Autonomy Mini Cooper SE: how many kms can I travel?, With 400 km of autonomy, the Mini Cooper Electric becomes even more interesting – Numerama

With 400 km of autonomy, the Mini Cooper Electric becomes even more interesting

The values ​​are calculated from WLTP autonomy. With this value is calculated the theoretical autonomy according to the selected criteria. Real autonomy is given as an indication and has no contractual value. This data is not provided by the manufacturers. More or less 10% error margin.

Autonomy Mini Cooper is

How many kilometers can I travel with the Mini Cooper electric vehicle ?

The autonomy of the mini Cooper electric car is from 201 km at 234 km, with a single load, depending on the WLTP standard.

Real autonomy can then depend on several elements: battery load level, the type of course (highway, city or mixed), air conditioning or heating, the weather, the elevation.

Mini Cooper is

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Version Battery capacity Autonomy
compact 28.9 kWh 234 km
convertible 28.9 kWh 201 km

Mini Cooper Autonomy Simulator

Use the simulator below to estimate the autonomy of the electric vehicle Mini Cooper is Depending on the different criteria offered:


Battery level
Air conditioning / heating


Highway (Moy. 120 km/h)
Strong rain or snow

The values ​​are calculated from WLTP autonomy. With this value is calculated the theoretical autonomy according to the selected criteria. Real autonomy is given as an indication and has no contractual value. This data is not provided by the manufacturers. More or less 10% error margin.

* Autonomy in 100% electric driving

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Everything about Mini Cooper is

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Mini Cooper is

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With 400 km of autonomy, the Mini Cooper Electric becomes even more interesting

The new mini will be produced from November 2023 // Source: BMW Group

Mini announced the arrival of a new generation of Cooper Electric within his family. Particular point: its autonomy would be almost twice as important as on the current version.

The British manufacturer British Mini took its first steps in the landscape of the electric automobile for almost 15 years, thanks to its mini e released in 2008.

But it was with his mini Cooper SE, launched four years ago that he now occupies the market. The electric car takes up the brand’s codes, including on its road behavior like karting. The brand must, however, face the competition of many electric city cars with better autonomy, like the Fiat 500E or the Peugeot E-208.

Everything could change in the coming months with the end of the current generation of mini electric vehicles, and the arrival of a new. This is what the brand announced on Wednesday May 3.

Much higher autonomy

In a press release, the manufacturer said a little more about the arrival of the fifth generation of mini 3 doors. It will be unveiled to the public in September 2023, during the Munich automobile show. With two versions, the Mini Cooper E and the Cooper SE, the BMW group manufacturer wishes to show that it has corrected its main defect: its autonomy. With an autonomy of 231 km on WLTP cycle, the Cooper is currently having a radius of action deemed too low without recharging.

Better autonomy for the new mini // Source: BMW Group

It will soon be in the past: with much more efficient batteries (40.7 kWh and 54.2 kWh for the Cooper E and Cooper SE), the new generation of mini vehicles could reach autonomy between 300 and 400 km. Figures that would allow the British brand to finally play on equal arms with competition. On the other hand, no data on the charging time or the maximum recharging power of the vehicle has not been announced for the time being announced.

At the battery level, the brand has not indicated the technology chosen, speaking only of the presence of a high-voltage lithium-ion battery in the vehicle floor ” For a handling and an optimal masses distribution, while increasing the stability and agility of the car “, As she explains in her press release.

Regarding the power of the vehicle, it will vary between 135 kW (183 hp) for the Cooper E and 160 kW (217 hp) for the Cooper is.

Goodbye “Union Jack” lights

Very little information is already known on the new Mini Cooper, both technologically and technical, but the brand has still published some pictures of the future model. We note in particular the disappearance of the “Union Jack” fires, specificity of the British brand, in favor of triangular rear lights, as well as a calendre reworked at the front, giving a sleek stylish. The interior of the vehicle wants to offer modularity. It can of course accommodate 4 passengers, but the folding seats will also bring a larger storage capacity when necessary.

More refined lines visible despite camouflage // source: BMW Group

No information on the price has been indicated, but we know that 43,000 copies of the old generation were sold worldwide in 2022, including 5,809 across France (11th the best -selling electric car in France).

The Mini Cooper is new generation and the Cooper E could therefore attract a new audience that is interested in the electric car.

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Mini: Good news, the future Cooper electric will not have a mini autonomy

Expected this fall, the new mini cooper e and is 100 % electric continues its teasing campaign. After revealing its first official images, the city car gives new information on its autonomy. This makes a very clear leap forward compared to the current version.

Article updated on May 4, 2023 : Our colleagues from the site Magazine Automobile were able to drive the Prototype of the Mini Cooper E and. We learn that the future mini electric cooper will share its platform with the Chinese group Great Wall Motors (to whom we owe the ORA Funky Cat). The length of the car is 3.86 m (identical to the current) for a wheelbase of 2.53 m (+ 3 cm). In the cabin, the main round screen goes to 24 cm (9.4 inch) against 22.4 cm (8.8 inch) on the current mini cooper.


Original article of May 3, 2023 : It was in 2019 that the Mini Cooper Se, the brand’s first electric car was born, which had already tried the experience in 2008 with its Mini e limited to just over 500 copies. The manufacturer must indeed work in the electrification of its range, since it will not be able to sell thermal cars in Europe anyway from 2035. But before offering a full range, the firm only markets one model for the time being, derived from the mini three doors that we know well.

Finally, correct autonomy

After four years of career, The current generation will finally bow out and fully renew. A welcome change, which will allow the city dweller to better position itself in an increasingly competitive segment. She will have to face the Fiat 500E and the Honda E, but also by the Dolphin which prepares her arrival in Europe. For the time being, the Mini Cooper is doing well, with 5,809 registrations in 2022.

Which positions it in 11th place in the ranking of the best -selling electric cars in France last year. But the time for change has come for the city car, the next generation of which will be officially unveiled next September, at the Munich show. The opportunity for her to correct one of her biggest problems and the one that earns her the most criticism: her autonomy. Indeed, it is currently very average.

It culminates at only 231 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, which is very little. For comparison, the Peugeot E-208 can now reach 400 kilometers, while the Fiat 500E can travel up to 320 kilometers in one load. Suffice to say that the mini is pale figure. But that will change, as the brand confirms in a press release. This announces the upcoming launch of two variations, baptized Mini Cooper E and.

The first will haveA 40.7 kWh battery while the second will display 54.2 kWh, for an autonomy that will oscillate Between 300 and 400 kilometers. On the other hand, nothing has yet been said on the charging time as well as on the maximum power that the car will be able to cash in. According to our calculations, theoretical consumption (without taking into account loss related to recharge) should run Around 13 kWh / 100 kilometers, What remains reasonable.

An increasing power

Because as we know, it is more relevant to look at this value rather than the total autonomy of an electric car. Hence the interest of favoring small batteries, cheaper and cheaper to produce. However, it will be necessary to wait before having more information on the technology chosen by the manufacturer. The latter announces that the Cooper is displayed an unchanged power, 135 kW or 183 horsepower. The Cooper will take place at 160 kW, which is equivalent to 217 horsepower.

Mini promises good agility, thanks to the battery installed under the floor. It is also rumored that a John Cooper Works more powerful version still would also be in the boxes. This could be created during the year 2025 and would compete with the Abarth 500E and The future electric city car designed by Alpine. For its part, Volkswagen is also preparing a more muscular version of its ID.2.

If you will still have to wait until the start of the school year to know everything about this new generation, the manufacturer has already lifted the veil on some official photos. The opportunity to discover very refined lines, since the grille and the lights have been redesigned and simplified in order to recall the Aceman concept. Same thing for the rear part, which loses its “Union Jack” lights in favor of a triangular light signature.

The driving station will also evolve in depth With the arrival of a new screen, which will always be round in shape. A brand new virtual assistant taking the form of a bulldog called Spike. The new mini Cooper will also chase on the lands of Smart #1, but it will still be necessary to wait before knowing its prices. To note that Only the three -door version will be offered in electric, for a start -up of production in November 2023 in China, by Spotlight Automotive the joint venture with Great -Wall Motor (to whom we owe the Funky Cat ora). The Aceman version would also be produced there, while the countryman will be produced in Germany.

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