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Why are hybrid vehicles more profitable for VTC drivers

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3 reasons to choose a hybrid VTC vehicle

When the question arises of acquiring a new vehicle, Many VTC drivers wonder if the purchase of a hybrid vehicle is interesting or not.

It must be said that the slightly higher price of a hybrid model tends to cool some. However, they should be overnight given that such a vehicle offers many advantages to boost their business.

Betting the future with a hybrid car is not necessarily more expensive

In recent years, the trend among car manufacturers is in the design of cars constantly less polluting.

All are therefore busy developing electric vehicles which are undoubtedly the future.

Only here, while waiting for the latter to democratize, manufacturers offer hybrid models combining electric motor and thermal engine, generally petrol.

Costing a little more to purchase than a conventional automobile, A hybrid vehicle is an excellent investment for a VTC driver. It must be said that most of the time, an ecological bonus and aid proposed by local communities must give the possibility to a VTC professional to obtain it at a price close to a similar petrol vehicle.

Better, this hybrid car will allow you to Make great fuel savings (around 500 € per month if you are a full -time VTC driver) but also Reduce maintenance costs. Dressing, as is the replacement of the oil filter, is less frequent than with a petrol vehicle.

But Other savings will be offered to you If you opt for a hybrid car. THE registration fees will be less since the number of tax horses will be less important while the insurance fees will also be reduced, most companies offering specific products to encourage the acquisition of this type of automobiles.

Finally, administratively, The choice of a hybrid car to exercise your activity will give you the opportunity to overcome compliance with certain criteria specific to the VTC sector, the State wishing to encourage the investment of professionals in cleaner vehicles. For example, a white hybrid sedan to transport your customers will be validated by the administration while a white petrol motor sedan will not be ..

Register in an ecocitoyan approach and enhance your image

By acquiring one or more hybrid vehicles, a VTC company (discover how to create a VTC company in France) will necessarily Promote your image and be part of an ecocitoyan approach. At a time when the question of environmental protection has never been so present, such an investment is therefore daring.

But if the image of your VTC company will be valued, there is also a good chance that Some of your BtoB customers want to enhance their image through you.

Indeed, during calls for tenders for transport services from large companies, positioning you by stipulating although your fleet is made up of hybrid vehicles will allow you to have a competitive advantage.

Yes, the customer may, if he chooses you, benefit from state subsidies and develop a responsible and environmental business image. However, a good image is priceless.

Hybrid cars for unrivaled comfort

If having a hybrid car will give you the possibility of benefit from new opportunities to win customers As we have just seen, this will also allow you to retain your customers.

Indeed, some sometimes omit to highlight it but a hybrid car is ideal for making a race.

Much quieter than a petrol motor car, It guarantees you a comfortable race where tranquility will be.

Suffice to say that if customers can both Live a high -added racing experience while having the feeling of Acting well for the environment, They would be wrong to deprive them.

Investing in a hybrid car is a good strategic decision for any VTC driver. Such an acquisition must not only make it possible to conquer new customers, in particular business, but also to retain your current customers.

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Why are hybrid vehicles more profitable for VTC drivers


Hybrid vehicles are more and more popular among VTC drivers, and for a good reason. The advantages of hybrid cars are numerous and can offer VTC drivers long -term savings as well as other sustainable benefits. In this article, we will explore how VTC drivers can take advantage of a hybrid vehicle and understand why they should consider this type of car as a profitable investment.

  • Understand the advantages of hybrid vehicles for VTC drivers
  • Explore the long -term economy of hybrid cars
  • The lasting profits to have a hybrid vehicle
  • How VTC drivers can take advantage of a hybrid vehicle?

Hybrid vehicles are more and more popular among VTC drivers, and for a good reason. The advantages they offer to drivers are numerous and they can help reduce the total cost of travel.

Hybrid engines work both on petrol and electricity, which allows you to use less petrol while maintaining a high level of power. This means that vehicles consume less fuel and therefore produce less greenhouse gas. In addition, these cars tend to be quieter than those with a conventional engine, which is beneficial for VTC customers who are looking for a calm and comfortable journey.

In addition, these cars often have integrated technology allowing VTC drivers to follow their consumption in real time so that they can adapt their driving to optimize vehicle performance while minimizing its overall consumption – an excellent way for them ‘Quickly absorb the initial price of the vehicle thanks to the fuel savings caused by its daily use.

To summarize, it is clear that having a hybrid vehicle has many advantages: better energy efficiency, significant savings on the fuel invoice, integrated innovative technologies facilitating the acquisition of such a model etc … all this do without question the hybrid vehicle A profitable option not only ecologically but also financially !