Audi: the name E-tron misinterpreted. In France, Audi e-tron sportback: price, autonomy, performance

Audi e-tron sportback

On the fast terminals, the Quattro 55 version tolerates up to 150 kW while the “50” version is limited to 120 kW.

Audi: the name “e-tron” misinterpreted … in France

If the name “e-tron” has existed since 2009 at Audi, the manufacturer’s first 100% electric SUV will not have escaped mockery on social networks.

Audi has just presented its first 100% electric SUV, the e-tron. A name that has definitely had a hard time going to the French public. The name “e-tron” is indeed, a bit unsuitable for French-speaking countries (as was the case for the Toyota MR2) … and Internet users did not fail to underline it on social networks. (Message 1 – Message 2 – Message 3 – Message 4 – Message 5)
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A bit of humour

If the name “e-tron” has existed since 2009 within the range of the German manufacturer, it so far designated the Plug-in Hybrid models, like the A3 e-tron or the Q7 e- tron. Visibly accustomed, the Community Manager of Audi France tried to show humor while explaining the pronunciation, writing (with a dash) and the meaning of this denomination.
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As a reminder, the Audi E-tron develops 360 hp or even 408 hp thanks to a small boost for 8 seconds. He is then able to reach 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds. On the autonomy side, thanks to its 95 kWh battery, the e-tron can travel a little more than 400 kilometers in a single load according to the WLTP cycle. If its French prices are not yet communicated, the prices of the 100% electric SUV will start around 80.000 € in Germany.

Audi e-tron sportback

Audi e-tron sportback

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Presented in the form of a concept in April 2017 at the Shanghai Automobile Fair, in China, the Audi e-tron sportback will be the second electric car marketed by the German brand. Its launch is scheduled for 2020

Audi E-Tron Sportback engine

From a technical point of view, the Audi e-tron sportback inherits the characteristics of the Audi e-tron. It is available in three engines.

  • e-tron 50. Corresponding to the entry -level, this version is limited to 230 kW of power with a torque reduced to 540 Nm. Its performance is less with a 0 to 100 km/h crossed in 7 seconds and a top speed limited to 190 km/h
  • e-tron 55. First version launched by the manufacturer, it associates two electric motors and accumulates up to 300 kW of power in Boost mode. The 0 to 100 km/h is crossed in 5.7 seconds and top speed reaches 200 km.h
  • e-tron s. Launched in 2020, this ultra-sporting version of the Audi electric SUV has three electric motors for up to 503 horsepower (370 kW) and climbing torque at 970 Nm in Overboost mode. What ensure a 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 210 km/h

Battery and autonomy of the Audi e-tron sportback

Housed in the rear, the lithium-ion battery is also identical to the SUV and is available in two versions whose capacity will depend on the chosen motorization. While the “55 quattro” has a nominal 95 kWh pack (86.5 kWh useful) for 448 km of autonomy in WLTP cycle, the “50 quattro” accumulates 71 kWh (64.7 kWh useful) for a range of 347 km.

Audi e-tron 50 Audi e-tron 55 Audi e-tron s
Battery capacity 71 kWh 95 kWh 95 kWh
WLTP autonomy 347 km 446 km 348-368 km

Recharge of the Audi e-tron sportback

At home or on small public terminals by alternating current (AC), the E-tron Sportback can load as standard up to 11 kW and 22 kW optional (available in the summer of 2020). With the big battery, it takes about 35 hours for a full load on a domestic socket and 8 hours on a Wallbox 11 kW. In 22 kW, the charging time is reduced to around 4:30

On the fast terminals, the Quattro 55 version tolerates up to 150 kW while the “50” version is limited to 120 kW.

Audi e-tron sportback 50 Audi e-tron sportback 55
AC load 11 kW (22 kW optional) 11 kW (22 kW optional)
DC load 120 kW 150 kW

Price & marketing of e-tron sportback

Assessed at the Forest factory, in Belgium, the Audi E-Tron Sportback will start the first deliveries in the spring of 2020. A little more expensive than the classic e-tron, it starts from 74.900 € in version 50 and from 86.€ 480 in its 55 version, a differential of around 2,600 euros compared to the classic e-tron. Not detailed to date, the audi e-tron s sportback

In terms of finishes, it takes up the same as those offered on the e-tron whose details are listed below:

  • e-tron (Base): Adaptive pneumatic suspension, progressive direction, 19-inch rims, bi-zone air conditioning, multifunction steering wheel with adjustment pallets, hands-free starters, manual settings tissue seats, GPS with 10 touch screen 10.1 inch, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, DAB digital radio, 10-speaking audio system, Audi Music Interface, Digital counters 12.3 inches, electric and disgusting exterior mirrors, scrolling indicators, LED headlights, AFIL, parking aid ..
  • Stunned (E-tron +): United full-level paint, 20 inch rims, orange brake calipers, leather dashboard cap, sports front and heated seats, leather upholstery, hands-free access, mobile phone recharging by induction, regulator Adaptive speeds, semi-automatic parking, help with active maintenance in the track ..
  • Avus Extended (Avus +): Panoramic glass roof, quadri-zones air conditioning, heated rear seats, head-up display, bang & olufsen audio system, LED matrix headlights, front and rear scroll indicators…

The Audi e-tron S has two specific finishes: S and S extended.

Like its big brother, the Audi E-tron Sportback can be equipped with retro-caméras. An option that the manufacturer invoices € 1850.

Audi e-tron sportback 50 55 S
e-tron 74.500 € 86.800 €
S line 84.400 € 96.700 €
Stunned 88.800 € 101.100 €
Avus Extended 98.300 € 110.600 €
S 99.200 €
S extended 112.200 €