Electric car: which models “made in France” in 2021?, What electric cars are produced in France?

What electric cars are produced in France

In fourth place, a certain Dacia Spring, the most affordable electric car of the moment, is assembled in China. The Renault group brand sold 22.145 units since the beginning of the year after undercover.

Electric car: which models “made in France” in 2021 ?

Only five electric vehicles are assembled in France in 2021. It’s little, but the choice is relatively varied: city car, sedan, utility and SUV. Discover in which cities these models as well as their engine and battery are manufactured.

The majority of electric cars currently on the market are not assembled in France. Among the ten best -selling models in France in October 2021, only one (the Renault Zoé) comes from French factories. The others are imported from Eastern Europe, China, South Korea, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom. Only 5 electric cars are made on the national territory, here they are:

#1 The Renault Zoe

Released in 2012, the electric pioneer was made in more than 282,000 copies. It is made at the Flins-sur-Seine factory in the Paris region, which will produce the vehicle until the end of its career in 2024. If the battery provided by LG is imported from Poland, its electric motor does not come from as far. It is assembled in the Cléon (Seine-Maritime) factory, which produces all of the Renault electric motors.

#2 The Renault Kangoo e-tech

The electric version of the Kangoo has been made in Maubeuge (North) since its launch in 2010. Today obsolete, the vehicle has not been very successful since it was produced in only 60,000 copies. A completely renovated new version should relaunch his career in 2022. Unrecognizable, the new electric kangoo will however remain assembled in Maubeuge.

The second generation Renault Kangoo ZE will be there in 2022

#3 The Renault Megane E-Tech

It will not be released until the spring of 2022, but one thing is already certain: the compact electric with a diamond will be produced in Douai (North). Its NMC batteries will remain imported from Wroclaw to Poland, where the LG supplier factory is located.


The manufacturer is German, but the manufacture is French. Since its launch in March 2021, the electric SUV has been assembled in the Stellantis factory in Poissy in the Paris region. Its engine is made on the Tréméry-Metz site (Moselle), which also provides the engines of almost the entire Stellantis electric range (Peugeot E-208, E-2008, Opel Corsa-E…) more than 500 copies have been registered In France to date, most of the production being exported across the Rhine.

#5 The DS3 Crossback e-Tense

The Stellantis factory in Poissy has also been manufacturing the Retrovintage electric SUV since its release in late 2019. Its battery is assembled there from cells imported from China by the supplier Catl. In a few years, Stellantis will make its own cells in France in Douvrin (Pas-de-Calais) via ACC, a joint venture formed with SAFT (Total subsidiary).


Outside category, the Renault Master E-Tech is produced in Batilly (Lorraine). It represents the only electrical Maxifourgon of large series made in France. Two future vehicles already promise to be assembled in France: The Renault R5 will be produced in Douai (North) in 2024, shortly after Peugeot E-3008 which will leave the Sochaux factory (Doubs) in 2023.

And you ? Have you found your happiness in the catalog of electric cars made in France ? Is the place of manufacture of a car a decisive purchase criterion for you ?

What electric cars are produced in France?

While Stellantis has just announced that six new electric cars will soon be produced in France, return to the current production of zero emission models in France.

The electric car is clearly the star of this Auto 2022 World Cup, which is held until Sunday October 23 at the Porte de Versailles, in Paris. Many models on the stands of the manufacturers present, but also a lot of outings to come. At Renault, three concepts for example, future R5, 4L and Scenic Vision, prefigure series models that will come out from 2024 and assembled in the North of France.

On the side of Stellantis (group resulting from the merger between PSA and FCA), there are also 6 new “Made in France” electric models in the coming years.

To the 2 million electric cars produced in France per year?

Ultimately, the objective is to produce 2 million electric cars in France, recalled Bruno Le Maire this morning at the Automotive Summit, who was standing on the sidelines of the Motor Show and the Equip Auto Fair.

To realize, this is the equivalent of the number of vehicles (light utilities included) all engines combined, recorded in 2009. Another figure to have in mind, with an automobile production that has been yoyo in recent years, 2.35 million units: this is the average over the period 2004-2020.

Where electric cars sold in Europe are produced?

But where the 100% electric vehicles of the two French groups, Renault and Stellantis have been produced since the start of the year? Thanks to the data provided by the Inovev firm, you can easily discover it in the interactive infographic below. We have also included rechargeable hybrid models (PHEV), which can drive in 100% electric mode, but with limited autonomy.

Champion of electric sales in Europe from January to August with 41.782 units, the Fiat 500 is for example produced in Italy, in Turin. In the second position, the Peugeot E-208 (28.777 units), assembly in Slovakia, in front of the Renault Zoé, produced in Flins (Yvelines) and first model “Made in France” in the ranking.

In fourth place, a certain Dacia Spring, the most affordable electric car of the moment, is assembled in China. The Renault group brand sold 22.145 units since the beginning of the year after undercover.

France, electric bastion of Stellantis and Renault

If we take up the classification by country, still on electric vehicles sold by Stellantis and Renault in Europe, France is in the neck with Spain, with around 53.000 units produced in January and August.

In third position, we find Italy of the Fiat 500, just ahead of the China of the Dacia Spring.

Surprise of this ranking, the first economy in Europe and the first car producer does not produce any electric car from the two French groups. The Opel Astra, cousin of the Peugeot 308, is indeed not yet offered in 100% electric, the same thing for the DS4. As a reminder, the country can still count on its national manufacturers, Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW, and Tesla, which recently started its production in its factory near Berlin.

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