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Bike all paths riverside 500 water green

Roll always further thanks to fluid and reactive electrical assistance, dose your effort with the central engine and feel this boost that makes the difference up to 120 km !

Bike all Riverside Electric Chemin 540 E Blue Gray

Our team of passionate designers has developed this electric bike to boost your long distances outings and highly elevation on roads and paths.

Roll always further thanks to fluid and reactive electrical assistance, dose your effort with the central engine and feel this boost that makes the difference up to 120 km !

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Technical informations

How to choose your size ?

4 sizes available:
S from 1.50 m to 1.65 m.
M from 1.66 m to 1.77 m.
L from 1.78 m to 1.89 m.
XL from 1.90 m to 2.01 m.
If you are on the border between 2 sizes:
Take the lower size for more maneuverability and comfort (more straightened back).
Take the higher size to favor a more elongated position (more adequate position at speed).

0, 1, 2 or 3: how to choose your assistance mode ?

Off mode – Assistance Disabled.
ECO – Sweet assistance up to 25 km/h which makes you forget the weight of the bicycle – autonomy of around 120 km in normal conditions.
Normal – Moderate assistance up to 25 km/h – Autonomy of approximately 90 km in normal conditions.
High – “Boost” assistance up to 25 km/h in the event of a more difficult autonomy climb of around 60 km in normal conditions.
Pedestrian mode – assistance by walking.

What are the advantages of the central engine vs rear engine ?

-comfort of driving without jolts by progressive assistance.
– at the start, in the coast where when the bike is loaded (luggage..) Assistance is more dynamic.
– more maneuverability, by an excellent weight distribution.
– Ease of disassembly of the rear wheel
– Better autonomy by better energy consumption management
– Better yield, there is no braking effect beyond 25km/h
– Possibility of fixing a child trailer

Engine: let go of the watts

The new ultra -silent central Shimano Steps E6100 central engine is designed for road and long distance road practice.
With its 60 Nm couple, you have powerful assistance in the ribs with significant loading.
This new engine is distinguished from its predecessor (E6000) by many improvements for ever more autonomy:
– Reduction of resistance for an increase of 20% in engine efficiency
– a reduced weight of 210g to reach 2.88 kg.

Battery and charger

Shimano lithium-ion 36V 11.6 Ah battery (418Wh)
Supplied with AXA locking key in double copy.
Shimano fast charger and its adapter: you can load directly on the bike or remove the battery to load it separately.
Plant time for total recharging: 3h
We advise you to recharge the battery after each use.

Control screen or Display

Retro-buzzed LCD central screen for better visibility day and night.
Display of:
– speed
– travel data
– the remaining autonomy
– Modes of assistance
– Of time
– real -time consumption
The deported command accessible in all circumstances is located on the left allowing the change of assistance modes (high, normal, eco, walk)

Connect your bike with Shimano E-Tube !

Thanks to Shimano E-Tube applications, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to your bike and improve your experience.
E-Tube Ride allows you to visualize your journey with a card, display the course data in real time and save them while you are on the bike on smartphone or Strava.

E-Tube Project allows you to customize your settings and update the firmware.
https: // youtu.BE/ZPMWLV17KUO

A frame studied to combine lightness and comfort

Our engineers designed this mixed aluminum frame 6061 with a lowered geometry in order to facilitate spanning. This framework brings you optimal comfort and real versatility.
Presence of inserts for bidder holder only on sizes M, L, XL
Possibility of fixing a can with adapter on size S
Presence of inserts for luggage rack

Suspended and adjustable fork

Our designers added the suspended fork SUNTOUR NCX SF17 with blockable and adjustable spring.
1/8 aluminum aluminum pivot.
Magnesium sheath.
63 mm travel.

Derailleur and transmission: Stop the upper speed

Shimano Deore 10 speeds with change by quick trigger and easy to handle on the handlebars.
In detail :
– 10 -speed shimano cassette
– Shimano monoplateau: 38 teeth
– Pables: 11/36
– KMC channel with fast attachment
– Rear derailleur: Shimano Deore
– Joystick: Shimano Deore

Tires all path: put the gum

Comfortable tires, versatile Vittoria Terreno Dry 120 TPI, flexible rod to accompany you anywhere.
The pressure recommendation is between 4 and 5 bars (details on the flanks of the tire).
Dimensions: 700 x 38c (40-622).

28 ″ double -walled wheels

Go hiking with the 540 e riverside equipped with black aluminum -walled wheels.
For the transport of your bike, a quick blocking of the front and rear wheels allows you to disassemble them easily.
Front wheels of 28 rays and rear wheel of 36 rays.
Wheel diameter = 28 inches (21-622).

Hydraulic disc brakes: master your braking

Roll safely on any ground (dry/wet) thanks to the Tektro TKD 160 mm hydraulic disc braking at the front and at the rear.
Hydraulic braking will bring you more precise braking as well as better comfort in the levers.
Aluminum brake levers.

Holder, direction, gallows: keep control

Semi-raised (620 mm) semi-receiving hanging.
Aluminum gallows in 1 inch 1/8 th 75 mm in length.
Management game “ahead set” semi-integrated in 1 inch 1/8 th.
2 aluminum adjustment rings (“Spacers”) height of 5 mm.
Ergonomic handles with integrated bar-ends.

Saddle: be well installed

Because it is important to have a seat adapted to the practice, the design team has chosen the Saddle Royal saddle adapted to the posture of trekking.
Aluminum seatpot.
Necklace diameter = 35 mm.
Diameter Stem = 28.6 mm.
Saddle height adjustment without tools (quick blocking).


The electric riverside 540 is delivered with monobloc plastic multiple plastic pedals with a large support surface for better foot support on the pedal.
170 mm long aluminum cranks.
38 teeth aluminum tray.
safety cover.


Your riverside 540 E comes with crutch, doorbell, lighting (front/rear), wheels (reflectors) and pedals.
This bike is compatible with:
-front and rear mudguard
– crutch
– bogus door (only m, l, xl)
– saddle bag
– Rear luggage
– Baby seat on frame or luggage rack
For more details, find out to an advisor.


Total weight of bike in size S (battery included): 20.9 kg
M (battery included): 21 kg
L (battery included): 21.1 kg
XL (battery included): 21.2 kg


Lifetime guarantee: frame, gallows and hangers. Spare parts: 2 years.

L: 180-185 cm 50-53 cm, m: 170-175 cm 47-49 cm, m/L: 175-180 cm 49-50 cm, S: 165-170 cm 45-48 cm, XL: 185- 190 cm 53-55 cm, xs/s: 160-165 cm 42-45 cm


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Bike all paths riverside 500 water green

Versatile, comfortable and dynamic bike for your regular walks on the cycle path, road and path.

Go on a ride in the great outdoors ! Light, handy and comfort, the Riverside 500 will convince you of all its versatility on the road and path.

  • ease of use
  • Piloting comfort
  • lightness
  • braking power

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Product assets

  • ease of

ease of use

9 speeds / mono-platform transmission

Piloting comfort

Piloting comfort

Adjustable 60mm suspension / Mixed tires Road and path / Ergonomic handles



braking power

braking power

Mechanical disc brakes provide you with net braking.

Technical informations

Accessories provided Your riverside 500 comes with doorbell, lighting (front/rear), wheels (reflectors) and pedals.
Aluminum frame. Guaranteed for life. The frame is made of aluminum 6061 for a light and comfortable bike. It is guaranteed for life.

Sizes M and L Compatible with the baby carrier on frame. Size S not compatible.
(example of ref: 8487125)

Maximum dimension with riverside mudguard: 42mm (ETRTO standard 42-622)
Maximum dimension without mudguard: 47mm (ETRTO standard 47-622)