10s toothbrush toothbrush: test & review, lab-The Y-Brush toothbrush goes to the dental plaque revealing-digital digital

Lab-The Y-Brush toothbrush switches to the dental plaque revealing

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10s toothbrush toothbrush: Test & Reviews

I plead guilty. Yes, during this pandemic, I happened to save a brushing of teeth before going to buy my bread baguette or my newspaper. But it’s because I had a mask ! And, above all, because I was lazy. And I am far from being an exception. According to a study carried out by the abrorator Pierre Fabre Oral Care and the French Union for Oral Health; 26% of French people do not brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. For my part, excluding pandemic, I am however a good student ! Of those who brush their teeth 3 times a day, for 3 minutes and by performing the small rotations indicated by my dentist. All with a “manual” toothbrush, in bamboo. So when I was offered to test an electric toothbrush, I told myself that it was an opportunity to finally become a modern man. And when I was told that it was a y-brush, a brush in the shape of a y that promises a brushing flawless In 10 seconds, I told myself that it was an opportunity to become a man in advance on his time. Make way for the test of this brush which could revolutionize a daily gesture.

Y brush brush


The Y-Brush electric toothbrush was imagined and launched by the French startup Y-brush, Installed in Lyon. In 2018, she launched and succeeded in a campaign of crowdfunding In order to develop and market your innovative toothbrush. Between 2018 and 2020, the brand is present at the Grande Mass of technological innovation: CES in Las Vegas. It was in this show that technologies were presented for the first time revolutionaries as Pong, The first video games, the DVD, the digital camcorder, etc. In total, it will take four years of research and development, carried out alongside dentists, to finalize the Y-Brush. Currently, brushes are available exclusively on the brand’s website.

Y bronh poses

Technical sheet

  • Full load: 1 night (about 8h)
  • Autonomy: 3 months in full load, with 2 brushes per day
  • Form: in Y (similar to a toothpick)
  • Brush: 35,000 nylon filaments
  • Vibrations: Sonics
  • Vibration modes: soft, standard and intensive
  • Manufacturing: France


Since there is, for the moment, no physical point of sale, the Y-Brush toothbrush arrives in our mailbox. The rectangular card is stamped with the brand on both side sides and is light. Once open, it reveals a careful design on a blue-green background. Inside, the upper side is occupied by the Y-Brush logo, under which the sentence sits “Forget everything you know about dental brushing”. The lower part is made up of four boxes in which we find: the brush, the handle (with the power cable), the supporter and the toothpaste applicator.

Y brush back pack

Finally, at the bottom of the box are two purposes that will be very precious: user manual and user manual. Yes, yes, I intend to read the user manual before using a toothbrush. The explanations are well detailed, steps stages. A QR-CODE (we are starting to get used to using them !) Directing to video tutorials to make your brushing. I unpacked and placed the different parts of the Y-Brush in front of me. First surprise: size. Unlike an electric toothbrush, everything is small and seems easily transportable, since the handle and the brush are dislocated and the charger is a simple USB cable. Let us now look at the functioning of this brush.

Y brush Pack Broan Opening Y brush tooth applicator


The Y-Brush brush has a form of y. It is in flexible gum and puts itself in the mouth to cover all the teeth with the lower or upper jaw. On the brush, there are 35,000 nylon filaments tilted at 45 ° in order to reach all the areas to be brushed, even the most difficult (which we easily forget with conventional brushing). Y-Brush uses vibration technology sonic : a brushing by high frequency and large amplitude lateral sweeping movements (unlike the oscillo-rotative which is made of rotary movements). This is what eliminates the glued plate without it damaging the gums. Nylon hairs vibrate up to 31,000 times per minute !

Y brush loading

On the handle, a central button allows you to adjust the vibration mode. Three are available: soft, standard and intensive, which last respectively 15, 10 and 5 seconds. A complete brushing consists of two cycles (one per jaw). In intensive mode, so just 10 seconds in total ! A very nice promise, which I am about to test. Just before, it is always useful that clarifying that Cocorico !, All brushes are made in France and that most Y-Brush partners are located less than 150 km from the brand’s production site. Finally, once completely loaded (around 8 hours), the brush has 3 months of autonomy at the rate of 2 brushes per day.

Y brush rinking before use


The manual in front of you, here I am now in my bathroom. I start by fixing the brush in the handle, which is done without forcing and emits a very nice “click”. Then comes the time to place my applicator at the end of my toothpaste tube. This allows the dough to be easily placed over the entire length of the brush, between nylon filaments. Now that it’s done, you should choose the vibration mode.

Y Brush Application toothpaste

Throughout the first week of use, it is recommended to use only the soft mode, which cleans in 15 seconds per jaw. Bainteman is brief in the boube don pas babille de barler. MHH Sorry. I had put the brush in my mouth. Nothing difficult for that because the brush is very flexible. To start brushing, you have to be pressed on a button (top for soft mode, right for normal and left mode for intensive mode). It is advisable to chew the brush without forcing and rotating it from right to left for optimal brushing.

Y brush test

The feeling surprises during the first 5 seconds, then seems natural the following 10, as if we did since the beginning of our life. Make way for the bottom jaw and, 15 seconds later, this is the work ! I finished brushing my teeth. I have the breath fresh and passing my tongue on my teeth, the feeling of cleanliness is there. It is now necessary to rinse the brush abundantly, in which a little toothpaste has remained hung on the filaments. It only remains to place it on its support. The user manual specifies that it is recommended, once a week, to let the brush soak overnight in diluted mouthwash.

Y bronh test 1


Change a routine Established since childhood, even for a gesture as harmless as brushing of teeth, is surprising, especially at the beginning ! But we get used to it so quickly that it seems natural. This was my case. After two days, this new routine for my oral health was established. More fast, more comfortable and, according to my own sensations, also effective that a classic brushing (I am not a dentist to judge). And here, no risk of neglecting part of our dentition or being bleed in the gums by brushing like a nag. Only small change: the brush does not happen on the language. L’autonomy Very important of the toothbrush (3 months for daily use, twice a day) makes it possible to avoid the unpleasant surprise of a unusable because discharged brush, especially as a red light indicator indicates that it remains Less than a week of battery. Obviously, this teeth brushing revolution has a cost. The complete pack is currently in sale at € 99 (instead of € 139.99) Until September 19, 2021. It is also advisable to change the brush head every 6 months (30 €). Nothing comparable to a classic toothbrush. But that’s the whole concept of the y-brush. Time saving is not negligible, especially when it is coupled with reinforced efficiency as the creators explain. The whole is compact, light and therefore easily transportable (in his workplace, as a vacation !)).


  • Intuitive and simple to handle
  • A real time saving
  • Pleasant, softer feeling
  • Great autonomy (3 months)

Lab-The Y-Brush toothbrush switches to the dental plaque revealing

Supposed to clean the entire teeth in 10 s, the electric toothbrush of a new Y-Brush kind is talked about in the small environment of oral hygiene. The opportunity to check if this time is enough to really clean the teeth.

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Launch price € 109

Writing note: 2 out of 5

Note: 2 out of 5

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The Y-Brush electric toothbrush has not only an atypical design, its promise is just as surprising, namely ensuring a brushing of each part of the jaw in only 10 s.

If we were able to assess this electric toothbrush on its ergonomics, the noise it emits or its autonomy, the brushing efficiency is not (yet) taken into account in our rating. This is all the more unfortunate for such an exceptional product that did not reveal the feeling of a complete brushing during our handling.

This is why we wanted to deepen this point using a dental plaque revealer, a way of knowing if the Y-Brush is able to remove the entire dental plaque in 10 s chrono … off !

Y-Brush sifts through dental plaque

In the form of a lozenging or liquid to apply to the teeth, this solution allows these color to color on which dental plaque is concentrated. To use the revealer, simply spread the red liquid on the teeth after brushing, then rinse your mouth and observe the most colorful areas. Note that a dental plaque revealer can buy in pharmacies and drugstores at a price ranging from 3 to 20 €.

For this test, we did the following way: after having brushed our teeth for the first time with the Y-Brush, we applied the red liquid on our teeth in order to observe the colored areas (mainly the gums concerning us). It is then that we use the Y-Brush for 10 s, above then below, to see if the dental plaque has disappeared.

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Supporting photos, we note that the red areas have slightly disappeared, which means that the Y-Brush has removed part of the dental plaque in 10 s. Nevertheless, we note that the gums are always pink and the interstices of certain teeth still stained with the dental plaque revealer. In short, this toothbrush was able to remove from the dental plaque on the surface, but did not do a complete work.