Bank with Paylib: which banks offer mobile payment?, How to use Paylib? Our full article!

How to use Paylib? Our full article

Paylib is not the only mobile payment solution for Android. You can also find banks with Google Pay, for example, and sometimes Samsung Pay. To find out more, we looked for to find out which bank offered which mobile payment solution apart from Paylib.

Bank with Paylib: which banks offer mobile payment ?

Paylib is a mobile payment solution developed by a group of French banks, making it possible to use mobile payment with an Android smartphone. Where to find a bank with Paylib ? How to use this feature ?

We often hear about Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile payment service. Very regularly, new banks and neobancs announce that they are now compatible with Apple Pay, so that almost all of them offer it. Dimol, it only works with an Apple smartphone ..

When you have an Android smartphone, you must use Google Pay or Paylib, the second having the advantage of having been developed by French banks and not by the American giant.

Bank with Paylib: which bank offers mobile payment ?

To use a mobile payment service it is imperative that his bank is compatible with it. It is only on this condition that the customer will be able to add their bank card in the mobile payment application. However, not all banks offer mobile payment. Customers who absolutely want to be able to use this service will therefore have to be careful with which bank to choose.

Here is the list of banks that integrate Paylib:

Bank with Paylib

  • Hello Bank
  • Balance Bank
  • Max
  • Agricultural credit
  • BNP Paribas
  • Postal bank
  • Societe Generale
  • Crédit Mutuel Arkéa
  • Popular bank
  • Mutual credit
  • Cic
  • LCL

This list is not exhaustive. To find out if her bank offers Paylib, the best is to contact her directly.

How Paylib works ? Manual

Paylib is not limited to mobile payment. The Paylib service, developed by three French banks (BNP Paribas, Société Générale and Banque Postale), actually offers three major payment features:

  • Store payment (Mobile payment)
  • Online directly on websites
  • Between friends (instantaneous transfer by SMS simply with the phone number)

Store payment

Bank with Paylib

The advantage of mobile payment offered by Paylib is that it avoids payment by bank card in store. Operation is similar to that of contactless payment, except that there is No need to take out the bank card and that the transaction is not Not limited to 50 € or a number of operations following.

A bank with Paylib will allow easily to pay in stores. In fact, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Download the bank application of his bank with Paylib
  2. Connect your Paylib account with its identifiers, or create an account
  3. Pay in store

The smartphone must be compatible with NFC (contactless payment) technology.

Pay online

Using Paylib online will also make more secure payments. During payment, just click on “Paylib” rather than on the bank card of his bank, and enter his email address. The transaction must then be validated on the Paylib application.

This system avoids indicating its credit card codes and makes it possible to reduce the risk of fraud and hacking.

Send money with friends

Last feature, payment with friends. It allows you to quickly send money to a friend’s bank account without having to make a bank transfer. The recipient’s phone number is enough.

From the application, the customer simply has to configure the shipment. The recipient will receive an SMS and, if he is already a Paylib customer, then he will receive the funds directly on his account. If he is not a customer, he will first have to register.

mobile paymentBank with Paylib: prices

Whatever the bank, Paylib is still free. The mobile payment service costs consumer nothing. Payments and transfers made with Paylib (store payment, online, etc.) do not cost any costs.

On the other hand, the bank itself is not necessarily free, unlike Paylib. A bank account can be expensive in a traditional bank.

Difficult to find an online bank with Paylib

It’s pretty surprising, but we notice that it is quite difficult to find an online bank that offers Paylib. Only two of them, Boursorama Banque and Hello Bank, integrate the mobile payment solution.

Boursorama Banque is Société Générale online bank while Hello Bank belongs to BNP Paribas, two of the banks that designed Paylib. This explains that these online banks offer the service.

Balance Bank markets two free bank cards accessible to everyone without income condition, and an offer with metal bank card at € 9.90 per month. >> See the Boursorama offer. Hello Bank offers two offers. The first is free and accessible to all, while the second, higher, costs € 5 per month. >> See the HELLO BANK offer

Other mobile payment solutions

Paylib is not the only mobile payment solution for Android. You can also find banks with Google Pay, for example, and sometimes Samsung Pay. To find out more, we looked for to find out which bank offered which mobile payment solution apart from Paylib.

Apple Pay Paylib Google Pay Samsung Pay Lyf Pay
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As we can see, Apple Pay remains the most often offered mobile payment application … The other solutions are not very available. Google Pay and Samsung Pay are little marketed even with traditional banks. In fact, mobile payment is a solution that is still marginal in France for the moment for consumers.

Written by Claire Krust – Updated on 03/16/2023

How to use Paylib ? Our full article !


In 2013, Banque Postale, Société Générale and BNP Paribas launched the Paylib electronic portfolio. This platform allows banks to pay online as well as in stores via mobile payment. How to pay with Paylib ? Which Paylib banks are available at ?

  • Paylib: In summary
  • Paylib is An electronic portfolio available from some banks Like Société Générale, BNP Paribas, Boursorama Banque, Max and Hello Bank!
  • The service allows you to send money to a loved one, pay without contact in stores and shop on the Internet
  • To use Paylib, you must activate the service via the customer area of ​​your bank

How Paylib works ?

This service was created on the initiative of three French banks : BNP Paribas, Société Générale and La Banque Postale. Now offered by more than 14 French banks, the mobile payment service has more than 2 million users. To be able to use Paylib, The customer must activate the service directly on the mobile application or the online customer area of ​​his bank.

The Paylib mobile application is available on the App Store and on Android in the mobile application of its bank. The service allows you to send money to your loved ones whether or not they have the application. Precision for iPhone holders : Contactless payment is unavailable. These can only use Apple Pay, contactless contact system available on Apple products.

  • Which Paylib banks are available at ?
  • Balance Bank
  • Hello Bank!
  • Max
  • BNP Paribas
  • Societe Generale
  • The postal bank
  • LCL
  • Savings bank
  • Cic
  • Mutual credit
  • Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne
  • Crédit Mutuel du Sud Ouest
  • BCP Bank
  • Savoy Bank
  • Maritime credit
  • Agricultural credit
  • Crédit Cooperative

Paylib’s features

Pay with friends

Paylib allows its users to send money to their loved ones only with a mobile number. The maximum amount of the shipment is defined by the banks: it is between € 300 and € 500.

The steps to send silver are:

  • Go to the application of your bank to the tab “Paylib”
  • Indicate the telephone number and the desired amount as well as the‘Title of the transfer
  • Once all fields are filled: the customer has only confirmed the transfer with his fingerprint or his security code

And in a few days, the beneficiary will receive money directly on his bank account !

The person to whom I want to send money has not pays, what to do ? It is possible to use Paylib even if the friend you want to send money does not use this service; This one will receive an SMS with a link redirecting it to a page on which he must indicate his IBAN. He will receive a confirmation SMS telling him that the transfer is in progress and that he will receive it within three days.

Pay in store


Paylib also allows users to pay without safe contact Up to 500 € (against 30 € for contactless payment with bank card). The only ceiling is that of the bank card. This feature can be used in all businesses offering contactless payment.

How to pay without contact with Paylib ?

First of all, the customer must ensure that his smartphone has the NFC technology allowing mobile payment. Then, as for the PAY FUNCTIONS with friends, he must activate the option on his mobile application.

When buying in store:

  • Unlock the smartphone screen, approach it from the payment terminal;
  • Wait for the sound signal confirming payment

If the purchase is greater than 30 €, The customer must confirm the purchase via his footprint or his security code.

Paying without contact abroad: it is possible the customer can use Paylib abroad without additional expenses other than those of the bank.

Pay line with paylib


Paylib allows its users to pay their purchases online without having to use their bank details. This service is available from many brands such as Showroomy, Veepee (old sale-private.FR), Sarenza, Bouygues Telecom.

How it works ? To make an online purchase with Paylib, it’s very simple : During payment, select Paylib as a means of payment, then indicate the email address. Then, the customer is redirected to the mobile application of his bank to validate the payment in progress with his security code or his fingerprint.

The instant transfer available at Paylib without giving a launch date, Paylib is gradually asserting the instant transfer. Instant payment is already available from some of the partner banks such as Hello Bank!, Société Générale or La Banque Postale. What is the instant transfer ? Also called Instant Payment is a type of separate transfer whose time for issuing and receiving money is 10 seconds. Learn more about the instant transfer.

Paylib: Selectra’s opinion

  • Bank -related service
  • A secure electronic portfolio
  • Sending money by sms
  • Mobile payment is not available on iOS
  • Offered by few online banks

Paylib is a service for making secure payments simply. The opening of an account is fast and activates via its bank. Paylib easily competitions other electronic portfolios such as Paypal or Lydia. This service is free and offered by banks for free. However, we regret not finding him at more online banks.

Paypal and Paylib ? What differences ? Unlike Paypal, Paylib is not an intermediary between the shopping site and the bank, it is a payment service available via the bank. In terms of bank data security, Paylib seems to be safer on different points: each purchase must be validated by a security code or by fingerprint, the customer does not have to indicate his bank details when he activates the Paylib service but only to choose on which he wishes to activate the service. In addition, in the event of a problem with Paylib, the customer can directly contact his bank.