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The Best Concept Alternatives

The Best Thing: Craft Works Both Online and Offline, So You Don’t have to work about Losing Your Creative Flow If you don’t have wi-fi. ALSO, Compared to notion, Craft is fast, intuitive, and easy to onboard.

Concept 4+

Good application with a good interface, very rich. Unfortunately some anomalies spoil its use. For example, the impossibility of exporting to PDF the reminders of the agreements at the bottom of the page or, under iPhone, the impossibility of closing the chord manager after entering (the latter automatically closes under the iPad). Also pay attention to data loss since recording is unfortunately automatic. For my part I leave the score and come back to it after each seizure to avoid it.

Battery scores ?

My purchase of this app was mainly oriented towards the edition of battery scores. First enthusiastic about the general comments of the app, I am ultimately rather disappointed with the concept performance on this point. Anomalies or need of use details ? Here are the points that are rather blocking for the battery score edition:
– High / bass sham: The app does not assign the type of hamp by voice or instrument of the Drum set (generally, Charley foot and fat case have a hamp at the bottom, the others a stem at the top)
– Edition of the Pad Drum: Impossible to add instruments like the open charley
– Handwritting (paid option): writing notes does not distinguish the written note head (cross for cymbals). Worse: it does not respect the selected head in the palette. Worse: it replaces all the notes heads with a classic note head.
In conclusion: many possibilities certainly, but some bugs and limitations which are ultimately unacceptable for basic use. I hope it will be a next update. In the meantime, the use remains limited, see inapplicable for the handwritting module. Disappointment !

Developer response ,

Thanks for the review. Note that handwriting recognition do not support drum or percussion lines (see setings> handwriting> about for all supported items).

The Drum Pad is onely One Way of Getting Drum Notes in – You can Add Any Note the Staff and Change the Noteheads However You Want Using the Note Palette. You can also choose What Voice you want to enter the notes in to to.

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Really good but.

I have been a concept and studio one user on my computer for quite some time. Having invested in an iPad recently I bought it to continue working on it and the handwriting function finished convincing me, but. There is still a lot of strange behavior when entering certain notes or other signs. He has trouble with staccatos. Once in two it makes me a pointed note to see me completely changes the writing and this in a rather random way. I’m starting to grab his logic but ultimately I use and handwriting and the toolbar, and I’m getting out of it for the moment. I would like to try Staffpad but at 99 euros plus the purchase of an Apple Pencil it is expensive investment ! Concept remains an excellent alternative and I hope that future updates will settle the concerns.

Developer response ,

Thanks for the Feedback. Indeed, we tend to use handwriting in conjunction with other note and editing methods for the Quickest Workflow (and less frustration!)). Try to put staccatos a little Higher, so they do not get confused with dotted notes. But we are always improving the app, so will look into this too.

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Confidentiality of the app

The developer concept music, inc. indicated that the processing of data as described below could be among the practices of the app in terms of confidentiality. To find out more, consult the developer’s privacy policy.

Not collected data

The developer does not collect any data with this app.

Confidentiality practices may vary, in particular depending on the features you use or your age. Learn more


Notion music, incl.

IPhone compatibility requires iOS 11.4 or later. iPad requires iPados 11.4 or later. iPod touch requires iOS 11.4 or later.

French, German, English, Simplified, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese languages

The Best Concept Alternatives

Notion is an app that gives you a workspace with your need: you can plan, write, collaborate, and organize. In general, notion is the perfect app to manago Everything in a single platform and is great for business, as well as personal projects and content organizations. However, despite its popularity, it may not be the best fit for everyone.

In this article, we’ll look at notion in more detail. And you’ll discover the best notion alternatives and see What Works Best for you. Ready?

Get alternative notion

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Key features of notion

Let’s first briefly recall what notion is and who needs it. Basalely, concept is a collaborative note-tuking app. You can use it to take digital notes instead of Traditional Pen and Paper Methods and Word Processing Software. With notion, you can work together with anyone on one document simultaneously or at different time.

Note-Taking is just the beginning. You can take advantage of notion for journaling, managing projects, and so much more. It can even become your company wiki! Overall, it has tons of features that make it useful for almost anything you need in a productive tool. For Example:

  • Notes & Tasks: Create Rich Text Docs With Images, Embedded Tables, Code Snippets, and More. Organize Your Work Into Nested Blocks that you can reorder or convert to other formms, such as a checklist or spreadsheet.
  • Wikis & Databases: CUSTOM CUSTOM KNOWLEDGE Bases, Linking pages in an intuitive hierarchy of topics and subtopics. Leverage notion’s database feature to create collections of related information such as contact lists, product inventories, or project timelines.
  • Integrations: To streamline your workflow, your notion workspace can be integrated with your current tools. For Example, Google Drive, Trello, Figma, Slack, and More.
  • Templates: Enjoy Thousands of Pre-Designed Templates That Help You Make You Notes Better and Faster.
  • Collaboration: To Quickly Share Resources With the Rest of Your Team, Each notion Task has a file upload and sharing system. You can also improve collaboration with comments and mentions and track your tasks, so you never forget to do anything.

Why you need a concept alternative

Notion has a lot of strengths: it’s versatile, it’s customizable, and you have control over the information you share. It’s not perfect, though. So what are the drawbacks making users look for alternatives to notion?

If you’re using the desktop version, you can’t work offline, Which is a limitation if you’re someone who does a lot of swing.

On top of that, some users have complained about glitches that cause data loss. With a tool that stores all of your important information, you really don’t want to be at risk of system failure. Also, notion’s data is stored in the us, which makes it less attractive to European companies, who tend to prefer to store their information locally.

Concept’s Selling Point is its customizability. You can tweak your documents on project-by-project basis to get the best out of them. Nevertheless, this open is also concerned. MOST Inexperienced Users find this extensive customizability DAUNTING, Making onboarding Difficult.

What is better than notion app?

We Know notion as a popular all-in-one workspace. At the same time, some users use just one or several app’s features. So it’s hard to say for sure that app is Better Than Concept, Becaus the Answer Will Depend On Your Specific Needs and Prefees. However, there are Several Apps Like notion Worth Considering. Here are a few great options:

Craft vs notion – The perfect choice for creatives

Craft, the alternative notion

Many people Choose Concept to create Well-Structure Documents. However, there are Areas where Other apps Shine and make the case to ditch notion for good. Let’s Take A Look at Craft. The app gives you have place for all your notes and writing in a modern word processor. Since it was designed with creatives in mind, it’s not difficult to create really attractive documents with its help. You can use the different style blocks to show who you are, and work in eith dark or light fashion, depending on what you like. You can also improve your notes by adding pictures, videos, and files. Multiple Make It Even Eate Easier to Achieve Nice-Looking Documents.

The App Makes It Simple To Do Everthing from Adding A Link to Previous Project You Worked On To Creating A Master Document that links all of your Current and or Completed Projects. To stay organized and make sure Nothing gets lost, use multi-level folders or link your notes togg.

The Intelligent Ai Assistant Helps You Write Faster, Brainstorm Ideas To Get Over Writer’s Block, Summarize Long Documents, Réphrase a Paragraph, Write Social Media Posts Based On Any Context, Proofread Text to Remove Mistakes, and Translate Into Language.

Furthermore, Craft Makes It Super Easy For Other People to Access Your Files, Understand Your Idea, and elaborate on it. Just Create A New Workspace and Let Others Work With You.

The Best Thing: Craft Works Both Online and Offline, So You Don’t have to work about Losing Your Creative Flow If you don’t have wi-fi. ALSO, Compared to notion, Craft is fast, intuitive, and easy to onboard.

Confluence – The Good Old Software Documentation Tool

Confluence, The Great Alternative to Concept

Confluence is a web-based work management platform designed to help team collaborate on Critical Projects. This alternative to notion allows users to share meeting notes and project updates in a secure and reliable way. As a result, it improves communication between team, teams and customers, and different Departments.

Seamlessly integrated confluence with jira and other atlassian product. If Your Team is Already Using Jira, Jira Service Desk, or Bitbucket, then Confluence will be a natural fit for your workflow.

As an equivalent to concept, confluence is a little bit flexible bit and versatile. On the other hand, confluence is much easier to use. It has a simple and straightforward interface that do not overwhelm new users.

One of the Main Downsides of Confluence for us is that it can’t work offline (just like notion). However, if you started creating your doc in confluence and the internet connection disappeared, you won’t lose the written text. Confluence Caches Everthing You Write in the Browser and can Keep it for Days (do not restart the computer). And when the internet appears, Everything will be synchronized.

Noteplan – Write, Plan, and Track Tasks in one place

Noteplan Planner

Although notion is a popular general-noispace, some users prefe a more focused tool to take notes and manage tasks. In this case, noteplan, a calendar app for organizing your notes and tasks, might be has followed alternative.

Helping you Capture Tasks Quickly is the First Job of A Task Manager. Unfortantly, notion fails at this. According to Several Reviews, Concept Buries Your Tasks, and It’s Almost Impossible to get A Bird’s Eye View of What Needs to Be done without Customization and a Lot of Effort. This, Combined With the Slowness of Adding New Tasks, Makes Us Not Recommend Notion as a Task Manager.

Noteplan Allows you to Manage Notes, A Calendar, and Tasks. For Many users, this is the most convenient combination.

At the Heart of it all are notes. Compared to other setups available in to-do managers, they give the user more freedom in organization projects.

By creating notes in notes, you will be able to unify your tasks and reminders and add them to your project. Notes are stored in a markdown format. This has been very convenient for many users. The point is that the markdown syntax is that simple, and you can create complex hyperlinked documents if you want to. In addition to links, you can also use #hashtags and @mention other users. Another Great Thing: Markdown Text can be Easily Moved Between Apps, Allowing You To Combine Noteplan with Other Tools that support Markdown.

We also like that noteplan is compatible with various extensions that will help you automate tasks, improve search, make the interface more usable, and more.

Structured – An ACCOMPLICATED WAY TO TRACK TASKS AND Remember Appointments

Some people plan Their Days, Weeks, and Months to Create Well-Routred Routines, Build Habits, and Achieve Goals. With notion planner templates, you can easyy map out the events, tasks, and goals you want to accomplish and return to them Whenever you need a reminder.

If it’s your case for using notion, you might also want to try structured.

At first glance, Structured’s Simple User Interface Makes It Less Intimidating To Create Tasks and Plan Your Day Than It Would Be in An App Packed With Overwhelming Features. Open Your Inbox and Get A Quick Overview of All Your Tasks. Also, you can add sub-tasks within a task, which is perfect for lists. For Example, you can create a shopping task and enter the shopping list as a subtask.

One of its notable features is its inclusive tra. The app is available in over 30 languages. The Language Changes Automatically With System Settings. You can also change time areas during task creation, Eliminatting confusion if you have meetings with people located around the globe.

Structural Integrats Seamlessly With Built-In Apps On Apple Devices, Such As Reminders and Calendar. If an item from reminders does not have a time or place associated with it, it’s imported into structured’s inbox, where you can assign a date and time to complete it.

Final Thoughts: is notion still the best?

As you can see, it’s hard to say for sure if concept is still the best. Many users complain that the app is overwhelming for beginners and difficulty to onboard. It also takes them too much time to set tasks. In general, notion isn’t intuitive to navigate and can be that slow at times.

After reading this article, you know some of notion competitors. Some are all-in-one Tools Like Concept. Others are More Focused On Specific Task. Which one to choose?

If you want well-structure, Beautiful Documents With the Option to Collaborate on them and the Ability to Work Both Online and Offline, Choose Craft.

If Your Team is Already Using Jira, Jira Service Desk, or Bitbucket, then Confluence will be a natural fit for your workflow. Although it’s a little flexible bit less and versatile Than Concept, It’s Much Easier to Use.

And if you use notion to manage Tasks, you might like Structured and noteplan. Both are Easy to Use and do the Job Much Better Than Concept.

The good news is that you don’t need to go all in and buy craft, structured, and noteplan to see how they work. All Three Apps are available to you we have free seven-day trial from setapp-a platform with dozens of hand-picked mac, iPhone, iPad, and web apps, where each one is the best for a particular task.

Apart from alternative notion, setapp has apps like cleanmymac x to speed up your mac, nitro pdf pro to create and edit pdfs, cleanshot x to take better screenshots, bartender to personalize your menu bar, and many more.