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Whatsapp Messenger

If WhatsApp intended to create a paid version at one point, the messaging focused on a formula for professionals named WhatsApp Business, it is therefore reserved for a professional framework.


WhatsApp is free and secure instant instant messaging that allows you to keep in touch with all your friends or family, you can download it and install it on all platforms.

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Why use WhatsApp ?

What are the news of the latest version of WhatsApp ?

With which OS WhatsApp is compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp ?


WhatsApp (also called WhatsApp Messenger) is a free app (without advertising) instant messaging, edited by Facebook. It requires a phone number for the creation of an account, which allows you to easily find all the contacts of the telephone directory (friends, family, colleagues) which already have the application. For professionals, note the existence of a specialized version: WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp offers end -to -end conversations. The application allows you to send messages to text format, photos, videos and vocal notes. Users can even exchange any type of file, regardless of the format.

From the application, it is possible to make vocal calls and videoconferences. Group conversations are also there, as are ephemeral statutes available by contacts for 24 hours.

A variation for Windows and MacOS computers exists, it requires synchronizing with a WhatsApp account used by a smartphone. It allows you to send messages and documents directly from the computer, and offers the possibility of making voice calls and changing your status.

Why use WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp Messenger is completely free (without advertising) for download and use. The service requires that you are connected to the Internet, for mobiles the connection can be carried out by WiFi or in mobile data (depending on your package). So you can use instant messaging to send messages without using your SMS package.

Regarding confidentiality and security, WhatsApp allows end -to -end encryption of messages and calls (and cloud backup), and you can even send ephemeral messages that disappear after 24 hours (and up to 7 days). To learn more about data processing: Data exploitation: Europe puts pressure on WhatsApp

The View Once functionality allows users to send ephemeral images and videos that can only open once before being automatically and definitively deleted. Note that they are protected against screenshot). In addition, very practical feature allows users to listen to their voice messages before sending them.

Also note that your account allows you to synchronize all your devices to follow your conversations ! This allows you to download the application to all your supports. Then follow the guide: Whatsapp: how to use your account on several devices ?


You can create discussion groups, where you can exchange in writing with several. Much more practical than group SMS, the WhatsApp discussion group allows everyone to read everyone’s answers, with a single downside: you can only see the messages written since your inclusion in the group, not the previous , it is better to avoid forgetting to include users when you create a group. The group creation option allows endless possibilities: plan a weekend with friends, keep in touch with the distant family, create working groups with your employees, etc.

WhatsApp even allows you to create surveys ! Finding a date for the next meal, who wants to eat what or in which restaurant is possible directly in the form of a questionnaire ! Practical. To create a survey, click the button containing a trombone located next to the text box and choose survey in the list (you must be in a group conversation). You just have to fill out the form and send !

As soon as a message arrives in a group or a discussion, you are informed by a notification. However, know that you have the possibility of putting contact or a group in silent (or vibrator) group indefinitely. Note that if you do not want to make a written answer to a message, you have the possibility of using the reaction module that allows you to hang any emoticon on the message in question.

WhatsApp also allows you to change the wallpaper on each conversation, you can decorate each differently ! No more sending the message in the bad group by inattention, now each group will have its own wallpaper.

Another important tool: the possibility of returning to a deletion of message. If you have accidentally deleted your message only for you, instead of the whole group, WhatsApp now gives you the opportunity to go back (phew). Be careful however, because this is only possible in a window of 5 seconds after the click on the deletion key. This feature only allows you to “delete for all” instead of “deleting for me”, it does not allow you to recover deleted messages by mistake.

Regarding voice messages. You can break them to take them back later in the same place, but also listen to a message while leaving the application to do something else in parallel. It is even possible to speed up reading to save time.

Audio and video calls

In addition to instant messaging, WhatsApp allows you to make audio calls, as if you phone, but using the Internet and therefore leaving your quiet mobile package. This option is used whatever the country of the world where the user is, as long as you have the internet, you can join, at no additional cost ! And if you want to see yourself in addition to hearing yourself, prefer the video call to the audio call !

Note that WhatsApp allows you to make video calls up to 50 people thanks to the option Rooms, already implemented for Facebook Messenger (remember that the two applications are both from the editor Facebook)). Voice and video calls are also available from WhatsApp’s office application (but not from the web).

It is also possible to share the link to the videoconferencing room with your contacts so that they can reach it easily, as you would with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other service specializing in videoconference.

The attachments

In the messaging module, you can send files to your interlocutors, whatever their format, photos, images, videos, etc.

But that’s not all since you can also leave personal voice messages. But if like when you leave a message on the answering machine of the house in the back of the benchmark, or you send an email to yourself with an attachment to recover. Now you can do all of this with WhatsApp by sending you a message !

By default, be aware that WhatsApp is configured to automatically download the photos sent to the various groups and discussions to which you belong. However, you can adjust this opposite, so to see a photo, you will have to tap over it. This avoids invasion of your storage space, moreover a storage space management system allows you to list and delete (after preview if necessary) attachments, photo, videos and other media files too bulky. What quickly gain storage space in your smartphone !

Another possibility: use the browser version on your PC or Mac. Indeed, this version directly displays online images, without downloading them.

What are the news of the latest version of WhatsApp ?

In November 2022, communities appear and allow users to bring together several conversations and thus share messages to everyone at the same time. Communities are not public fairs as rumors have been able to claim it, but many private and encrypted conversations from start to finish. To know more : Communities, surveys, video calls. WhatsApp is full of new features

At the start of 2023, the vocal statutes arrive. To find out more, see our article: Whatsapp statutes give voice.

With which OS WhatsApp is compatible ?

The application is multiplate, this allows users to communicate with each other regardless of their equipment and download it to all their devices.

For holders of a smartphone under Google Android (Play Store) first, you can download WhatsApp from Android 4.0.3. For iOS (Apple Store), it should be noted that the application is only compatible with the iPhone and a version of iOS from 9.0. Note that it is possible to make a transfer between iOS and Android if you change your system and that you want to recover your history.

To access your messages on your PC or MAC, you can download Desktop software, or connect to the website. In both cases, you will need to scan a QR code on your mobile app to connect your account.

You are rather Linux, or you want not to install software on your PC ? So, opt for the online service version which can open from any browser (as indicated above, you just have to scan a QR code in your application to access your conversations).

How to use WhatsApp Desktop ?

For Microsoft Windows users, you will need to have at least Windows 8 installed. And for those who prefer the apple computer, count from MacOS 10.10 so that the software works on your Mac.

Although WhatsApp’s mobile interface is particularly practical, it is not always easy to respond to messages and participate in a group conversation, when you are working on your computer. You are asked every minute and have to raise your eyes on your screen all the time. This is where WhatsApp Desktop software for Windows and MacOS are welcome. Indeed, you have a window dedicated to your conversations directly on your computer screen, which are automatically synchronized with your mobile application. You do not lose any of your exchanges with your loved ones or with your work colleagues.

The interface of WhatsApp Desktop is fluid and pleasant and you have all the options of the mobile version as well as the end -to -end encryption system to secure your conversations. Your contacts are also synchronized and you can make your voice and video calls directly from your computer.

To find out more, see our tutorial article: why and how to use WhatsApp on a computer ?

What are the best alternatives to WhatsApp ?

Many communication software and applications are available for free download. Most also allow you to exchange via instant messaging (with transfer of files and images), by voice or video call (videoconferencing), and group conversations. All require an internet connection.

Microsoft also offers a communication system, it is called Skype. This service is available on all computer operating systems, in web version, and on mobile devices (Android, iPhone), but also on Xbox and Amazon Echo.

In the fields of messaging, it should be noted the presence of Telegram, Ultra secure messaging (by encryption), fully multiplateform which offers an option to delete messages already read. It will undoubtedly interest you for its confidentiality and safety.

Like Telegram based on security and very downloaded during this period when WhatsApp continues to link to Facebook, we recommend you Signal. To find out more, read our article: Signal, Messaging refuge of the disappointed Whatsapp

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Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger

Presentation of WhatsApp Messenger by

Whatsapp Messenger is an instant messaging that belongs Meta group (Facebook, Instagram. )). It allows you to exchange by message in the form of multimedia text content (videos, vocals) and it also offers the possibility of being called with the video option or not. For several years, this has been the most popular messaging in the world with more than two billion active users.

The WhatsApp application was born in 2009, it was created by two former employees of the Yahoo company named Brian Acton and Jan Koum. If its initial goal was to replace the SMS, we can say that it has managed to make an essential place in many countries of the world. She took a very strong turning point in 2014, the year she was bought by the Meta group for $ 22 billion. Since then, she is still not monetized and she is free for everyone.

If you download WhatsApp Messenger, you will quickly see that this instant messaging application counts on many arguments to meet its basic goal: that of replacing the SMS. First, it allows you to see if a user is online, if he has read the message, if he is writing. These are options that you can modify in the settings. Then, the service is widely used for the creation of groups: friend, family, work … Several millions of people converse in groups with their loved ones on this platform.

Download WhatsApp is also to take advantage of a service that is used on a daily basis by people who do not live in the same country, because everyone can rely on their network or WiFi connection to communicate with the other rather What to have to pay SMS and calls. In this way, the platform is distinguished from the Imessage service, which is exclusively reserved for iPhone holders.

Finally, WhatsApp Messenger benefits from end -to -end encryption thanks to Protocol signal, A encryption protocol that ensures the protection of your discussions when you send messages or make calls. According to this, no one has access to the exchanges concerned except for the sender and the recipient, Meta cannot therefore see the content shared.

Operation of WhatsApp Messenger

Download WhatsApp Messenger to a smartphone or computer (web version) is simple and free. As soon as it’s done, you just have to add your phone number and follow the procedure that is done very quickly, so that creating an account takes less than a few minutes.

As soon as you have a WhatsApp Messenger account, you access a very simple interface which is made around a menu located at the bottom of the screen on mobile. Since then, you can navigate between calls, discussions, settings or the camera and the status.

The discussion category is the most used on WhatsApp Messenger, because it gives access to all the conversations you have in progress on the platform. In this way, you will find your private exchanges, but also your groups from a very refined interface. Once you are in one of your discussions, you can send a text or vocal message, a photo, a video, a link, a GIF … In short, you have the choice.

Download WhatsApp allows you to make calls for two or in groups, a feature that has been widely used in the world during the successive confinements of the health crisis in 2020. And for good reason, calls can be vocal only, but also video.

It should be noted that WhatsApp has not escaped the wave of stories that swept over all of email applications or almost social networks a few years ago. This feature therefore allows you to post short videos that remain available on the service for 24 hours before disappearing. From the Status category, you can easily add videos or images of your choice and consult those of your contacts.

From the settings, WhatsApp allows you to manage the confidentiality and security of your account, so that you can for example protect access to the mobile application by an account (or Touchid and Faceid on iOS). It is also possible to implement two -step verification.

With WhatsApp settings, you can also manage the notifications and choose whether or not to display an overview when you receive a message. The same goes for the options concerning the confirmation of reading or the online status that you can hide, as we said before.

Over time, Whatsapp Messenger continues to accommodate new features to establish its position as world leader. Since spring 2023, there is an option that allows you to send a message and modify it within 15 minutes, it is perfect in case of error.

Otherwise, WhatsApp now offers the locking of discussions so that you can mask your most private exchanges with this additional safety option.


Basically, it was possible to download WhatsApp Messenger to smartphone only, because the service was available on iOS and Android. In this case, be aware that you should have Android 4 versions.0.3 and iOS 9.0 or more recent updates of operating systems.

Over time, the application has become compatible with more and more operating systems, so that it is found on computers with macOS from version 10.10 (Yosemite) and Windows from version 8.0.

The WhatsApp interface on computer is similar to the mobile application: it allows you to follow all your conversations and make calls. This is synchronized with your smartphone so that you are always up to date even if you use the service on several devices.

On a browser, you can use whatsapp web. It is a simplified solution that will have to be linked to your smartphone application via a QR code. When you are on the web version, a QR code is displayed first and you must scan it via the mobile application of the messaging service.

If you want to use WhatsApp from the office application or from the web version, you must have the mobile application on your smartphone.

A free application

You can download WhatsApp Messenger and use it fully without any time limit, simply because the mobile application is completely free. It does not require any subscription or payment on your part. You also don’t need to create an account on facebook to be able to use it.

If WhatsApp intended to create a paid version at one point, the messaging focused on a formula for professionals named WhatsApp Business, it is therefore reserved for a professional framework.

The alternatives

Download WhatsApp is to join a community of more than two billion active users per month and easily communicate with all your friends around the world. However, that does not prevent you from looking for an alternative to this mobile application held by the META group (Facebook, Instagram. )). The first option is to choose the signal service.

Available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, Signal is also an instant messaging widely used in the world due to the confidentiality it puts in the. In addition, the service is also completely free.

In detail, it is the origin of the encryption protocol Protocol signal that we find on several messaging applications – including WhatsApp, but also Facebook Messenger (in “secret conversation” mode) and Google Allo (in “incognito mode”). In parallel, messaging offers other security -related features while maintaining a simple and easy -to -use interface to exchange by messages or to be called (audio or video).

The other messaging application which is an alternative to WhatsApp, it’s Facebook Messenger: it is simply the second most used in the world. The service therefore belongs to the Meta group, it wants to be compatible with devices under Windows, MacOS or Android and iOS. With more than 1.3 billion users worldwide, it is also very popular. Otherwise, you can orient yourself towards applications like Telegram.

Exchange private messages

Simple, reliable and free private messages and calls*, all over the world.

* Data costs may apply. Contact your operator to find out more.

Private messages and calls allow you to be yourself, to discuss freely and to feel close to the people who count most for you, wherever they are in the world.

Do not miss anything thanks to vocal and video calls

Whether during a group call with classmates or on the phone with your mom, vocal and video calls will give you the impression of being in the same room.