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Opera GX

Simpler and directly integrated into Windows, Microsoft Edge is also a perfectly viable solution. Rather light and always richer for each update, the software deserves a glance.

Opera GX

Today masting, Opera GX takes up almost all the features of the Opera web browser with several unique elements dedicated to video games: direct integration of Twitch and other services, a news feed and a processor consumption limiter , RAM and the strip-passing. This function is by far the most interesting, while the visual customization options are quite numerous.

  • Why use Opera GX ?
  • Opera GX flagship features
  • How to use Opera GX ?
  • What are the alternatives to Opera GX ?

If it mainly intends to players with its interface not necessarily very sober and its few tools linked to the world of gaming, the many features ofOpera GX, in particular those to save system resources, could well interest any Internet user. A perfectly recommendable solution today.

Why use Opera GX ?

If you are looking for an alternative to Chrome or Firefox to browse the Internet, whether it is to be able to play in the best conditions next to it or just to stand out, Opera GX is probably for you. Because the Gaming version of Opera also offers many very practical features, some of which specially for players.

Opera GX flagship features

The main functionality of Opera GX is called GX Control. This allows, via different settings in the side panel, to prevent the navigator from consuming too many resources (percentage of the CPU, quantity of ram and strip-through)). It also allows you to easily close the most gourmet tabs. A cleaning tool (cache, cookies, history, downloads, etc.) is also part to optimize navigation.

Then comes the GX Corner. This is a page where elements are grouped that will interest players: outing calendar, free games, news flows, promotions, etc.

Finally, in addition to customization options for the fairly advanced appearance and sounds of the browser, Opera GX incorporates services such as Twitch, Whatsapp, Discord, Messenger or Instagram in its side bar.

Based on Opera, Opera GX also offers an integrated VPN, an advertising and tracker blocker or the support of pop-up videos. It is also possible to integrate musical services like Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music, while Flow allows you to share content to the mobile version and vice versa.

How to use Opera GX ?

Opera GX is not only offered on Windows, but it was also worn on macOS and mobile, Android as iOS. It is possible to synchronize tabs, favorites and passwords between all these dirts via a classic account system.

What are the alternatives to Opera GX ?

In addition to the classics Chrome or Firefox which are trying in their updates not to be too heavy, there are other browsers that could seduce players outside of Opera GX.

This is particularly the case of Vivaldi. If he may seem a little heavy at first, it is undoubtedly the browser offering the most options and features today on the market. What centralize many elements (notes, emails, calendar, etc.) and thus do without other software to save system resources, while Power USERS will be happy to personalize the slightest menu.

Simpler and directly integrated into Windows, Microsoft Edge is also a perfectly viable solution. Rather light and always richer for each update, the software deserves a glance.

Opera GX

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Opera’s team wanted to think about the needs of gamers when accessing sites and web services at the same time as they play their games. For this reason, it presents Opera GX, A browser thought as a complement for the game.

Created to integrate online activity during the game

For this reason, The browser includes a series of features and tools by compromising computer resources at least, so that he can devote all his resources to the game, without the parties being able to suffer from the G.

Here are the main features that the user will find on this browser:

  • RAM consumption and limited processor.
  • Integration with web services like Twitch for the live retransmission of the Parties.
  • News section with news gamer For different platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation…
  • Customizable design with different subjects.
  • Messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger integrated.
  • Pop out video option.
  • Advertising.
  • Free VPN Service.
  • Access to the Opera extensions store.

Additional conditions and information:

  • Minimum operating system required: Windows 7.

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