3 Best Free VPN without subscription in 2023, choose your free VPN – The best VPNs without paying (September 2023)

A 100% free VPN exists


Tunnelbear offers 3 VPN subscriptions, including a completely free package. Find out what we liked about this supplier and what we liked less.

How to have a free VPN without subscription in 2023?

Nowadays, Internet connections are not secure. Many malware can collect and resell your data without your knowledge, and even install software to follow your connection as well as viruses or malware. Did you know that your location, your bank details and even your identity information can be sold on the internet ?

How to have a free VPN

This is why we note: year after year, the use of VPNs (virtual private networks) continues to grow. Although paid VPNs are highly recommended, we always have Free VPN without subscription. (Although these are very limited), they still allow you to take advantage of some of the advantages of a VPN without having to get a penny of your pocket.

In this article, we will show you the 6 golden rules to choose a free VPN 100 without subscription, then we will present the 3 best free VPNs for 2023 which are the most secure.

  • VPN without subscription: ExpressVPN
  • VPN without subscription: Cyberghost
  • ITOP VPN – VPN completely free without subscription

6 golden rules to choose a VPN

Safety protocol

When you choose a VPN, security is essential. Make sure your tool encryption is at least based on OpenVPN or IKEV2/IPSEC safety protocols, which are the most. Conversely, it is less recommended to use PPTP encryption, somewhat outdated.

The price

Or more specifically, the value for money. In fact, there are VPNs for all budgets, and some are even free. For a safe and efficient VPN, it takes about 3 to 13 € per month, and the price usually drops if you subscribe for a few months. Everything will depend on the quality, characteristics and uses you are looking for.

Free VPN without registration

Number of servers

Know that the more your VPN has servers, the more freely you can browse sites and avoid censorship, simply because your software will be difficult to follow. More servers also means higher connection speeds and better stability. Of course, a large number of servers means a higher price.

Geolocation of servers

This criterion is closely linked to the previous one. A large number of servers is good, but a server spread over different regions, it’s even better ! In fact, with a wide range of geographic locations, a VPN will be able to connect from the country/the appropriate region so that you can access the free content of your choice.

For example, if you want to access a specific Netflix catalog but your VPN does not have a server in this country/region, you will not be able to log into.

How to install a free VPN


In other words: a VPN slows down your connection ? A VPN is a encrypted tunnel that can sometimes slow down your navigation. If you want the best bandwidth, turn to a VPN that has thousands of servers in different geographic places. If one of the servers is saturated, you can connect more easily to another, closer to your real location.

Online assistance 7/24

Make sure you can easily contact a professional and reliable customer service when you need it. Preferably, a live cat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (all free VPNs do not offer it).

How to have a free VPN

3 most reliable free VPN without subscription in 2023

VPN without subscription: ExpressVPN

Expressvpn is one of the fastest VPNs on the current market. It is compatible with Android, macOS, iOS, routers, smarttvs and even game consoles. It offers a wide choice of 94 countries and has a safe and efficient encryption protocol. (This VPN supplier does not really offer free version for Windows).


However, ExpressVPN offers a 30 -day satisfaction guarantee (you can also understand it as follows: VPN tries free 30 days). Although you had to pay your subscription at the start, you can request a full refund at any time before the end of the 30 -day refund guarantee period, so you don’t pay anything in the end. This is actually being likely to use a paying VPN for a month.

It does not seem very ethical, but for those who need to use a VPN only for a short period, it is very useful. Of course, if you are very satisfied with their service during this 30 -day use period, we still recommend that you buy their service. To support such a good VPN server.

VPN without subscription: Cyberghost

If you want to enjoy a high -end VPN without spending a penny, the second option you can choose is to opt for Cyberghost. This supplier offers a free 45 -day trial for its new users. If it is paid, you will notice that it is always the cheapest in the whole market. In terms of value for money, it is a very good product.


It is one of the few VPN suppliers in the Premium segment to offer such a long test, so you might as well take advantage of it. For about a month, you can take advantage of the quality of this VPN and its many advantages without taking any financial risk.

Of course, if you have to pay to register, it is only an early payment, because you will be fully reimbursed after informing the customer service of your request. Do not forget to do so within the time limit, that is to say within 45 days of registration. Please also note that only subscriptions of more than 6 months include a free 45 -day trial. If you choose a monthly plan, the refund guarantee goes to 14 days.

ITOP VPN – VPN completely free without subscription

If you are looking for a Free VPN without registration, You will find a fairly large list of VPN suppliers who guarantee you a VPN without subscription from 1 month, without any restrictions.

Please note, however, that this is a satisfaction guarantee and not a free version. The 30 “free” days are a period of exclusion after purchase. However, some services can be used without paying a VPN subscription.

ITOP VPN is a virtual private network provider that has chosen to offer its complete software to Internet users. Download and installation in one click, no information required! Not even an email ! Once installed, you will know exactly what functions you have access. Many options are available and, for a free PC VPN without registration, we were surprised by what was offered.

  • Free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • 1800+ VPN servers in 100 locations
  • Servers dedicated for streaming, games and social media

A 100% free VPN exists ?

If you are looking for Free VPN, You will find lists fairly important which guarantee you offers of VPN suppliers without 1 month subscription without No clamps. This is the satisfaction guarantee not of a free version. The 30 “free” days are the period withdrawal after purchase. However, there are services where it does notis not necessary to pay the price of a VPN subscription To be usable.

Let us tackle the question of really free VPNs.

Illustration: Free VPN

“When it’s free, it’s you the product”

On this page, we offer a selection of Reliable non-paying VPN to download including the economic model and restrictions are known and verifiable . We will also approach some Questions regularly posed to help you choose the virtual private network you can enjoy without having to spend a penny.

The best VPN 100% free without paying in September 2023 in 1 wink

  1. 24 hours of everything Cyberghost VPN free without credit card !
  2. Protonvpn, A free open source VPN without subscription
  3. The free unlimited free VPN plan ofHide.me
  4. Download for free Northern And take advantage of the mesh network without paying.
  5. Atlasvpn, free online VPN to download
  6. Tunnelbear, A 100 % free VPN for life (up to 2GB)
  7. Privadovpn, Non-paying VPN to download
  8. Windscribe, Free VPN without subscription and tailor -made
  9. Expressvpn in free 30 -day trial
  10. Ivacy VPN
  11. Hotspot Shield

Free VPN: expert advice

Illustration: free VPN, our advice n ° 1

If you want to install several 100% free VPNs to have more monthly data and juggle between different applications. You might have some inconveniences.

Indeed, the virtual private network applications they tend to ill -coexisting they. Do not be able to install it, it may not not work at all Whether you are on a computer or a smartphone.

We test VPN every day And regularly, we are forced to clean up in our applications. There is no winning combo, it depends on your operating system and the various updates offered by suppliers.

Our 100% free VPN selection on video

Among the safety solutions for the maintenance of online confidentiality, free VPNs are The most requested applications. Our selection of virtual private networks, as are the name indicates, does not engage No costs from users.

24h of all free CB cyberghost vpn !

Illustration: Free VPN Cyberghost

And yes ! It is possible to have the best VPN for free without spending 1 penny, During a limited time, of course, but at least you will be fixed. Fast, stable, capable of accessing everyone Geo-restricted contents, Use Cyberghost 8 only requiresa mail. It’s 24 hours Freestyle without restriction.

You will have access to 9,200 servers, of its various encryption protocols and a unlimited band. With applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and many other cyberghosts is offered from complete way in its free version.

If you want to use Cyberghost VPN longer, note that this supplier offers a 100% reimbursement guarantee for 45 days on different subscriptions.

Compatible systems and supports with Cyberghost

Where is the free trial on the Cyberghost website ?

This is a question that has been asked many times (very numerous). Access changes regularly.

First, go to the Cyberghost website, on the home page, to access at the bottom in the FAQ, click on “Free trial version” Or In the context menu at the top left And let yourself be guided (an email is enough).

Illustration: Access version D

Protonvpn, an open source VPN free Subscription without subscription

Illustration: VPN Proton 100% free

With his Non-paying offer without time limitation, This Swiss virtual private network is the only one in Open source and totally in French to offer All of its applications for free including Linux. Our opinion on Protonvpn as a whole is very positive. This VPN is 100% free, without subscription, without bandwidth limitation and without speed limitation.

This free virtual private network will ensure a flawless protection on your smartphone when you connect to Public wifi. You will have a choice from 23 10gbps servers distributed 3 countries. (United States, Netherlands, Japan)

Protonvpn exceeds The 100 million accounts mark created in the world.

Illustration: Systems and supports compatible with Protonvpn

Free Hide Free VPN Free VPN plan.me

Illustration: Hide.me VPN Free

With its 10 monthly GB and 5 choices of locations, this VPN offers All configurations of your VPN free of charge without registration. Our opinion on Hide.I am rather positive. Fast, stable and although limited in monthly data, this virtual private network is the ideal solution for Internet users who wish to secure their mobile personal data when traveling without taking a subscription. In addition, the 100% free version of HIDE VPN.I do not limit the connection speed of its users.

Systems and support compatible with hide.me

Download NordVPN for free and take advantage of the mesh network without paying

Illustration: North VPN 100% free

If you browse the official website a little, you will see that NordVPN offers a free download of its VPN application without paying. Indeed, NordVPN has just deployed its new free feature The mesh network. The mesh network is an option that allows users toFree access to devices via secure tunnels. Unlike traditional virtual private networks, the Mesh network ensures A direct and safe connection to other devices, without going through a VPN server paying. This feature has been designed to offer a determined, secure and free point connection, accessible anywhere in the world.

NordVPN provides fast and stable performance For a fluid navigation experience.

To benefit from theNordVPN’s features set On all your devices, you can activate the VPN period in free trial of 30 days. However, please note that this corresponds to the refund guarantee, you must therefore subscribe to a subscription.

Supports and systems compatible with NordVPN

Atlasvpn, free online VPN to download

Illustration: Free VPN Atlas without paying

Atlas VPN is a virtual private network that has of a non -paid version of its VPN Without limitation of time or speed. Compatible on Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS, This VPN without registration offers a choice among 3 servers, in the Netherlands and the United States (New York and Los Angeles) and authorizes a Unlimited number of devices. Be careful however, you will be Limited in monthly data (5 GB).

Illustration: Atlas VPN system compatibility

Tunnelbear, a 100 % free VPN for life

Illustration: Tunnelbear VPN 100% free for life

Tunnelbear is a recommended non-paying VPN for beginners. Tunnelbear has a playful interface And easy to use. This Free VPN East unlimited over -time. However, you will have 2GB data per month. In our opinion on Tunnelbear, if you need quickly secure a smartphone, It’s a very good option.

Compatible systems and supports with Tunnelbear VPN

Where to download the VPN 100% free of Tunnelbear ?

It is indeed not easy to find. Sometimes the non-paying options of premium VPNs are not always easy to find. It is a way to limit user bomber who do not pay. First, go to the Tunnelbear website. Then follow this very simple tutorial.

Illustration: TUTO TUNNELBEAR Part 1

– Select “Learn more”.

Illustration: TUTO TUNNELBEAR Part 2

– Click on “Get Tunnelbear Now”.

Illustration: Tuto Tunnelbear Part 3

– There you are there. It should be noted that the interface of the free tunnelbear application is in French.

Privadovpn, the non-paying VPN to download

Illustration: 100% free private with 10 GB per month

Privadovpn is a supplier of Swiss virtual private network name that makes a name for itself. Compatible in its free version on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, Privadovpn supports HD streaming as well as P2P download (it’s very rare). Easy to install and use, this VPN does not limit its users on speed, but in data quantity (10 GB/month), in servers (12 in total) and authorizes 1 connection.

Attention, obtain a Free VPN Account at Privadovpn requires you Validate your e-mai addressL to obtain the activation link for downloading different applications.

Where is the free VPN download on the Privadovpn website ?

First, go to the Privadovpn site, go down in the FAQ And let yourself be guided (an email is enough).

Illustration: Download the free VPN from Privadovpn

Illustration: Systems and supports compatible with Privadovpn

Without subscription and free, Windscriber has something to seduce

Illustration: Windscribe VPN 100% free

Perfectly suited to beginners and people looking for a good Free VPN without subscription, Windscriber is a service of Canadian virtual private network fully functional that is full of useful options.

The free offer is not not limited in time But in monthly data (10gb) and in choice of servers. Indeed, you will have the choice between 10 countries, which is already compared to other non-paying offers. Our opinion on Windscriber and its free plan is quite positive. Please note that it is the only virtual private network that offers its À la carte VPN by allowing its users to pay only for the services, durations and options they need.

Notes: At the beginning of 2023, Wandscibe had suspended new free users for several weeks, downloading 100% free applications is again accessible.

Systems and supports compatible with Windscribe

Expressvpn in free 30 -day trial

Illustration: Expressvpn Free trial thanks to free termination

Most of the best known VPNs in France announce that they are offering their Applications free for 30 days. As quickly mentioned in our introduction, it is a Guarantee satisfaction and not a simple free trial without paying money.

Expressvpn allows you to request full reimbursement free of charge during the first 30 days following your subscription to their services. That implies that You have paid your subscription at the start. To the extent that you will be reimbursed if you request it, theUse of this premium VPN will not have cost you anything. Expressvpn also talks about free termination.

ExpressVPN and its sponsorship program

Illustration: free expressvpn

ExpressVPN has established itself as the virtual private network offering the best speed performance. This VPN also stands out for the quality of its installations and optimal configurations to ensure fluid HD streaming.

Expressvpn offers a Sponsorship option which allows their subscribers to win additional days free. The program works well.


THE questions approached below are yours, Do not hesitate to Submit new ones, We will try to respond as simply as possible.

As a reminder: what is a VPN ?

The 3 letters of VPN mean Virtual Private Network. We call it virtual private network in French. It’s a application which allows you to create a secure and confidential internet connection by having your navigation data transit through a tunnel that will quantify everything. In addition toprevent the analysis of your data packages, your internet connection will go through a server that will serve asintermediate. This one will mask your IP address and will replace it with its own.

Difficult to talk about anonymity, however, everything you do online will become confidential.

What a free VPN for PC ?

Options, in terms of free VPN for PC, are quite numerous. Among them, you can direct yourself to Cyberghost.
The VPN app is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 VPN and Windows 10 VPN 10.

Minimum configurations required:

  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 310 MB of available disk space
  • All 32 and 64 -bit operating systems.

What free VPN for Mac ?

Among the best free VPNs for macOS and iOS, there is Protonvpn and Cyberghost (unlimited) on trial for 3 days.

A VPN without subscription ?

If you want a Subscription VPN, you have, two options. Take a VPN in the month without obligation or use a Free VPN. Indeed, companies offering their VPN service operate with a subscription system due to the fact that you rent the use of servers all over the world. These berries need regular maintenance and maintenance To function properly. A commitment over a long period is profitable in the sense that it allows Reduce the cost to the month for the user.

Which free VPN to choose for France ?

There are different free options:

  • Offers unlimited in time, but with a lot of restrictions, you can not not TO DO download for example, but for simple protection of personal data When you use public wifi, it’s largely sufficient. You can try Protonvpn on your smartphone or your Tablet For example.
  • Offers without No restrictions, but with limited offers in the weather like Cyberghost. These are, by far, best, Because they will allow you to really test all the potential of this device. In addition, they have customer supports very responsive and always ready to help you If you have a technical question specific or need a online assistance.

What free VPN for Netflix ?

To have access to US contents from Netflix, the use of a VPN is essential. Among the free options, Cyberghost is a pioneer in this area. It should be noted that this test offer is valid for a period of 24 hours without any restriction.

Which non-paying VPN to choose to download ?

In terms of VPN for download, THE best are VPNs that offer you to use their version complete without restriction But for a limited time.

  • From faster Who offer such offers, you can try Cyberghost for 24 hours.
  • If you have good knowledge IT and that you speak English, you can direct yourself to Freelan which is a VPN in open source.

Torrent with a free VPN ?

If you want to download torrents, few options offer yourself to you. For the most experienced among you, there is Freelan which is a VPN open source.

VPN configuration with freelan

To discover : 5 advantages of VPN without subscription

Free VPN: selection of best 100% free software

Free VPN Top

Today, it is strongly advised to equip your devices with a VPN to protect yourself from all dangers from the Internet. They allow data to encrypt on the Internet and get around various censorship. A third of French people use such software on a daily basis to protect themselves. Professional and private use develop exponentially.

In this article, we have chosen the 5 (+2) best free VPNs so that you can enjoy it without having to pay the slightest penny. In order not to ignore security, we only offer VPNs that keep no trace of your connection newspapers (no log). In addition, they are all renowned for their reliability. We have tested them all for you in detail.

Before going into the detail of each offer, here is a first list of the actors that we are going to present to you. If you want a free long -term VPN, you will have to orient yourself towards the last four on the list. ExpressVPN and Cyberghost are solutions that will allow you to have the best VPN on the market for free for 30 to 45 days. We are going to present the trick to get this test below and discover the ultimate solution.

  • Expressvpn (30 free days)
  • Cyberghost (up to 45 free days)
  • VPN Atlas
  • Windscribe
  • Protonvpn
  • Hide.me VPN
  • Tunnelbear VPN

As you will see in this free VPN comparison, all free -cost solutions have real disadvantages. If you intended to use such software regularly, you will have to migrate to a paid offer sooner or later. If you want to do a test, ExpressVPN or Cyberghost in free version is a good thing. Be aware that 100% free VPN paid offers are not very good. Better to favor a premium actor from the start.

Expressvpn, the tip to have 1 month free

We start this list by ExpressVPN that we willingly qualify as the best VPN on the market. Although this supplier does not offer a free offer properly speaking, it offers A free 30 -day trial at the time of subscription.

This free version is Ultra-complete and unlimited since it gives the right to all the advantages of the premium package, without constraint or commitment. Everything is available from its intuitive application and easy to use on a daily basis. It is without data limit and bandwidth restriction that you can enjoy the internet.

Its offer gives access to 3,000 fast and secure servers in 94 countries, Which makes it an ideal candidate for downloading and streaming. You will be able to access content blocked in your country and bypass the geographic restrictions that apply. With its very powerful and numerous servers, ExpressVPN even manages to operate on Netflix.

As we said, you will have to subscribe to one of the 3 paid ExpressVPN formulas to take advantage of the free service. All paid subscriptions gives the right to the guarantee “satisfied or refunded” 30 days.

Free Expressvpn test

It will be necessary to require your refund in this period to take advantage of the full reimbursement of the amount settled. To request it, customer support available 24 hours a day from live cat is at your disposal. The reimbursement procedure is automated and ultra simple: do not be afraid, the service is effective to reimburse you in full.

This tip allows you to enjoy the best free VPN of 2023, and without commitment. If you want the best experience and the most security, ExpressVPN is the world reference on cybersecurity software.

Cyberghost VPN: Enjoy up to 45 free days

If you ever want to try another excellent VPN for free, know that Cyberghost has a lot of assets to argue.

Unlike ExpressVPN, it offers a Satisfied or refunded warranty which can expand over 45 days. To benefit from it, you must leave over 6 months or 2 years of subscription. With the 1 month subscription, you will not have the right until 14 days of guarantee satisfied or reimbursed.

The approach to use the cyberghost guarantee is the same as at ExpressVPN. Subscribe to a subscription, take advantage of the VPN service for free, then ask to be reimbursed by contacting customer support.

The Cyberghost guarantee is without any condition, which allows you to obtain a refund with ease. To enjoy it without further delay, this is where it happens:

What about the advantages of Cyberghost ? This VPN usable for free has enormously, as mentioned above. First of all, it allows you to enjoy Over 9,000 servers in 90 countries. Suffice to say that getting an IP address located in the country of your choice is a real breeze.

Among the servers offered, many are optimized for different practices: gaming, streaming, or P2P download. This is why it is one of the favorite VPNs of Internet users who wish to change location to access other Netflix catalogs.

Free VPN Cyberghost test

Cyberghost is also: 7 simultaneous connections, a multi-platform application and easy to use, the guarantee of a high level of security on the Internet, as well as a support reachable 24/7 in the event of a glitch.

As a bonus, he has really low prices. Although it does not offer a 100% free offer, it is possible to take advantage of it for just over € 2 per month. The more duration you will engage, the more the prices will become attractive. If you are curious, more details are to be found in the test and analysis of Cyberghost VPN.

That said, you may also want a simple free VPN, without a paid formula. If so, we invite you to read the rest of the comparison below. All these publishers have a free version and a paid version. You are free to migrate or not from one to the other.

3000 servers

94 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

5 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : One of the best VPNs on the market !

9000 servers

91 covered country

45 days satisfied or refunded

7 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : An excellent VPN with a very large network

VPN Atlas

750 servers

47 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

10 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A free VPN (or cheap)


600 servers

60 covered country

3 days satisfied or refunded

Connections unlimited

Our opinion : A very interesting free offer

1101 servers

54 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

10 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A free VPN without a monthly limit


1700 servers

70 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

10 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : A Fremium VPN which is worth the detour

1) VPN Atlas: 5 qualities and 2 faults

After taking the time to test several dozen free VPNs, we arrived at the conclusion that Atlas VPN represents in 2023, the best choice.

For what reasons ? We will review the following lines, all of its strengths and weaknesses. You will have an objective overview of its service.

Note that to take advantage of VPN Atlas for free, you only need one thing: an email address. No means of payment will be requested, which is good news. In addition, its free offer is not valid only for a given period. You can therefore benefit very well for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years.

Free VPN Atlas

The qualities of the free VPN Atlas offer

Make way for serious things. Why do we consider Atlas as the best free VPN ? Here are 5 arguments that risk hitting.

Quality n ° 1: security worthy of the name

The first big advantage of this free VPN is the level of security that it is able to guarantee. Recently bought by Nord Security, the company behind Atlas VPN does not skimp on the means.

It is worth both for security and respect for your privacy.

By opting for its service, you will first be able to count on a Policy called “No-LOG”. What does that mean ? That the company undertakes not to keep any information related to the activities that you will carry out online through Atlas VPN. Even if a government authority came to request information about you, the supplier would not be able to provide anything.

With the free VPN of Atlas, you will be able to enjoy a Kill Switch function (to avoid any data leak in the event of an impromptu cut), an AES-256 bits encryption and Several secure VPN protocols (Wireguard and Ikev2).

Quality n ° 2: correct performance

If Atlas VPN is at the top of this comparison of the best free services, it is also because it is able to guarantee good speeds.

Unlike many of its competitors, Atlas will not slow your internet flows too much. So yes, we stay far from the flows offered by a paid service like ExpressVPN. Despite everything, the whole remains correct.

This note is especially true if you log into a server close to your location.

Taking into account this, no need to tell yourself that you will be able to navigate the internet fluidly and even watch videos or download files in P2P. Because yes, the latter practice is authorized by Atlas VPN !

Quality N ° 3: Quality of the application

Who says good VPN free, says quality application. Atlas VPN offers a simple application to handle and user -friendly.

The activation of protection will be done with a single click. Besides, it is good to note thatA “dark” version of the application is offered.

You can activate or deactivate it according to your desires in the application settings.

Quality n ° 4: simultaneous connections and compatibility

To continue on the subject of the application, we noted two interesting points. The first is that the free offer of Atlas VPN protects an unlimited number of devices.

This means that you can very well protect 15 devices at the same time with one and the same account.

The other positive point is the compatibility of the Atlas VPN application. The latter can be used on the main platforms of the moment: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android TV and even Fire TV.

Quality n ° 5: reactive customer service

Finally, the last quality we wanted to mention is the speed of customer support. Although it is not possible to take advantage of a livechat (the function is reserved for users who pay a subscription to Atlas VPN), you will not have No trouble getting answers within a few hours.

In any case, this is what our tests allowed us to see.

How to contact the Atlas VPN support ? On its official website you will find a contact form. The exchanges will then take place by email.

The 2 free VPN defects Atlas

Although Atlas VPN is the best free VPN of 2023, its service has some faults. It’s anything but surprising since it remains a service offered for 0 €.

Fault n ° 1: the number of countries covered

Its first defect is not surprisingly its low number of countries covered. VPN Atlas servers cover only 2 countries and 3 locations. This includes: New York (USA), Los Angeles (USA) and the Netherlands.

We necessarily regret the absence of a server in France. With Atlas VPN you will not be able to obtain a French IP to, for example, watch French TV from abroad.

Failure n ° 2: the bandwidth limit

The other weakness of this free VPN lies in the fact that it limits the consumption of bandwidth each month.

With Atlas VPN, you will have to be satisfied with 5 GB per month. We have known worse … But despite everything, it could be better.

To browse the internet securely, everything should be fine. On the other hand, if you seek to download large files or to look at content in high definition, keep an attentive eye on your consumption.

2) Windscribe VPN: 4 qualities but 2 defects

With its free unlimited offer in time, Windscibe is clearly one of the best free VPNs on the market.

Before selecting this VPN, we will list all the advantages and disadvantages of the latter. Obviously, when an offer is 100% free, you must also know how to make some concessions.


Windscribe screen capture © Iphon.Fr

The 4 qualities of the free VPN Windscribe

Windscriber is a popular free VPN and the reasons for this are numerous. We count 4 in particular and this is precisely what we are going to talk about below. Besides its quality, there are also limits. We will come back to all these points in a transparent way so that you can make an opinion on this tool.

Quality n ° 1: 10 locations

Windscriber’s primary quality is the number of countries covered by its network. With the free VPN offer, users will have access to servers located in 10 locations : Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Norway and Romania. We are far from the 94 countries of an ExpressVPN, but it can do the job for some.

In total, there are locations on 3 continents, which is really not bad for a free VPN. This allows you to obtain an IP address in one of these countries including France and unlock many content and websites. In the free VPN list that we present to you here, only Windscribe and Tunnelbear (last in this ranking) have servers based in France. This is an important advantage for some.

Quality n ° 2: intuitive interface

The Windscriber application is certainly the second quality of this VPN. You will have access to a very easy to use With an on/off button to activate and deactivate your VPN as well as different servers that you can easily select from the list. It adapts to different operating systems such as macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Linux. Overall, from one VPN to another, this interface is quite standardized.

Quality n ° 3: adapted to P2P

This quality is mainly intended for people who have downloaded torrents since the free Windscribe package offers servers for the P2P. In general, free VPNs do not offer this possibility (except for Atlas VPN). This asset is rather intended for people who pay their subscription.

It is therefore one more strong point for Windscriber that we wanted to underline and which makes him one of the best VPNs at no cost. However, it will be necessary to check the download speed via these servers dedicated to P2P: as a 100% free formula, popularity means that the speed is led to drastically falling, which is painful.

Quality n ° 4: Double VPN function

Function Double VPN is another major advantage of its free offer. This feature that can be activated at any time provides additional protection by encrypting your data twice through 2 servers provided by Windscriber.

For a € 0 VPN, having access to the double VPN function is extremely rare. However, this offers reinforced security which can sometimes be useful. We find this feature in a few rare VPNs, like the northern pay. This is a strong point that offers double security. Very often, we consider that the Kill Switch function is a good alternative to double VPN. And the latter, we find her everywhere.

The 2 free VPN defects Windscribe

You may suspect it, the free offer of VPN Windscriber does not only present qualities if its paid subscriptions would no longer have any interest. Here are the 2 flaws we have noted when using its free version.

Failure n ° 1: the data limit

The first disadvantage of free WRESCRIBE VPN is its bandwidth limit. While its paid versions offer an unlimited bandwidth, its free offer limits the consumption of Data Internet to 10 GB per month. And that, if you register your email address when creating your account. Otherwise, It’s only 2 GB per month, Almost nothing.

It’s a bit of a shame to sanction people who do not want to inform their email for a VPN that advocates anonymity, but we also understand that it is their only way to encourage you to choose a paid formula.

For online daily activities, 10 GB do not represent much. If you add to that streaming and download videos, it loses all its interest. In the end, the interest of the server in P2P is limited, since 2 GB per month will not allow you to download much. Free VPN quickly reaches its limits.

Failure 2: confidentiality

The second Windscriber defect is linked to the geographic position of the company. Indeed, the supplier is based in Canada, a member country of the alliance of “5 Eyes“” “. Like the USA, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, Canada has the obligation to keep the data passing on the Internet for intelligence services. Even if Windscriber defends himself on this subject and claims that he does not keep any trace of user activities or any log, we are entitled to doubt it.

3) Protonvpn: 3 qualities and 2 faults

In this ranking of the best free VPN, we wanted to present to you Protonvpn. This supplier was created in the line of Protonmail, the objective of which was to guarantee anonymity and to maintain the privacy of Internet users.

Based in Switzerland, in Geneva, this VPN publisher takes the safety and confidentiality of its users at heart by offering total transparency.

Free Protonvpn

The 3 qualities of Protonvpn

By testing the free offer of Protonvpn, we notice that he is distinguished from competitors thanks to 3 flagship qualities that we are going to present you. If you want a free and secure VPN offer, Protonvpn seems well placed. With its unrelated home conservation policy, and its history on Protonmail, this cybersecurity software seems very serious.

Quality n ° 1

Protonvpn is one of the rare completely free offers that offers a unlimited band. This is valid for all its subscriptions whose prices range from 0 to 24 € monthly.

For your VPN Protonvpn subscription at no cost, you will therefore have the possibility of consuming as many data as you want each month. As no limit applies, you can enjoy the internet without having to worry about your consumption. When we see that Windscribe VPN only offers 2 GB per month, this is a real asset for this VPN.

Quality n ° 2

A free subscription to Protonvpn will allow you to benefit from a high level of protection. Protonvpn teams are made up of many engineers and developers but also cybersecurity experts for whom online safety is essential. Protonvpn is really one of the actors who engage in the world level for the freedom and security of its users, this VPN is therefore a logical extension of its raison d’être.

Protonvpn’s confidentiality policy confirms us in the fact that it is a serious and transparent VPN that really cares about its users, even those who preferred free subscription. With this security supplier, you will therefore have no worries about the conservation of your online data.

Quality n ° 3

By subscribing to the free subscription of Protonvpn, you will immediately have a pleasant surprise. Indeed, During the 7 days of your first connection, You can test the freePlus subscription At Protonvpn (which normally costs € 8 per me) s. During this week, you will therefore benefit from many advantages such as access to 780 servers in 48 countries, fast speed and the possibility of downloading in P2P.

Of course, at no time will you have a means of payment. It’s really free and you only have to create an account. These advantages last only 7 days so take advantage of it fully and be careful not to get too used to it since after this period, you will then be redirected to the free offer and your options will be reduced.

The 2 protonvpn faults

Although the offer is free and quite complete, the free VPN of Protonvpn still has some drawbacks. We have specially retained 2 that you should know. That said, if you don’t want to pay anything, you have to know how to make concessions. And in the end, Protonvpn is doing pretty well on this point.

Fault n ° 1: the number of servers

The free VPN Protonvpn offers servers located in only 3 countries : the Netherlands, Japan and the United States. You certainly realize it, there is a strong restriction on the choice of geographic locations. For comparison, Cyberghost offers more than 9,000 servers in more than 90 countries. And ExpressVPN is present in no less than 94 countries.

You will not be able to connect to servers in Europe and obtain a new IP address, other than in the Netherlands, and access French, Swiss or Belgian content.

If you are staying abroad, this limitation may be felt more by preventing you from accessing your usual programs. Not having a boundary on the bandwidth will then no longer have any interest if your goal was in fact to have a French IP. In such a case, turn to Expressvpn.

Failure n ° 2: the flow rate

If you are not limited in your data consumption, you will however be forced to Debit of your Internet connection. Indeed, with a small number of servers, the free version offers average performance in terms of speed: they are quickly overloaded because all users must focus on 3 locations. The overload of servers leads to a drop in speed for the users who are connected to it.

If you want to download files or even see streaming movies, it may take more time than expected. If you are not patient, this supplier is not made for you. Despite everything, Protonvpn is an excellent party with a quality service and fully deserves its very beautiful position in our comparison of the best free VPNs.

Again, if protonvpn is a good free VPN, its paid offer is disappointing. You have every interest in migrating to a Pure-Player paid VPN (like ExpressVPN, Cyberghost or NordVPN) to enjoy better safety. Protonvpn paid customers pay for free customers, so quality is necessarily less good.

4) Hide.Me: 2 qualities and 2 defects

Since its creation in 2012, Hide.The aim is to guarantee protection and security to as many people as possible by offering a quality VPN offer. This is why this supplier provides a plan accessible to all at only 0 €.

We have tested its free background offer, without payment card, and here is what we thought of it.


Hide screenshot.Me © iphon.Fr

The 2 qualities of the free hide offer.me

We placed hide.Me in this ranking of the best free VPN in 2023 because it has several advantages. That said, also has some weak points, which is normal for a free offer. It’s up to you to see if the compromise is worth the candle.

Again, if you want to have a complete and quality experience, it is better to move towards a paid offer (or to ExpressVPN with its free 30 days).

Quality n ° 1

Hide.Takes me freedom on the Internet very seriously which is not the case for most free VPNs who do not hesitate to resell user data. Hide.I even was one of the first VPNs published its official transparency report.

With this VPN, you will not have a confidentiality problem: it has a strict policy in terms of Log non-conservation. Even by paying anything, its free offer gives access to a high level of safety and anonymity. This is what is expected of a VPN, but unfortunately all free offers are not reliable on this. It costs them money to set up servers and manage a team of developers, you have to make it profitable. And often it involves resale of data, unscrupulous.

Quality n ° 2

Unlike its Rivaux Atlas VPN, Windscribe, Protonvpn and Tunnelbear, Hide.I have a Customer Support Very available, including for free members. The cat live from their official website is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Day and night, you can count on their technical team which responds and treats complaints in a few seconds.

The 2 free hide supply defects.me

With its offer, hide.I am not far from our top 3 as best free VPN. Unfortunately, the weaknesses we have noted do not allow him to claim to better.

Failure n ° 1: Limited data

The counterpart of this really free offer is undoubtedly the limitation of monthly data. Each month, hide.limits the use of its VPN to 10 GB. This forces you to control and restrict your data consumption to the strict necessary. You can now make a cross on streaming and limitless download that consume a lot of Go. If you want to use it unlimited, you will have to pay. In the end, it remains better than Wandscribe and its 2 GB per month, but we are far from a protonvpn which offers an unlimited quantity of bandwidth.

Failure n ° 2: Number of servers

The free HIDE VPN offer.gives me the opportunity to connect just 5 servers located in Canada, on the east and western coast of the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. Again, ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers, which makes it possible to unload each of them to provide top speed to all. Hide.me, you risk having slowness.

This rather short list does not contain French -speaking European countries which is likely to be problematic abroad when you want to access this online content such as television channels. Unable to obtain an IP address in France, Switzerland or Belgium, content will not be accessible for you. Only a paid subscription will resolve this difficulty.

4) Tunnelbear VPN: 1 quality, 3 faults

Tunnelbear offers 3 VPN subscriptions, including a completely free package. Find out what we liked about this supplier and what we liked less.


Tunnelbear © Iphon screenshot.Fr

The quality of the VPN Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear is one of this top of the best free VPNs thanks to the following quality deemed essential in our opinion. Tunnelbear surprises us pleasantly by offering users servers in 20 different countries (including France).

This figure is a positive point compared to other free VPNs which do not offer more than 10. With Tunnelbear, you will have a wider choice in terms of geo-localizations. That said, you will understand later why it is not ranked above in the table.

The 3 defects of the Tunnelbear VPN

To judge the free tunnelbear offer in its entirety, we have retained 3 elements that are lacking in this virtual private network, however promising.

Failure n ° 1: Data

The free tunnelbear offer is very disappointing in terms of its internet data limitation. With only 500 MB, It goes fast, very quickly. If you intended to use your free VPN on a daily basis, it would undoubtedly be wise to think twice before subscribing to the 0 € tunnelbear package.

Finally, it is rather a test version that will test the service rather than a real VPN that can be used daily. That said, it is still in this list of free VPNs because, for the little data available, it is free and efficient.

During our test, the 500 Mb vanished in less than 20 minutes, that is to say the little that you can do with this offer free. So you can’t have good experience at all with a free VPN like this.

Failure n ° 2: flow rate

Tunnelbear may make servers available in 20 countries, the number of people connected to them is huge. The result of all this is that the servers will be overloaded, even sometimes saturated. Your connection rate will then be sharply reduced and your online experience will necessarily be impacted.

Failure n ° 3: confidentiality

Like Windscribe, the Tunnelbear company is based in Canada. This country is part of the alliance of “5 Eyes“” “. Despite the numerous transparency reports published by Tunnelbear, it is difficult to ignore this point and we always feel vulnerable.

Free VPN vs paying: which one to choose ?

After this presentation of the best free VPNs, you must certainly be aware of the limitations to which you run up.

Depending on your needs and desires, you can choose one of the free offers from publishers like Atlas VPN, Windscribe, Protonvpn, Hide.Me and Tunnelbear VPN. It must be kept in mind that no free VPN manages to unlock the Netflix platform, as can do an ExpressVPN or Cyberghost VPN.

Some completely free unscrupulous VPN suppliers do not hesitate to resell your data and your activities to finance their service. Free VPNs have the advantage of costing nothing but they are not up to paid VPNs. If you were to make a reasoned choice, paid VPNs are the best solution. This is the only way to be able to take advantage of all the advantages of VPN without a bandwidth limit, servers or countries.

And if you really don’t want to pay, then subscribe to ExpressVPN and use its 30 -day “satisfied or reimbursed” warranty.

The 3 VPNs to flee absolutely

In recent times, many free VPNs have been at the heart of controversies concerning the collection and resale of personal data from users. Among the most problematic, we find the three suppliers below. You will see that if you are concerned about your online private life, it is better to go your way.

Hola VPN

Hola VPN is an Israel -based service which has more than 160 million users worldwide. Despite its popularity, Hola VPN is not flawless in terms of security. In addition to its privacy policy which does not respect the privacy of Internet users, the supplier was the victim of Cyberattaque Botnet in order to recover user IP.

The other problem with Hola VPN is based on its operating mode. It is based on peer-to-peer technology (peer to peer) to provide internet connection to free version subscribers. Traffic of other users can therefore be transported via your device. Concretely, this means that your computer is used as a router and your IP address is used by strangers from around the world. And if the latter engage in online illegal activities, your IP will be visible and you will be the person to blame.

Of course, this technology is less expensive than a “classic” infrastructure with physical servers and it is also more extensive. This is indeed the reason why Hola VPN can offer so many locations (190 countries). In return, anonymity is more than limited since other customers use your IP address, not to mention the slowness of the connection due to this P2P architecture. It is therefore for all these reasons that it is not recommended to turn to Hola VPN, even as an occasional basis.

Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN is another free VPN to flee if you don’t want to put your personal information in danger. This supplier was talked about some time ago because of the flaws of his application which would have enabled hackers to infect the devices of malware users. In addition, many customers have been victims of DNS leaks and IP leaks.

Furthermore, it turns out that the Betternet company belongs to the Aura subsidiary, just like Hotspot Shield. And when we know the log conservation practices of this VPN supplier, we can doubt the reliability of Betternet. It is by registering and reselling user data that Betternet VPN can make his service profitable. We are far from the optimal protection offered by NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

If this is not enough to convince you that Betternet VPN is a very bad idea, also know that its free version includes only 500 MB per day of bandwidth, limited locations to the territory of the United States, advertisements and poor performances connection level (very low instability and flow).

Opera VPN

The other free VPN that you should not use, at the risk of compromising your confidentiality, is Opera VPN. As we can guess, this is the VPN service provided by the Opera browser. Opera users can take advantage of the VPN extension for free. This is the only advantage of the supplier. Indeed, Opera does not include an encryption device. It is however the nerve of the war of VPNs since it is the encryption of web traffic that allows you to hide your activities online. It is therefore more judicious to speak of proxy extension than of VPN as such.

With Opera VPN, you will not benefit from very advanced safety features either. In other words, your online protection will be more than compromised. And that’s not all. Opera is owned by a Chinese company, so even if the service is based in Norway, you have to be wary of this VPN because as you surely know, China and Liberty on the Internet is two.

In addition to making a cross on your anonymity, the use of Opera VPN may frustrate you because the speeds are slow and you will be limited to only three locations (against 94 countries with ExpressVPN). This may compromise your daily navigation and streaming activities.

FAQ on free VPNs

Before opting for a 0 euro VPN, you must be aware of certain elements. We therefore made a summary of the questions most posed by Internet users on free VPNs. If you are left, you can write us directly so that we can help you. Above all, you should not commit without knowing the drawbacks of these solutions. Their asset that is free implies weak points that must be kept in mind.

�� 100% free VPNs are secure ?

No. 100% free VPNs cannot offer a reinforced level of safety since the costs are too high (servers, maintenance costs, etc.). Many free VPNs therefore keep the logs and sell their users’ data for commercial purposes to get out of it and finance their service. On the other hand, the free packages of paid VPN providers are less at risk.

�� Can a free VPN be fast ?

Unfortunately no. The network of free VPNs is often overloaded due to poor quality servers and a limited bandwidth. A free VPN will therefore increase latency times and will inevitably slow down your internet connection.

�� Free VS VS VPN payable, which one to choose ?

Paying VPN is undoubtedly the best solution to get good performance and optimal safety. To date, no free VPN manages to do better, which is why we strongly advise you not to subscribe to a free subscription.

�� Does a VPN allow you to watch streaming videos ?

Not really. Once connected to the server of a free VPN, your internet speed will be strongly slowed down and this can prevent you from streaming or downloading large files. In addition, your connection will not be secure since free VPNs keep almost all of the online activities of their users.