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Elops 520

Elops is a brand which was created in 2020 by Decathlon for conventional city bikes, electric city bikes, accessories … In this article, we will focus on the products of the Elops brand and their features.

Opinion on the Elops brand, the city bike from Décathlon:

Decathlon quickly established itself as a major player in the sector of cycling . The Elops brand has stood out, thanks to its city ​​bikes , which are available in conventional and electric models. What’s more, Decathlon allowed everyone to have access to the bicycle.

Comparison of bikes from the Elops range:

City bike Elops 520 Low frame Elops 120 E electric city bike Elops 920 e electricity bike
Returns and exchanges offered for 365 days Velo de ville Elops 520 Base Blue Jeans frame

History of the Elops brand:

Elops is a brand which was created in 2020 by Decathlon for conventional city bikes, electric city bikes, accessories … In this article, we will focus on the products of the Elops brand and their features.

The different ranges:

Decathlon offers a diverse selection of articles to reach the greatest number of people and, therefore, practices. The objective of these ranges is to meet everyone’s requests while keeping the Accessible practice. Thus, there are main ranges adapted to different types of practices such as:

  • Mountain bikers will appreciate the Rockrider brand.
  • Elops is the brand for city bikes.
  • Triban is a brand intended for all road bikes.

As you can see, the Elops bike collection offers classic and electric versions of all city bikes.

Elops in electric version:

Thanks to its accessibility, the French brand has been able to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Brand products Elops are from good qualities And accessible to all ! In addition, Décathlon designs its products, paying attention to its environmental impact, which is a real plus. It has thus developed in the design of electric bike which encourages populations to put themselves at the bike for daily journeys Or occasional for pleasure. Elops offers a variety of VAE to meet the needs of each. So, whether you are looking for a city bike, a road bike, a mountain bike or a cross-country bike, they are all available in traditional and electric version.

In terms of comfort and equipment, the Electric Assistance Elops bike offers all of this. You will simply have a mode of transport that will allow you to travel further and enjoy your adventures at a lower cost !

Elops, what an identity ?

It is not so much a new identity as a clarification. Before 2019, customers had trouble finding themselves there among the different models of bikes because all the references started with Btwin, regardless of the type of bike sought. You could come across Btwin Rockrider 520 or Btwin Elops 520, for example. Decathlon has simplified by removing the Btwin in front of each reference.

Nothing else has been changed. You can always count on the quality of Decathlon products and the quality of the equipment it uses and recommend.

Elops 520

With the Elops 520, Decathlon favored comfort by offering quality equipment and accessories.

199 € Price observed
250 € Price observed
259 € Price observed
299 € Price observed
299 € Price observed
349 € Price observed
350 € Price observed
449 € Price observed
449 € Price observed
450 € Price observed
460 € Price observed
470 € Price observed
599 € Price observed
599 € Price observed
879 € Price observed
899 € Price observed
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The opinion of circulationpropre

Elops 520

The writing note

  • – Low frame
  • – Comfort
  • – V-Brake brakes
  • – Framework, hanger, sapper and fork guaranteed for life

Our opinion on the Elops 520

With the Elops 520, Decathlon favored comfort by offering quality equipment and accessories.

The best classic market bikes on the market

After examining various configurations, conceptions, qualities and costs, we are delighted to present the two most efficient electric city bikes currently available on the market.

Podium-rolls \ -520

Elops 520

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The best value for money

podium-moma \ -bikes \ -city \ -classic

City Classic

In a short time, Decathlon managed to conquer an important position on the cycling market, making this activity accessible to the general public. The brand has distinguished itself thanks to its range of Elops city bikes, available in classic and electric versions. Especially thanks to the BTWIN model Elops 520.

On the program in this article: display

THE Btwin Elops 520 is a high -end city bike offered by the French brand Decathlon. This bike has a light and elegant aluminum frame, as well as a Shimano Altus transmission for a fluid and pleasant driving experience.

User’s comfort is also taken into account, thanks to its gel saddle and ergonomic handles. The Decathlon bike is also equipped with integrated LED lighting, mudguards and a luggage rack for practical use in town.

In short, the Btwin Elops 520 is an ideal choice for those looking for a superior, comfortable and practical city bike for their daily trips.

Consumer opinion

The sizes of the Elops 520

The French group offers several sizes to future users to guarantee optimal driving comfort.

XS 145 cm and 155 cm
S/M 155 cm and 175 cm
L/XL 175 cm and 195 cm

If you are at the junction of two sizes and you hesitate, your driving style will determine the one you will have to take. For optimal driving comfort, opt for smaller size to adopt a higher position.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more performance and speed, favor the upper size for a lower position.

Maximum weight and load

Although the weight of the Elops 520 is slightly higher than that of the Rockrider range, it is important to note that lightness needs vary depending on the practice. Therefore, here are the correspondences:

XS 17.6 kg
S/M 19.1 kg
L/XL 19.45 kg

It should be noted that although the weight may seem important, it greatly contributes to stability during the practice of cycling in urban areas.

Elops 520 frame and suspension

The low steel frame of the Elops 520 city bike offers an ease of practical span. Its city geometry allows the user to ride with the right back. Although there is no suspension on this Decathlon city bike, this is explained by the fact that urban practice does not require overcoming large obstacles or rugged paths.

However, to absorb the vibrations caused by the pavers, a slightly curved fork is present to offer a certain level of comfort.

Frame Steel
Fork Steel

Transmission and derailleur

THE Velo Elops 520 is equipped with an external derailleur offering 6 speeds in total, eliminating the need to juggle between different sets. The use of this city bike is therefore simplified and practical. You can easily adjust your speed depending on the traffic conditions.

Transmission/derailleur In screed, 6 speeds Btwin by microshift
Pedal Mono-Plateau, 40 teeth
Handle Btwin by microshift 6 -speed rotary
Chain Anti-corrosion km

Braking and wheels

The Elops 520 bicycle is equipped with front and rear brakes V-brake aluminum to guarantee your safety and comfort. These brakes offer progressive and effective braking. In addition, the two levers to activate the brakes are located at hand, in front of the handles on the handlebars, for easy use.

Brakes Front and rear V-Brake Steel
Brake levers Aluminum
Wheels 28 ″ front and rear in simple wall aluminum, 36 rays
26 ″ in size XS
Tires Balloon type tires with anti-hack reinforcement

Compatible accessories and equipment

The Decathlon Elops 520 bike is equipped with accessories and equipment specially designed for urban practice, thus guaranteeing your comfort and your safety.

It has a crutch on the rear wheel so as not to be bothering you during the pedaling. A luggage rack is above the rear wheel and can support up to 27 kg. You will also find a platform at the front of the bike that can support up to 7 kg, practical to transport your things, papers or laptop if you go to work. The rear linger is designed to accommodate a child seat.

Accessories compatibility Standard luggage rack, up to 27 kg of load (baby seat, luggage)
Bidon or anti-theft carrier at the level of the saddle tube
Frame on the rear part
Child trailer on the rear wheel axis
Equipment Reinforced side crutch for more stability during bicycle parking, luggage rack and basket/front platform loaded.


Visibility of the Elops 520

The brand also offers you a Dynamo bottle LED lighting system at the front and rear to improve your visibility on the road. These lights work thanks to the use, you therefore produce the necessary energy, and offer a range of 30 m at the front and visibility of up to 150 m at the rear for other road users.

In order to protect you from splashes in the event of a wet roadway, the brand has installed front and rear mud wards as well as a chain housing. You will also find specific locations to install a framework of frame and a foldable anti -theft. In addition, this model is compatible with the entire range of B’twin luggage for even more practicality.

Autonomous lighting with front and rear lamps powered by Dynamo Bota
Rear lights integrated into the mudguard and the front for the front to avoid breakage
Rear tail integrated into the luggage rack

Maintenance and warranty

It is important to take care of your Elops 520 bike by cleaning it regularly with water and a sponge, then drying it carefully to avoid all traces of humidity. Also avoid corrosive products and do not store it in a salt environment. For a further interview, Decathlon offers revisions of tires, brakes and transmission in its workshops.

In addition, the French group guarantees the gallows, the setting, the hanger and the rigid fork of this bike for life.

Interview Regular
Guarantee Framework, gallows, hanger, rigid fork for life
Rest of the components, 2 years, out of wear and tear

The price of Elops 520

The Elops 520 urban bike is marketed by Decathlon at an affordable price, offering good value for money. Although the Elops 920 electric version is higher in terms of performance, the standard version remains a solid option for buyers concerned with their budget.

In any case, you will benefit from the quality and know-how of a brand renowned for its quality products.

Price Between 300 and 400 euros

Elops 520 faced with competition

Currently, bicycle manufacturers and sellers are engaged in fierce competition. An impressive number of references have been launched, making the consumer choice increasingly difficult.

Each brand tries to stand out by offering innovative products, in the original style. Faced with this challenge, Decathlon offers a wide selection of quality bikes as well as electric assistance models.

This expanding sector continues to grow, and the French brand is again at the forefront of innovation by offering VAE accessible to all budgets. Although Decathlon is not the only company to embark on this booming market, the Alltricks online sales platform is also present.

Podium-rolls \ -520

Elops 520

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The best value for money

podium-moma \ -bikes \ -city \ -classic

City Classic

Elops, what’s exactly?

The French group offers a range of bikes called Elops which is specially designed for urban use. Although their designation has changed since 2019, the quality and the products offered remained the same as those of the old reference called Btwin Elops.

Thus, to access all the city bikes offered by Decathlon, it is now enough to simply search for the Elops range.

A new identity ?

Before 2019, it was difficult for customers to meet among the different models and ranges of bikes offered by Decathlon. The names of all the products started with “btwin”, whether you were looking for a city bike, a road bike, a VTC or a mountain bike, such as the Btwin Rockrider 520 or the Btwin Elops.

Since then, Decathlon has simplified things by simply removing “Btwin” in front of each reference, but the quality of the products and equipment offered by Decathlon remains the same.

The different ranges

Decathlon has designed various ranges in order to meet the needs of different types of practices and receive a maximum of people. These ranges aim to make cycling accessible to all. Thus, there are 4 large ranges adapted to 4 types of practices:

  • Rockrider for all -terrain bikes (mountain biking)
  • Riverside for bikes all path (VTC)
  • Elops for city bikes
  • Triban for road bikes

In short, the Elops range brings together all the city bikes offered by Decathlon, whether classic or electric.

And the electric in all of this ?

The cycling market is constantly expanding, as has already been mentioned. In addition, the French government clearly promotes this development by creating cycle paths and developing specific infrastructure for cyclists.

Imagine being able to prolong your walks easily thanks to an electrical assistance installed on your bike. Brands like Decathlon work hard to offer this practical solution. Each type of bicycle, whether it be mountain bikes, VTC, road or city bikes, is now available in electric version to meet the needs of everyone.

Too expensive ?

It can be difficult to choose and buy an electric bike, especially due to their high cost. However, thanks to government efforts to develop cycle infrastructure and encourage ecological trips, it is now possible to benefit from premiums for the purchase of electric bikes.

These premiums can significantly reduce the cost of purchase and allow consumers to save their money. Here are some figures to take into account:

  • National aid: it is equal to 20% of the purchase price including tax or 200 € maximum.
  • Regional aid: variable depending on the region, between € 150 and € 600
  • Communal aid: depends on the municipalities, in Paris for the purchase of a VAE, the consumer can receive up to € 400.

These data remain purely indicative, it seems important and appropriate to get closer to your municipality or your region in order to know all the details relating to eligibility and access conditions.

Elops in electric version

This French brand has managed to stand out from its competitors thanks to its accessibility. Indeed, it is aimed at everyone and offers good quality products at affordable prices for all French homes. Recently, it has extended its activity to a new field, green mobility, by offering a wide range of electric bikes. Whether you are looking for a city bike, road, mountain bike or VTC, there is necessarily a classic or electric version available.

Elops equipped with electrical assistance has all the characteristics in terms of comfort and equipment. You will simply have a means of transport that will allow you to go further and enjoy more of your outings for an always affordable price !

To conclude

The Elops 520 city bike is a complete, comfortable and studied product for exclusively urban use. You can undoubtedly count on all the equipment and accessories integrated into the latter. Despite everything, we believe that the electric version will bring you better satisfaction and allow you to fully enjoy your trips with less constraints and efforts.

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