Cheap package on the Orange network: the best offers of the moment, SOSH: Presentation of the French operator Low-Cost by Orange

SOSH: Presentation of the French operator and without commitment by Orange

You are looking to change your mobile operator to communicate without counting on the Orange network ? You can obviously turn to the historic operator and its low cost Sosh brand but not only. There are indeed other solutions to use the Orange network without breaking the bank every month, you can for example opt for the Christmas offer at Prixtel from 4.99 € per month or enter a cheap package from the MVNO Syma Mobile. The best cheap subscriptions on the number 1 network in France are detailed here;)

Mobile package: what are the best offers to take advantage of the orange network ?

You are looking to change your mobile operator to communicate without counting on the Orange network ? You can obviously turn to the historic operator and its low cost Sosh brand but not only. There are indeed other solutions to use the Orange network without breaking the bank every month, you can for example opt for the Christmas offer at Prixtel from 4.99 € per month or enter a cheap package from the MVNO Syma Mobile. The best cheap subscriptions on the number 1 network in France are detailed here;)

Orange promotions for your mobile package

By passing directly by the historic operator, You can currently benefit from Pretty promotions for NoëL. The offers start at only 2.€ 99 per month for new subscribers or 0 € for open customers (Box and mobile). Here are the formulas offered at Orange:

  • A package with 2 hours of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS at 2.€ 99 per month (12 month old) or € 0 for open customers
  • A 2h package, 3 unlimited numbers + unlimited SMS and MMS + 5GB at 11.99 € per month (engine 12 months) or 6.99 € for open customers
  • An unlimited call, SMS and MMS + 10GB package at 21.99 € per month (engine 12 months) or 14.99 € with an open offer
  • An unlimited package with 50GB at 19.99 € per month for 1 year (engine 12 months) or 9.99 € per month for holders of an open subscription.

The three largest subscriptions from the Orange operator exist with Purchase of a preferential price smartphone and a 24 -month commitment. The 50GB, 100GB or 150GB offers are thus displayed at the respective price of 29.99 €, 49.€ 99 and 79.99 €. You benefit from an additional discount, if you are holding an Orange Open offer with the following prices 19.99 € (50GB), 34.99 € (100GB) and 64.99 € (150GB).

Orange promo packages

The Sosh by Orange range from 4.99 € per month

SOSH the Low Cost operator of Orange markets a range of 4 non -binding packages from 4.99 € per month. The valid subscriptions therefore on the orange network are offered from 4.99 € per month. The largest operator package with 50GB of 4G and communications is currently taking advantage of a nice promotion with a discount of € 15 per month in the first year. The formulas displayed in the operator’s mobile catalog are as follows:

  • The 2h, SMS and MMS unlimited and 100MB of Data package at 4.99 € per month (offer available in blocked or not blocked version)
  • Unlimited subscription with 100MB at 9.99 € per month
  • The formula 24/24 + 20GB at 19.99 € per month
  • The 20/24 + 50GB package at 24.99 € per month on promo until December 16 at 9 am at a price of 9.99 € per month

Sosh package

Concerning Sosh package at reduced prices for 1 year, You benefit for less than € 10 from a complete offer. This subscription includes indeed Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France. From the metropolis, your calls to the fixed and mobiles of the USA/Canada and to the fixed to Europe, Switzerland, Andorra and DOM are offered. You can also send SMS without limit from France to these same destinations. In homelessness, from these areas, you benefit from unlimited for your calls and SMS/MMS to Europe, Switzerland, Andorra and DOM. Mobile data side, you have a 50 GB web envelope To be used throughout France as well as in Europe (EU countries, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra).

SOSH 50GB package

Syma mobile plans from 1.90 € per month on the Orange network

To benefit from Orange network, You can turn to the Virtual Operator Syma Mobile. This markets a range of 4 non-binding packages from 1.90 € per month until 100GB connected package at 19.90 € per month. The offers are as follows:

  • The 2h, SMS and MMS unlimited and 1GB of 4G package at only 1.90 € per month
  • The offer with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 40GB of 4G at 9.90 € per month
  • The 24/24 + 60GB subscription to 15.90 €
  • The ultra -connected package at 19.90 €

By opting for a Syma Mobile offer, you benefit from an attractive price valid without duration of duration of duration of duration.

Syma Mobile Package

Christmas offer at Prixtel: from 5GB to 50GB from 4.99 € per month

The Virtual Prixtel operator also allows Take advantage of the number 1 network with its two adjustable offers the essentials or the complete. Know that until December 17 inclusive, Prixtel offers a special discount for Christmas on its offer the complete. This adjustable formula valid on the Orange or SFR network is stored by € 5 per month for 1 year for each level. This timeless telephone subscription thus starts at 4.99 € per month the first year up to 14.99 € per month. Billing varies each month depending on your data consumption with 3 levels up to 5GB, from 5GB to 15GB and up to 50GB per month.

In addition to the web volume included each month, you have with this special offer unlimited calls to the fixed and mobiles of metropolitan France and from the Europe and DOM zones to France. SMS/MMS are also unlimited in mainland France and from Europe and Dom and France. For Roaming Internet uses, the offer includes up to 7.4 GB from Europe and DOM zones.

SOSH: Presentation of the French operator and without commitment by Orange

Sosh is the brand without commitment and low-cost of the Historic Orange operator. Created on October 6, 2011, It offers mobile telephony offers, as well as an internet subscription offer, with the livebox. Sosh enjoys the good reputation of his parent company, Orange, as well as his infrastructure. In fact, the digital subsidiary has one of the best mobile networks in France.

SOSH, by its close link with Orange, has many advantages to offer to consumers:

  • A most efficient fixed and mobile network.
  • Considerable experience in telephony, with digital but reactive customer service.
  • Among the most complete services, in France and abroad.

The main information on the Sosh operator

Sosh packages

Sosh mobile packages

Sosh opinion

Sosh customer reviews

Sosh promo codes

Sosh promo codes

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The story of the Sosh operator

The creation of SOSH, October 6, 2011, is consecutive to the imminent arrival of Free Mobile on the telephony market in France. At that time, three telecom operators shared most of this market: Orange, Bouygues Telecom and SFR. Xavier Niel then announced the arrival of a fourth actor, capable of upsetting everything: Free Mobile.

The introduction of a package without any commitment of duration, at an unbeatable price, and with a maximum of 4G therefore reacts the competition. Bouygues Telecom thus inserts offers without b & you in its catalog. In parallel, SFR creates Red by SFR and The historic operator Orange launches Sosh.

History Sosh

Sosh was launched by Orange by reaction to the arrival of Free Mobile, and is today a reference operator for the without commitment.

SOSH, an operator in constant progression

Since its creation in 2011, the number of Sosh subscribers has continued to grow year after year. Two months after arriving on the mobile telephony market, Sosh already had 28,000 subscribers. Two years later, he had 1.8 million. From now on, SOSH claims nearly 4 million subscribers.

A brand of orange that markets non -binding offers

Sosh is therefore a commercial brand of Orange, which sells moving packages without commitment. It means that The subscriber is free to terminate his subscription contract at any time, Without having no monthly payment in Sosh or paying any penalty. It also means that SOSH does not offer subsidized mobile phones, at a lower cost.

Finally, Sosh’s membership in Orange implies that there is absolutely no network difference between the two entities. Sosh subscribers take advantage of the network’s network infrastructure, whether it be mobile networks or the fixed internet.

A dematerialization of customer relations

There is no Sosh physical store. SOSH brand mobile and fixed telephony offers are sold exclusively online. In the same way, customer service is only present online. Contact is mainly via cat, either on the brand’s website, or via social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Sosh, however, set up a community, made up of their subscribers, so that everyone can answer questions from each other.

Who are the customers of the Sosh operator ?

Like its direct competitors Red by SFR and B & You, Sosh is first aimed at young and connected clientele. This explains its 100% online presence. His slogan “I went to Sosh”, in the form of a Virelangue, also made the famous brand.

The offers marketed by Sosh

SOSH presents to its customers several mobile telephony offers. On the operator’s website, there are five customizable packages. The idea is to present minimalist offers, at low prices, which can then be expanded. Customers pay only for the options they really need.

Sosh has a unique internet box: Orange Livebox. Finally, Sosh also offers many phone models, with the possibility of paying them in several times, up to 24 monthly payments. And this, although the operator is not able to offer subsidized devices.

Sosh failure: What to do?

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Sosh’s non -binding mobile offers

Sosh offers several mobile packages, to be personalized according to his needs. It should be noted that for each package, the SIM card is chargeable and billed up to € 5. In the event that the customer decides to opt for a smartphone in addition to the mobile plan, so the SIM card will be included, free. here is a Overview of the mobile packages of the Sosh operator. Note that the € 4.99/month package is available, in blocked or not blocked version.

Sosh’s homeless packages
Unlimited calls ❌ 2 hours
Unlimited SMS and MMS
Data 100 MB 1 GB 40 GB 130 GB 130 GB 5G
Abroad Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra

Since the end of roaming costs in Europe, the advantages and options included in Sosh mobile plans can also be used for several destinations. This includes the countries of the European Union, the overseas departments and sometimes Switzerland and Andorra. With Sosh, the advantages are maintained to mainland France, but also to the area where the subscriber is located.

It should be noted that currently, the 100 MB package from Sosh is the only one that can be used from Switzerland and Andorra in addition to the rest of Europe.

Sosh packages

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The Sosh Internet box: Orange Livebox with ADSL or optical fiber

Sosh offers its customers a unique internet box: Orange Livebox 4. Sosh’s internet subscription displays A subscription rate of € 20.99 per month with ADSL/VDSL2 and € 30.99 per month with optical fiber. Here are the characteristics of the Livebox marketed by Sosh:

  • a ADSL/VDSL2 or optical fiber connection, depending on the eligibility of housing. In the event of fiber optical eligibility, connection flows can reach up to 300 Mb/s in reception and data issuance;
  • From the fixed position, calls are unlimited all year round, intended for the fixes of Metropolitan France, the overseas departments, and of more than a hundred countries;
  • Orange TV app is offered on request. It provides no less than 72 television channels. The application can be used on smartphone, tablet and PC.

Sosh Internet box

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The possibility of choosing options to customize your mobile and fixed offer

Like other operators, Sosh offers customers the possibility of boosting their mobile and fixed subscription. This is then done by paid options, for all prices. There are several types of options and all can be activated and disabled at any time. They do not imply any commitment of duration.

Regarding the Internet subscription, it can be TV bouquets, like the orange orange bouquet or Netflix or even beIN SPORTS. It can also be a TV decoder, in order to have access to a larger number of television channels, the services of Replay, VOD and a recorder.

For mobile offers, the options are again varied. Subscribers can subscribe to a TV bouquet or a musical service like Deezer. Safety options are also available, such as parental control. Finally, you should know that subscribers can opt for calls or SMS to destinations not included in the package.

Buy a phone for free payment at no cost with SOSH

As a duration without an over -commitment, SOSH does not offer its customers packages with a subsidized mobile device. It is however possible to buy a smartphone out of payment. On the Sosh website, smartphones are classified by price, or by brand. We thus find the sections “Premium smartphone”, “low prices” or “iPhone”.

Therefore Sosh offers its customers to acquire smartphones in several times, at no cost. Three possibilities are left to the buyer’s choice: 4, 12 or 24 times. However, it should be noted that the monthly payments are not all balanced. The first monthly payment effectively requires a greater contribution.

Advice from myLittlePackage

If Sosh does not offer subsidized plans, the operator allows you to enjoy an even more interesting alternative. Its packages being without commitment, they allow Take advantage of the best promotions on the market throughout the year. With payment in several times, consumers also have the possibility of paying the mobile in 4, 12 or 24 times free of charge. A real plus to manage your budget and afford a smartphone while mastering your budget.

All Sosh news

40 GB package on promo

Nice surprise at Sosh with a 40 GB package for € 11.99/month

Sosh packages without commitment

20 GB or 140 GB: SOSH renews its non -binding packages

5G arrives at Sosh

5G at Sosh, it finally happened !

The strong points of the Sosh operator

The Sosh brand has several advantages to convince users to join its mobile offers. Among them, we find:

  • customers satisfied with the quality of the network and the quality of service;
  • low prices all year round, with many promotional offers;
  • A community with a support forum.

A quality of service with a satisfaction rate of 95%

Sosh is a separate telecom operator. He succeeds in keeping a good brand image, and a good reputation, despite the high demands of consumers. A study of the consumer association The UFC-Que Choisir has appointed Sosh as the best French operator, alongside its parent company Orange. In February 2018, UFC-Que Choisir has indeed placed Orange at the top of French operators, with a score of 13.8/20 for the quality of its mobile services. Right after, we find his brand low cost sosh, with a note of 13.6/20.

During this study, it appeared that 95% of SOSH subscribers said they were satisfied with their operator. To establish this ranking, the consumer association has taken into account the coverage of the network, the quality of the services offered, the effectiveness of technical assistance, the transparency of contracts as well as the number of disputes generated by the operator.

Promotional offers and Sosh promo codes

As a low cost operator, Sosh offers low -cost subscription offers. Basic, its mobile subscriptions and its internet subscription are therefore accessible to the greatest number. It is however appreciable to note that The operator still offers promotions to its customers all year round.

During the end of the year, during Black Friday or any other period of celebration and sales, the operator brings his mobile packages, his internet box, the options, and the phones. Generally, the operator highlights Reduced price offers for a limited period at 12 months. It will potentially have to indicate a promotional code to be able to take advantage of the offer in question. SOSH offers only few promotions compared to certain competitors.

Sosh promo codes

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How to join a Sosh advisor ?

For any assistance request from a SOSH advisor, it is imperative to go to the operator’s website. With A 100% online presence, Sosh does not have a physical shop. On the operator’s website, customers can find a series of questions (FAQ) as well as a support forum. Many questions are dealt with on the forum, by the Sosh community.

It is indeed the subscribers of the operator who help each other to answer questions from each other. Moreover, It is possible to reach the operator on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Advisers support subscribers’ requests, directly via Sosh’s social accounts messaging.

Sosh customer service

A completely dematerialized customer service with a forum, a chat and other means of contact.

Sosh is also reachable by phone, at 3179 For any urgent request, like assistance in the commissioning of SOSH Internet box equipment or the troubleshooting of an Internet access failure. It is also possible to contact the SOSH vocal server at 740. The call is free from a Sosh line.

Sosh customer service

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What is the quality of the Sosh network ?

As a brand of the historic operator, Sosh uses the networks of his parent company Orange. The one allows him to benefit from The largest 2G/3G/4G coverage in France. This also applies to ADSL/VDSL2 covers and for the deployment of fiber optics.

Orange’s broadband network is the most extensive in France. 99.6% of the population is thus eligible for the Orange ADSL, and by extension, of Sosh. In parallel, Orange multiplies fiber optic investments. According to the historic operator, Several million French households are eligible for its fiber offers. According to these figures, subscribers to the Sosh Internet box can therefore count on a quality connection. They are therefore also more likely to be eligible for optical fiber than subscribers of competing service providers.

In terms of mobile internet network, thanks to Orange, Sosh stands out once again. The historic operator covers more than 99% of the French population in 3G. It is also placed as the first 4G network in France. He claims in particular to cover more than 99% of the population in 4G. SFR and Bouygues Telecom are close to it, with regard to the coverage of the territory, but it is indeed Orange which offers the best flows. Free Mobile, for its part, covers 99% of the population. The ANFR confirms the good services of the historic operator since Orange regularly leads to telecom operators with the largest number of 4G sites.

What is the ANFR ?

The ANFR is the National Frequency Agency. Each month, it takes stock of the number of 4G sites commissioned by radio telecom operators, namely Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile.

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