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If you want to buy and download Microsoft Office 2021, you can go to the official Microsoft website. The software is available worldwide and can also be purchased from authorized resellers in your country. For successful installation and optimal use, make sure you have a valid license key.

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Microsoft Office, the most used professional office suite, includes a varied range of applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. This product version, available for download and activation, has evolved over the decades, adapting to the changing needs of its users. In the current 2021 version, Microsoft Office offers better collaboration between authors and a panoply of new features in its Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher software. The installation of this version is easy and requires only a valid license key for activation.

  • Why use Microsoft Office for Windows ?
  • The software that makes up Microsoft Office
  • How to use Microsoft Office 2021 ?
  • What are the alternatives to Microsoft Office 2021 ?

Why use Microsoft Office for Windows ?

Recognized as an essential reference in the field of office automation, Microsoft Office, with more than 25 years of presence, is the continuation of professional software par excellence. It offers emblematic tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access, available for download and activation in Windows and MacOS.

Due to the diversity and efficiency of its software, Microsoft Office adapts to a wide range of trades, which explains its prevalence in the world of the company. Although there are alternatives, Microsoft file formats (.Doc (x), .XLS (x), PPT (x). ), remain the standard for professional exchanges.

With its recent versions, the Redmond company continues to improve the components of the Office suite. From flagship word processing software, Word, Excel spreadsheet, including the PowerPoint presentation application, the interface of each software has been optimized and new features have been integrated for better user experience. The key to a successful installation is based on the acquisition of a valid license for each product.

The software that makes up Microsoft Office


The publisher’s office suite first includes Word. Very versatile, the word processor software allows you to write a letter as a novel. Microsoft offers rich layouts, models to download and a whole section of fitness tools. Over the years, Word has evolved to turn to the creation of multimedia documents.

Word is undoubtedly the most popular application of this suite as well used by students and within any job. For many, it is generally with Word that we are starting to master the overall functionalities of a computer (creation of a document, recording, modifications. )).


Excel, the manager of calculation sheets of the Microsoft Office suite, is recognized as the undisputed reference in its field. Whether it’s creating a file to manage your accounts or handle a complex database, Microsoft has designed a powerful dynamic cross -table tools, making Excel an essential in the family of office software.

Microsoft Excel goes beyond simple data management, it also makes it possible to calculate expenses by generating detailed graphics or even listing information, such as the content of a library, in an organized manner. The management of macros gives Excel practically endless possibilities, constantly improving its effectiveness to meet the changing needs of users, whether students or professional.

To take full advantage of the features of this software, you will just have to download it, install it on your Windows computer or activate it using a valid license key. So, whether you are a novice or experienced user, Excel is positioned as a key tool to optimize your productivity.

Power point

PowerPoint, another application of the Microsoft Office office suite, is an essential tool for the creation of conventional and interactive presentations using slides. To engage and captivate your audience, you can enrich your slides with text, images, colored funds, videos or tables. In addition, the integration of animations and original transitions allows you to create a dynamic in your presentation.

Widely adopted in school and professional circles, PowerPoint is used to present a variety of content, from school presentations to professional relationships, including projects, marketing plans and schedules. Whether you are a student or professional, PowerPoint, available for download and activation on Windows and Mac, is an essential tool for creating impacting presentations. Make sure you have a valid license key for successful installation and optimal use of the functionality of this software.

Office 2021: new features

With its latest version, the Redmond firm continues only to improve software making up the rest. From the star word processor to the spreadsheet via the PowerPoint presentation software, the interface of each software has been redesigned and new features have been added:

Office additions 2019

How to use Microsoft Office 2021 ?

Microsoft Office 2021, the sequence of reference professional software, is available for purchase and can be installed on Windows and MacOS operating systems. You can buy the software license at once, directly on the official Microsoft page, or from other approved retailers. Microsoft Office 2021 is also available as a preinstalled software on certain devices such as computers and laptops equipped with the Windows operating system.

It is important to distinguish Microsoft Office 2021 from Office 365. Indeed, unlike Office 2021, Office 365 is a cloud -based subscription service which gives access to the latest version of Office, as well as additional services such as online storage and collaboration tools.

If you want to buy and download Microsoft Office 2021, you can go to the official Microsoft website. The software is available worldwide and can also be purchased from authorized resellers in your country. For successful installation and optimal use, make sure you have a valid license key.

Understand Microsoft’s offer

Today, as individuals, you have the choice between four formulas: Microsoft 365 Family, Microsoft 365 Staff, Office Family and Student 2021 and Microsoft Office Family and Small Business 2021. Here are their differences:

For medium and large companies as well as schools, Microsoft 365 also offers a large choice of subscriptions that can include additional applications and services such as Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, Publisher, Access, Intune and Azure.

Activate its Microsoft Office 2021 license

Activation of Microsoft Office 2021 is a process necessary to unlock all the functionality of the software and ensure that it is used legally. There are several ways to activate Office 2021, depending on how you have obtained the software.

It is important to note that if you have a trial version of Office 2021, you will need to buy a license to continue using it once the trial period is completed.

What are the alternatives to Microsoft Office 2021 ?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), the suite in the cloud and with collaborative work

Difficult to ignore Google Workspace . The productivity suite of the Mountain View firm based on the cloud includes Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, which are respectively similar to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also includes other tools like Gmail, Calendar and Drive.

Difficult to miss Google Workspace when talking about productivity tools. This office suite based on the cloud of the Mountain View firm offers applications similar to those of Microsoft Office. Indeed, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are respectively the equivalents of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Google Workspace also includes other essential tools such as Gmail for email management, Calendar for planning and drive for storage and sharing of files.

LibreOffice, the popular open-source choice

LibreOffice is another series of well -known office automation software, benefiting from open source status. It includes a range of tools equivalent to those of Microsoft Office, with Writer for word processing (similar to Word), Calc for calculation sheets (similar to Excel), and Impress for presentations (similar to PowerPoint). In addition, she offers Draw for the creation of vector graphics and organizationalities, basis for database management, and Math for the editing of mathematical formulas.

Cryptpad, the French solution that takes care of your data

Developed in France, Cryptpad is an office suite mixing productivity, collaboration and respect for privacy. It has 8 applications including a spreadsheet, a text editor, a workflow manager (Kanban), a creator of Markdown slideshow and tools to write code, perform presentations, surveys and store documents. This free software is distinguished thanks to its end -to -end encryption and its various collaborative options.

Apple iWork, for apple users

iWork is the free productivity continuation of Apple which includes pages (word processor), Numbers (calculation sheets) and Keynote (presentations). It is generally preinstalled on all MACs and available for download for iOS devices.

Open Office

OpenOffice, another sequence of open source code productivity which includes Writer (word processor), Calc (calculation sheets), impress (presentations), draw (vector graphs and organizations), base (databases) and math (edition of formulas).

Office 365

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The office by subscription which benefits as much as possible from the cloud

If we think in a office suite, Microsoft Office is the first that goes through our heads. These are clearly The reference of this kind of software And it marks the path of other free alternative suites like OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

A long time ago, we buy it like any other PC software: directly in a store or received by mail with a physical installation CD, if the rest was not installed as standard in the computer once bought. On the other hand, currently, thanks to the rapid Internet connections and progress in online technology, we can buy online software and pay to download the files, sometimes also having a technical and after-sales service online. Microsoft Office 365, THE system of rent from the Office suite, is inspired by this philosophy.

Office 365 version applications

Here are the tools we find in the pack according to the Subscription style chosen. Each offers a series of these apps, by going from a basic configuration to the complete pack.

  • Word : access, touch up and create documents with a professional finish and do it with collaborative functionalities by connecting your project colleagues to your work.
  • Excel : the calculation sheet app where to control, organize and place your digital or text data.
  • Power point : the best tool to create presentations where to expose your ideas and your work.
  • Outlook : the messaging client who integrates agenda features and is complemented with your office work.
  • OneNote : the app for taking compatible notes with Evernote and where you can organize your task lists or simply the ideas that pass you through your head and that you do not want to forget.
  • Access : organize your database information to make it more accessible, organized and recoverable.
  • Publisher : the tool that makes it possible to format publications.

And its main characteristics?

The nature of this version of the office set makes it of a series of characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the versions. Here are the most important:

  • 1 TB of memory on onedrive which allows you to go from one device to another without copying the files and documents constantly from one side to another.
  • Possibility of Share subscription with 4 more users. Installation can be done on 5 different computers.
  • Possibility of Revise, touch up and present documents with other devices such as Android, Mac or iPhone.
  • Enjoy collaborative features applications.
  • Always have Automatic updates Throughout the time of subscription to have the latest innovations implemented by Microsoft.
  • Technical assistant.

What Microsoft Office is? 2016 or 365?

This depends on your needs and your situation … that is, Office 2016, 2013, etc., is here Classic version from the suite: a tool which remains static and which will be exceeded by a posterior version. This is enough if you think you are going to use it for several years and its options are suitable for you. On the contrary, 365 gives you the option of always being up to date with the latest innovations of the software in addition to being able to decide how long you want to use it Or if you want to install it on more computers to move your work from one place to another.

How much is the subscription?

There’s to several plans and according to your choice you will pay a price or another. Here are a few and the monthly or the year money that Microsoft asks:

  • Family : Annual payment of € 99 or monthly of € 10.
  • Staff or for individuals : 69 € per year or € 7 per month.
  • Student : students and teachers carry out the conditions required to use the free version of the app. Just proportion an email address of an educational institution.

Additional conditions and information:

  • This is a month of testing.

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