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P4Gu Volte Bouygues

By cdone, 8 years ago:

Bouygues Telecom now offers 4G Volte calls

A few years ago, Bouygues Telecom was the third French operator, but since the arrival of Free and a massive investment in the 4G network, the French operator who sticks to the sneakers of Orange continues to surprise and C ‘ is once again the case sinceIt now offers 4G volt calls on its mobile network, A first in France.

What is the volte ?

Volte or Voice Over LTE which means in French voice on LTE, is a technology which consists in having voice -type communications transit on the 4G/LTE network.

In addition, the vocal quality is much higher than that of the technology currently used without counting that the time of connection between 2 people is divided by 2 compared to the 3G network, we can count between 2 and 3 seconds in volte while ‘Currently with 3G you have to wait between 6 and 7 seconds.

Bouygues Telecom Premier in France

By activating the volte on its network, Bouygues Telecom becomes the first operator to offer this technology to its customers. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to have a compatible smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

For now, Only 5,000 customers will be able to use volte, including 700 professional customers, But from early 2016, technology will be available for all operator’s customers.

Free, orange, sfr ?

For other operators, this is only a matter of time, but normally the volte will soon arrive at home too, a logical evolution of the current network.

As a reminder, the first operator to have launched a commercial offer with the volte is Singapore Telecommunications in May 2014, but only available with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Fallen in love with IT being small with an amstrad 6128, I never won. Since then, I have diversified myself by interested in new technologies and more particularly that of our daily life.

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By Loic, 8 years ago:

Why not have done it when the 4G is launched . They waited to sell it to us as a new argument ?! Crooks .

By cdone, 8 years ago:

This is all good any case but I barely capture 3G with a new generation phone on their network. Why not improve their general services in the place of playing “who has the biggest” ?

By Yoplay, 8 years ago:

That they democratize 4G before leaving for commercial delusions.

By doctorpanda, 8 years ago:

Well it’s very nice that, but when is Bouygues Mama?

P4Gu Volte Bouygues

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