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3 ways to download podcasts on PC and mobile

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You will learn here how to save your own podcast and find a review of applications offering a free download option for podcasts. Read the rest to find out how to download podcasts on a computer or mobile device. We will review a screen recorder for PC and podcast download applications.


Best for


Podcasts recording, computer and sound screen capture of the computer

Customizable listening experience, free download of podcasts on Android

Get the latest recommendations on fashionable emissions on iOS

Video and audio recording with complete production control

Recording of the activity of the office with annotations

Download podcasts in an office multimedia player

Organize and read your music collection

Listen to podcasts, download podcasts to your computer

Connection on Bluetooth devices, customizable storage function, podcasts download on Android, iOS

Wide range of podcasts with more than 95 million content available; For Android and iOS users

A cheap experience without advertising and personalized recommendations for iOS users

Customizable functions for Android users, smart speakers supported by Sono and Alexa

Sharing on Facebook and Twitter, automatic download of new episodes, easy navigation on iOS devices.

Downloading podcasts directly on your mobile device

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  • When we select the products to be included in our tests, we study both demand and popularity.
  • The team tests all the products mentioned in this article.
  • During tests, we compare the key characteristics of the products, which include selection of the capture zone, programmed recording, display of keyboard and mouse strikes, as well as other important characteristics.
  • We study user reviews on popular review platforms and use this information to write our products on products.
  • We collect comments from our users and analyze their opinions on MOVAVI software as well as on products from other companies.

How to save podcasts on a computer

Movavi Screen Recorder

Better for : save podcasts, capture the computer screen and sound

Operating system : Windows, Mac

Price : Free trial version, € 56.95 for the full version

G2 note:: 4.5 in 5 stars, 41 good comments on 44

Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to capture the screen of your computer and record the sounds of the system or the sound of your microphone. You can use this application to save your own podcast. Movavi Screen Recorder also provides basic editing tools: you can cut unnecessary segments for your recording. There are several export options, which allows you to choose the output format you need. The application is available for Windows and Mac.

Benefits :

  • Multifunctional
  • Fast and easy to use
  • User -friendly interface
  • High quality output
  • Support for file recording in many formats, including all HD
  • Full free version


  • Filigrane on video in the free version

Step 1. Install Movavi Screen Recorder

Run the installation file and follow the instructions on the screen. To launch the recorder, double-click the icon on your desktop.

2nd step. Adjust the recording settings

Click on the button Screen record in the program side bar and select a capture zone. Even if you don’t need a video recording, the program will still capture the screen. But you can record the recording in audio format later.

Make sure the icon Microphone is activated. The record system audio must be deactivated.

Step 3. Record your podcast

When everything is ready, press RA To start, then start talking. Once you have saved everything you need, click on Stop.

Step 4. Save your podcast

After clicking on Stop, The podcast opens in a preview window. You can cut the unnecessary parts if necessary. To save the podcast, click on Export. In the new window, enter the file name and choose the folder in which you want to save it. Then select the format MP3 In the formats list. Finally, click the button Save.

And that’s it, it’s done ! You now know how to save a podcast with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Movavi Screen Recorder

The ideal way to record your screens

Limitation of responsibility: Please note that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow the capture of video and audio flows protected against copying.

Better for : save video and audio with complete production control.

Operating system : Windows, Mac, Linux

Price : free

With Obs Studio, you can easily create live professional programs and breathtaking video recordings. This powerful software offers you the tools you need to capture audio and video from several sources and mix them together. Whether you broadcast a game session or record a tutorial, Obs Studio allows you to easily produce high quality content that arouses your audience’s interest.

Powerful and easy -to -use configuration options give you total control over your production. In addition, thanks to its preview function in studio mode, you can test your scenes before putting them online. And thanks to the shortcut keys for almost all actions, you can work quickly and effectively.

Benefits :

  • Open source and free use
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Highly customizable with a wide range of features
  • Can record from several sources simultaneously


  • A little complicated for beginners
  • Requires some technical knowledge to configure it


Better for : Save the activity of the office with annotations

Operating system : Windows, Mac

Price : Free version; Paid plans from $ 29.95 per year

Tinytake is a simple, free and rich screen recorder that allows you to capture a region, a window or the whole screen in a few clicks. You can save videos, make screenshots of your desktop, or use your webcam to save videos of yourself. You can also annotate your recordings with text, arrows and shapes. And if you need to collaborate with other people, Tinytake facilitates the sharing of recordings and screenshots by email or on social media.

You can also store your records in the cloud for future access or share a link to them instantly. Zoom in or back to get the right plan, and assign personalized shortcut keys for quick recording. Tinytake is compatible with proxy servers, allowing you to easily record presentations or webinaries without having to worry about disconnections.

Benefits :

  • Free use (with paid plans for more features)
  • Available on Windows and Mac
  • Easy to use with a refined interface
  • Possibility of annotating the recordings with text, arrows and forms.


  • The free version is limited to five minutes of recording.
  • Cloud storage is limited to 2 GB

How to download a podcast on your computer


Better for : listen to podcasts on Mac and Windows, download podcasts to your computer

Operating system : Mac, windows

Price : free

There are several applications that can help you download podcasts on a PC or Mac. You can use podcast managers like Juice or Gpodder. Another option is to download podcasts using iTunes. This application is available for Mac and Windows. Follow the guide below to download podcasts with iTunes.

Benefits :

  • Intuitive interface
  • Free use
  • Possibility to automatically download the new episodes
  • Possibility of defining the order of reading episodes.


  • Lack of research filters

Step 1. Install iTunes

Visit the link below to download and install the application.

2nd step. Look for podcasts

Open the application and select Podcasts in the drop -down list located in the upper left of the interface. Then click on Blind. Go to the search field and enter a word or a sentence to find the podcast you need. Click on Blind in the window containing the search results and press Entrance. A list of podcasts appears in the main program window.

Step 3. Download an episode

Find the episode you want to download and click on Get next to it. The audio will be saved on your computer, which will allow you to read it offline at any time.

VLC Media Player

Better for : Download podcasts in an office multimedia player

Operating system : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Price : free

VLC Media Player is a free and open source multimedia player that can read almost all audio or video files. You can use it to read local multimedia files or broadcast radio and online television stations.

VLC offers a number of features that make it an excellent choice for downloading podcasts. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats, which allows you to read almost all episodes of podcasts. In addition, thanks to its integrated multimedia library, you can easily organize your episodes and keep track of what you have listened to. Finally, if your connection is slow, VLC can automatically adjust the reading quality to avoid buffer strokes.

Benefits :

  • Can read almost all audio or video files
  • Free and open source software
  • Possibility to download podcasts directly from the URL
  • Available on several platforms


  • The user interface can be confusing for beginners
  • It can be difficult to find the podcast if you don’t know your url.


Better for : organize and play your music collection

Operating system : Windows

Price : free

Musicbee is an office multimedia player that is not content to read your musical files. He can also organize them in easy -to -browse libraries and offers functions such as reading speed control, reading without interruption, the Failed Fund, etc. It also supports a wide range of audio formats, including loss files.

Musicbee also has a number of features that make it ideal for podcasts. You can easily add new episodes to your library and organize them in reading lists. In addition, Musicbee can automatically download the illustrations of episodes and program notes.

Benefits :

  • Support for a wide range of audio formats
  • A variety of reading features
  • Customizable plugins


  • Available only under Windows
  • The interface can be complicated for beginners

The best podcast downloaders for Android and iPhone

Finding the best podcast downloader for your Android or iPhone is not always as easy. Have the right software also means that you can download and listen to your favorite podcast later. We have drawn up a list of the seven best podcast downloaders for mobile users, based on our personal opinions.

Google Podcasts

Better for : a customizable listening experience, looking for your favorite shows, free download of podcasts on Android and an advertising experience.

Operating system : Android

Price : free

Google Play classification: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Users: 400,000+ reviews, 50,000,000+ installations

With Google Podcasts, obtaining podcasts on Android is no longer a problem ! You can find all the podcasts you love, customize the way you listen to them and listen to them wherever you are. The management of your listening experience of podcasts has just become much easier with this application !

With millions of users who have installed this application, there is no doubt that this company knows what its users want when they download the trendiest podcasts. This application allows you to subscribe and listen to your favorite podcasts for free.

You can put the episodes in queue, follow all your downloads and broadcast them continuously for instant reading or continue to listen to them offline later. This application will give you podcast recommendations to listen to, and you can use Google and Google Assistant search to find your favorite podcasts.

Benefits :

  • Appreciated by millions of users
  • Can be used on several devices (computer and mobile).
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional and free functions
  • Customizable listening experience


  • Low quality interface
  • No scanning function to facilitate download
  • No possibility of saving podcasts on an SD card

How to download podcasts with Google Podcasts

Step 1. Download the Google Podcasts app and launch it

To obtain podcasts on Android devices, go to the Google Play app, enter “Google Podcasts” in the text box and choose the application in the list. Press on Install And wait for the application to download. Then press Open.

2nd step. Find the podcast

Press the icon of research In the upper left corner, enter the name or subject of the podcast, then press To research on the keyboard. Find a podcast you like and press to select it.

Step 3. Download an episode

In the section Available episodes, Find the episode you want to download and select it. On the next screen, press the icon Download under the name of the episode.

The downloaded episode is now on the main interface page, in the section Downloads.

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