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Angell electric bikes at a shock price at Carrefour: beware of unpleasant surprises

If the prospect of cracking for an Angell 2021 electric bike at the shock price of € 999 at Carrefour tickles you, be careful: things may not happen as planned.

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We had echoed in this news of the shock price offered by Carrefour on electric bikes Angell vintage 2021, and more precisely on the fast m and fast S: € 999 instead of € 2999 ! The great deal of the moment ? If we already issued some reservations, the story is further complicated following a post Twitter written by Angell. Indeed, the bikes sold by Carrefour would be, in a large proportion, defective. We tell you everything.

Chef, I didn’t see the paper !

Current generations of batteries contain complex components with sensitive chemistry, despite the progress made recently in this area. And it is precisely the battery of bikes marketed by the Carrefour brand that sins. Before going further, let’s salute Angell’s transparency, even if his communication finally consists of clearing himself by defeating himself on his trading partner.

Bikes sold on the Carrefour site were delivered during the winter of 2021-2022. Since then, months have passed and like any electric vehicle, the so -called deep load phenomenon may occur. This is a state where the battery is so discharged that it is impossible to recharge it with a usual sector block. To avoid this, it is advisable in the event of prolonged storage, to carry out regular loads of bikes to maintain their famous battery. However, the Carrefour provider who has managed the rapid M and fast stock who were patiently waiting in their box while waiting for the promotion would not have applied this procedure. Procedure which would have been described by Angell.

A pure and simple change of battery

Result of the races, many bikes sold have a deep discharge battery that you simply have to change ! A headache for Carrefour and Angell, which of course does not want it to tarnish its image. The two companies work to find a technical solution, but it should not be ratified before mid-September.

Could an alternative to the pure and simple battery replacement could be found ? We have already seen techniques, more or less empirical, to release a battery from a deep discharge, but nothing says that such a solution can be found for the unfortunate consumers who fell for a Angel from Carrefour. Angell announces that the development of a new generation of VAE has started and that they will use a new battery technology which will allow to escape the phenomenon of deep discharge.

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Electric bike

Current electric assistance bike from the Carrefour Market catalog. Discover the latest Electric Assistance Bike Promotions and take advantage of the best electric bike offers at the lowest prices.

Valid: June 28, 2022 at 11 Jul. 2022

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