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Pay your apps and services on your Bouygues Telecom bill

You can also go to the Billing preferences By connecting to your Bouygues Telecom customer area (Invoices and payments> Preferences> Reception mode> Modify my preferences> Receive my invoices also by mail), if you want to change the reception method of your invoices and receive them by post.

Bouygues invoice: how to consult and pay it ?

You encounter problems to pay your Bouygues Telecom bill, you do not understand the amount of the latter, or you want to know how to regularize your situation in the event of unpaid ? We explain everything to you to know about the Bouygues invoice in this guide !

  • The essential
  • Your Bouygues Telecom invoice can be viewed from your Customer Area online, or since theCustomer area mobile application. It is also possible to receive your invoice by mail.
  • In order to better understand the amount of your invoice, you can Consult the history of your consos, take a look at theonline assistance Or Contact Customer Service by Bouygues Telecom.
  • Bouygues Telecom allows you to pay your bills by Bank card, check, debit Or species, Since your Customer Area Online, theCustomer area application or by phone At 1064.

Bouygues invoice: where to find it ?

Several possibilities are available to you to access your Bouygues Telecom bill.

Find your bill on your online customer area

It is first of all possible to Consult your Bouygues Telecom invoice Online, from his Customer Area. There electronic invoice is the reading format most requested by subscribers, due to its great practicality. Indeed, the online invoice can be available instantly as soon as it is emission; who intervenes at the latest 3 days after the monthly renewal of your subscription.

Each month, you are informed by SMS or by e-mail of the availability of your last invoice. You can know its amount at a simple glance, without having to consult it in detail !

To do this, please follow the following path:

  1. Connect to your Bouygues Telecom customer area using your account identifier and password.
  2. Access the section My invoices and payments, Then click the tab Invoices To access all of your invoices.
  3. Then click on the mention Consult/pay relating to your latest invoice.
  4. You can then consult your Bouygues Telecom invoice online (requires free software Adobe Reader), download it in PDF format, print it or request a duplicate (free by email, or € 7.50 per post).

You also have access to your Bouygues Telecom invoices of Last 36 months on your customer area. Your last 12 invoices are available in detailed version, while those of the other 24 months are in simplified version.

In the event that you terminate your Bouygues Telecom offer, you keep access to your personal space for a period of 6 months If you were a customer of a Bbox offer, or 1 year If you have a mobile offer. You can therefore access your invoices and download them, even after terminating your offer.

Find your invoice on the Customer Espace Mobile Application

It is also possible to access at any time and wherever you are to your invoices via the application Client area, provided you have internet access and your Bouygues Telecom account identifiers.

Please proceed as follows to find your invoices on the Bouygues Telecom customer area application:

  1. Launch the application Client area From your smartphone or tablet and connect using your Bouygues account identifiers.
  2. Select the section Invoices.
  3. From there, you can access the history and detail of your last 12 invoices. You can also download your latest and/or pay them; as from your online customer area.

Receive your invoice by mail

Whether you are a customer of a bbox or mobile bouygues telecom offer, you will receive your invoices in electronic format by default. However, know that you have the possibility of Change your invoice receipt at any time from your customer area online andopting for a paper version if you wish it.

If you opt for the invoice by mail, You will always have the possibility of consulting your invoices from your online customer area.

To receive your Bouygues Telecom invoice by post, please follow the following few steps:

  1. Connect to your Bouygues Telecom customer area and click the tab I add options.
  2. When you are on the options page, go to the section ” Management “.
  3. Then choose the option “Detailed invoice by mail” By clicking on the button Discover.
  4. Validate your choice by clicking on Subscribe. You will receive an email or SMS confirming you to take into account your change.

You can also go to the Billing preferences By connecting to your Bouygues Telecom customer area (Invoices and payments> Preferences> Reception mode> Modify my preferences> Receive my invoices also by mail), if you want to change the reception method of your invoices and receive them by post.

If you are BBOX Customer Customer And that you want to modify the reception method of your invoices, it is necessary to call customer service to 1064.

How to understand your Bouygues bill ?

After having subscribed to an offer at Bouygues Telecom, the operator helps you to analyze the very first invoice of your subscription: commissioning costs, billing date, possible discounts, etc.

Understand your bill

The first page of your Bouygues Telecom invoice includes Various information : the amount to be paid, the invoice number, your personal information, the date of delivery to 0 of your offer, the date of end of engagement, your customer account number, your line number, etc. On the second page, you will find in the Summary table of the amount of your invoice, The total amount due, as well as the details of your costs:

  • Subscriptions, packages, options, as well as renting your Internet box if you are a customer of a Bbox offer;
  • Hors -package communications (calls, SMS, data);
  • Services and products (Vod, Internet recharges, termination costs, etc.)).

On this page is also the Detail of the services provided by third parties (Special numbers, voting and TV games, purchases of game credits, Internet services+), as well as your Other third party services (purchases on the Google Play Store or the App Store) and possibly the monthly payment of your payment ease; In case you have chosen this option to set your mobile phone.

The third page brings together theHistory of your communications : calls with the first 6 figures of the numbers of your correspondents or the complete numbers, the name of the destinations to and since which you have issued your calls, or the name of the Internet services+.

For a better understanding of your invoice, we invite you to consult the article Understand my Bouygues Telecom bill, Available on online assistance. You can also Contact Customer Service of the operator in order to ask your questions to a telephone advisor.

It is also possible that the price of your mobile package or your Bouygues Telecom Internet offer is evolving for various reasons:

  • In the event that you have benefited from a Valid discount during the 1st year of your subscription, The price of your offer then passes at its initial rate from the 13th month;
  • Bouygues Telecom may also make your offer (new services and new price) evolve. If necessary, you receive an email or a paper mail at least 1 month before the effective date of evolution. This notification allows you to read the changes to come on your offer and also informs you about the different possibilities available to you.

If you have a mobile offer, you have the possibility to request a 10 -digit detailed invoice, in order to be able to view the numbers of your correspondents in their entirety. To do this, log into your customer area and click the tab I add options. Then go to the section ” Management “ and select “10 -digit mobile invoice” clicking on Discover, then on Subscribe.

By default, your invoice details the First numbers of numbers that you called during the past monthly period.

In order to better understand your Bouygues Telecom bill, you can also Consult the details of your monthly consumption (calls abroad, SMS and surcharged numbers, VOD, purchases, services, etc.) by going to the section My consumption> All the history of consumption, When you are connected to your customer area.

How to pay my Bouygues Telecom bill ?

Bouygues Telecom provides you with different means of payment to allow you to pay your invoices Bbox, mobile, 4G Box, 5g box Or 4G key ::

  • ATM : this is the simplest and fastest payment method to pay your invoices. Your invoices are paid automatically every month in order to avoid a possible delay or oblivion of payment. Your bank account must however be domiciled in France, in the French overseas departments and Tom, in Monaco or in any other country in the SEPA zone;
  • The credit card : It is possible to pay your invoices by CB if you have not opted for direct debit. This secure transaction can be carried out 24 hours a day And 7J/7 From your customer area;
  • The check : You just have to send the check coupon attached to your paper bill, accompanied by your completed check, dated and signed at the following address: Bouygues Telecom 78921 Yvelines Cedex 9. You can also send your check without the check-up, if you have not opted for the invoice by mail. If necessary, it is necessary to register your line number and customer account on the back of the check;
  • The species (via the service Eficash): to do this to do this in a post office with the amount to be paid in cash, your invoice and an identity document. You just need to communicate at the counter the number of the invoice to be paid, as well as the Bouygues Telecom reference (the 6 characters in bold present on your invoice coupon). Processing costs are to be provided and set directly at the post office.

You can change your payment method at any time by joining the customer service. You can also contact an advisor via the forum Woobees.

It is best to opt for the debit In order to be guaranteed to stay up to date in your payments. The amount due is in this case withdrawn 14 days after the date of issue of your invoice. An adjustment to the pro rata is made by Bouygues Telecom, depending on the number of days separating the date of commissioning of your line and the date of effective monthly billing. You can request the change in your direct debit date at any time from the section Billing preferences, clicking on Modify my payment date. To activate the direct debit, go to your Bouygues Telecom customer area at the section Invoices and payments, then click on the option Billing preferences. Finally click on Go to direct debit in category Payment method, Before entering your IBAN.

Bank card

If you do not wish to activate the direct debit or if it has been refused by your bank, you can if necessary opt for one of the other alternative solutions: the Payment by CB, check Or species. In this case, you will have to pay your bills before the payment deadline registered on the latter. When you consult your invoices online, these can display different statutes: Paid, To settle Or Unpaid. In order to be able to pay your invoice by CB, the proposal Pay must be present. You also have the possibility of Set your invoice by CB by contacting the operator’s voice server at 1064.

Payment is secure and Bouygues Telecom does not keep your bank details.

In case of unpaid And after several reminders by phone or by mail, the operator Bouygues Telecom can Restress access to your services by cutting your fixed/mobile telephone line and/or your internet line. If you do not quickly regularize your payment of payment, Your lines will be definitively terminated And you will be relieved as a bad payer; It will thus be difficult for you to take out a new offer from the operator in the future. The fastest way to pay you an unpaid invoice, remains of the Set directly online by bank card.

Two possibilities are available to you to regularize your online situation:

  1. Go to the section Invoices and payments, Once connected to your customer area, then click on the invoice which presents a status Unpaid. Then click on the option Consult/pay, Then on the button Pay and let yourself be guided.
  2. Access the section Activities From your notifications, then click on Pay the bill. Once on the unpaid bill, click on Pay and let yourself be guided.

You also have the possibility of Set your unpaid Bouygues Telecom bill by phone, by calling the operator’s customer service to 1064.

Once your payment has been made, you will receive an email and a confirmation SMS from Bouygues Telecom. In the event that your line has been suspended, the latter is restored in the 3 hours Depending on the regularization of your unpaid invoice.

Updated on 06/30/2023

Enzo is a specialist in the Bouygues supplier and more generally smartphones.

Pay your apps and services on your Bouygues Telecom bill

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Article updated in July 2023: there is new on Microsoft !

Since 2012, You can pay for certain digital products or services directly via your Bouygues Telecom bill.

This payment method is accessible On mobile and box invoices. It develops quickly for several reasons:

  • Simplicity : It works whatever the phone used and centralizes all transactions on a single invoice
  • Speed: With one click, you can buy the desired content
  • Security : No need to enter your bank card number, you only need your phone.

With payment on invoice, Each transaction must be validated by the customer And it is possible to set a ceiling for monthly expenses as well as being alerted when certain amounts are reached (5, 10, 15 €, etc.)).

Today more and more services can be set with the Payment on Bouygues Telecom invoice For example :

  • Pay applications on the different iOS, Android, Samsung or Huawei blinds;
  • Vote For your favorite candidate during TV shows
  • Buy a bus ticket* Or pay for parkingby text message everywhere in France. SMS is free, only the amount of ticket or parking is billed to you
  • Sustain an association by doing A gift by sms occasionally or by subscribing to a recurrent donation
  • Offer yourself a entertainment and buy digital content from your smartphone

It is now possible:

  • to pay them Microsoft act services (Licenses, PC games, Xbox games),
  • to subscribe to all contents of the platform,
  • Activate the payment of Microsoft Services on your Bouygues Telecom invoice by clicking here and then going to “Add a new payment method”, then select “Mobile billing”.

�� To activate the payment service on invoice on your smartphone iOS, Click here.

�� To activate the payment service on invoice on your smartphone Android, Click here.

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