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Discover spaces, the premium functionality that allows you to create up to 10 personalized sub-accounts to organize your budget and put money aside for your projects. “Holidays”, “new computer”. It’s up to you to personalize them !

Debit card or credit card: what difference ?

In appearance, all payment cards are similar, yet their operation is very different. Consult our guide to find out the difference between debit, credit and prepaid cards cards.

What is a debit card ?

A debit card is directly linked to your account and allows you to access the balance of this. It is used to pay in store, online and for withdrawals to the distributor. The amount spent is debited from your account, hence the name of the card.

In France, the term “credit card” is often used wrongly to designate the debit card associated with your account. A debit card usually allows you to spend more money than you have on your account.

What is a credit card ?

When you pay by credit card, you borrow money from its transmitter. Your payments are added to your total debtor balance, that is to say the amount that you will have to reimburse later in addition to the applicable interest.

Credit cards offer many advantages (quick access to funds, solvency index, fraud protection. ) but are not without risk: unpaid debts are translated into a poor solvency index and increased interest.

What is a prepaid card ?

The prepaid cards work as a fixed payment means: you load your card from a bank account or with liquid. They are not connected to your bank account; No risk of spending too much.

They are ideal for fixing a budget or avoiding transporting species. In addition, they are often rechargeable and do not require any solvency exam. On the other hand, read the general conditions well so as not to have surprise costs.

Credit or debit card ?

Now that you know the difference, you just have to choose between credit or debit card.

  • The debit cards offer less strict eligibility conditions, reduce the risk of debt and allow you to save on your account.
  • Credit cards offer expenditure margin, but be careful to be able to repay your debts.
  • Prepaid cards protect you from debt but do not offer all the advantages of a bank account.

The free bank account for the daily

Discover the free bank account that will make your life easier and access most of the banking services. Guaranteed without deposit or income conditions. Open your account in a few minutes from your phone and start managing your money in real time.

N26 banking application showing a virtual mastercard on a light green background with the Best Bank Forbes logo

Virtual card

A MasterCard virtual card for all your payments

The standard N26 standard bank account is associated with a Mastercard virtual card, available as soon as your account is opened. Adjust all your purchases thanks to mobile payments with Google Pay or Apple Pay in store, online or in your applications.

Want or need a physical mastercard to remove species in a distributor ? Order your debit card for only € 10 (delivery costs) and take advantage of 3 withdrawals free of charge each month in the euro zone.

Your free, secure and accessible bank account 24 hours a bank

Push notifications in real time

Follow the activity of your live bank account. Receive push notifications in real time with each transaction: card or mobile payment, withdrawal, transfer, and more. Your balance is instantly updated.

Customizable settings

With N26, you choose your PIN code, but also your payment ceilings, and you can easily lock/unlock your virtual card or activate/deactivate payments online.

Double authentication and 3D Secure

For more security, N26 requests double authentication, and all your online purchases are automatically protected by the 3D Secure Mastercard process also called 3DS.

Protection of deposits up to € 100,000

N26 has a banking license and respects European directives. This implies that we ensure the confidentiality of your data and the protection of your deposits up to € 100,000.

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How to save with spaces ?

Discover spaces, the premium functionality that allows you to create up to 10 personalized sub-accounts to organize your budget and put money aside for your projects. “Holidays”, “new computer”. It’s up to you to personalize them !

Use the rules to move money automatically to your spaces, or rounds. They allow you to round your purchases to the upper euro and the corresponding amount is automatically put aside in one of your spaces.

Manage your budget even more simply with N26 Smart

You need a boost to better manage your daily budget ? Discover N26 SMART, the Premium bank account accessible with intuitive features. Create up to 10 sub-accounts to save, alone or with other N26 users, choose your mastercard from 5 colors, contact us directly by phone when you need it … and much more.

Smartphone and a N26 card

Your instant banking transfers with MoneyBeam

Reimburse a friend ? Share the addition ? Discover Moneybeam: Instant transfers between N26 users. Only the phone number or email of your friend who has an N26 account is enough to make your transfer !

Instant Payment

A hand holding a credit card

Make a jump in the future with N26

Discover a premium banking experience, with an elegant metal card, insurance and exclusive advantages.

Our customer service is there for you

Available in French, you can contact our customer service 7 days a week. We can also be reachable on social networks and we have put many assistance articles available to you on the N26 support.

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N26 Metal - Carbon black

Standard N26 transparent card

N26 You, Petrol card

Compare the bank accounts of online bank N26 and choose yours

The N26 online bank offers new banking experience by allowing you to manage your money more simply. Open your free bank account* or a premium N26 account from your phone or computer, without costs or paperwork. It only takes 8 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Which is Bank N26 ?

Online bank N26 was launched in 2015. It has a German European banking license. N26 is present in 25 markets and now has 7 million users, including more than 2 million in France. N26 offers a free bank account* but also different premium accounts, for individuals or self-employed and freelance.

How N26 ensures the security of my bank account ?

As a bank, N26 is placed under the supervision of the German regulator and meets all European regulatory requirements. N26 customers’ funds are guaranteed up to € 100,000 by the German deposit protection fund. In addition, the N26 application has many features that ensure the security of data and bank accounts of its users.

How to open a standard free bank account ?

To open a free N26 bank account or any premium account, you must meet the eligibility criteria. Then, just register from the website or after downloading the N26 mobile application on your compatible phone. The opening of an N26 bank account only takes 8 minutes and is done without paperwork. Once your identity verification has been carried out, your bank account will be ready to be used.

What do I need to open a standard N26 standard bank account ?

To open your free bank account* N26 standard or any other N26 account, you have:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Reside in a country where we offer our services
  • Have a compatible phone
  • Do not already have a bank account with us
  • Have a valid identity document accepted by our services for your country of residence.

For more information, click here.

What are the advantages of a standard N26 standard bank account ?

N26 is the 100 % mobile bank. Customers having a standard free N26 bank account can manage their online bank account and from their real -time mobile, whether they are at the bottom of their home or at the end of the world.

You get a free mastercard virtual card to pay with your phone in store, online and in apps via Apple Pay or Google Pay that you can use when opening your account. You also access the monthly statistics of your expenses to help you manage your money more simply.

If you need a physical bank card to make withdrawals, you can order one for only € 10. The standard N26 free bank account allows you to make up to 3 withdrawals without cost per month.

How much is a standard N26 bank account ?

The standard N26 bank account is free to open or account. Deposits beyond 50.000 euros are likely to be invoiced. Please consult our general conditions for more information.

What are the advantages of the MasterCard Travel Rewards program ?

The Mastercard Travel Rewards program allows you to enjoy significant discounts in the form of money back when you travel abroad. Hundreds of major brands around the world participate in the program. To take advantage of it, simply pay for your purchases with your Mastercard N26.

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