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€ 66,530 or from € 910 / month

Campx – Tervo group’s start -up accelerator

Is your start-up a change engine for the automotive industry ?

We are looking for start-ups to shape with us the future of the transport industry.

Give life to your innovations

The choices we make today determine the world in which we will live tomorrow. This is why we invite partners, including customers, start-ups, suppliers, universities and the public authorities to collaborate with the Volvo group to develop the transport and infrastructure solutions of tomorrow. Faced with the rapid change in technological landscape and the global economy, collaboration and diversity are capital to accelerate the process and solve social problems.

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Campx – Tervo group’s start -up accelerator

Program advantages

Count Volvo among your customers

Access experts from the Volvo group

Speed ​​and simplicity in our way of collaborating

Can the innovations in your start-up transform the transport and infrastructure solutions of tomorrow ?
Join our global start-up accelerator and count the Volvo group among your customers.

We are looking for start-ups that stimulate innovation in the following sectors ..


We are looking for start-ups in the field of technological solutions and software applied to sensors, allowing the operation of autonomous solutions in different areas of operational design and different weather and visibility conditions. register here !

Disseminate autonomous solutions by changing perception and capacities in the cloud

– Technological and software solutions applied to sensors, allowing the operation of autonomous solutions in different areas of operational design and different weather and visibility conditions. – Solutions and technologies allowing high integrity positioning and reliable HD cards that are dynamically updated. – Solutions to improve latency and user experience in teleoperations.

Accelerate preparation for the deployment of autonomous solutions thanks to the verification and validation of simulation tracks

– Data infrastructure and software solutions allowing high fidelity simulation that uses real world data.
– Solutions that strengthen security insurance by improving coverage and protecting data confidentiality.

Allow the development of a data -based vehicle with integrated cybersecurity

– Automatic/AI learning methods and solutions to improve the quality, efficiency and performance of autonomous systems.
– Solutions for intrusion detection in vehicles and the analysis of development vulnerabilities
– Software components and solutions allowing vehicle architecture managed by software


  • Thermal battery management
  • Tests/verification of electromobility components and systems.

Tests and verification of electromobility components and systems

Need a method to generate reliable digital twins for components and various driving environments, in order to benefit from precise simulations and tests. This can apply to energy storage systems, motorization systems or charging solutions.

Thermal battery management

The battery requires active distributed thermal regulation. An irregular and ineffective thermal management of the battery blocks, modules and cells limits the overall performance of the batteries, resulting in faster degradation and aging. It is also necessary to intelligently control the target temperature according to the behavior and needs of the vehicle.

Hydrogen storage systems and green hydrogen production

– Technologies and solutions allowing the economic storage of hydrogen in the vehicle.

– Solutions for the production, distribution and delivery of green hydrogen

– Solutions for effective thermal management of fuel cell vehicles

Energy optimization and predictive maintenance based on data

– EDGE and Cloud solutions to optimize energy management on electric vehicles.

– EDGE and Cloud solutions to allow proactive and predictive maintenance of vehicles.


The Volvo group offers its customers the range of the largest connectivity solutions in the sector for trucks, coaches, buses and construction machinery.

The lack of digitization of the “full vehicle” is currently a source of ineffectiveness in the transport industry

We are continuously scanning our future solutions and one of our main objectives is to create an excellent integration platform allowing our third -party partners to integrate their solutions into our on -board and not on -board systems, to be able to offer more services and solutions To our common customers. However, the truck is only part of what we call a “full vehicle”. Depending on the segment, the complete vehicle is made up of a truck, bodybuilders, trailers, equipment suppliers, etc. Together, these systems create a complete vehicle that our customers use to carry out their transport mission. Most of these additional systems/products are not as digitized as our current vehicles and they also have long development and life cycle, leading to a large installed base of older and much less digitized vehicles than the products we sell Currently. This absence of digitization is one of the main reasons for the current ineffectiveness of the transport industry.


Your bridge to the future of the transport industry

The solutions of the Volvo group to the major world challenges are guided by our mission: to contribute to a prosperous world thanks to transport and infrastructure solutions. Our vision is to be the provider of the most sought after and prosperous transport and infrastructure solutions in the world.

Together, we exploit the considerable potential that represents the marketing of more sustainable and effective transport solutions.

Examples of Campx successes

Cetasol – First concretization of Campx

Cetasol launches its activity with the development and offer of IHELM, a naval digital platform intended to optimize fuel consumption or energy use. The idea of ​​IHELM came from the development team of new technologies of Volvo Penta and was led by Ethan Faghani, former chief engineer responsible for automation and AI at Volvo Penta. It has been recognized that this solution could have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of customer activities. A preliminary pilot trial, conducted with a Volvo Penta client, made it possible to obtain a 17 % reduction in fuel consumption. At this point, the idea was recovered from Volvo Penta and evaluated within Campx. From there, it was decided to create a start-up with the Qamcom group.

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Foretelix – Extended partnership

After having led a successful pre-study in Campx, which assessed its range and its potential added value in restricted spaces, Volvo Autonomous Solutions created an extended partnership with Foretelix. “We believe in a concept of collaborative verification which calls on open standards,” says Magnus Liljeqvist, global technological manager within Volvo Autoomous Solutions. “The partnership with Foretellix allows us to access cutting -edge verification tools and accelerate our marketing times.

“We are very proud of this partnership with the Volvo group. This partnership is an important step for the sector, because verification based on large -scale coverage will be used for the first time in the verification of automated driving systems in restricted space. Our partnership will associate the competence of the two companies and establish a new standard in the verification of automated driving systems, strengthening security and productivity, ”says Ziv Binyamini, Chairman and CEO of Foretellix.

Our step by step process

Our sites


Start-up accelerator program

What is a start-up accelerator ?

A start-up accelerator allows the start-up to learn and develop its activity thanks to regular exchanges. By obtaining advice from sector experts, you have the solutions necessary to support growth.

What is a start-up accelerator program ?

Start-up accelerators help and support high growth companies in the start-up phase. They do it by becoming customers and through training and mentoring.

What are the advantages of a start-up accelerator program ?

By joining Campx, you access leading experts who can pass your start-up to the next level. You also count the Volvo group among your customers, a giant offering social evidence for future commercial possibilities.

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Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 T8 390 Luxury registration

60,890 € or from 830 € / month

Volvo XC90 II

60,370 € or from 860 € / month

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

€ 66,530 or from € 910 / month

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 T8 390 Luxury registration

Volvo XC90 II

Volvo XC90 II

2.0 T8 390 Luxury registration

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 T8 390 Registration

€ 69,480 or from € 950 / month

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 t8 455 Ultimate Style Chrome


Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 T8 390 Luxury registration

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 t8 455 Ultimate Dark style


Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 B5 235 Luxury registration

Volvo XC90 II

2.0 D5 235 Registration

Volvo XC90 II Phase 2

2.0 T8 455 Luxury registration


Volvo XC90 II

2.0 D5 225 Registration

Volvo XC90 II

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Update / Volvo (x) C40 Recharge: more autonomy and propulsion

Volvo has profoundly modernized the electric motorcycle group of (x) C40 recharging. The electric motor is now mounted standard on the rear axle and the battery has been slightly enlarged, which saves up to 100 km of autonomy !

Volvo (x) C40 Recharge: More D

Or the art of making large differences with small things. So far you could order the Volvo C40 and XC40 recharging in two power variants: the single Motor with 231 hp on the front axle and a 67 kWh battery, and the Twin Motor with 408 hp, an all -wheel drive and a 75 kWh battery. Autonomy is between 400 and 430 km, depending on the version.

Extended Range and RWD

From now on, however, three versions of the compact electric SUV can be ordered: Single Motor with a small battery, single Motor with a large battery (Extended Range) and Twin Motor with a large battery. The big novelty is that this unique electric motor is now more effective, is on the rear axle and is a little more powerful: 238 hp with the small battery, 252 hp with the large battery. The twinner still develops 408 horsepower.

Volvo XC40 RWD

In addition, the largest battery has also been updated, now offering 78 kWh of useful capacity. In addition, this version can now be loaded more quickly, up to a power of 200 kW. All these combined earnings mean that the C40 with a single motor and extended autonomy (single Motor Extende Range) now announces a range of 534 km on a load according to the WLTP cycle, while the XC40 reaches up to 515 km. The simple engine with small battery can travel 477 and 460 km on a load, respectively.

On sale now

The Volvo C40 and XC40 Propulsion are already in the catalog, the XC40 Single Motor with the small battery can be ordered from 50.650 €. For the largest battery, you must pay a supplement of € 1900. Add an additional € 1,500 for the C40. The Twin Motor should return to the list of models available later. We can assume that the Polestar 2 will soon receive the same update, perhaps in combination with a general facelift.