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Watching Netflix With Split Tunneling

If however it was to happen, you can first try to change server and empty your web browser cookies before returning to the Netflix page.

Best Netflix VPN: Unlock US and FR catalogs

Netflix is ​​today the first VOD streaming platform in the world. With 200 million users and thousands of films and series in its catalog, it manages to always convert more users. Despite its price increase in 2019, its success continues. In addition to its democratization, more and more Internet users use a VPN for Netflix.

Why use Netflix with a VPN ? Combining the two services provides access to the catalogs of the SVOD platform around the world. In one click, you can see all the content available in the United States, which is not the same as in France. In the same way, this allows you to access all English, German or Japanese catalogs. Furthermore, if you are abroad, you can consult Netflix France via this VPN.

Selection of the best VPNs for Netflix:

  • Expressvpn
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Northern
  • Surfhark VPN

Below, the explanation with the details and test of each of these VPN publishers. You have to understand before what is problematic to access all Netflix catalogs and how can you resolve it via a VPN.

To unlock Netflix, you can forget free VPNs: they are limited and they are blacklisted by streaming platforms. So when you arrive on the platform, an error message will appear when watching the film. Since the end of 2020, Netflix does not even display an error message: it is content not to display the content when it detects a low-cost VPN.

A rush from Netflix

In the minds of many people, Netflix is ​​a rather recent video -on -demand platform that was born only 5 or 6 years ago. The reality is quite different. Indeed, Netflix was created in 1997 and will celebrate its 24 candles this year. VPNs for Netflix have democratized in the last 5 years with the growth of content on the platform.

After a slow departure, notably linked to the still limited speeds of the Internet but also to the limitation in the USA, Netflix exploded when the Internet speeds increased and the internationalization of the platform started.

It was not until 2014 that the French market began to use and discover Netflix, at the time, without the use of VPN. In recent years, there has been a soaring Netflix which continues to refine its offer with ever more series, films and a careful user experience. With a VPN, Netflix offers more possibilities and content.

Netflix growth 5 years old

The screenshot above shows you the evolution of research intentions for “Netflix” in France in France in France. The little dotted lines that you see right to the right of the image correspond to the current period.

Confainment has not only bad will tell you Netflix which sees its attendance literally exploding … as well as the use of VPNs (for various reasons). The image below shows you the tendency of research at the start of confinement. There is a doubling of research intentions for Netflix when the population was invited to stay at home. These results are absolutely not surprising at this period when 50% of French people were partial unemployment.

Netflix growth 30 days

Why use VPN for Netflix ?

If Netflix is ​​now an international platform and available in almost all countries of the world, it is not the same for their catalog. The United States, the cradle of the world leader in streaming, still enjoys the most beautiful bookstore at present, whether for films, or series. This is where the VPN for Netflix takes on its full meaning.

Many users have done this and are increasingly using VPNs for Netflix. If you don’t know what a VPN is and what is it for, Read our article here. Why choose a VPN for Netflix ? Here are the three reasons that push so many Internet users to take a “virtual private network” in addition to their subscription for Netflix.

A VPN to see Netflix FR abroad

The first reason that pushes Internet users to take a VPN on Netflix is ​​the language barrier. If you have traveled abroad, whether in the USA, Brazil, South Africa or elsewhere, you must certainly have to realize that the films and series that are available are not the same as on the Netflix in France.

VPN for Netflix

But that’s not all. The French language will not always be available when you are abroad, unless you are on an original French series. Therefore, many users have turned to VPNs to continue looking at Netflix FR abroad.

By activating their VPN and connecting it to a server based in France, they then make Netflix believe that they are in France. It is a way to move virtually to another country. Thus, this opens the French catalog of Netflix from abroad. This is one of the reasons why so many people use a VPN to watch Netflix FR.

To see the Netflix US catalog (or other)

You understand, the difference in bookstore between countries is very important. For example, there would be more than 1,300 series and 4,300 films on the US Netflix when there are only 387 series and 1,541 films on the French Netflix. Therefore, many Internet users will use a VPN to watch Netflix US (American bookstore).

For once, the language barrier is absolutely not a problem. Often, people looking to watch Netflix Us master English well and their goal is to see content that is not available on Netflix FR. There are also the subtitles that are available-and sometimes even in French.

The method for this could not have been simpler (which explains the success of using VPN Netflix). Indeed, just activate your VPN by connecting to a server in the United States to Edit your IP address and make believe the streaming platform you are in the USA. Netflix Us is then unlocked with the VPN and you have a much more complete and generous video library.

If so many people want the best VPN for Netflix, it is also because this trick also applies to other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, and many others. France does not do so badly in 5th position of the best Netflix bookstores, behind the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

To access films and series before their release in France

Having a wider choice is not the only reason why many people use a VPN to see Netflix US in France. Indeed, the American catalog is also the one that releases films and series first. Very often (and fortunately) everything comes out at the same time everywhere, but this is not always the case. Some Netflix series then released several weeks in advance in the USA. Frustrated, subscribers use their VPN to access Netflix US and make this waiting period disappear.

The list of VPNs compatible with Netflix

Netflix obviously spotted this user tip and try to block VPNs by IP address analysis. Therefore, the vast majority of VPNs are blocked for Netflix. If you use one and see the message “Oops, a problem has occurred… detected proxy. It seems that you use a proxy or a unlocker. Please deactivate these services and try again.» Or “Oops, a problem has occurred … Unexpected error – an unexpected error occurred. Please recharge the page and try again ”, It’s that your VPN does not work with Netflix.

Only the best VPNs on the market manage to operate with Netflix. Moreover, the popularity of these tools is closely linked to ability to unlock Netflix. Many highlight the ability to unlock Netflix Us or see Netflix in French abroad. Here are the 3 favorite user VPNs for Netflix in 2023. These are those who work best at the moment.

Watching Netflix With Split Tunneling

TV Streaming Services Like Netflix Frequently Block VPN Services Becaus Their License Agreements With Content Owners Do Not Alow Them To Show All The Movies and Shows in All Countries. If Netflix Finds That Your Mullvad Ip Address Belongs To A Vpn then It Will Only Let You View Their Own Original Content, or They Will Display An Error Saying That You Are Using A Proxy.

This Guide Will Show You How To Use Your Unprotted Internet Connection To Watch Netflix in Firefox, while the rest of your apps are using your mullvad connection. This requires the split tunneling funny that is available in the mullvad app for Windows, Linux and Android. This Windows Uses Guide.

Warning: None of the Traffic in the Excluded Application Will Go Through the VPN, Meaning It Will Be Going Directly Out on the Internet.

Step 1 – Change the DNS Server in Firefox

Firefox Settings:

  1. In a Firefox Browser Window, click the Button menu and choose Options gold Preferential.
  2. In the Search Box, type “Network“, then click on the Setings Button in the Results.
  3. At the Bottom, check the box Next to Enable Dns Over Https.
  4. Next to Welfare, Choose for Example Cloudflare .

    Click OK.
  5. In the Address Bar of the Browser, Type in About: Config and Hit Enter.
  6. If a warning pops up, click “Accept the Risk and continues”.
  7. In the Search Box, Network
  8. Change The Value To 3 and press Enter. (This Will Disable The Unncrypted Fallback).

Step 2 – Enable Split Tunneling in the Mullvad App

  2. Click on the Settings Icon that looks like a cogwheel in the top right corner.
  3. Click on Split Tunneling
  4. Scroll down to Firefox and click on the icon on the right side of it. It should be then “Excluded Apps”.

5.Start Firefox and You Should Be Able to Watch Netflix Using Your Own Internet Provider Which will go outside the VPN. You can confirm that you are not connected to mullvad in firefox with the Mullvad Connection Check.

Warning: None of the Traffic in the Excluded Application Will Go Through the VPN, Meaning It Will Be Going Directly Out on the Internet.


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VPN for Netflix: top 3 of the best VPNs that work

VPNs are used today to a lot of things: hide the IP address, quantify data, get around geo-restrictions, unlock blocked sites and applications … but if there is a use that is generalized, it is that of using VPNs with Netflix. Indeed, a VPN for Netflix allows access to more content and to change countries Netflix.

Unfortunately, not all VPNs work properly on the platform. Many people are blocked and who fail to effectively unlock foreign catalogs. In this article, we will present the 3 best VPNs for Netflix which work very well in 2023.


Ranking of the best VPNs for Netflix in 2023 ::

  • Expressvpn
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Surfhark VPN
  • Northern
  • Private Internet Access

Below, we present to you in detail of each of them. We will also discuss the principle of VPN and why Netflix does not allow all VPN publishers to access its content.

Top 3 of the best VPNs for Netflix

Today there are hundreds, even thousands of VPN suppliers. Obviously, not everyone works to unlock Netflix and only the best will manage to carry out their mission.

Obviously, we exclude free VPNs which are automatically blocked and which, in addition, have a bandwidth limit, preventing you from watching streaming videos.

But what exactly is to find the best VPN for Netflix in 2023 ? The latter must:

  • Unlock many countries (none unlocks them all)
  • Offer of excellent flows
  • Does not have a bandwidth limit
  • Offer a stable connection
  • Either compatible on all main devices

Here you have the 5 essential qualities that we find with the top of the top VPN for Netflix.

Without further ado, here is our selection of the 3 VPN suppliers that work perfectly to unlock Netflix and access other catalogs:

1. ExpressVPN – The most efficient to access Netflix

If you are looking for the cream of the cream for Netflix, do not look anymore, you have found it. ExpressVPN is renowned as the best VPN for Netflix for years. It works to unlock a lot of countries. There are more than a dozen at present, including the USA, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, UK, …) and the procedure to access these foreign catalogs is simple as hello.


Known as the fastest VPN, ExpressVPN offers excellent streaming experience, without Buffering. This point is particularly important, especially if you intend to connect to very distant servers, such as the USA or Japan for example. With a lower quality VPN, you would constantly have buffering problems (you know, the small round that turns in the middle of your screen ��).

Expressvpn is also very stable and has no bandwidth limit. In other words, you can use it to watch 10 TB of streaming videos per month, if you wish. This contrasts very clearly with free VPNs that rarely exceed 10 GB monthly.

If you like to watch Netflix on several devices, you will not be disappointed with ExpressVPN. Indeed, the latter works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Smart TV Android and even directly on certain compatible routers. You will also have the possibility of using your subscription on 5 devices at the same time.

As the best VPN for Netflix in 2023, ExpressVPN covers 94 countries with more than 3000 servers. You have customer assistance 24/7/365 by cat online to answer all your questions (as for example tell you which VPN server to choose to unlock Netflix in a specific country) and supports all its subscriptions with a warranty 30 -day reimbursement.

Moreover, using the link below you can take advantage of 49% reduction and 3 free months on its 1 year subscription. What make the best VPN for Netflix even more attractive.

2. Cyberghost VPN

Among the best VPNs for Netflix in 2023, we also find Cyberghost. This very competitive VPN (see its best special offer for JDG players here) works very well for Netflix.

Cyberghost VPN Netflix

Although it does not work that ExpressVPN, it will still be able to unlock the main countries that could interest you (France, USA, Italy, Germany, UK, Japan). We particularly appreciate the presence of optimized servers for this activity.

Whether you are on a computer, tablet or smartphone, you will find them very easily by going to the “Streaming” section then type “Netflix” in the search bar. You will then find all the servers that are optimized to unlock Netflix.

If Cyberghost appears in this selection of the best VPNs for Netflix, it is also because it offers very good flows. Although they are, once again, a bit behind ExpressVPN, they remain more than enough to watch movies and series in HD.

Like ExpressVPN, Cyberghost also offers a refund guarantee. If you want to test it to see if it is your favorite VPN for Netflix, you can do it, without risk. At any time following 45 days after your order, you can request a full refund. Please note, the refund guarantee is only 14 days if you have opted for the 1 month subscription.

To find out more about this excellent VPN supplier for Netflix, you can read our Cyberghost review here. You will thus see that its application is multi-platform, that it is possible to protect up to 7 devices at the same time, or that the security implemented is more than satisfactory.

3. Surfhark VPN

Finally, in third position of this ranking of the best VPNs for Netflix, we find Surfshark. This young VPN launched in 2018 may not have the age and experience of its two competitors, but, as regards Netflix, it has nothing to envy them.

Indeed, it unlocks more than 10 Netflix catalogs in a fairly remarkable way. But then, why is he not at the top of this ranking ?


The answer is very simple: Surfhark still encounters a lot of stability problems and does not offer the best speeds. So be careful, when we say that these are not the best speeds, it is completely acceptable. We are just forced to compare compared to other actors, such as ExpressVPN and Cyberghost, who still offer a higher level of service.

Despite everything, for a very inexpensive young VPN, Surfshark is doing well well and really deserves its position in our comparison of the best VPNs to unlock Netflix in 2023.

You will also have a 30 -day refund guarantee without any condition, allowing you to test your services and make your own opinion. In 2023, Surfshark is really one of the best VPNs in our opinion.

It also has the advantage of being a relatively affordable Netflix VPN. You will not have to pay a fortune in order to attach your services to you.

Why want a VPN for Netflix ?

Using a VPN for Netflix offers many advantages. So yes, this will allow you to look at Netflix at your workplace without your boss realizing it, but this is not the heart of the subject.

Indeed, a VPN for Netflix will allow you to access the bookstores of other countries. As you may know, Netflix does not offer the same content in all countries. Everything is linked to dissemination rights. Netflix buys the rights to broadcast a series or a film for a defined period and in a defined geographical area. Therefore, it often happens that countries are more spoiled than others in terms of films and series on Netflix.

Contrary to what one might think, it is not because a country is larger or has more inhabitants that it will have more content. The example of the United States is quite striking. In the country of origin of Netflix, very many films and series are not available while they are in Canada, France, Germany or Australia. How to explain it ? It is very simple !

In fact, many TV channels and streaming platforms (Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc.) are fighting to recover the diffusion rights of series and films to offer a wide choice to their users. The more competition platforms, the more the risk of having a little garnished Netflix bookstore increases. This is what we see in the United States-unlike beliefs.


On the other hand, you will still be able to find films and series there that are not available on Netflix France. But the interest of using a VPN for Netflix will allow access to many other more complete catalogs such as that of Canada, Japan or the United Kingdom.

For people little comfortable with English, using the best VPN for Netflix will allow you to continue accessing the French catalog when you are abroad.

In short, not only will you have more content, but in addition you can always have Netflix in the language and the subtitles of your choice.

How Netflix determines the catalog to which we have access ?

No, this is not depending on the country in which you have opened the account. Many people believe this, but it’s wrong. If you subscribed to France and then go to the USA, you will then have access to the US catalog of Netflix.

But then, how Netflix adapts its content to your location ? It’s simple, it is simply based on your IP address (see our guide to change IP). It is the latter who locates the geographic position of the device with which you connect to the platform, and, in fact, displays the appropriate catalog to you.

This is where the VPN was involved … But that may already be known, if you are looking for the best VPN for Netflix in 2023. VPN applications actually make it possible to modify your IP address and, therefore, its location on the net in less than a minute.

What if your VPN no longer works to access Netflix ?

Before concluding this article, it is essential to recall that the Netflix platform has a real battle to counter VPN software. To do this, Netflix is ​​based on the IP address of subscribers and checks that it is not an IP belonging to a VPN server. Once identified, access is refused and you will not be able to see the desired content.

Netflix can take some time to detect VPN IP addresses and put them on blacklist. This explains why you can access Netflix one day and more the next day. Although no one is safe from this kind of (bad) surprises, opt for one of the best VPN for Netflix recommended above minimized this risk.

If however it was to happen, you can first try to change server and empty your web browser cookies before returning to the Netflix page.

As a last resort, you can contact customer service and share your problem with them. The technical teams can then direct you to the most suitable VPN server to go to a given Netflix bookstore.

The use of a VPN for Netflix is ​​legal ?

Using a VPN in France and in many other European countries is legal. Nothing tries to look at streaming content by connecting to a VPN.

That said, the question of VPN for Netflix is ​​more complex since this application makes it possible to bypass the geographical blockage set up by the SVOD platform. By avoiding this filter, it is as if you also bypass the legislation of the territory. It’s up to you to draw your conclusions ..

In any case, to date, Netflix has not yet banned users on the pretext that they used a VPN and it is an activity practiced by many.

Free VPN on Netflix: our opinion about them

We quickly addressed the subject a little higher in this article. We will take the time to talk about it in detail here.

Is it wise to use a free virtual private network on this streaming platform ? As we have been able to mention in our article taking stock of free VPNs that work on Netflix, the latter do not represent a viable solution.

The reasons that push us to assert this is numerous: detection and blocking of VPN by the streaming platform, disappointing speeds, or even data consumption quota.

There is no shortage of disadvantages as you can see. And that’s not to mention the fact that with a free virtual private network, you will have to deal with a limited number of servers as well as few covered countries. Suffice to say that very often, you will not even be able to obtain an IP address located in the country that interests you.

If you want at all costs to benefit from a VPN capable of operating on Netflix, and that for free, take advantage of the satisfied or reimbursed warranty of ExpressVPN, Cyberghost and NordVPN. At the cumulation, you can get up to 105 days of subscription without paying anything (30 at ExpressVPN, up to 45 at Cyberghost and 30 days at Nordvpn).

Before the end of each warranty period, you only have to contact customer support in order to be reimbursed. It is without any condition in the case of these suppliers.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN, VPN number 1 for Netflix

If you are looking for a reliable, stable, fast VPN that manages to unlock Netflix, ExpressVPN is really the best solution. Regardless of the device you plan to use, this VPN with 12 years of experience has been able to show over the years that it has perfected the use of its service for Netflix to perfection.

Although this is not the cheapest, this is the best option at the moment. Thanks to its 49% reduction and 3 free months, it is even more accessible and you will benefit in more than 30 days satisfied or reimbursed without condition.

Although ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Netflix in 2023, this does not prevent its two competitors, Cyberghost and Surfshark all the same very good. These are two excellent alternatives if ExpressVPN ever disappointed you for a reason or another.