to the Transatel group, the Lefrenchmobile brand offers prepaid cards for foreigners who travel to France and the European Union.

Lebara Mobile: prepaid mobile plans intended for international

A subsidiary of Lebara Group, Lebara Mobile markets mobile subscriptions intended for clientele from immigration by operating the Bouygues Telecom network.

British operator, Lycamobile offers roaming solutions and international calls on the Bouygues Telecom network thanks to rechargeable cards.

M6 Mobile is a MVNO which has not been selling a mobile subscription since July 12, 2016. The group had a brand license agreement with Orange, of which it used the network.

Mint Mobile is an eco -friendly virtual telephony operator, which is part of the Mint Energie group, and which has taken over the Telecom budget.

NRJ Mobile is a Full MVNO which markets 4G mobile offers using the Bouygues Telecom network. NRJ Mobile offers reduced prices for young customers.

Netcom Group: A MVNO for companies

Netcom is a MVNO specializing in fixed and mobile and internet access solutions, for companies.

A subsidiary of Orange, Nordnet is one of the Internet service providers by satellite leaders on the market. It also offers internet subscriptions in ADSL, optical fiber, Wimax.

Former television cable operator and internet access provider, Numericable merged with SFR in 2014. Since 2015, its offers have not been marketed under the Numericable brand.

Numerisat is a satellite access provider which has the particularity of offering flows among the best on the market.

If OVH originally is a website host, the company has diversified to become a real end offering internet offers in ADSL and VDSL Pro and individuals.

Omea Telecom: ex Full Mvno passed in the hands of SFR

Before its acquisition by Numericable Group, Omea Telecom owned 4 mobile operators: Breizh Mobile, Tele2 Mobile, Casino Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Today, it operates the Red by SFR brand.

ONOFF: The offer that allows you to have several numbers on a SIM card

The ONOFF application allows you to obtain several numbers, both French and international, on a single SIM card and a single smartphone.

Heir to France Telecom, Orange is a key player in the telecoms sector. The group multiplies investments, by tabling on the quality and extent of its networks.

Ozone: Internet by satellite, radio, fiber and ADSL

Ozone is a multi-technical internet service provider for white areas: it thus offers satellite, radio, fiber optics and ADSL.

Prixtel, the MVNO of modular packages

Prixtel is a MVNO that has been marketing mobile packages since 2007. Between 2011 and 2015, the operator presented an internet offer by ADSL. Prixtel offers modular packages.

Since 2016, SFR has been selling Internet subscriptions (ADSL, FTTH fiber and FTTLA) and movables without commitment through its low cost brand: Red by SFR.

Réglo Mobile package: the non -binding packages of E.Leclerc

Formerly called Leclerc Mobile, Réglo Mobile markets moving subscriptions without obligation. The brand is distributed in brands E.Leclerc.

Firmly established in the Internet and Mobile markets for 30 years, SFR has recently added a string to its arc to become a real content operator.

Simplus: MVNO with 4 mobile packages on the SFR network

MVNO operating the SFR network, Simplus markets 4 low cost and without commitment mobile subscriptions.

Sisteer Telecom, facilitator on the MVNO market

Virtual mobile network facilitator (MVNE), Sisteer Mobile provides virtual mobile operators of services and the equipment necessary for their activity.

Skydsl: European Satellite Internet Access Supplier

Skydsl is an internet service provider by satellite offering two -way satellite solutions throughout Europe.

Soon Mobile: mobile plans in Vivre Mobile stores

Soon Mobile is a brand license granted to EI Telecom. The operator offers mobile packages sold only in Living mobile telephony brands.

Sosh is the low cost brand of Orange. Since 2011, it has been offering non -binding mobile offers but also a Sosh Mobile + Livebox Triple Play offer.

Mobile source

With mobile source, you benefit from a responsible and united mobile package with the Bouygues Telecom network. The operator stands out thanks to its system allowing you to give money to associations by saving the gigas of your offer.

Starlink France: How does the internet offer by satellite work and at what price?

Starlink is a satellite internet project developed by the military Elon Musk.

Syma Mobile, MVNO de SFR turned to the international

Virtual mobile network operator of SFR, Syma Mobile markets conventional mobile packages and international -oriented prepaid cards.

Telecoop is a new ecological and responsible cooperative operator, offering a single mobile subscription.

Mobile transatel, the operator dedicated to cross -border workers

Transatel Mobile markets mobile subscriptions for residents of border areas, expatriates and people who travel a lot.

Videofutur: the provider of access to the fiber ceded to Nordnet

Videofutur was an internet service provider by fiber optic managed by Vitis. The ISP ceased its activity in 2023, video fiber clients were migrated to Nordnet.

Mobile Vectone: Mundio Mobile ethnic operator

Specializing in international communications, Vectone Mobile offers mobile home subscriptions and to many countries around the world.

Vialis is a telecom and energy operator mainly present in the Alsace region, offering double and triple play internet offers as well as mobile offers.

Disappeared in 2016, Virgin Mobile was a mobile telephone operator and an Internet access provider. The brand, Full MVNO, used SFR networks to offer its offers.

Weaccess, ex-infosat Telecom, an internet supplier in white areas

Weaccess is an internet operator who offers subscriptions for professionals and individuals in certain rural areas of France.

Wibox: old Internet access provider, bought by Nordnet

Who is Wibox, or rather who was Wibox ? Indeed, since the end of 2019, the operator has sold its activities to Nordnet. How does this change impact old Wibox customers ? How to manage your internet offer and obtain assistance from Nordnet ? Back on the Wibox course and on the future of its customers.

Xilan, Internet access provider in rural areas

Xilan is an internet operator that offers offers for individuals and professionals and different regions of France

Youprice, the newcomer to the non -binding package

Youprice is a whole new player on the French mobile package market: he offers non -binding subscriptions, whose prices adapt according to your consumption

Zero Package: MVNO on the SFR network now disappeared

Former MVNO, Zero Package offered a single low cost mobile package and without commitment. He disappeared definitively in 2016.

Telecoms include a great plurality of actors with very distinct objectives. In addition to the historical operators who trust the first places on the market, different groups are trying to get out of the game in this very competitive sector, whether by positioning themselves as virtual mobile network operators (MVNO), by offering technical solutions and Services for these same operators, or even by concentrating their efforts on the deployment of solutions in white areas. Detail on the Internet Access provider market in France.

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Historical Internet operators: SFR, Orange, Bouygues and Free

Box and mobile offer

Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free constitute in France what are called the mobile network operators. They alone benefit from the authorization issued by theArcep (Regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts) allowing to use hertzian frequencies in order to distribute mobile offers. Thus, all infrastructure, equipment and relay antennas, constituting the physical mobile network deployed on French territory, are divided between these 4 operators.

These companies, which share most of the mobile market, are also Internet market leader. Their role in the development of the Internet in France is absolutely major, whether in ADSL or in fiber.

  • Orange, Heir to France Telecom and owner of “local loop“(the RTC analog fixed telephone network), is one of the precursors both on the mobile and on the Internet. If the extent and reliability of its network – as well as the quality of its customer service – acts as a reference, the historic operator assumes a pricing policy above the standards of the market. To conquer a wider clientele, Orange has created its own low cost brand, Sosh. This offers mobile plans at a low price, from € 5.99, But also Internet + Mobile subscriptions to take advantage of the Internet offer inspired by those of Orange, The Sosh box.
  • SFR is one of the heavyweights on the market, whether for its mobile or internet offers. Indeed, the operator, who merged with Numericable in 2016, has the main advantage of offering his offers both in ADSL and FTTH (optical fiber to the subscriber) but also in FTTLA, that is To be said in fiber to the last amplifier (through a coaxial cable on the last meters of connection). The catalog of Internet offers SFR has the particularity of being densely garnished, with subscriptions intended for any type of users. Thus, alongside standard offers, there are a certain number of Triple Play subscriptions (Internet, Fixed Telephony, TV) focused on content, with access to prized TV bouquets of moviegoers (SFR Ciné Séries, OCS, Ciné+ , etc.) and sports enthusiasts (RMC Sport, BeIN Sports, etc.)). Through its low cost brand Red, SFR aligns with the Internet and mobile prices of cheap operators, by offering simplified versions of its SFR offers.
  • Bouygues Telecom, The bouygues construction giant subsidiary has concentrated its efforts on the rapid development of its 4G network, thanks to which it can market its classic mobile plans and its range at low prices B & you. The operator is not to be outdone on the internet aspect: with his Bbox, which operate on Android and pre-embark Several applications of Google Play, Bouygues Telecom offers an original alternative to traditional boxes. The operator recently innovated by launching his 5g box, which is the first box to benefit from the fixed internet using the 5G mobile network.
  • Free stands out from its competitors due to the number of packages marketed, whether on the Internet or Mobile. Since arriving on the mobile market, the group highlights the simplicity and transparency of its catalog, elements which have contributed to the recent successes of the operator. On the Internet, the subsidiary of Iliad Tables in particular on the great stability of its offers and on many private sales, which consist of short -term commercial actions aimed at offering its Freebox at broken price. In addition, with these last 3 freebox, Delta, Delta S And Pop, The operator has shown that he could also offer high -end products like his competitors.

The main missing internet and mobile operators

In recent years, several internet access providers and mobile operators have disappeared. Some have gone bankrupt or preferred to abandon in the face of fierce competition from the sector, others have merged with each other to form a new entity, others finally have been bought and incorporated into larger structures.

  • Among the most notorious, we can cite Virgin Mobile. The brand, which has become famous for its mobile plans shot around 16-25 year olds and belonging to Altice (Mother house of SFR) successively announced the cessation of marketing of its internet and mobile offers in 2016. This strategic choice results from a desire to boost its low cost red brand, to which Virgin Mobile customers have been encouraged to switch. Forced migrations from Virgin Mobile to Red by SFR equivalent plans are currently at work.
  • The case of M6 mobile is still different. The brand, which continued to operate until 2016, was born from an agreement between the M6 ​​television group and the operator Orange. It was distinguished by its low -cost mobile plans and its original communication (organization of concerts, sporting events, etc.) to attract young or offbeat clientele. Despite real success (up to 3 million customers), Orange has chosen to favor its low cost Sosh brand and abandon M6 Mobile. Subscribers can however continue to benefit from their package awaiting a migration to Orange or Sosh, which offer equivalent plans.
  • The merger of SFR and Numericable was a small earthquake in the universe of telecoms: announced in 2014, the Disappearance of Numericable is definitely activated in 2016 when the newly formed group CHOSIT to use the SFR brand to market its offers. However, the country’s main cable operator teams still 1 million subscribers and it will undoubtedly have to wait for several months before SFR proceeded to the great migration announced by the group and the replacement of the numbers of boxes with SFR boxes. From Numericable, there are thus many vestiges, first of all of which its FTTLA network used by SFR, but also its “TV by Numericable” television service.
  • Before becoming a range of non -binding packages belonging to Bouygues Telecom, B & You constituted a brand in its own right and had even briefly offered an internet access offer by ADSL, Box & You. Since 2014, B & You has been fully nested in Bouygues Telecom, unlike Red or Sosh, several services that work independently of their parent company. Thus, B & YOU subscribers are now managed in the same way as other Bouygues Telecom customers, in terms of access to customer service, management of their internet or store assistance.

At the rank of other missing operators, we can also cite:

  1. Casino Mobile, which belonged to Omea Telecom then to SFR-NUMERICABLE. The brand dedicated itself exclusively to the sale of Prepaid cards.
  2. Mobile buzz, this “ethnic” operator whose recharges were available from many tobacconists disappeared in 2015. He was previously addressed to the different communities living in France by offering preferential rates abroad (Maghreb, Sub -Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Portugal, etc.) and even launched his box in ADSL.
  3. Mobile crossroads. This brand license granted to the Giant of Large Distribution Carrefour by Orange definitively ceased to be distributed in the group’s signs in 2015 in 2015. On this occasion, Orange prompted the Mobile Carrefour subscribers to migrate to Sosh mobile plans or Mobicarte (Orange Prepay).
  4. Zero Package, which drew its originality from its unique subscription, low cost and without commitment, is also one of these operators not to have given a long time, turning off only a few years after its creation.

If the domain of mobile telephony brings together most of the “missing races”, some ISPs as a green connection, supplier of the internet by satellite, have also closed their doors. The company was thus bought in 2012 by Europasat, European leader in the matter.

MVNOs, or small mobile operators

THE Mvno, or virtual mobile network operators, are operators who do not have clean network and in fact use the infrastructures of “operators-hosts” (SFR for most of them, but also Orange or Bouygues Telecom) in order to offer their own mobile packages or internet offer.

Currently, the most important of them, with 1.5 million customers, is called IS Telecom (Euro-information Telecom). It is not only an operator but a company alone bringing together no less than 7 commercial brands, namely:

  1. Auchan Telecom and its family -oriented packages available in the AUCHAN group’s large distribution stores
  2. Cdiscount mobile and its package 2.00€ €
  3. Mobile NRJ and its offers oriented towards young people
  4. Soon Mobile and its packages marketed in Vivre Mobile brands
  5. Crédit Mutuel Mobile, CIC Mobile and Cofidis Mobile (Cofidis has stopped package sales since 2017), which offer mobile and internet offers at a preferential price for Crédit Mutuel, CIC and Cofidis customers.

The particularity of EI Telecom is to be what is called a “Full MVNO”. Unlike the “MNVO Light” totally dependent on operators-hosts, the Full MVNO keep the control over the management of their SIM cards and on their basis customers. Moreover, having signed 3 partnerships (with Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR), IS Telecom can use several mobile networks and thus “switch” its subscribers from one network to another on request. Apart from EI Telecom, other MVNOs benefit from this triple partnership. This is the case of Coriolis, both ISP and mobile operator, but also Netcom Group, specializing in fixed and mobile telephony for companies.

MVNOs under the supervision of SFR are, by far, the most numerous on the market. Indeed, the Budget Telecom group, bringing together both the budget (dedicated families), club serenity (dedicated to seniors) and mobile budget (general public) brands, is one of the most important on this market segment. THE Afone Group table for its part on its presence in Leclerc stores With its regal mobile brand, and on a customer of professionals with its brand Afone Mobile. Finally, the third and last MVNO “group” present exclusively on the SFR network is called Mundio Mobile. This London company is one of the European leaders on the MVNO market and has many brands on the whole continent. In France, its activity is limited to Vectone Mobile and its offers specially oriented to the international.

Beyond the previously cited groups, SFR also concluded an agreement with the mobile post for the use of its network. The operation of the mobile post is singular, since the operator is 51% held by post and 49% by SFR. Intermediate mobile range operator, La Poste Mobile also offers the fixed internet by very high speed on the network of SFR.

Prixtel, another MVNO on the SFR network, uses him Nra (Subscriber connection nodes) unbundled SFR to distribute its internet offers by ADSL. The operator also offers modular mobile packages On the SFR mobile network.

Finally, more confidential, Simplus and Joi Telecom also use SFR equipment to broadcast subscriptions at a low price. Their packages, however, suffer from theabsence of 4G.

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MVNOs present exclusively on the network ofOrange are fewer. We can cite the Transatel group, which has two brands in France:

  1. Mobile transatel, whose mobile solutions are mainly intended for cross -border workers Franco-Swiss And Franco-Belgian,
  2. Lefrenchmobile, which targets European travelers thanks to a system of Prepaid cards.

Finally, Bouygues Telecom only welcome 2 mvno:

  1. Lebara Mobile, present at the four corners of the globe,
  2. Lycamobile, who has an advance to be full mvno on the Bouygues Telecom network.

Symacom, with His hybrid card (Classic package + prepaid package), more or less seeks to attract the same customers, while the MVNO Bazile Telecom is betting on mobile plans comprising a whole range of services intended for seniors.

Internet suppliers in white zone

In certain rural or isolated regions, it is still not possible to access a broadband connection by the ADSL or to benefit from a mobile network. These non -served territories, which are named white areas, drew the attention of certain operators that have flared the potential of this niche market and developed internet and mobile solutions in response.

Internet in white zone

White areas are generally invested by operators offering a Internet access by satellite. One of the most famous, Nordnet, offers not only satellite technology, but also radio technology (Wimax or Wifimax), fiber thanks to RIP (Public Initiative Networks) present in certain territories. The operator even extended its initial offer to ADSL and mobile by collaborating with Orange.

Other operators competition northnet on the internet market by satellite:

All offer satellite -based offers Eutelsat Or Astra.

MVNES: virtual mobile operators

Other entities do not act like Mvno as such but as Virtual mobile network facilitators. This is the case, for example, of the group Transatel or Sisteer Telecom.

These companies offer their technical solutions to operators and a number of services essential for the dissemination of their offers. Among the most notable, we find the Voice management management, of the Sms And Data on the network 2/3/4G In France and in Roaming, the creation of personalized SIM cards in the colors of the customer operator, the management of final customer invoicing or even a call collection system.

Finally, in a completely different logic, “marginal” operators defend a completely different vision of the Internet and have developed non-lucrative models: this is the case for example of the FDN association, which through its offers defends Web neutrality and freedom of expression on the Internet. In particular, it offers ADSL offers using a system of VPN to guarantee connection security.

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